J'khobi Tia

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J'khobi Tia
"Khobi... ehe, yes. Khobi of the Jackal! Prrrovide Succorrr, I do this!"
Lunatic Jackal
Gender Male
Race Miqo'te
Clan Seeker of the Sun
Citizenship Ul'dah
Patron Deity Oschon, the Wanderer
Age 18
Nameday 26th Sun of the 3rd Umbral Moon, 1562
Height/Weight 5 fulms 3 ilms, 140 ponz
Occupation Freelance Medic, Researcher.
Server Balmung
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J'khobi has long, jet-black hair with blond tips. His right eye is red while his left eye is violet and his cheeks are marked with simplistic tattoos. Growing up under the Sagolii sun have darkly bronzed the skin of the seekers from Khobi's nomadic Jackal tribe. He can usually be seen wearing a white or cyan hempen undershirt with a brightly colored lace bow tied around his neck. He also wears nature colored culottes, leather shin guards, shoes and finger-less gloves. His medic outfit is vastly different: Sterile while and black gloves, tight leggings, and boots are worn to not only aid in handling most wounds, but prevent infection and blood from touching his skin. His white robs is especially unique; adorned not only with fancy white, black, and gold design, but also aetherial crystals to assist J'khobi if his own stores of aether are lacking. His prized possession, which the seeker wears on his forehead, is a custom-made tri-lens aetherometer than will display approximate aetherflow of whomever or whatever he is viewing. One of the lens appears to be faulty, however, as J'khobi cannot figure out it's function. The medicinal ensemble was a gift to the seeker after he cured the grand-daughter of Doctor Boris Lazarius from a rare strain of aetherial poison. The equipment belonged to the highlander doctor's son, who had died in the Calamity of the Sixth Astral Era.


"Has not been the same, ehe, uh... no. No! Not since the deserrrt. Find, I do, solace in healing otherrrs. Mebbe, as I do this? Heal myself, I do." -J'khobi Tia

J'khobi is a very jittery miqo'te. His ears and tail often twitch at some invisible irritation and he has difficulties making sentences without stuttering or cackling to himself. The wide-eyed seeker sometimes has no sense of personal space or decorum as he examines strangers and their equipment with genuine fascination, often accidentally blinding them with the light given off by his aetherial optic. He flinches when touched and sometimes will stare into space for minutes at a time. His anxiety aside, J'khobi usually never hesitates when his services are needed and makes himself available to be there for his friends. While generally cheerful, he conceals his worries and loneliness to all except friends who ask him. It is the miqo'te's belief that as he cures the wounds of strangers and the world, he will simultaneously cure himself of his innate sorrow and wavering sanity.




Arcanist : It was a rare thing indeed for a seeker to be born with such high aetherial quantity and the nuhn of his tribe, J'rhaskir, did not hesitate in making J'khobi a valuable asset. Training from a young age, J'khobi was given selective reading and writing education and, of course, instruction on how to manipulate aether with an arcanist grimoire. Specifically, J'khobi studied the affects of aetherial poison from a traveling scholar named Zuzogin Zukagin. The seeker can bestow aetherial infection and remove it using the ink in his tome as a conduit with aetherflow and deal unaspected damage with his "aetherial ribbons." Aside from offensive magicks, Khobi also deals heavily in the curative nature, providing succor to what ails his comrades and protecting them with magic shielding. His specialty, of course, is the remedying of poison, aetherial or otherwise. He was given a lot of practice in his life as a Tia from the sagolii desert as his nuhn would overdose on drugs and poison alike and have Khobi heal him. J'rhaskir would repeat this often saying, aside from combat, this act made him feel more alive than ever.



  • Meeting/Making New Friends.
  • Sharing a meal.
  • Knights.


  • Ghosts and Ghost stories.
  • Dishonour.
  • Burnt Food.


  • Aetherial Manipulation
  • Categorizing Aetherflow
  • Potion/Salve-Making


  • Khobi has read about numerous warriors and applies their logic mid-battle in stressful situations of his own.
  • His aether appears as ribbons or thread, depending on how potent it is.
  • Since being lost in the desert, he cannot recall his earliest memories.


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"Serve and protect, little star. Only you can do this. We will be in your heart and pray for you every night. When you look up at night, seek Menphina and know we are with you." -Grandmother Adel

It all began with the greed of the one they call J'rhaskir the Emberclaw. A Jackal from the Sagolii who fancied himself a God of war, he broke away to start his own tribe of hunters. In his blind ambition to be the most powerful sun-seeker alive, he sought any means for extra strength without recourse. This led him to be addicted to multiple powders and drugs, the best made by a clan of keeper miqo'te from the northern woods led by the mysterious Grandmother Adel. After trading too many resources for a combat stimulant, however, the Emberclaw's tribe began to suffer in a conflict against another seeker tribe that J'rhaskir had purposely agitated. He made a deal with Adel for supplies and powder. At the site of the exchange, instead of paying for the supplies with the agreed upon price, seeker warriors ambushed the keepers, killing them all and stealing the supplies, allowing J'rhaskir and his hunters to beat back his enemies in the Sagolii.

Outraged, Adel initiated a shadow-war in accordance with her own creed: "The Path of Knives." Capable assassins would journey to the Sagolii, track down J'rhaskir, and kill him. While impulsive and reckless, the Emberclaw was no fool. Preparing for the keeper's counterattack, each assassin dispatched was taken out. J'rhaskir sent his own warriors to the woods to take out the entirety of the keeper clan, and bring him the head of Adel. One of these warriors was J'khobi, sired by J'rhaskir himself. The golden haired and red-eyed arcanist prodigy swore to take down the keeper matriarch with a small team of hunters, each gifted in the art of offensive magic. Even though half of the tribe wished to call a truce and stop the sudden attacks, J'rhaskir agreed, sending the boy into the Shroud to murder Adel.

The seeker's ambuscade would have been devastating had J'khobi and his hunters been more patient. Instead of killing Adel, they killed her daughter Rokka. Rokka's mate Hajin'zi dove in to protect Adel and Rokka, yet, seeing his love fall drove him into a rage and he tore apart the hunters before J'khobi put a dagger in the keeper's throat. J'khobi was outmatched by Adel, who bound the seeker,imprisoned him, and mourned the death of her daughter. Of the daughters and sons Rokka and Hajin'zi left behind, all swore revenge, but none sought it greater than the youngest male. He met with Adel and offered his entire being to take down J'rhaskir... and a plan was hatched.


The greatest of magical glamours can cover a person who has a vast aether capacity. By what only could be divine coincidence, Lahlih's son was the same age and build of the seeker assassin J'khobi. With the help of the strongest mages in the Adel's clan, they would teach the keeper boy to become J'khobi, covering his body in a glamour to fool the seekers into believing he was the son of J'rhaskir. And when the time was right, the keeper boy would take his revenge and return. With the glamour stable and learning all he could of the real seeker, he set out to find the Emberclaw Tribe, telling J'rhaskir that he failed in killing the Matriarch Adel but had wounded her greatly. This satisfied the warrior of the sands, yet, he beat the glamoured seeker for his failure, regardless. Every sun he would serve the nuhn and his tribe without question. He was the rat of the tribe and though he was in pain, the keeper boy was patient. He would serve and protect his keeper family.

Something happened that the hidden keeper did not expect. Many of J'khobi's sisters as well as a few other hunters did not like the way J'rhaskir led them. The way he punished J'khobi and other hunters for their failure was frightening. No one was allowed to leave the tribe or trade without the nuhn's say. A plot soon developed by J'khobi's older brothers, J'dhoon and J'rhis, two Tias who journeyed farther than the nuhn allowed under the guise of "hunting missions." They were, by all definition, adventurers in their own right and brought stories back to J'khobi, who, in turn showed them kindness and would cover for their long absence if J'rhaskir demanded their location. It was J'rhis who noticed a change in his once-impulsive young brother, yet... as the change was favorable, he did not question it. Together, the three planned to kill the nuhn while he slept...

Dhoon and Rhis attacked first, cutting down the Emberclaw's hunters. Rhaskir erupted in a fury, brandishing his wicked axe at the seekers. Rhis pushed Khobi out of the way and was dealt a mortal wound. While J'rhaskir was distracted, J'khobi took the chance he was waiting for. With all of his aetherial power, the glamoured keeper struck J'rhaskir, blasting his body with violent shadow flares while Dhoon stabbed his nuhn through the chest. The Emberclaw hunters that remained loyal to their nuhn were outraged. J'khobi turned to see the rest of the tribe who looked on in shock. Fighting broke out and J'khobi and J'dhoon ran out of the tribe grounds and into the desert night. A terrible sandstorm summoned out of nowhere, and glamoured keeper boy was lost.

Even the boy does not know how long he was in the desert alone. He had lost J'dhoon in the storm and all he could do was hunt for food and drink and try to not be burned by the sun or frozen by the night. He began to slowly lose himself in the heat and his mind clung to the story he had trained himself to believe for the sake of his revenge... and he believed he really was J'khobi... that he was not at fault for the death of his nuhn. He forgot his keeper origins and even his glamour began to destabilize. One of his eyes turned to it's natural violet color, and his tail and hair began to revert to black. He wandered for suns until he collapsed in front of the jewel of the Thanalan, Ul'dah. Since his arrival, the jittery seeker remembers, "Serve and protect." And so he would... he would heal the wounded strangers he meets and protect his new friends, hoping to mend his broken mind. On he lives without memory of his keeper origin.. and his family still prays for his safe return.


  Romantic Interest     Platonic     Family     Good Friend     Friend     Acquainted     Disliked     Distant


  •  : Gerel Kha: A strong-willed, kind auri woman with many talents. Khobi finds she often arrives in time to save the miqo'te when he needs her most. She reminds the young miqo'te of his mother.
  •  : John Gallaf: A highlander wanderer whom Khobi met in the Quicksand. He and Khobi are on friendly terms, having once gone to save a lost hyur boy with Gerel.
  •  : S'imba Tia: Going by the name, Kou'ra, this enigmatic pit-fighter gifted Khobi will gil to buy an inn room on his first night in Ul'dah. He is prone to trouble, much to Khobi's chagrin.
  •  : Theodore Castagnier: An enigmatic circus performer who saved Khobi from a con-man. He has asked that Khobi repay him by not worrying so much and giving dance a try.
  •  : Stehl Helmgarde: A powerful warrior who has recently used a rare potion to become a woman. Behind her magnificent armour, she bears a strong spirit.
  •  : Xha'in Polaali: A keeper who was once a slave to an evil man named Ash. Khobi happened by a fight between him and his former master and did his best to heal him. When Xha'in was later taken along with his mate K'oga, Khobi journeyed to the Shroud to save them. Khobi took care of his kitten, Nami, for a brief period.
  •  : K'oga Tia: Xha'in's mate. He was thankful Khobi came to save them, even though Khobi found them already saved by another.
  •  : Kataani Hawkeye: At first, Khobi was very afriad of the miqo'te girl who bore similar aether to Ash. Upon learning her furious aether was a result of her passionate concern for a friend in danger, Khobi pushed past his fear and offered to help confront Ash to save Kataani's friend.
  •  : Zehru'a Dakwhil: A mute keeper Khobi met once in the Quicksand. While he was difficult to talk with, Khobi was reminded of his sister who shared the same affliction.
  •  : Ava Mazet: A very excitable and affectionate miqo'te who is seemingly without a tribe.
  •  : Zodd Olmster: A roegadyn warrior from the House of Chains. It is his dream to bring about an era where all crime is judged in court by specialized knights called "Judges."
  •  : Sleepy Cat: Khobi met this enigmatic miqo'te in the Quicksand admiring her magnificent sword and reading her aether for her.
  •  : K'yuina Marcy: A bright and cheerful miqo'te who once shared a meal with Khobi and a few other strangers one night in the Quicksand.


  •  : Ash, Enslaver of Darkness: A terrifying miqo'te slaver who commands dark aether. He can control the minds of the weak willed with strange magic, bending them to his will. Khobi healed him after his fight with Xha'in, unaware of how evil he is. When his black aether touched Khobi, he saw his keeper mother and father being struck down, a bloodyy scene that replays in his nightmares ever since.
  •  : Rath'zi Jaab: A possessed keeper who speaks in riddles. Khobi thought he was a simple crazed charlatan until Rath'zi began to speak of Shade and that this mysterious power comes from J'khobi. He also spoke of his friend Kou'ra as a project he must complete and, before departing, said that all lives were his to do with as he willed.



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