Xavarian Mystrife

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 Xavarian Mystrife
Xavarian Screenshot01.png
Gender Male
Race Elezen
Clan Duskwight (Mystrife)
Citizenship Unaffiliated
Age ~20 (young adult)
Deity Thaliak, the Scholar
Namesday 24th Sun of the 2nd Umbral Moon
Alignment Chaotic Neutral

Mystrife Symbol.png
Mystrife Symbol.png

♦ In-Game Brief

Xavarian Mystrife is a young duskwight claiming to be an adventurer-scholar and mage, often getting himself into business and dealings surrounding lost knowledge, old ruins, mysterious artifacts, and aetherical disturbances. When need be, he gets by pretty well with his skills as a scribe and a bookbinder, and well-off as he is, has a hired Crier out advertising his services. Magic in general seems to greatly excite and bring the 'best' out of him (if you can count spouting out continuous theories, experiments, and attempting rash 'Let's see what will happen!' tests 'the best'...), but on different subjects, his awkward 'people skills' leave something to be desired, as others tend to generally make him nervous. His love for puzzles, bouts of poetic phrases, and cryptic words when verbally cornered don't do him much favors either, but regardless, he is a very curious man, always eager to learn, and even more eager, it seems, to stick his (rather large) nose into secrets some might claim are 'better off forgotten'. . .

  • Open for Walkups when: In Battlemage Coat AND BLM / THM class. Or if Xavarian's just emoting somewhere. (Not actually BLM ICly, btw.)
  • Otherwise, please send a whisper for RP!
  • Has a notable amount of Aether in and resonating from his person, for those who can tell. If your character senses Aether, send a whisper and I can tell you what it might 'feel like' at that given moment.
  • Click the RP Hooks tab above for a few ideas if you're looking for a reason to play with Xavarian. Or just talk to me! We'll figure something out.

♦ General

Xavarian Mystrife is a young, excitible, (yet often nervous) duskwight mage, eager to explore 'the surface' world by the darker hours and learn as much as he can about all he can get his hands on. Just about everything concerning Aether interests him: how it can be used, what its capabilities are, where something new may be discovered - and more often than not, he can be found studying something or other trying to find any Aetherical connections. In his search for knowledge, he hopes to encounter any number of different people along the way, even despite his nervous-seeming demeanor. By trade, he claims to be a mage, an adventurer, 'a scholar of sorts', an artifact / relic hunter, a bookbinder, bookmender, or a scribe, depending on the situation. ... He's even actually proficient at some of these things.

When dealing with the duskwight, it's likely one might notice occasional shifts in the temperature near him, often between cold chills and notable heat. Aetheric sparking on his person may or may not be included. A dark-colored chocobo whom he calls Vathen, is often in Xavarian's presence, packed with all sorts of bags, satchels, and scroll cases. Ruins, places of aetherical potency, or darker corners of the outdoors are likely places to find the man, whereas he tends to avoid bustling cities for more than quick trips, and keeps his distance from larger crowds and bars when at all possible. Also, he's very likely to hear you coming, as he has that rumored uncanny hearing. But if he can give any sort of impressive reaction to this knowledge is up for debate; screaming at him will work excellently to throw him off guard.

Getting information from Xavarian about his origins is like trying to hold a gallon of water with open fingers. If he gives his last name at all, then you're lucky. Instead, the chances favor a pile of vague, quickly spoken and brushed over answers onward to a different subject.

♦ Appearance

Xavarian is about a 6 fulms, 8 ilms tall duskwight elezen. His build is a bit more slight than the average elezen might be, having shoulders less broad, and limbs a bit lacking in length. His skin is a dark, charcoal grey, with bright teal eyes that squint and dart about, starkly contrasting the bright, crimson markings around them. The duskwight's face takes a rounded, ovular shape, with a single scar visible on the right of his jaw (your right, his left) trailing down his neck just a small ways, and a large, bridgey nose above often-pursed lips. Dark, subtly red-streaked hair is a living mess on his head that only seems to curl further down the ends and flip out whenever it can, and the man appears to have an uneven number of gold piercings favoring one long ear over the other. Looked at closely, there are several odd, almost blotchy scars on the backs of his hands and arms, however clothing typically covers anything more underneath.

That clothing Xavarian wears gives him the impression of someone arguably well off – a theme seems to be the colors black and gold, but there are a number of red accents, and a silver symbol that repeats itself in the form of clasps and motifs on these clothes. Most often, he's seen wearing a split coat; something that falls nicely on either side of the chocobo he travels on. Packs and pouches of all sorts line his belt, staff strapped to his back, and a large tome at his side. Occasionally a scepter will be visibly strapped to his arm in addition, but this is not always the case. And on a single shoulder seems to hover an odd, aetherically placed red gemstone of sorts, right in the middle of one of those repeating symbols, large and made of some silver metal like a poor shoulder guard. From certain angles the floating gem looks like an eye… however, it doesn’t appear to have any real purpose, and simply remains in place like any other part of his clothing might.

♦ Demeanor

Cryptic and often awkward are generally good descriptors of a first meeting with the duskwight. He seems to have any number of thoughts, many of which change at any given moment, and in order to account for the most possibilities (very important), his speech is littered with large amounts of pauses, corrections, and amendments to his own words. That said, Xavarian is extremely curious, intellectually minded, and quite excitable about the subjects of his interest. On these topics, instead of his awkward and carefully corrected vaguer, he seems to ramble on about them 90 malms per minute, the thoughts spilling out of his mouth before he has a chance to grab them and keep them in. Likewise, when he speaks he often gestures, as though these vague movements somehow convey words that he can't always get out of his head. Whether they help or not, however, is debatable. It's not a stretch in the least to call him somewhat eccentric. Still, he values intellectual thought, logic, and reason, and is not afraid of being wrong or being corrected. When making a decision, going with the choice that 'makes the most logical sense' and brings him closer to his goals is most likely. Of course, if the goals themselves make logical sense is a different matter entirely.

When Xavarian isn't struggling to get some thought across in speech, though, (or sometimes when he is) he'll often speak with a lilt to his voice and a smirk on his face. Life is to be enjoyed (if not feared), and he smiles, grins, and snickers fairly often, which reflects this mischievous, but also paranoid, outlook. He's definitely not above laughing at himself, realizing how his own antics might come off to others, or occasionally being proud or amused at his own vaguer. Granted, what amuses him isn't always what you'd expect to amuse someone, and it may get him some strange (or mortified) looks now and then...

Left to his own devises, Xavarian tends to shuffle around some, lean against something, or sit down if he has the chance. Along with this, he's likely to pull out a large book he always seems to carry with him, and start writing notes mid conversation. Though it'd be soon clear that he's still aptly listening, and will often continue the conversation like this while asking questions and writing simultaneously. Common expressions of the man include any number of amused smirks and smiles, pursed lips, huffing, darting eyes, squinting, and weird faces at what he considers equally weird thoughts.

Even though Xavarian will awkwardly approach people that catch his interest, he often feels much more comfortable with little to no company, and in a state of study. Caught alone (or mostly alone) Xavarian often mutters to himself, speaks to Vathen (his chocobo) as though he were a person, or becomes entirely caught up in what he is doing, so he will hardly notice much else around him. When focused on a task, an experiment, or even his own thoughts, he becomes very difficult to distract, and may become agitated if disrupted.

A list of accurate traits include: Cryptic, Vague, Mischievous, Curious, Silly, Poetic, Chaotic, Amused, Determined, Questionable, Dorky, Strange, Paranoid, Verbose, A Weenie, Intelligent and Intellectual, Eccentric, Relativist, Rational, Reasonable, Diplomatic, Morally Grey, Strong-Willed, Awkward, Typically Withdrawn, Introverted, Observant, A Goober

Mystrife Symbol.png
Mystrife Symbol.png
Vague History

♦ For Associated Duskwight Clans

Show text

♦ For Anyone Else

♦ The Shroud

For quite a time, during the nights, the duskwight might've been seen around Little Solace, spending time with the Sylphs. He always seemed incredibly cheerful with them, pleased to help them how he could, even if he fell behind them at times in their haste. Regardless, he would gladly partake in their customs, join them in (and be subject to) their tricks, give them any number of gifts, and sometimes be seen sitting among a group of them, exchanging riddles. 'Rhyming One' was a name he soon gained around Little Solace, and it never ceased to please him when addressed by it.

It's unclear how he got his first inklings of Conjury. Perhaps someone explained it a bit to him during inquiry, or perhaps he made enough trips to spy on 'the walking ones' with the Sylphs to pick something up. But once he found he could use his own abundant Aether for healing, he decided to see if he could figure out more on his own. A lot of trial and error was to be had, and occasionally, his struggles gained small pointers from passing adventurers, or mortified conjurers who caught him during his attempts. It wasn't all that long until he learned the way he'd been going about it was all wrong. There may have been an attempt made to go to Gridania, to learn more of the 'right way to do things'.

However, the attempt made was never quite an attempt fulfilled.

♦ Thanalan

By the time Xavarian got to the Thaumaturge's guild, he was a mess. However, that very mess made it clear just how much Aether the duskwight had, and the guild was quick to take him in and teach him. Xavarian took to the studies of thaumaturgey like a fish to water, near literally. Some in the guild would say that it really seemed to give him quite a bit of life, and in turn, he devoted long hours to studying, practicing, and discussing theory and application. His ambitions were high, and he was willing to learn from near anyone who would speak to him. Though close to the outset of his studies, his Aether would take uncontrolled turns even when he wasn't meaning to cast. Despite the duskwight's promise and diligence, the guild of thaumaturges also preferred their resources intact.

They decided it would be better for him to practice more in the field, to get a handle on his Aetheric inbalances, especially now that he seemed much more lively than when he came in. They would call him back when the time was right. Xavarian gladly took to this suggestion.

♦ More Recently

The dark duskwight and his charcoal feathered steed may be seen in the night time hours doing gods know what outside the cities. Often times, there is Aether involved. Others, there is climbing over ruins, peering into holes, running all about the land and stopping at various formations, inquiring from unsuspecting travelers about Aetheric anomalies, or talking to his chocobo about their current situation. All the time, there are notes being taken.

When he's indoors, it's most likely between an inn, fussing over letters he's gotten, or in the Eagle and Quill, a bookstore that he's partnered his services with in the Mist.

Mystrife Symbol.png
Mystrife Symbol.png

Recently, the duskwight's been any number of places. It seems he's mostly about traveling, wandering, transporting various artifacts, or practicing with his Aether again. He tends to return to the Eagle and Quill as well as the Mizzenmast inn fairly frequently, but it's anyone's guess where Xavarian and Vathen will end up as of late.

Mystrife Symbol.png
Mystrife Symbol.png
★ RP Hooks and Potential Connections ★


Xavarian has a large amount of Aether in his person, and various things either held or on him occasionally seem to mitigate it. If your character can sense that sort of thing, they may find him interesting.
Xavarian is a giant nerd who would always appreciate the company of other nerds. Especially Aetherically inclined, or scientifically minded nerds.
Xavarian often investigates ruins, or explores and wanders throughout Eorzea doing various things, and wouldn't at all mind someone else interested coming along.
Xavarian, at times, often has a lot of artifacts, scrolls, relics, and so forth in his tow. Trade with him, rob him, oogle at him, stop him for questioning; any and all are free to happen.
Xavarian's largely nocturnal. Are you sneaking around in the night? Maybe he is too. Maybe he's curious about what you're doing.
Anyone who spent a great deal of time around Little Solace during the night hours may recognize him.
Xavarian would be very interested in relic or artifact retrievals, or if asked about such a thing, would definitely appreciate taking part. ...Certainty of all relics returned is not guaranteed.
He would also be interested in various scribing jobs, binding books (including Grimoires) for those interested, or mending damaged tomes. He's started advertising this, and his thread involving that can be found -Here- on the RPC.
Xavarian works at a bookstore. While he's not a manager, he is likely to be at the place itself, so stop by Mist Ward 3 plot 10 to find him working as the resident scribe at the Eagle and Quill.
Xavarian loves experiments. Please, let him help you see what would happen if you do the thing. He really wants to know.
Do you abruptly burst out ridiculous poetic phrases, or ramble words in rhyme when excited or panicking? Well, Xavarian does. If you appreciate the Word as much as this duskwight nerd here, you two may get along.
Xavarian is almost always lost. For the love of the gods, please show him the way to get ...anywhere.
If your character would have a problem with Xavarian being a nerd, being a duskwight, or just having that face, start a fight with him. Do it. He's a weenie, you might totally win. Or might get into a Battle of the Wits: Showdown of Snark. ... You'll never know until you try.


If your character is a duskwight of the Shroud caverns who had ever sought others for information, either already held or to be obtained, they may know of the Mystrife family, and possibly Xavarian.
If your character is a duskwight who ever had a book made, legitimate or forged documents created, or any other sort of scribery done, they may know of the Mystrife family and/or Xavarian.
If your character is a duskwight (or was a dweller of the 'shady side of the Shroud') who is interested in books, artifacts, relics, Aether, 'uncommon knowledge', or history, they may have heard of the Mystrife family.

Currently Looking For

Those willing to teach him in various magical arts. All of them. Be his senpai.
Those with knowledge on Aetherical anomalies or illnesses. Though he does the latter more subtly. The former, he will just lean closer to you, wide-eyed and grinning if you bring it up. You asked for it.
Clients. Clients who want their ancient tomes patched up and restored, letters or biographies written, or a shiny new grimoire made. Even a grimoire that's battle-ready, decked out with blades, and meant to be used as a shield while delivering arcane fury. Or a faux-book to put a bomb in. He won't judge.
Someone to make him some weird stuff. From the potentially wearable, to the body-modding side. He has some crazy ideas, and they involve Aetherically knowledgeable craftsmen to carry out. May or may not be magitek related, he just doesn't know - and that's why he needs you. It's your job to inform him. But he'll pay you for useful information too if you ask, so even if he's nuts, at least there's that.
... Trouble. Someone who will give him some conflict. He's wary and cautious around people, but that certainly doesn't mean he can't get into any messes. Please punch him in the face for any reason you can come up with.
Friends. People who might be notably close to him, that will put up with his eccentric, stuttering ridiculousness. He's met a lot of people, but very few of them are that close. Not that it's just a fingersnap thing either, or ever guaranteed, but this would be pretty neat if it someday does happen.
MORE DUSKWIGHTS. I would looove to exchange headcannons about them, and see how Xavarian interacts with other duskwights on the surface. Especially if you want to have their families having known each other somehow, good or bad.
Apprentices. This is more of a 'if it comes up' and less of a 'actively looking for' thing, but should you have a character interested in the more bookish of trades, or becoming a scribe, I think that could be some neat RP to have. Student / teacher interactions are pretty great. ... You can ask him about magic-teaching too, but more likely than not, he'd be learning along with. Unless it's creepy-ritual related.
... Basically everything here and everything I forgot. Remind me of your idea, it might just be on here.

Mystrife Symbol.png
Mystrife Symbol.png


Aether (Its study, use, application, experimentation, theoretics, etc.)
Mages + Magery
Experimenting and the Unexpected
Obtaining Knowledge and Power
Puzzles + Riddles
Rhymes and Chimes at various times
Ruins + Caves
Books, Tomes, and Scrolls
Relics + Artifacts
Causing little mischiefs
The Sylphs
Black, Gold, Red
The Sea
High Places


Being treated poorly (esp. due to being a Duskwight)
Destruction of Knowledge
Destruction of Aetherically Intriguing Objects / Beings
Partaking in Physical Combat
Those who severely lack intelligence
Crowded places
Having Secrets Revealed
Loud noises
Being kept against his will
Excessive rules
Getting in trouble caught (esp. by his family)


Aetherically Adept: Though still learning on many fronts, he has a strong talent and interest in studying and weaving Aether.
Riddles and Puzzles: Very good at solving puzzles and riddles, and actually, has a penchant for creating them himself.
Seeking Knowledge: From everyone, everything, all the time.
Reading and Note-taking: If there are words on a thing, he'll try to read them. And if he can't, he'll take them down in his notes so he can read books on how to read them. And then take notes on the books he reads too. As well as taking notes on the person who talked to him about where he can find the books.
Book-binder and Tome Mender: Can make books of 'low' to excellent quality, and though better at the simple literary sort, he's also capable at creating Arcanist tomes and 'Specialty tomes' which are specifically commissioned items with a 'unique' purpose beyond the average book. In addition, he has the skills to restore and mend old tomes of either variety that have seen better days, though may fall short on Arcanist grimoires where an Arcanist-tome mender may do better. (As he is not an Arcanist himself, some of the intricacies may be lost on him.)
Scribe: Can write letters, notices, and various other texts in a variety of scripts for those that need the service. May or may not also be decent at forging documents and copying signatures.
Exploration and Travel: Very curious, and knows how to hold his own on various expeditions.
Artifact / Relic Retrieval: Decently apt in methods of relic extraction and transportation. Not the best, not the worst, but has had a hand in it a number of times.
Excellent Hearing: As per most duskwights, Xavarian has great hearing, to where it surpasses his eyesight as his primary sense.
Creepy Rituals: ... Shh. We don't talk about the creepy rituals.


Control of Aether: Despite his strong interest and ability at casting spells, controlling his Aetherical potency is more of a challenge; at times it manifests in small ways when not intended, and can be problematic in certain situations.
Poor at Physical Combat: Might be able to block a few strikes with his staff, but that's about the best luck he'd ever get. If he tried to punch anyone else, he'd probably hurt himself more than them.
Socially Awkward: Stumbles around a lot in social interactions that aren't revolving around his subjects of study, might ask a lot of odd questions, and is often vague or cryptic. Understanding what he's asking isn't always easy.
Moral Ambiguity: His 'means to some ends' are not always the greatest, or even passable, in terms of general moral standards. It depends on the scenario, but if someone in front of him is in a real nasty situation, he might just watch instead of necessarily helping, or may go ahead with things that aren't particularly 'right' for various uncertain gains. Maybe even no clear 'gains' at all. Can be 'relative' to a fault.
Terrible Directional Sense: Despite his travels, he often gets lost. ...Basically anywhere he can get lost. Even if a map shows him where to go, there's only a percentage chance he'll make it, barring all else. Luckily, he finds interest in just about everything, so being lost isn't often an issue on his own.
Addictive Personality: Though it manifests often in ways of getting sucked into projects with little regard to his health, if he finds something particularly appealing, he may grow obsessively attached to it, or insistent on seeing an objective through to completion. (This doesn't apply to people so much, but moreso things like power, substances, ideas, etc.)
Light Sensitivity: Moreso nocturnal than diurnal, he has a light sensitivity that would be comparable to most people stumbling about in the dark. He can see fine in darkness, but when it gets brighter, he has a much more difficult time discerning things.
Sick..?: There were rumors in the caverns around the duskwight being often sick somehow. Are they founded? Might something be ailing him? If so, it's certainly not very easy to tell now... is it?

Mystrife Symbol.png
Mystrife Symbol.png

( This page is a WIP )

♦ Outwardly

The duskwight has a ton of Aether, a ridiculous amount in fact, that seems to be spilling out of him nearly always. It manifests itself at various times in small ways, be it in shifts of temperature, little sparks all over his body, sometimes frosting over things, or setting pages alight. These anomalies, however, are always just around Xavarian's person, which can make ordinary tasks occasionally difficult for him, and anyone too close, (when it isn't managed,) might be put in an awkward place. Despite this, Xavarian seems to treat it more like a nuisance than an intentional reaction, apologizing often for it bothering anyone, trying to keep it down when asked, and even leaving if he must. He's seen always with a scepter or a staff with him, if not both.

♦ Established Practices

Xavarian himself is a member of the Thaumaturge's guild, and has some 'self-taught' Conjury ability as well, but the latter is.. pretty terrible. It's not that he can't cast the spells, or doesn't understand the theory of Conjury. But his methods of doing Conjury are all wrong, drawing from his own Aether reserves as opposed to the Elements at times, which obviously causes him some varying debilitating issue. And occasionally when he does garner the support of the Elements, they don't always 'listen'. While he understands the concepts of Conjury, he can't quite grasp the application under pressure, so a protection spell and a single shot at healing are about the most he can manage, unless he gets himself together to do it right. ... That said, he still continues to practice, and try to force the right way of casting into his habits.

Thaumaturgey, on the other hand, is something he's much better at. Having been around Aether for a long while, nevermind all the study and prior introspective meditation he's put into understanding the subject, he's comfortable in dealing with his own Aether. And while by far he's certainly still a learning student, the sheer amount of Aether he seems to have gives his spells quite a potency. He's spent recent time away from being holed into the guild halls (by their request) perfecting his art among other things, yet the hope that he'd get his anomalous Aether under control by practice has yet to see conclusive results. Interestingly, he is best at using unaspected applications of Aether, including putting targets to Sleep, changing one aspect of Aether to another, and abrupt scathing bursts of energy among them. The elements on the other hand, while certainly potent, have always seemed a bit more unruly at times.

Since meeting a particular L'yhta, he has been inspired to attempt and learn what he can of each practice, and put it into use. Though he's yet to be taught much on Arcanima. This is probably the greatest irony of all, because while he understands some of the concepts, he has absolutely no skill (yet) in the art that he crafts high-quality Grimoires for.

♦ Ritual Magic

While his skill with established magical practices on the surface of Eorzea are still at somewhat of a budding stage, his ability with ritual magic is rather keen. Having a rooted knowledge of Aether, all sorts of components that interact with it, and various 'circles' well enough to create rituals himself, the duskwight is able to put together small to more complex rituals which could give any number of results, depending on what, or who, is at his disposal. He certainly seems to have had a decent amount of experience with ritual practice too, both conducting them, being a mere participant, or being at its center.

This is where a lot of his Aetherical knowledge 'shines'. However, most of his ritual work requires planning, particular components, and precision. They aren't typically 'mobile' endeavors, and though the ultimate effects can be lasting, he's yet to find a way to pull from ritual magic without actually needing to set up a ritual. Thus, it's application is much more of a 'case by case' use, and nothing fit for combat.

Mystrife Symbol.png
Mystrife Symbol.png

Crush Platonic Love Romantic Love In a relationship Good Standing Neutral Standing Poor Standing
¿We Just Don't Know

Those Closer

Solivuire Mystrife – Xavarian's quiet, "tiny", rogue-esque, informant, cousin, working 'under cover' at times as Xavarian's retainer in order to 'take care of his affairs'. Typically they get along. However, typically Solivuire makes a point of climbing in through Xavarian's inn-room window unnanounced, (if he's staying at an inn,) and typically Xavarian has a thing or two to say about it, which she thoroughly ignores. They act a lot like odd siblings. Odd siblings that can have conversations with expressions, and only a few choice words. Solivuire thinks she's the only reason Xavarian has managed to stay alive this long out here, despite her frequent absence in his endeavors. Xavarian just plots how he can lock her out of his room.

Avis Inkwood – Avis is a curious fellow scribe and another of Jigumundo's students that Xavarian has met, and he's found himself incredibly intrigued by the Arcanist. Despite her teasing antics, and occasional jabs at his shortcomings, he finds he really can't disagree with most of them (as much as he'd like, anyway), and is quite drawn to her inquisitive, yet vague, and somewhat mischievous nature. She is the first he knew to be so interested in him as a person, and this only helped fuel his own interest and fondness of her. With their exchange of cryptic letters, that place to written word small 'gifts' of poetic knowledge for the other alone, Xavarian finds himself tangled in thoughts of her fairly frequently, and isn't quite sure how to deal with it. Only recently has he, with no small use of metaphor, made his feelings somewhat more clear; that he's in love with her. And while he may have little experience in what this entails, he's certain that he'd like to get into all manner of Messes with her at his side.

Those Further

Lafiaht Dwinani – Xavarian is fond of this Keeper Arcanist, even though their meeting consisted of accidentally knocking her from a wagon by a misplaced spell while he raided a small caravan. That she wanted to speak with him at all after was a sign well taken; nevermind they seem to share the same waking hours in the night. Her tough and intelligent, if vague, demeanor is welcome company, and Xavarian finds himself pleased to have had their paths cross on every such occasion.

Jigumundo Darkbore – When Jigumundo, a self-proclaimed Professor of Aetherical Studies, offered to take Xavarian as a student in Thaumaturgey, it was not something the duskwight was like to refuse. The Lalafell strikes Xavarian as one willing to do quite a bit for the sake of Knowledge and Power, nevermind having an affinity for nearly all of Xavarian's own interests, so he is someone the duskwight can easily get along with. Since the Professor sent Xavarian a linkpearl to be part of this Aether Science group, the duskwight has been happily, and excitedly, taking part in these studies, and only looks forward to them continuing.

Sylas Peregrine – Lafiaht's mate, and a man able to hold quite interesting conversation himself (despite being high), Xavarian got along surprisingly well with the Highlander of.. near completely opposite persuasion. He was the recipient of the first Grimoire that Xavarian had bound for anyone on the surface, and that and the Highlander's learning of Arcanima sparked the meeting conversation between them. Since, they'd encountered each other again, under the premise of these strange gems in their possession, and swapped unusual memories with each other, as well as Sylas having assisted with a paid endeavor to Coerthas. Though they've met only a few times, Sylas has never given Xavarian any reason to doubt the man, and considers him somewhat of an unspoken friend, like Lafiaht.

Ellemeare Sargonnai – A quiet mage met by chance on several occasions, she has overall been fairly friendly to Xavarian, and somehow, seems to think more highly of him than he'd have expected for knowing someone in such a short time. Having learned that she had 'taken on the black', Xavarian was both glad she had made it out of her messes, and very intrigued by her newfound power. She was the first non-sylph to call him a friend with much weight to it, and though they don't see each other much, he'd go to lengths to help her if need be.

Asheloux ThalantosStill a total jerk. He's not entirely changed from a completely arrogant, self-righteous, vain, rude, distasteful ass of a Wildwood in Xavarian's mind. ... But Asheloux has aligning interests with Xavarian, and has proven to be more sound at times than previously expected. Nevermind, at least he's forward about being a complete turdwafer. Thus, Xavarian finds himself on a strange edge with the man, somewhere between basking in the aggravation he provides the wildwood with his own 'dirty cave dweller' existence, and actually enjoying his company while they exchange insults and intriguing bits of information alike. Asheloux is not quite an enemy, not quite a friend, but would be considered an ally to the duskwight now. ...And considering the messes they get themselves into, it's very likely everything will go wrong, but Xavarian's too curious to let this one go.

J'Nali Noe – A chance meeting with this Seeker was an unexpectedly pleasant one, consisting in an unspoken battle of rhymes before an intriguing business decision was made between them. Xavarian both enjoys her company and has a fascination with her work in Aether-machinery combinations, and so he's hoping he may commission a device from her to put some of his worries concerning his 'condition' at ease. Currently, such an arrangement is in the works; he being pleased to help with her research however she might allow.

Deitrala Verglace – A young (to his discerning) miqo'te woman who works with Xavarian at the Eagle and Quill. She seems rather kind, and at times, just as socially awkward as he is; giving off a strange feeling of 'companionship in complete social uncertainty'. Regardless, he's worked with her a few times in completely different ways, and always does appreciate her kindness. He'd like to ascertain that he is no one to be nervous around, but considering he's basically always nervous himself, he hardly has room to talk.

Nenia Reynolt

Rachelle Aquilloux – The head manager of the Eagle and Quill, and the one who basically runs the place, Xavarian often finds himself somewhat amused at this Elezen's demeanor. Technically, though, she's close as it gets to his boss, so he tries to maintain an air of relative 'professionalism' around Rachelle. He is interested in knowing her more, though he sees her fairly infrequently, and her apparent business is much more important than his idle curiosity.

Nigel Beaulieu

Lenti Anorand – A fellow student under the same mentor, and also an inner-Aether caster, Lenti has proven to be interesting to Xavarian in a number of ways. Being the first person he's met with an 'Aetherical situation' similar to his own, Xavarian is eager to learn more about the young mage of both elezen and lalafell descent. While Lenti's initial fear of the duskwight amused Xavarian, he's also pleasantly surprised by Lenti's more recent kindness and interest towards him. However, Xavarian can't help but test the worried Lenti's limits when attempts are made to stop the duskwight's curiosity. . . unfortunately for Lenti.

Melody Adagio – A kind, curious, and studious Lalafell, nevermind being Jigumundo's significant other, Melody and Xavarian seemed to get along fairly quickly upon meeting. Though they'd never had a meeting one on one, Xavarian and Avis are currently working on something kept more quiet for her research, hopefully to provide some interesting results for her soon.

Estabelle Mavrin – A hooded Elezen that Xavarian chanced meet in the Shroud; their conversation was brief, but somewhat intriguing, as the Elezen claimed not to be of duskwight heritage, yet was very mindful of how she spoke to Xavarian. Much more quiet and pleasing to the ear than most surfacers. It was clear, too, that she had some skill with Aether, and was rather interested in Xavarian's as well, though after that single meeting, they've not crossed paths since.

L'yhta Mahre – The approach of this energetic Miqo'te sorcerer inspired any number of ideas and goals for Xavarian, and while not intentional, he certainly was grateful for the unexpected knowledge. Though he finds he knows very little about her beyond her nonchalance about jumping off balconies into the sea, and that she really doesn't care for children, he's eager to take her up on an invitation to meet again.

Eamont Desormaux - Met by his good luck in finding a not-very-towerly 'tower', Xavarian finds the older Eamont to be both interesting and intelligent. They didn't have a long conversation, but the Wildwood's unwavering kindness to him upon meeting, and particular Aetherical interests left Xavarian with a good impression, and further curiosity. As Eamont mentioned wishing to speak with Xavarian again sometime, the duskwight would quite like the same.

Adeya Evenar

Pyehra Kynlascha

Nonovi Novi

Chachanji Gegenji – A young, excitable Lalafell blacksmith hells-bent on being a hero. His enthusiasm and eagerness to learn endeared him some to Xavarian, and though he knows little about what the Lalafell seeks to know, Xavarian offered to help all the same. The result of their meeting inspired Xavarian to more aptly practice his small knowledge in Conjury, so should the time come to teach anything to the eager learner, he can do so with at least a little aptness.

Waltz Concerto

Orrian Servais

Warren Castille – Though the paladin was certainly friendly during their small meeting, from Xavarian's discerning, he seemed quite law-bound, causing Xavarian to be a bit wary. Unsure what may offend, or be the 'wrong thing to say / do', he feels like he needs to be careful around Warren.

Iskierka Stormspeaker

Vash Ashford

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◢ Common Rumors (Easily overheard)
"Xavarian..? Where have I..? Oh! That's it, there was this Elezen man with a big, fancy hat talking about him by the markets. He's that scribe, apparently, the one that makes books that you hear about now and then." -- A passing market-goer.

"Who-? You talkin 'bout that shifty Grey? Yeah, I seen 'im. Fer lookin' so 'mposin, I bet e's really jussa mouse. Wait till th' sun goes, an ya might catch a glimpse a his shadow slidin' 'round the Wench walls, like e's scared a' somethin. Ne'er stays more than it takes ta get 'im in 'n out." -- A Drowning Wench patron

"If you're talkin' about that duskwight fellow always freezin' and sparkin up a storm, then yeah- I know him. He comes around now an' then ta buy my inks. They're of the utmost quality, ya know, straight from the finest of th' alchemists guild, wanna take a look?" -- A wealthy merchant

◢ Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear)
"I heard he sleeps with his books." -- A brothel worker
"Stole one 'f me mate's spare legs on 'count of 'm callin' it a 'relic'. Bet the creepy coot took me mate seriously, by the looks've 'is finger wigglin'. *spits* Finger wigglers, can't trust 'em." -- A pirate
◢ Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard)
"~" -- ~

Player Character Rumors

(( Feel free to add some!))
"Oh....him? At first I didn't know what to think...but the more you get to know him, the more agreeable he is. I rather enjoy his company...as long as he doesn't try to steal my books." --A changed Asheloux Thalantos
"Xavarian? Oh! The kid? He saved me from a Coeurl once, yeah? No I'm not joking! You ever see a Coeurl get immolated 'live? Yeah, that's what I thought. It was the most gods be damned amazing act of brutality I ever seen with my own two eyes! Actually now that I'm recallin' the memory it was two Coeurl. . ." -- Lafiaht Dwinani
"He's a quirky fellow with a lot of Aether. I'd like to see him more, maybe help him bring that under control and turn it to something useful -- like metamagic or thaumaturgy!" -- L'yhta Mahre
"Ah, you speak of the Rhyming Dryer! Excellent for temperature regulation, tome prescription and all manner of domestic applications. A wonderful oddity who would really love to touch your... books - w-where're you going?" -- Avis Inkwood
"I’ve only gotten to speak to him a few times, yet each of them has been interesting if nothing else. Some of his ideas about aether and magic are absolutely fascinating, and are well worth braving the slight risk of being burned or frozen to furniture." -- Adeya Evenar