Kiera Hawkeye

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AlaMhigo.png Kiera Hawkeye
Gender Female
Race Hyur
Clan Highlander
Citizenship Ala Mhigo
Age 42
Marital Status Single
Occupation Adventurer
Height/Weight 6'1"/Take a guess
Orientation Bisexual
Pronunciation KEY-era HAWK-i

Kiera Hawkeye is a proud mother of one son, working as a freelance adventurer to support her sons studies as a conjurer in Gridania.

Basic Info


Drinking and drinking contests
Common sense
Young people


People badmouthing Ala Mhigo or Highlanders
People with no respect for others
Deep Water


Alignment: Neutral Good
Vice(s): Drink, sex, sometimes fist fights
Favorite Food: Fried Dodo
Favorite Drink: Strong Ale
Favorite Color: Lava Drake red

Appearance & Personality

She stands at 6 feet, with plenty of muscles to show. She has by no means a bodybuilder type, but it is clear that she can lift very heavy things and throw a strong punch. Her hair is a dark red, with tan highlights. She likes to keep it clean and styled, often spending more time than she should getting it ready in the morning. She has acquired some scars from battles during her youth, but they are often hidden under her clothing or armor.

For clothing, Kiera usually wears what she needs to. When she is on the job or looking for work, she is often in full armor, which she takes the time to clean about twice a week. There is nothing better to make an impression than clean armor, a lesson her mother taught her well. When she isn't working, she is in nice, loose clothes that expose and define her features, having recently taken extreme pride in her looks.

Kiera is first and foremost a mother. She tends to treat anyone in their early twenties and lower as her own children, once she begins to know them. She is protective of her friends, and will often lend a hand to what they need, but is always trying to enable autonomy and self-confidence. When she was younger, she was brash, unapologetic, and tended to drink more than she could hold. This died down significantly when she had her son, but ever since he went to the Conjurers Guild to study, these tendencies have slowly started making a comeback. She is very self-confident about her body, and isn't afraid to show off her best features, which would be her legs and chest.

She is generally an optimist, trying to look for the best in people, but she's seen enough of the world to know that sometimes the best expectations and goals can't always be met. But that doesn't mean someone can't try for them. During new conversations, she'll try her best to listen to what the other person has to say, never interrupting except in cases where she really needs to. Her son taught her this, as before she had him, she used to talk over everyone about everything. But there are certain topics that she will not stand for. She will not tolerate any excessive badmouthing of Ala Mhigo, little or otherwise, and those that insult her or her friends and family. Usually this just results in a stern talking to, mother-style, but she has been known to throw her fists.

While she has been exploring her sexuality since her son went abroad to study, she has been afraid to start a serious relationship with anyone. She has tried, but she still loves her late husband dearly, still wearing the ring that he gave him when they were first engaged.


Kiera was born to Freya and Andres Hawkeye, third of four children. Her siblings were all sisters, much to the ire of her father. But, as he put it, "If the gods are to give me daughters, then I will make sure to raise them to be proud warriors." Kiera and one of her sisters followed after her fathers art of the gladiator, while the other sisters pursued the art of archery and magic, which their mother specialized in. Training was her childhood, waiting for the day that she could join her father in his expeditions with his free company. On her seventeenth nameday, she applied (the application being a fight with her father) and was accepted into her fathers free company, and she couldn't have been happier.

Five years passed, with Kiera's only focus being on doing good within the free company, and living life to the fullest. For her, this meant copious amounts of drinking, getting into plenty of drunk fights, and the occasional sleeping around. Then Theodorac rose to power. Then her focus shifted to taking back her city. Soon after the Garleans came, and she thought that they would help restore order, but that quickly was not the case. Her mother wisely made the decision to leave Ala Mhigo. It was better to keep the memory alive rather than to die in it's name. Her father heavily objected, but eventually agreed to leave. They settled in Ul'dah with the rest of the refugees, taking work where they could get it.

Kiera helped make money by participating in fighting tournaments. It was after a fist fighting one when Melwin Noskander approached her, wanting to fight her. Someone had told him that was the way to win her heart. He was promptly put down, but wasn't discouraged. He came back a week later, and challenged her to another fight. To her surprise he managed to land one hit on her, right in the nose. She beat him, but decided she would reward him with at least one date. It went well enough that she agreed to a second. And then to a third. Eventually the two started to become a couple, much to her surprise. She started to fall in love with the peace loving man, this conjurer with the Flames. He began to show her that maybe violence wasn't always the answer. She proposed to him, and he said yes, having actually planned on proposing on that same date.

The two quickly married, and soon she was pregnant with what would turn out to be a son, which they named Jorgan. Things were good. Kiera mostly stayed at home, raising her son, while Melwin served with the Flames. Then he got called to fight at Cartenaeu. She begged him not to go, to stay and be safe. He was a volunteer, after all. But he was stubborn, and went with the Flames. He did not return. Kiera was devastated, making the trip to the flats to search for his body, hoping that he was still alive. She never found his body, and never did get an answer from the Flames if he was dead or MIA. She returned to Ul'Dah, picking up her sword again to make sure her son would have enough, despite the risks.

Jorgan, when he turned thirteen, wanted to go to Gridania and study conjuring, like his father. She agreed. After one close call on a job, she decided to lay down her sword, and she started to further pursue her hobby of goldsmithing, eventually landing a full time position. Now, she currently takes commissions from the wealthy of Ul'Dah, sending money to her son, and starting to return to the tendencies of her past.



Some of these rumors might be untrue or greatly exaggerated.

◢ Common Rumors (Easily overheard)
"She used to be quite the fighter years ago. I think she spends most of her time mining nowadays."
"She's really great at teaching people the sword! I'm gonna go knock off some hornets!" - A young adventurer

◢ Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear)

◢ Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard)
"She's got to wear glasses, she does. She says they're just when they're goldsmithing, but I swear I've seen them on her when she isn't putting it to the grindstone." Goldsmith guildwoman.
"You wanna know why she really sent her son away? He's half Roe, takes his looks after his father, and she's ashamed of him!"
"I heard she used to crush melons the size of a Roe man's head years ago! Ironthighs, they called her."
◢ PC Rumors (Rumors from the character's of other players)
"She's such a wonderful being. She has stories to share, and I want to hear all of them." - Lucaell Tareth'eian
"She's got a mean left hook." - Barengar Armsbreaker
"She's how old? Not a chance. No one that age could move as fast as she does." -- Striding Oak
"Feel free to add yours!" - Character Name
"Feel free to add yours!" - Character Name


In a relationship
Sexual Desire
Family (either literal or people she considers family)

Jorgan Hawkeye: Her only son. Currently studying conjuring in Gridania.
Lucaell Tareth'eian: Met her during the Second Annual Ul'Dah ball. She has seen Luca a few times since, and has become to grow fond of her company, and is glad to have met the girl. See's her as a niece more than anything now, and is willing to support her in whatever she needs, like a good aunt.
Barengar Armsbreaker: A literal bear of a man that happened to know Luca. Met him after her first Grindstone. The two got into a drunken barfight with each other a couple days later, and she thoroughly enjoyed it. Despite his stoic demeanor, she likes his company, and looks forward to what the road holds for them.
Domri Blackblade: Had seen him around Ul'Dah looking for work, got to know each over jobs and their shared history of growing up in Ala Mhigo. She is eager to learn more about him and become friends, as she doesn't know too many older Highlanders who remember what it was like.
Virella Douront: At first put off by her vague racism of all things not Ishgardian, the woman is slowly changing her views on the people of Ishgard. While this may be because Virella is pregnant, it is also because she's the first Ishgardian that shes seen more than once, and spoken more than a couple words to.
Tynos Riller: Cheered him on during the Runestone tournament. She's seen him a couple of times afterward, and finds him fun to tease.
Y'lani Kalihd: Met her while talking with Lucaell in the Quicksand. She finds her accent adorable, and loves her enthusiasm over music and instruments. She could see them becoming friends if they meet again.




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