Kekemori Lelemori

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Ul'dah-transparent.png Kekemori Lelemori
Kekemori fullbody.png
Gender Male
Race Lalafell
Clan Dunesfolk
Citizenship Ul'dah
Age 41
Marital Status Single
Occupation Mercenary
Height 2 Fulm 10.2 Ilm
Weight 46 Ponz

Kekemori Lelemori (18th Sun, 4th Astral Moon) is a gladiator living in the city-state of Ul'dah. He was abandoned en route to Gridania as a child when his parents' merchant caravan was attacked, and he was picked up by an Ala Mhigan blacksmith. After the calamity, he was swept along the refugee tides towards Ul'dah, the city of his birth. His guardian took up trade with metals and scraped a living that way, while Keke gained employment as a retainer. One young adventurer he worked for, Cessna Forsythe, inspired him to take to adventuring on his own, and he joined her free company, the Fomalhaut, in hopes of serving others.

Basic Info


Music & Dance (passive)
Spicy Food


Arrogance & Elitism


Alignment: Neutral Good
Vice(s): Dishonesty
Favorite Food: Arrabbiata
Favorite Drink: Moru
Favorite Color: Purple

Appearance & Personality

Kekemori has well kept navy hair and a dark complexion. His eyes are bright like many other Dunesfolk, and sport a sharp red color. He's often seen wearing silver jewelry (he's particularly fond of wearing multiple pairs of earrings) and proudly dons a purple gemstone on his forehead with Rhalgr's emblem.

The lalafell enjoys a job well done, and is extremely happy to shoulder a tough load-- even more so when rewarded in Gil or in praise. He exudes a confident demeanor, and is hard pressed to flinch in the face of danger or pain. He can be quite daring, and takes unnecessary risks often. Keke goes full throttle or not at all-- when not rushing headfirst, he's often loafing. If not monitored, he helps himself to plenty of breaks. He enjoys fishing in that it's a peaceful activity with lots of idling.

In interacting with others, he's quite laid back. Kekemori doesn't seem to care much to insult outwardly, but can internalize bitterness and resentment. He's passive with his jabs, and can make a companion's life miserable in many ways if he's in a dour mood. Humor is an easy way to lift his spirits, and he quickly grows fond of those who can tolerate his teasing jabs.

Kekemori is easily self sacrificing, preferring to take on a companion's pains (with the understanding that he partake in their happiness as well). He doesn't easily forget favors, and is generous to those who show him generosity. He usually means well, even if his actions are less than shining examples of morality.



Kekemori's familial origins lie in Ul'dah. Growing up, he was a vehement child, violent and energetic and rebellious. His parents often scorned his lack of attention toward studies, and the boy was much more interested in the coliseum than anything else. His older brother was very much the shining star of the family, but their father insisted on keeping them both close regardless, taking them on business trips and being sure the boys knew the geography and history of Thanalan.


Kekemori was 12 when a trip en route to Gridania went awry. Bandits drove the caravan into tatters, while wild beasts swooped in during the carnage and drove them apart. The lalafell boy ran, and was picked up days later at the foot of the mountains just past the border of Ala Mhigo, exhausted and starved. He was picked up by 27 year old Grayhart Armsbringer, and with Keke believing the worst for his family, the boy chose to stay with the blacksmith.

While life in Ala Mhigo bolstered his daring, it also tempered his anger. He realized it was worth much more to join others in camaraderie than to shun all others, and Kekemori worked hard to increase his worth in the eyes of his peers-- especially being surrounded by highlander hyur. He grew tougher-- physically, mentally, and emotionally-- than he ever would have on the streets of Ul'dah, and embraced life in Ala Mhigo with a spirit that surprised even his guardian.


Ala Mhigo fell when Kekemori was 21. He and Grayhart were out of the country swiftly, at the forefront of the tide of refugees. For the first time in years, Kekemori found himself back in Ul'dah. He and his guardian were lucky-- between the two, one had a craft that could be put to good use, and having been some of the first out of the country, they had an easier time gaining occupations. Kekemori snagged employment in the grand company of Ul'dah as a retainer.

For a short time, Kekemori worked for an adventurer who made multiple attempts to court a miqo'te dancer. Disapproving of his employer's antics, the lalafell teamed up with the dancer's adopted son, Koh'si Jakkya, to hinder the misguided man's unwanted affections. Though it ultimately ended with him needing to find another employer, Kekemori never regretted it-- the miqo'te boy he met then has come to be one of his closest friends, and he practically watched Koh'si grow up in the streets of Ul'dah.


Only a little while back, Kekemori fell into the services of adventurer and student Cessna Forsythe. The young woman and him became fast friends, and she inspired him to finally strike out on his own as an adventurer himself. In all his days serving adventurers from Ul'dah, he picked up quite a bit of the art of the sword and board, and he joined the gladiator's guild while also signing up for Cessna's free company, the Fomalhaut. Later, personal differences led him to leave the Fomalhaut and follow Koh'si into the free company known as the Harbingers of Dawn-- only to leave a little while after that. At the moment, he has no firm alliances to any group outside of his close friends.


■ Kekemori doesn't bother to correct anyone who mistakes him to be younger than he actually is.
■ He's easily charmed by people with a sense of humor.
■ Kekemori is fine with people just addressing him as 'Keke'.


Some of these rumors are untrue or are greatly exaggerated. Please feel free to add your own rumors under PC!

◢ Common Rumors (Easily overheard)
◢ Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear)
◢ Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard)
◢ PC Rumors (Rumors from the characters of other players)
"Are you seriously asking me if sending Keke to the front of the party is a good idea? Don't underestimate him just because he's smaller than you -- I've honestly yet to see a paladin more stalwart than he. He's gonna get us all through, trust me." --Cessna Forsythe
"What d'you wanna know 'bout Keke for? He's a tiny li'l thing, and ain't grown an inch since the day I met him. Sturdy as hell though, I can tell y'that. Gonna take more than a couple o' swords t'scare him off--an' that's only if y'get through me first. Don't worry, y'won't." --Koh'si Jakkya
"Dude, I thought he was a cute little guy at first, but he's actually, like, /forty/! Seems really reliable, though. Skills in every area. He even made me some sweet armour when I just started out, man! You've gotta be a pretty nice guy to do that for a newbie." --Cicereaux Chevalier


Romantic Interest Platonic Love Good Standing Poor Standing
Koh'si Jakkya : Best friends. Kekemori trusts Koh'si, and is as quick to his defense as he is to tease the miqo'te himself. He can't stay mad at the young man for more than a few hours, and their arguments (no matter how intense or meanspirited) should never be taken at face value.
Cessna Forsythe : Ex-employer. Kekemori thinks the world of the young woman, and believes her to have a heart of gold. If he is stone-set on an opinion or decision, Cessna is probably the person who'd be able to change his mind.
L'yuta Tia : A friend of a friends is a friend. U'senge is reliable and levelheaded but still able to tease and be teased, and that's what Kekemori likes about him.
Cicereaux Chevalier : Keke hasn't known him long enough to trust him, but admires the elezen's unique brand of self confidence. The guy seems easy to get along with.



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