Kharijin Borlaaq

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"You must dream before you can create."
Gender Female
Race Xaela
Clan Baidur Borlaaq
Citizenship Unaffiliated
Age 26
Height 5 fulms, 4 ilms
Weight 115 ponze



Kharijin is tall for a Xaela female, her upright and confident posture lends her the appearance of being all the more so. Dusky skin the color of the deep twilight surrounds her oft smiling features, complimented by the dark scales. Blue eyes that often seem a true window of her inner soul all but glow against the dark skin, the limbal rings reflecting any ambient light. Her horns are decorated with various dangling rings and studs, several recognizable as link pearls. Dark hair flows down over her shoulders in tight, rolled curls, decorative circlets of silver and ivory adorning several of the lengths. Athletic in the fashion of one who trains regularly with arms, she moves with grace and the subtle power of a dancer. Considering the multiple knives that usually adorn her, one type of dance is quite plain. Despite her very active nature, she retains her curvy femininity. Her garments vary, sometimes in utilitarian leathers that are fit for hard riding and time spent in the wilds of the steppe or forest, or softer cottons and silks when not. She has taken to wearing a certain long coat of late that was a gift from a special person. Virtually no one has seen her wear anything but high boots suitable for riding, and is rumored to have worn them under a formal dress.


Kharijin’s behavior has become something of legend among her loose knit collection of tribal Xaela that she’s attached herself to. Borlaaq to the core, she shocked several of the men with her absolute lack of respect for their ‘place’. Rarely arguing with them, she simply delivered the occasional teasing barb or outrageous proposition… usually involving a rope and saddle. For the man, of course… the Borlaaq nature making sure that she, regardless of the man’s opinion of women, would be treated with respect and dignity or find themselves whittled down to size in short order. Once the pecking order has been established, Kharijin is a humorous and kind sort, preferring discussion to knives or her bow unless her temper has been purposefully stoked by events. A voice of reason among the folk she travels with, she nevertheless is quick to tease and joke. Stories, song, and music are an easy way to gain her fondness. She was trained early in life to be a keeper of histories, and her clan was fond of putting them into song or music.


Kharijin is an archer, foremost. Be it standing still or atop her mount at a dead run, her ability to strike a target near or far has gained the respect of her friends and allies. Her skill with the knife is nearly as good, adept in throwing or using them in close quarters in the dancing, whirling style of the Borlaaq clan she was raised in. It is thought she is unskilled with other weaponry, preferring to stay with what she knows.


Any who have seen Kharijin with those she cares for or thinks of as close friends will note the easy affection she gives them. Loyal and considerate to those she finds important, she has been known to threaten horrible fates on those who would do them harm… and then following through. She has no man or woman who commands the majority of her attention, having an easy relationship with several based on deep friendship. With a few, it may have grown into more than simple fun.

“Clan” Members

Those she is most often in the company of:

Important People/Allies/Extended ‘Clan’


Many others who are in the ‘tribe’ she’s travelled with, and various folk she has met. To be listed soon!


  • "Really? Riding boots under a fluffy lacy dress? At a formal ball?” Random conversation in the Drowning Wench
  • “A wonderful ally, and she knows much about how men work.” Esva Kagon
  • “She’s everywhere. You turn around, and there she is. It’s… a little disturbing sometimes.” Maken Roashk
  • "Kharijin? She’s the only woman who makes me fear for my manhood.” Gabriel LeBlanc
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