Salty Lake

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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Salty Lake
Salty portait.png
Salty Lake Southern Sun (Saelziseik Sundyrsunnwyn)
Gender Female
Race Roegadyn
Clan Seawolfe
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
Age ~40
Occupation Head of Security at AIM
Server Balmung
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Salty Lake is the common-language translation of her first name, Saelziseik.  Fewer know her surname, Sundyrsunnwym, which mean’s Southern Sun’s daughter, although she’d tell you if she asked.  Most call her Salty for short, some call her Lake, and she doesn’t prefer one over the other, though her full first name is Salty Lake.


Salty Lake is big, robust roegadyn with more muscle than finesse.  She crudely clips her own red hair so that it is short and out of her face.  She has a white patch in it that appeared and has grown since the calamity. She doesn't have much fat on her frame, but her skin hangs loose, especially around her belly, which is covered in stretch marks.

She doesn’t strive to be masculine, but her lack of femininity makes her a rather virile woman.  She favors functionality over style in her dress, and even her town-clothes must be those she can move and fight in.  She knows little about fashion and less about makeup, and is comfortable in guts and grime. She often smells of fish.


Blunt and crass, Salty Lake was an unrefined common sellsword until she helped form Artificers, Inventors, and Manufacturers (AIM) as head of security.  She is dense and literal, and tends to think within the box.  An extrovert, she is quick to befriend anyone and everyone, but she is not very good at reading people and subtlety is lost on her.  Many of her attachments are superficial, though she deeply mourns lost best friends and lovers.  Salty is also quick to tease dark brooding types.  Although she was a bully in her youth and young adulthood (a lackey type, rather than ringleader), now she is rarely cruel.  Her alignment wavers between unlawful good and unlawful neutral, and she could be pushed in either direction given others’ influence.


Saelziseik was born in a muddy fishing village in rural La Noscea. Her parents, Sundyrsunn and Eyriaent, were simple, small-minded, peaceful folk who lived off the sea and a pitiful garden. The family often went without. Saelziseik's village was occasionally raided by pirates and bandits, and Salty was conscripted by a pirate captain at the age of fourteen, though she joined with enthusiasm and lust for adventure and conquest. A few short years later, Salty Lake (as she was now called) tried to get out of piracy, but Saelziseik rejected their efforts. Later, when she tried to return home, but was driven off by her parents, who disowned her. Not long after, shefound herself pregnant. She sent her infant daughter to live with her parents, and sent them money for years, or at least what remained after drinking and gambling.

Salty Lake continued work as a pirate and mercenary. She enjoyed it in the good times, and always tried to quit after her crews' encounters caused the death of children. She did some stints in jail for petty crimes, and finally started to turn her life around prior to the Calamity, when she served as a mercenary in alliance with the Maelstrom. She gave up piracy after the Calamity, but hasn't found work less dangerous than that of a sellsword. She is currently seeking her daughter, who she has heard left home to study magic.



Prior to the calamity, Salty Lake fought mostly with an axe.  After the calamity, she prefers a sword and shield, although she is competent with other weapons.  She knows some basic healing arts (field dressings, not magic), and has had more of a natural aptitude for them post-calamity. She is a competent smith, though not artful. She enjoys fishing as a hobby.


  • Fishing
  • Her pet horse, Gabrielle
  • Tall women


  • Pets brought indoors



Parents: Sundyrsunn and Eyriaent.  A few various siblings.  Her given-up daughter.

Albtrossen Syndyrsunnwyn

Albtrossen Syndyrsunnwyn is the daughter of Salty Lake and an as yet undefined male Hellsguard.  She was raised by her grandparents, who named her as if she were a daughter in the hopes that she could make up for the mistakes they made with their first daughter. 

While her grandparents attempted to shelter and nurture her, it was inevitable that Albtrossen’s heritage would come into question as she grew up.  Other children began to bully her, and she was often blamed for others’ misfortune.  Due to her mother being a notorious pirate, whenever something went missing in the village or had been vandalized, Albtrossen was the scapegoat.  She escaped in books, reading stories of high adventure, swordplay, and magic.  Through wandering traders, she bartered to acquire books on magical theory, further fueling rumors of thievery to fund dark magic rituals and cast curses.


Friends: Myxie Tryxle, Tia Rie, Dennthota Ahtahrmwyn, Daghbheri Himalspyr, Zin Jaeger
Co-workers: Zanin Briggs, Ihrie Desana, Beloved Emerald, S'hayla Riki, Itete Ite, Silver Eagle, Akiri Cloudsong
Ex-lover: Fleeting Dawn
Ex-best friend: Starwind Meladon




Common Rumors

  • "That is the woman who likes to drunkenly air her business for the whole tavern!"
  • "I've seen her in the buff more than once!"

Moderate Rumors

  • "I heard her called Seeky Sail."
  • "That wench is smitten with the Admiral."

Rare Rumors

  • "Her daughter is a no-good sorceress."
  • "That woman turned on her own kin and got her brother killed in the process."

PC Rumors