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"Oh by Halone's icy teats, I know exactly what my oaths mean! I've chosen to spend my - what will likely be a very short - life beating my head against a wall.
And the Twelve know I'm too much of a fool to step away from that.
So, if I want to enjoy a drink or seven, limber up with a bit of a spar, or limber up in other ways ...if you know what I mean… Godsdamnit I will!"



Given Name: Jariana Rinjahl
Pronunciation: [JAHR-i-ah-na RIHN-ja(h)l]
Nicknames: Jari
Place of Birth: The Wilds of the Twelveswood
Current Residence: Travelling, occasionally spotted at Ruby Sea HQ
Employers: Ruby Sea Trading Company
Marital Status: Free


Height: 4 fulms 10 ilms (Something she regularly grumbles about.)
Weight: About average for her height (and how dare you ask!)
Body: Jari is exceptionally well toned, with a very lean musculature and a slightly larger than average bust. Overall she has much the look and physical poise of a gymnast.
Hair: A little past shoulder length, but typically pulled back into a simple ponytail or braid. The color itself is a mixture of red and black.
Eyes: A very dark red with large round pupils.
Skin: Tanned, with almost a tawny hue.
Scars and Markings: Jariana sports a fairly standard set of light markings on her face, typical of the families of Keepers in the Shroud. Her body is mostly free of scars, with the most obvious being some light ones across her forearms and shoulders, along with a recent addition across her right eye, a souvenir of her time in Thavnair. Her ears are pierced, which she now uses for pearls, though previously it had just been for a simple pair of earrings or two. Like many other Keepers she has a longer set of canines, which she occasionally shows off when smirking or smiling.
Clothing: If out 'on the job', Jari has begun to forgo the the lighter coat of plates she has used previously to a more complete suit of plate armor, due to more work against multiple opponents. If in civilian clothes, her preferred dress is a simple tunic and long boots. Regardless of situation, she has nothing against showing off a hint of skin here and there, though nothing too overt. One constant however, is she is rarely seen without a sword of some sort[1]
Her typical sidearm is a longsword, which some of you tabletop roleplayers may know as a bastard sword. As of late in the field she has been mainly carrying a full two-handed greatsword. However, if a full on battlefield sword is not appropriate, she is sometimes convinced to carry something more courtly, such as a rapier. If you twist her arm.
at her hip, and getting her to give it up, even where it is definitely not appropriate, can be a struggle.
Voice: Feminine overall with a medium timbre. Her accent is rather clear, showing many of the hallmarks of someone who has been educated formally at least a little.
Jariana's signature.

Physical Training

  • Swordplay, armored and unarmored, one or two handed.
  • Grappling, armored and unarmored
  • Daggers, as a secondary weapon
  • Basic use of Polearms/Poleaxes.
Jariana is first and foremost a master swordswoman, with supplementary training to support her general usefulness as a front-line battlefield fighter. Her style has been described as a 'brutal dance', her strikes always efficient and well measured, balancing power and speed.[1]
When fighting with a longsword, Jari's combat style is roughly based on the German School of Swordplay following the traditions of master Johannes Liechtenauer. Examples of the style can be seen here and here. When using the greatsword, she primarily borrows from montante and spadone styles as shown here
She can fire an arrow... sorta... in a general direction... at times. Maybe. While she is well trained in grappling, she is no pugilist, as fighting with one's fists is not terribly effective against armor in her mind.

Magical Training

  • Defensive and Healing Magics
  • Basics of Conjury
  • Aetherically tuned
Jariana is trained in the basics of aetheric healing and defense. Though as of late, the healing side of this has been difficult for her. She is also able to sense aetheric concentrations and movements, describing them as a 'song'.
Offensive magics bother her currently and her aetheric senses require complete concentration on her part, making them significantly less effective in combat.


  • Armorer
  • Blacksmith/Weaponsmith
Jari enjoys working with metal, a love she picked up from watching her father at the forge. She specializes in weapons and armor, but has occasionally made something of a more artistic flair here and there.
She does not care much for anything outside of the black metals, so does very little with softer precious ones. Her focus on the work can at times lead to unfortunate accidents involving burned clothes and singed hair.

Personality (Character Diamond)[1]
I take no credit for the idea of character diamonds, as they are something I ran into while roleplaying in Guild Wars 2. A full introduction can be found here. It is of course not a full description of Jariana's personality, however it is a good basic starting point.

Jariana by Uielyave
REALIST - Jari has a firm grasp on what it means to be blade sworn to the service of the Twelve. Dead miqo’te walking. In her mind, the question is not ‘if’ she will die, but ‘when’. And she knows the answer to be ‘soon’. In addition to this rather fatalistic point of view, she sees her actions as having little ability to change the world as a whole. Even if the Garlean Empire fell, the Beastmen were pacified, and the Primals were wrapped up neatly, there would always be some other evil to face down, even if it was just spawned by the little flecks of darkness that every being carries.
DRIVEN - Despite her realistic outlook (or perhaps because of it) Jari fulfills her duties in the face of any odds. Showing compassion for the beaten or defending the weak isn’t something she does for recognition or praise, some hope for some reward, or a desire to see the world a better place. Rather she faces her duties simply because it is the right thing to do.
HEDONISTIC - The other outcome from her outlook on life besides her drive to do good, is Jari is a hedonist at heart. Within the bounds set by her code (and not a step over) the young fighter will merrily find all sorts of (legal) ways to enjoy herself.
INQUISITIVE - Despite constantly staring into the shadow and darkness of the life around her, Jari has a deep love for the world she lives in. Yes, it is flawed, but it is beautiful in its broken state. As such, she has an insatiable curiosity for everything around her. The natural world, magic, technology, all of it will gladly be peered at, poked, prodded, and understood. At least as best as she can. And often with a sarcastic quip for good measure.

Likes and Dislikes


  • Ale, wine, hard liquor, moonshine... Jari isn't picky, as long as it's got alcohol.
  • Books. She loves academic texts, but has a soft spot for children's stories.
  • Baths. A rare treat she dives at when given half a chance.


  • Overwrought pompousness. Though it is fun to skewer from time to time.
  • Divisiveness without direction or cause.
  • Heat, cold, sand, snow, or anything else that requires her to clean her armor.

Religion and Morality

Jariana is sworn to the Twelve, and as such is sworn in service to the peoples of Eorzea and Hydaelyn in general. Her devout belief in the deities, along with her martial training, have led some to call her a Free Paladin or some sort of martial zealot. Both are titles she shrugs at, preferring to just be called an adventurer if a label is needed. Out of the Twelve she does feel a connection to Nymeia, the interactions of the Spinner's tapestry always interesting to her, but she recognizes and prays to all them relatively equally.
More generally, Jari is honest and forthright with others, and will always strive to fulfill any commitment she makes, no matter how small. The oaths she has taken are paramount to her and she recognizes the need for general law for communities to even attempt to survive (not that they necessarily will.) While she will complain (and often believes the effort will have no lasting effect) she is also generally helpful and kind where she can be, often going to great lengths for beings she barely knows. Overall she does what she believes to be right for the sake of doing it, caring little for the recognition of her fellows or even of her gods.
(Relative) Alignment: Lawful Good[1]
I rather dislike the description given here, mainly because I feel the 'bad' behaviors listed are a bit too overblown in many contexts, as well as Jari will always focus on the 'Good' portion of the alignment over the 'Lawful' part, at least in respect to the laws of governments and communities. The description given, at least in my opinion, edges into the Lawful Stupid realm, which I feel doesn't fit Jari's personality. Along with the wonderful issue of applying a decades old alignment system to a world where it doesn't necessarily make full sense all the time is a bit difficult.

General History

Jariana in full armor
((WIP. I'm still not absolutely certain how I'd like to go about displaying this, so leaving it somewhat empty for now.))


Mother - Senah Rinjahl
Leader of a small group of Keepers who live in the wilds of the Shrouds. An isolationist as heart, she keeps her little group apart from Gridania. A talented Conjurer as well.
Father - Maldah’a Zaranj (Deceased)
A traveling blacksmith and Senah's only mate. Disappeared at the time of the Calamity, and has been presumed deceased.
Sister - Tahla Rinjahl (Deceased)
Healer and presumed next in line to the family leadership after Jari's split with her mother. Was killed in the turmoil after the Calamity.

Friends and Acquaintances[1]
All information here is OOC (despite Jari being a fairly open book) and I request that it not be used inappropriately. Also, Jari - just like anyone else - makes a slew of mistakes in her characterization of others, and this is not my personal opinion of anyone or their characters.

A'laika Sokol - Laika is... complicated. Jari enjoys her time with the native of the Sagolii, considers her a very close friend, and would possibly be interested in something more. However, she also gets along well with Laika's mother (which may or may not be a point in her favor), she just happens to be Jari's employer, and apparently the knight resembles her estranged sister. So... it's complicated.
Eva Ianeira - Being sworn to the Twelve herself, Jari held Eva in the highest regard as a Prioress. Of course that doesn't mean she may not disagree with the Elezen on the meanings and practice of their teachings. However, her time in Thavnair seems to have cut off any contact she had with the Prioress.
K'hylia Fhey - K'hylia was an irrepressible flirt, and Jari enjoyed every moment of their thinly veiled conversations. She continued to draw closer to the Seeker, especially over a hunting expedition to Coerthas and the Dravnarian Hinterlands. Unfortunately, she has not seen K'hylia since her time in Thavnair.
Malena Rasksvard - Jariana's early mentor, Dame Rasksvard is an old ally of Jariana's who has always had some influence in her life. She is retired however, happily living in her little cottage in the Mist, and so is typically not seen actively in Eorzea.
Vetiver Kaji - From healer to roommate, her relationship with Vetiver intrigued, worried, and baffled Jari. Still, she found the Au Ra to be a close companion, despite her concerns. However, she lost contact with Vetiver before her travels to Thavnair.


Ixal - While not bloodthirsty in any right, her previous "interactions" with this Beast Tribe in particular has left her particularly guarded toward them as a whole.

Commonly Heard Rumors

  • "Have you seen her drink? For someone 'Sworn to the Twelve' that Miqo'te seems to be in her cups more often than not." - Random Barfly
  • "That idiot of a sellsword cleared out a whole nest of Peiste for me for nothing more than a drink or two! Cheap labor while she still breathes." - Ul'dahn Merchant
  • "She spends a lot of time behind closed doors with those with 'loose morals' if you catch my drift. Either man or woman, she doesn't seem to mind." - Lominsian Dockworker

Occasionally Heard Rumors

  • "Count the empty flagons after she's had her fill at the bar. Never more than seven. Odd eh?" - Gridanian Barkeep
  • "I saw her training with the gladiators in Ul'dah once. Shame I never saw her on the 'Sands." - Bloodsands Fan
  • "Once saw her walking about with one of those masks the forest Miqo'te wear. Never took her as forest-born." - Gridanian Refugee

Rarely Heard Rumors

  • "Heard she lost her kid sister in the moons after the Calamity. She's never said how as far as I know." - Adder's Sergeant
  • "She pays in full every time, helps the workers out with a bit of Conjury, and I can't fault having a friendly blade on hand sometimes." - Lominsian Madame

Player Rumors[1]
Feel free to add to this section whatever you'd like, true or false, just keep it IC please.

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Character Influences and Other Tidbits

Gridania-transparent.png Jariana Rinjahl
Jari Basic.jpg
Gender Female
Race Miqo'te
Clan Keeper of the Moon
Citizenship Gridania
Server Balmung/Mateus
Age 25 to 27 or so.
Nameday 20th Sun of the 4th Umbral Moon[1]
Though she doesn't actually know the date.
Trades Miqo'te-at-Arms[2]
Yes... Miqo'te-at-Arms. *glares* She's refuses to be called a knight, and I'm not going to call her a "Man"-at-Arms, that would just be silly! :P
, Metalworker
Availability Late Night Pacific Time Zone