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Kahti Wiht is a Miqo'te Keeper of the Moon originally born in the Black Shroud as "Kahti Shakmi". A few years after coming of age, she was exiled from the Shroud by her mother for trying to use Black Magic. Over the next two decades, she attempted to raise a family in La Noscea, and worked at Mealvaan's Gate while studying Arcanism. Kahti suffered a fugue state after the Calamity, due to injuries sustained and losing her family. During this time she was known as "Sehlti Wiht", which non-miqo'te tended to pronounce as "Seldi Witt". This fugue state wasn't resolved until after a disastrous encounter with a cult and their voidsent summoning.

Since then, she has worked as a mender for a few organizations, these days primarily lending her talents to Gijutsu Boeki Co. When not working, she endeavors to develop her geometries towards shielding people from harm, and healing their ailments. She keeps quiet about her continued study of thaumaturgey and other, less accepted, disciplines. Recently, she found a way to return herself to her early twenties, which has had unpleasant consequences she didn't expect.


Kahti is above average height for miqo'te female. She appears to be in her late-teens, though another miqo'te could probably guess her physical age accurately. Though she is generally fit and has good endurance, she is not physically strong and lacks noticeable muscle definition. Her skin is a darker shade of grey, smooth and healthy. Her hair and visible fur are naturally black with gold streaks when not dyed, and is mostly straight unless styled. Her eyes are a dark brown, but intense channeling of aether may change their shade to somewhere between violet and ruby, which can take weeks to return to normal. She wears a mild floral perfume and bathes regularly.

She tends to wear primarily black clothing, but has lately taken to adding other colors to her wardrobe, particularly shades of purple. She wears enchanted glasses or similar items to help protect her eyes from bright lights. Her clothing is well maintained through the use of spells, and she is fond of jewelry, wearing it regularly. She is rarely without a grimoire at her side, bound in leather with a maze-like design on it's cover. Occasionally, she will add a decorative cover to this, dependant on her mood.


A natural aptitude with aether manipulation runs in Kahti's bloodline, particularly among the firstborn daughters. Appropriate inspection of Kahti will reveal a generous aetheric capacity, and her aether pool is typically "topped off". Despite the regularly draining act of healing, Kahti often forcefully draws magic from her environment, allowing her to recover quickly. At the present, she only does this to replenish her reserves rather than to directly fuel spells, though having recently been gifted with a Mhachi soul stone and partially unlocked it, she is perfectly capable of the latter.

Like most casters, Kahti's carries the signature of the sorts of spells she most often interacts with. While most of her magic is unaspected, healing magic puts a lot of strain on her. Beyond that, she is marked with the use of necromantic magic.

Her clothes (even the plainest items) are created from materials designed to allow aether to flow freely. Her earrings are made from the shattered amethyst gemstone of her old staff. Her bracelets and choker appear to be magitek, though their purpose is unclear to even the most diligent observer. Finally, her grimoire is filled with geometries, as one might expect, as well as formulae for spells and rituals of other schools that she wouldn't mind other people seeing. The cover of her grimoire is always enchanted to protect the pages within from the elements so long as the cover is closed. Additional blood-based enchantments hide pages that Kahti wishes to keep private.



Sixth Umbral Era

► 1535-1550 - Kahti is born to Nadi Shakmi and raised in the Shroud. [0]

► 1551-1553 - Kahti is rejected by the Conjurer's Guild. She travels to Ul'dah and joins with the Thaumaturges. [16]

► 1554 - Kahti leaves the Thaumaturge's Guild. She is rejected by the Wood Wailers, and she returns home. [19]

► 1555 - Kahti fails to use black magic, and is exiled from the Shroud by her mother, fleeing to La Noscea. [20]

► 1556 - Kahti meets Mhrad'to. Sehti is born. [21,0]

► 1557-1562 - Mhrad'to and Kahti raise Sehti. Mhrad'to finishes training with the Culinarian Guild. [22,1]

► 1563 - Sahli is born. Mhrad'to stays despite earlier objections. [28,7,0]

► 1564-1565 - Kahti begins regularly working magic again, bringing prosperity to her small family. [29,8,1]

► 1566-1571 - Kahti joins the Arcanist's Guild, quickly learns, and even tutors other students. [31,10,3]

► 1572 - Sehti takes Sahli to the Shroud to rejoin the Shakmi clan. [37,16,9]

Seventh Umbral/Astral Era

► 0-3 - Mhrad'to dies. Suffering an injury, Kahti becomes "Sehlti" and starts work as a courier. [38,17,10]

► 4 - "Sehlti" becomes entwined with Sherem Shaw. During an adventure, "Sehlti" gets possessed. The act of freeing her restores her memories. Kahti and Sherem part on good terms. [42,21,14]

► ? - Leaves for Shirogane when news of the settlement reaches her. She joins Gijutsu Boeki Co.

► ? - Kahti's physical age is reduced to twenty-years. She returns to her clan, only to be rejected again.



Kahti grew up as a relatively normal Miqo'te Keeper girl, firstborn to her mother, Nadi Shakmi. Like most of the elder daughters in her bloodline, she was intelligent, had a natural aptitude for magic, and was expected to lead the clan after her mother. On an intellectual level, this would have been little trouble, as Kahti had easily grasped new ideas and knowledge, solved problems, and outpaced her sisters in any activity she cared about.

Nadi, however, noted that her daughter was lacking in any sort of humility, and was rarely compassionate. A hearer herself, and mender of the conjurer tradition, she worked to guide Kahti towards that end, hoping working with the infirm would help her daughter develop what she lacked. When Kahti came of age, she encouraged Kahti to seek out the conjurers in nearby Gridania to properly develop her magic.


Kahti journeyed to Gridania, aiming to become a mender like her mother. The elements saw in her arrogance and pride, which had grown in the child that everything came easy to. The Conjurer's guild rejected her as a sort of test. If the child could accept their judgement, they would give her a second chance. Unfortunately, the rejection angered and embarrassed the young girl. Rather than return home, she left the Black Shroud to seek someone else that would teach her. She specifically set out for Ul'dah, a city-state she knew wouldn't be under the sway of "senseless elementals".

It wasn't long before she sensed and was discovered by the thaumaturges. One in particular, Ericia Witt, noticed the potential in the girl, and convinced her to join. As an elder woman well versed in magic and the ways of the world, Ericia quickly realized that Kahti would have no trouble learning magic...but needed to have her pride tempered before it brought her down.

To that end, she personally saw to Kahti's teaching, and had a moderate amount of success. As expected, Kahti took to thaumaturgy like a fish in water, devouring the numerous tomes on the topic. In fact, she went through the tomes almost faster than Ericia could keep track. Several times, Ericia had to caution Kahti against certain research paths. Unfortunately, though Kahti's arrogant nature seemed to have lessened, she continued to ignore Ericia's caution.


Just a few years after joining with the Thaumaturges, Kahti found herself expelled. She had finally been forbidden to pursue certain materials, and had ignored such rules. Strangely, she accepted judgement with humility, and didn't speak ill of a single soul in the sanctum as she departed. Well-wishes were exchanged, and Kahti returned to the Black Shroud. Though she took nothing from the guild itself, she stopped by her inn room to collect her things...including several tomes worth of notes collected during her research.

Despite having been snubbed by Gridania, Kahti returned there with the intention of aiding the Wood Wailers in defense of the forests that her clan continued to call home. She quickly found the Wood Wailers were not keen on inviting someone who had been rejected by the Conjurer's Guild just a few years before. They were even less keen about accepting a Keeper, so many of which were counted among the ranks of the various poachers they were constantly fighting with.

Kahti returned to her clan, upset. In her mind, she had thrice failed her clan. Despite this, her mother welcomed her back with open arms and dismissed those failures, informing her that magic was not a requirement to lead. Despite this, Kahti, determined to use her gifts to aid her clan, continued the research she'd began in secret as a Thaumaturge.


Eventually, a squad of Wood Wailers passed near the Shakmi Clan's home, catching her attention as she studied. Curious, and sort of hoping to see them get into trouble, she shadowed them. The Wailers in question had been assigned to hunt a group of poachers. Those poachers, it turned out, were far more numerous than the Wailers were prepared for. Thinking she could use the situation as a chance to prove herself, she called upon a technique she'd been developing from her notes, fueling a destructive spell with aether gathered from her surroundings.

In that instant, the course of the young woman's life changed drastically. The cost of her failure to head warnings and learn humility was a high one, for as she drew aether from the forest, it quickly became more than her body could handle. Her senses were overwhelmed in a mess of pain, and the spell exploded in hellish, chaotic energies. She collapsed, not witnessing the terrible fruits of her actions: the squad of Wood Wailers she'd intended to aid were consumed along with many of the poachers.

Drawn by the chaotic energies of the failed spell, a number of Keepers from the Shakmi Clan ran to investigate. Led by Nadi, it didn't take them long to find the young woman curled up in pain and misery. Nadi personally tended to her daughter's healing, quickly determining the course of events. Despite her best efforts, Kahti was left with numerous scars across her body. Her right eye had been nearly blinded, and she was now deaf in the same ear. Her speech was marred by trilling, and she could no longer delight in the taste of sweet things.

Knowing full well that Kahti would be hunted by both man and elemental for what happened, Nadi gave her daughter a painful instruction: She was to leave, and not return until the Shroud had forgotten her crime. Kahti reluctantly accepted, and left home. She avoided Ul'dah, having no desire to be anywhere near the thaumaturges. Instead, she headed for Limsa Lominsa, having heard stories of the city run by ne'er-do-wells. Along the way, she changed her last name to "Wiht", hoping to spare her clan embarrassment, and also to acknowledging the mentor that had tried to warn her.


La Noscea's cloudy skies reminded the young woman of the Shroud's canopy, and the rains soothed her. She was less thrilled by Limsa Lominsa's dangerous streets, and soon found herself camping outside the city, only venturing in to try to find work or food. Despite the unforgiving environment, she met another Keeper: a male, Mhrad'to. He'd set out to learn from the renowned chefs of The Bismarck, intending to take skills as a chef back to his clan.

Initially, he'd taken pity on his fellow Keeper. He saw someone hungry, wanting for work, and lost in more ways than one. Feeding her scraps and getting her hired as a go-for, he soon found her to be delightful company. Over time, the two became close. When Kahti found herself carrying a child, but unable to return to the Shroud, she convinced Mhrad'to to stay with her and help her raise the child. Mhrad'to agreed. After all, he still had a few summers worth of training with the Guild.


Together, they purchased a small shack to live in from an old fisherman in Lower La Noscea. Abandoning her magic, Kahti took to fishing, and learned to hunt with a bow. Mhrad'to would cook what she brought home, all too happy to practice such skills at home. Their child, Sehti was showing the same natural talents that her mother had, and Kahti found herself worried her daughter would make the same mistakes.

Summers passed, and Mhrad'to, finished with the Culinarian's Guild, was itching to return to the Shroud. He didn't understand why Kahti - despite expressed love for her clan - would refuse to return. Kahti, meanwhile, struggled to teach her daughter while fighting an uphill battle to convince him to stay. Part of her trouble convincing him was her refusing to admit what had happened to drive her from the Shroud. Trying to satisfy him with carnal pleasures, Kahti found herself pregnant again.


Instead of uniting them, the birth of their second daughter - Sahli - added to the strain on their relationship. Realizing she'd never convince him to stay, Kahti desperately searched for alternatives. She failed to find any appropriate solutions in Limsa Lominsa, and so turned to her magic, despite knowing that it had only led her to ruin previously. This time she turned to her notes on another path, and attempted to summon otherworldly aid.

Mhrad'to caught her halfway through the ritual, and interrupted it. Angry, Kahti admitted full well what she'd been trying to do, and announced her intention to continue with the plan. Horrified, he turned to run. Kahti struck him with a sleeping spell, then continued her ritual. Though she'd later regret it, in that moment she convinced herself that she didn't care for the man that would abandon them. She traded his soul for a continued help raising her children.


Kahti found the voidsent possessing her mate had a couple of surprises for her. The first was how easy it was to keep the being satisfied, despite its hunger for aether. She would allow it to sup on her own aether, gaining much needed practice drawing from the land to replenish her stores. As she spent time with it, however, she found that it became less feral over time, akin to someone raised in the wild settling down in an adopted family. It became amicable, if expectantly odd.

Sehti was old enough to notice a change in both of her parents, and inquired about it. Kahti simply told her that they'd had an argument, and she'd brought him round to her point of view. Sehti liked him less, now, sensing something wrong, but the much younger Sahli was constantly delighted by her silly father. Kahti's change was less subtle. Where once she was laid low by constant stress and uncertainty, she now walked with her head held high, and a subtle smirk on her lips.

Elated by her sense of long-awaited success, Kahti started using her magic whenever it was useful. Particularly in hunting, she soon found herself with more than her family needed, and went to Limsa Lominsa to sell her the excess. Reminded of the arcanists that worked Mealvaan's Gate, and eager for the opportunity to expand her magical toolset, she sought out employment there, intending to make use of the Guild.


She largely found the night job at Mealvaan's Gate boring, despite the occasional pirate crew trying to get away with one thing or another. Arcanism, on the other hand, was an absolute delight, and her keen mind and prior experience with magic aided her greatly in learning their methods. Grasping the practice quickly, she often used the resulting free time to tutor other students, endearing herself to her superiors.

Though it started off largely as an effort to earn people's trust so she would have free reign of any and all materials, Kahti found herself genuinely enjoying tutoring, and otherwise helping others. She bent her interest towards mending, which helped endear her to others that much more. This made her life considerably easier, as people began owing her favors. Even still, her pursuit of mending had in ulterior motive: She believed that this path would reveal to her a way to shield her from the consequences of channeling large amounts of Aether.


In the waning days of the Sixth Astral Era, Sehti had finally come of age, and she confronted her mother about what was wrong with her father. Sehti had been no slouch in her studies, using material brought home by Kahti. Realizing Sehti would figure out the truth eventually, Kahti finally admitted what had happened. She honestly explained the situation, and invited Sehti to join her on the path. Even as she extended the invitation, she knew the lessons she'd struggled to each her daughter had long taken root, and she was about to be rejected.

Sehlti did reject her, and convinced herself that her mother was under the influence of the voidsent possessing her father. She tried to subdue her mother, but found herself unable to bring down the more experienced mage. Kahti, meanwhile, refused to hurt her daughter. Realizing this, Sehti ran away with Sahli, intending to return to the Shroud to rejoin the Shakmi clan. Heartbroken, Kahti wished for nothing more than to follow her daughters back to the Shroud. Still certain that her presence would endanger all three of them, she started working out a plan to return.



When the Calamity struck, Mhrad'to's body was destroyed with their home. Kahti had found somewhere to observe Dalamud's descent, and was injured in the resulting destruction. Suffering from a fugue state, she believed herself to be "Sehlti", a foggy, half-remembered name. She knew the nearby place that had been destroyed was her home, and became convinced that her family died.

She found herself recognized by people in Limsa Lominsa, but had trouble recalling them. To avoid awkwardness, she took to Courier work to minimize her time spent working with others directly, and quickly earned a reputation as a reliable and friendly courier. What few people she had known told her what her real name had been, but that she rarely talked about herself. With no information to go off of, and being convinced her family was gone, she resolved to simply live life as "Sehlti".


About four years after the Calamity, she was drinking coffee at The Bismarck in Limsa Lominsa when the kitchen came under attack by a Bomb. In joining the effort to defeat it, she met Sherem Shaw, a rather feminine man who she found was also associated with the Arcanist's Guild. On top of that, he was registered with the Adventurer's Guild, something she had considered joining but never settled on.

The two started working together, and became close, eventually sleeping together. Such intimacy was rudely interrupted during a cult cleansing gone wrong. Bid to clear out a cult in Thanalan, not far from the border of the Black Shroud, the task was going off without a hitch until they found a charged summoning circle, meant to draw in numerous voidsent. Worried that destroying the circle might release the energy in an unpredictable and dangerous way, they decided to alter it. As she recalled experience with such things, "Sehlti" took the lead.

Instead of summoning a legion of voidsent, only one was summoned. Powerful and cruel, the creature demanded payment for its mere presence. When it found out they had nothing, it chose to possess her instead. Using Kahti's body and power, and sensing a rival in Sherem, it attacked. Kahti resisted, and Sherem had help of his own, leading to her being subdued. Sherem took her to Amdapor, intending to use the lingering magics in the ruined city to help exorcise the voidsent.

During the long ritual, it became clear to the voidsent that Sherem was likely to succeed, and so it held "Sehlti" hostage, informing him that woman he knew was the result of an injury, and if forced to leave, it would undo that injury, restoring "Kahti". To give him further doubt, it informed him of what happened to Mhrad'to. Undeterred, Sherem continued, restoring Kahti.

He returned her to La Noscea, but was compelled to leave her side soon after, heading to Doma despite the Garlean occupation to find a way to deal with his own demon. Exhausted from the ordeal, Kahti moved to Bronze Lake, initially to recover, then to volunteer.


Kahti stayed at Bronze Lake for a while, continuing to work with the Adventurer's Guild as a mender when she wasn't needed at the care facility. When she wasn't busy with either, she worked on her darker magic, and studied the nearby ruins of Nym as much as she could despite the Tonberries. Not long after Kugane opened up, she took a leave of absence and traveled there, both curious, and interested in seeing if she could connect with Sherem. Though she couldn't find him, she heard about Shirogane, and decided to explore the settlement.

While browsing the wards, she came across Aelwyn Sutorei, drawn to her aether. Getting over the initial awkward meeting, Aelwyn hired Kahti to be a mender for her company, Gijutsu Boeki Co. Now seeing no reason to remain in Eorzea - a land of bad memories and witch hunters - she moved to Shirogane. She quickly found herself in the company of like-minded individuals, and settled into her new life.

However, she also found herself among a large amount of young people with no one her peer. Feeling her age far more than usual, she confided in a few, and a solution was offered to her. A bargain was struck and the sacrifice made...only for Kahti to be stripped of her memories of the event.

After regaining her youth, Kahti returned to her clan, intending to use her regained years to benefit them. She found that during her time away, with stories from Sehti, most of her clan thought of her as a something to be feared and shunned. Further, to her dismay, she found that Sahli had gone to Ul'dah to "follow in her mother's footsteps", only to be killed by a thief.

Rejected by her clan, and hit hard by her failure to protect Sahli, Kahti wandered through the Twleveswood in a daze until she was attacked by Wood Wailers under the fear that she intended to use Black Magic against Gridania. In a state of blind rage, she tore the area apart, before fleeing via teleportation to Shirogane.



On the surface, Kahti often appears calm, rational, and aloof. Though she strives to maintain this facade, under the surface she is far from such. Powerful emotions, unusual values, and practiced pragmatism interplay in ways that make her enticingly (or dangerously) unpredictable to most people. Few people know the truth of where they stand with her, and some have found themselves receiving intense loyalty or stubborn hatred with little understanding of why. Supposed allies and enemies have been shocked to see her cross lines to render aid and defense seemingly on a whim as Kahti's hidden principles caused her to re-evaluate who was most deserving.

Romantically, it can be hard to get to know Kahti. Seemingly open sexually, she'll often unsubtly gaze at attractive bodies, flirt with those she has even the slightest interest in, or cuddle with people rather easily. However, most who try to follow up on this will find her cold and distant. This is largely due to having broad tastes in terms of physical attraction, but very specific tastes in terms of romantic interests.


► Coffee - Though it certainly helps keep her awake when she's been having trouble sleeping, Kahti also likes the taste of it.

► Rainstorms - Rainstorms soothe her body and mind for reasons she'll never understand. The clouds also help shield her from the light of the sun.

► Night - Aside from being a "traditional" Keeper of the Moon, Kahti enjoys that night is generally quieter than day.

► Gentleness - In her partners, Kahti prefers a gentle soul and a soft touch. Especially loved are those that can endure her roughness.

► Family - Whether actual or surrogate, Kahti enjoys close-knit groups that take care of each other, working together to find their way in the world.

► Diversity - Something preached in her clan, Kahti likes being around a wide variety of people and ideas, and often encourages such collections.


► Sweet Foods - She recently reacquired her ability to taste sweets, and it's very intense for her at the moment, to the point where she feels as though it's a drug.

► Bright Light - As one whose eyes are adapted to the night, Kahti finds bright light painful.

► Close-Mindedness - Despite her own hang-ups on race and gender-roles, Kahti tends to be accepting of new ideas and methods. She despises those that would suppress them out of fear or discomfort.

► Patronization - Too many men act in a particular way towards Kahti, thinking she is helpless or submissive, and such behavior is a fast way to lose her respect.

► Crowds - "Crowds" are generally too noisy, lack the intimacy of family-sized groups, and suffer from mob-mentality. She finds little good comes from a crowd.


► Mending - Kahti thinks of mending more as a hobby than a job. Though there's the "it doesn't seem like work" factor, she also doesn't earn much of living from it.

► Arcanism - Kahti enjoys learning new ways of manipulating magic. Even without geometries, she thinks of methodical study and experimentation as "Arcanism" anyway.

► Debating - Though she wouldn't claim to be skilled in the Art of Debate, Kahti nonetheless enjoys intellectual discussion on the merits and demerits of day-to-day life.

► Hanging Out - Almost perpetually busy, Kahti does enjoy relaxing with those she feels close to.


► Cooperative - Kahti genuinely enjoys working with others, particularly in a family or family-like environment.

► Literate - Naturally, Kahti can read and write. In addition to Common, she can also read and write in a number of languages.

► Tolerant - In keeping with her clan's preference for diversity, Kahti tolerates opposing ideas and people easily.


► Codependent - Though very capable of taking care of herself, Kahti has trouble organizing her life without focusing on another person or group, formerly her clan.

► Poor Social Skills - Kahti's frequent isolation from society results in her not knowing or understanding typical cultural norms.

► Poor Temper Control - Kahti has few buttons to push, but when they are, she can get violent quickly if her "opponent" doesn't back down.

► Reckless - Although Kahti trusts very few people, she also has a habit for reckless behavior, revealing personal secrets to the wrong people as if to provoke an attack.


► Bisexual - Whether frustration at finding a decent male, due to the magic that reduced her age, or renewed exile from her clan, Kahti has started turning to women for love.

► Sadistic - Though she keeps it under control like any vice, Kahti enjoys inflicting pain. If the person in question enjoys the pain, she is outright excited by the prospect.

► Vain - Kahti is obsessed with looking good. This is not readily apparent, as she typically uses magic to tend to her appearance.


Kahti is a gifted manipulator of aether, and has been casting spells since she was a young child. She is trained as an arcanist with a focus on defensive spells, and partially trained as a thaumaturge. She develops her own version of existing spells, tweaking them to suit her needs and style. She once studied void magic, but has given up on it to focus on necromancy and "basic" black magic.

Kahti has very little outside of her magic. She spent time learning pugilism as a self-defense measure, but didn't get very far, and has not kept up on it. She also spent time hunting with a bow, but has never used such skills in combat.


► Aether Sense - Kahti can sense aether like others can sense smells. Though she doesn't often comment on it, it helps her to detect certain people and manipulate Aether.

► Aether Manipulation - Like most mages, Kahti can influence the flow of Aether. She has become particularly skilled at it, and can even correct or disrupt the flow of aether in living beings with sufficient effort.

► Low-Light Vision - As a traditional Keeper, Kahti's eyes are adapted to the night. This is made apparent in her home, which has few light sources.

► Intelligent - Though hampered by her forgetfulness and poor emotional control, Kahti solves problems easier than most.


► Poor Daylight Vision - Though she can see well enough to get by, Kahti's vision is significantly hampered in sunlight or other bright conditions.

► Low Muscle Strength - Kahti doesn't strength train, and can easily be out performed in any task requiring raw strength.

► Forgetful - Kahti has a poor memory, and generally has to write things down if she wants to remember them.

► Magitek-Illiterate - Kahti knows magitek runs on ceruleum, which is condensed aether. That's about it.


► Pending


► Pending


► Pending


► Utility Spells - Variety of spells, details pending




Nadi Shakmi, mother

"My mother was a wise woman. She's a mender, and I oft catch myself trying to follow in her footsteps, even now. Even though it was her word that sent me into exile, I know she did it to protect me. When she found out the things I did later, she couldn't bear to see me...but I loved her no less. It distresses me that she died before I could reconcile with her. May she rest in peace."

Sehti Shakmi, daughter

"My dear, eldest daughter. She inherited my gifts, and I tried so hard to raise her properly. I must have succeeded, because she thinks of me as a monster, now. As I understand it, she advises Halse on the world beyond the Shroud."

Sahli Shakmi, daughter

"My second daughter. Smart like her sister, but easily distracted by idle curiosity. When I discovered she died trying to follow in my footsteps, I could think of nothing else but bringing her back. Now done, I will do everything in my power to ensure she leads a happy life."

Halse Shakmi, sister

"My twin sister, who took the position of 'matron' when I couldn't. Unfortunately, she took it before she was fully ready due to our mother's grief over the things I've done. Still, she seems to have done a good job leading the clan. She is as patient and firm as I remember, and I suspect she'll do a good job of guiding the clan."


The Shakmi Clan, exile

"I have nothing but love for my clan, but I worry for its future. Because of me, the clan is divided on whether to embrace my path or stick to their old methods. The Shakmi family, with their tradition of conjury, is against me. The Halanu family - my true bloodline - seems interested in embracing such things. The Erda family is happy to take a back seat on the matter.

So, again, I worry. But I remember Halse's strength from our youth, and I imagine with her as matron, and Sehti at her side, they'll continue to prosper despite all the trouble I've caused."

Gijutsu Boeki Co, mender

"Aelwyn's company, and I cannot for the life of me recall what the name means. Something about technology. Feel like I fit in well, here, even if half my potential patients are afraid of me. I hope they come around."


Mealvaan's Gate, member

"Mealvaan's Gate was where I had the most boring job I've ever had...but I'm terribly fond of that guild. That is how magic should be researched and taught. Cautious, yes, but open-minded. Methodical. No blind reverence to some higher power."


Order of Nald'Thal, ex-student

"Admittedly, when they kicked me out, I was angry with them. That they would hold me back despite all their talk was infuriating. Then I came to understand the why of it years later. It's not that I was forever forbidden from learning what I sought to learn. It's that I wasn't ready. But we all make mistakes, right?"

Stillglade Fane, rejected

"I held nothing but contempt for them for three decades. Just as I was thinking maybe I was wrong, and I should just live and let live...they send their minions to attack me while I'm grieving over Sahli! That they would persecute me for defending myself...! If I had nothing more important to attend to, I'd find a way to drop my own star on Gridania!"


Zohka Feniq, moonlight

"My Moonlight. My trusted companion and love. She knows everything of me, and loves me no less, and treats Sahli as an adopted daughter. We think much the same way, and can bring each other back to our senses when our passions run too hot. For the first time in decades, I'm optimistic about one of my relationships. It amuses me how much time I wasted pursuing men."

"Amusingly, I found out recently that she's a distant cousin. Fate is strange sometimes."

Mhrad'to Lagana, former mate

"I miss him. He was so kind and gentle, and Sehti loved him so much. He always made me smile. If only he had listened to me, things would have been okay."

Sherem Shaw, ex-boyfriend

"He was rather delightful. I remember constantly laughing with him. I remember the comfort of laying with him, despite him being a Hyur. Would that he had gotten to know me instead of 'Sehlti'."

Aelwyn Sutorei, boss

"An open-minded and clever miqo'te. She's already assisted me with a number of experiments that I was having trouble getting volunteers for. She's a kindred spirit, I'm sure of it. Rare for me to think such a thing, honestly, but she's someone I can actually trust. Seems that when I was injured and delirious, my mind's idea of safety was her home, and I think that's probably the best indication of how I feel about her.

Probably the only non-family I'd risk myself to drag back from death's door."


Nighean Dorcha, assistant

"I suppose I could describe her as 'quiet, quirky, and dependable'. Once I thought her to be my assistant, but I've since learned she has looked after myself and my children since I was first exiled. I don't quite know what to think of her, now, but I do suspect she has the best intentions for myself and those I love. I just don't know why."



Xau'zi Lihzeh, rogue

"A young keeper, male. I admit that I was initially attracted to him, but that faded once I got to know him better. We've had a bumpy relationship that was made all the more tense when I lost control of myself and tried to kill him. Whenever I see him, I feel bad. I'm glad he and Sahli get along, and that he makes Aelwyn happy."


Zana Amaro, magiteknician

"A Seeker woman that has the libido one would expect from a typical male. When she can keep it in her pants, she's fun to hang out with. Still...I admit it's nice to share a bed with another warm body, but I'd really prefer she stop trying to get me to go further than that."



Amh Jomalah, frenemy

"My best frenemy. We are professionally at odds with each other, given my dabbling in necromancy and black magic, and her being a conjurer of the Fane. Still, we found a common desire to help those we care about, and even others beyond. Every time we meet, we butt heads for a moment before we get to gossipping like a sewing circle."

L'aeden Tia, artist

"A young Seeker man, practically a boy. He enjoys painting, and he's really quite good at that. Completely smitten with his Nunh, unfortunately. His health was compromised due to poor nutrition and living conditions, but he's come a long way with treatment."



Most people have never heard of Kahti, as she keeps to herself and doesn't leave much of an impression during the brief meetings of most transactions. That's not to say there's nothing to be found, however....


"We thought she was driven by a thirst for power, but Ericia discovered a much more dangerous motivation: the need to protect those she loves."- Old Thaumaturge

"Never met her myself, but there was a lass here over the last few years that was obsessed with her. 'Sally', I think her name was. Odd girl. One of them Thaumaturges."- Ul'dah Merchant


"One of our own has claimed she uses Black Magic, and the elements howl at her presence. She has sinned against the Twelveswood, and she'll never be welcome."- Frowning Hearer

"My clan says she can visit you in your dreams and steal your life through them to make herself younger!"- Young, Skittish Keeper

"I remember an idealistic young girl who wanted nothing more than to take care of those she loved. Such a shame."- Old Keeper from the South Shroud


"She used to tutor others here. Weird that she was so skilled at calculating the geometries, but we never could get her to channel Aether right. Started to get the impression she knew, but she just preferred her way."- Arcanist Guild Staff

"She worked as a healer here for a while. Her bedside manner was a little rough, but the soldiers seemed to love it. Alas, the moment she heard about Doma's liberation, she headed to Kugane."- Bronze Lake Staff

"Glad she's gone. I've heard more than one complaint about animalistic growls, strange magic auras, and smoke coming from her apartment. Damned arcanists. You'd think they'd confine their experiments to their guild."- Topmast Manager

"I heard she took out a cluster of Bombs at the Bismarck once, all by herself and armed with little more than a butter knife!"- An oddly effeminate kitchen hand


"Oh ho! That one! She's starting to get a reputation among those of us that can cook. Seems if you're lonely and cute, all you have to do is cook her meal, and you're like to get an invitation to her bed!"- Kugane Chef

"Good fortune she decided to move here! Took an apartment where the previous resident killed them self! A few of that staff think it's haunted, but she doesn't seem to care."- Kobai Goten Manager

"Dangerous witch! I knew she was trouble the moment I saw her, and not long after she moved in, people started getting sick! And now she's young?! Steeling years from others, no doubt!"- Kobai Goten Resident


"She got hurt while we were clearing out some Garlics from a cave network. While we were resting, one of the members of the team started bad-mouthing them. She went off on a rant about Eorzea being no better than the Empire!"- Concerned Adventurer

"She's a bloody goddess! A whisper of aether from her lips and we were invulnerable! Would that I receive her divine blessing more often!"- Smitten Adventurer

"Honest, I wouldn't remember her if not for the fact that I've been teamed up with her a few times. She's...decent? Not a bad healer, not a great healer. Just...decent. Recommended, I suppose."- Blasé Adventurer


"Asked her to make coffee once, ended up setting fire to the pot, the water inside and the coffee beans. Lesson learned."- Sherem Shaw


Visions one possessing the Echo might have of Kahti.

► Echo I - Shortly after Kahti is rejected from Stillglade Fane.

► Echo II - Kahti finds a new teacher in Ul'dah.

► Echo III - Kahti's mentor tries to caution her away from a dark path.

► Echo IV - Kahti makes a mistake that forever alters the course of her life.

► Echo V - Kahti meets a kind soul in Limsa Lominsa.




Kahti is meant to be an intelligent, morally grey character. She is meant to have a lot of built-up anger pulling her towards the darker side, even though deep-down, she wants to be a good person. The idea is to have her pushed towards the light or dark by her environment, and I'm genuinely interested in seeing the story go in either direction.

Regardless of how things end for Kahti, my hope is to play an engaging, challenging character. At the same time, I'd like to experience and participate in similar stories with a vast array of characters. I will just as happily interact IC with a paladin as a psychopath. I enjoy IC drama, and I especially adore ethical dilemmas. At the end of the day, though, I want myself and my fellow roleplayers to walk away from a scene satisfied and/or wanting more.

Lore Compliance

I do try to adhere to lore, for the most part. I know I fall short of perfect lore adherence, usually where I'm ignorant of existing lore. When it comes to unwritten areas of the lore, I'm perfectly happy to make things up, so long as it seems like it would fit in an artistic way. (Just because something is logically possible doesn't mean it fits).

I'm also in favor of accepting head canons that appear to be accepted by the group I'm in. In any case, if I'm violating lore as you know it, bring it up to me OOC. Do expect me to ask for sources, though this is more about educating myself than trying to prove you wrong.

RP Limits

Ultimately, I'm all about an interesting and entertaining story. While Kahti is my main character, I don't expect her to be the main character. I'm pretty okay with most themes and twists, as long as they're not overdone. Anything from Light-Hearted Fun to Dark and Violent themes are okay by me, so long as it seems realistic. There are two important caveats, however:

First: Talk to me ahead of time if an upcoming surprise would make my character unplayable for more than a day. You don't have to give me all the details if I'm not asking for them at the time, but I'd like to know it's coming.

Second: I will try to abort a scene or plot if I find out it's making someone seriously uncomfortable Out of Character. It's hard to entertain people when they're upset, after all!

I'm typically not interested in ERP. That's not a hard "no", but I don't suggest coming after me for it.


A young Kahti dries tears on her sleeve shortly after being rejected from the Conjurer's Guild.
A few years post-Calamity, "Sehlti" poses for a picture in Limsa Lominsa.
Looking over spells and notes in her grimoire in a Shirogane cove.
Watching travelers on the Ruby Sea after paying the Ruby Tithe.
Kahti's warms up while preparing to play Cuff-a-Cur at the MGS.
Kahti attempts to reassure a Shocked Sylph.
Kahti has a good dream.


Tentatively, these:

● Ciara - Paint It Black (Cover) - Kahti feels the pain of loss, regardless of who's to blame for it. Where once she had someone to distract her from that pain, these days she feels it more and more.

● Guild Wars 2 - Fear Not This Night 2018 - Though Kahti has long embraced the night as a Keeper, and she's aware of the stigmas surrounding it. In her mind, people fear the "darkness" in the same way they fear the night: That they may lose their way and be vulnerable to evil. Kahti would take their hand and reassure them before leading them into the night.

● Lola Blanc - The Magic - Kahti still wants a bit of lovin' from time to time, but holds no illusions: there's a huge difference between the embrace of lust and the embrace of love. Some day, she'd like to find someone who lets her feel both at once.

● Evanescence - My Heart is Broken - Kahti mourns being rejected from her clan once more, and more than that, the loss of her daughters through rejection and death.


Personality/World View

► Pragmatic Hero / Pragmatic Villainy - Not a fan of waste, Kahti does only what is necessary to reach her goal, whatever it may be.

► Grey and Gray Morality - How Kahti views most conflicts. She's been known to heal the enemy mid fight with the right sort of motivation.

► Fatal Flaw - Her pride often gets the better of her.

► Vain Sorceress - Pride and magic? Of course that's going here eventually.

► Sapient Eat Sapient - Although no one has actually witnessed Kahti eating another Sapient life form, she has more than suggested that she would.

Abilities and Weaknesses

► The Red Mage - Kahti studies very different forms of magic, with the eventual intention of combining them. (Ironically, not an actual Red Mage)

► The Dark Arts - Kahti is willing to (and does) play with magic she was explicitly told not to use.


► Fountain of Youth - A wizard did it. No, really!

► Soul Fragment - Basically how Kahti got years of her life back.

► Heroic Wannabe - In her youth Kahti wanted to be something great.

► Identity Amnesia - Supposedly happened after the Calamity.

► The Clan - Kahti was born into - and exiled from - a secretive Keeper clan.

► Demonic Possession - Kahti was once possessed by a voidsent. Ironically, because of something someone else did, rather than her own voidal experiments.


Divider abstract by d evil twins-d8hh58g.png






Race - Miqo'te (Keeper of the Moon)

Age, Physical * - Early 20's

Age, Mental/Real * - Mid 40's

Name Day - 6th Sun of the 5th Umbral Moon (Oct 6)

Deity - Menphina, the Lover

Disposition - Neutral Evil, Type 3

Color Alignment - Black-Blue

► Orientation: Bisexual

► Relationship Status: Paired with Zohka Feniq

► Citizenship: None

► Occupation: Mender

► Hair color: Black with Gold Streaks

► Eye color: Brown/Violet

► Piercings: Ears

► Favorite Food: Bacon Bread

► Favorite Drink: Coffee with Cream

► Favorite Color: ?

* As of ARR


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