Jigumundo Darkbore

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Ul'dah-transparent.png Jigumundo Darkbore
"In small body lies tremendous power"
Gender Male
Race Lalafell
Clan Dunesfolk
Citizenship Ul'dah
Age 34
Guardian Rhalgr, The Destroyer.
Namesday 9th sun of the 6th umbral moon
Occupation Aetheric Science Professor


♦ General

♦ Appearance

♦ Behaviour

Jigumundo is a socially awkward introvert with grim and ironic sense of humour. An introvertic personallity always confronts his explosive temper. A spitfire inside locked-up mind, he's more into science and his research than social interactions. However if spoken up to, he enjoys a good conversation, preferably about magic or aether. He's sarcastic, gloomy, grumpy, and generally not very fond of other people, especially those who he considers ignorant or just plain annoying. He always says "I don't like people. I just tolerate, or hate them." - which is true. He always falls into extremes. One time he's calm, serene and peaceful, just to explode with anger in a second when he's upset. His explosive temper usually manifests with shouting and being bossy and rude to other people. When he's really mad, he starts tossing fireballs around which is never nice...


Echo Power

Echo Power:


★ Recent RP events ★



■ Knowledge
■ Books
■ Powerful Magicks
■ Science


■ Ignorance
■ Most of people
■ Miqo'te


■ Researching Aether
■ Using destructive magicks
■ Uncanny intellect


Favourite Food/Drink: Lemon Balm Tea
Favourite Place: The Quicksand

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💘 Crush 💗 Sexual Desire In love with 💑 In a relationship Good Standing Neutral Standing Poor Standing Wants that person dead


Deli D'sara – Pupil
Lenti Anorand – Pupil
Xavarian Mystrife – Pupil
Avis Inkwood – Assistant
Melody Adagio - lover/pupil
Ququiki Quki - pupil
Tana Firesong - colleague/sparring partner
Martsia Troy - Friend
Brio Adagio - Melody's brother


Jace Farchild – Former bodyguard

Enemies & Rivals

Mortine Troy - Rival with unfinished business.


Player Character Rumours

■ (Avis Inkwood) "Oh, him. He's looking for Miqo'tes for aetheric research. Do you know of any who could use spare cash? Don't worry, he only looks grumpy, he can be nice... I'll make sure he is."
■ (Melody Adagio) "He says a lot of grim stuff about not caring for other people, but to be honest, I'm convinced that it's all a big fat lie."
■ (Xavarian Mystrife) "You're curious about the Professor~? I'd suggest speaking to him yourself, though I will warn, or perhaps inform, you... that for all his intellect, he is quite partial to Aetherical explosions..~ Though in a very educational way, I can assure.. maybe~"

Rare Rumours

■ "I heard a convict escaped from the Empire and hiding somewhere in Eorzea. I think he's lalafell"
■ "Yeah I heard. He's probably wanted there for a homicide."
■ "Oh my. I also heard that he has some followers there, like some evil genius."

♦ Footnotes

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Character themes:
Usual encounters: Jesters of the Moon
Battle theme: God Mode