Mimifa Mifa

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Sharlayan.jpg Mimifa Mifa
Gender Female
Race Lalafell
Clan Sharlayan (Dunesfolk in appearance)
Citizenship Sharlayan
Age 49
Height 2 fulms 9 ilm
Weight 36 ponz
Profession Mimic, Adventurer, House Wife
Patron Deity Azeyma
Server Balmung


Mimifa Mifa is rarely seen without her smile. The smile that could easily brighten a room or calm the wildest of beasts. Unaware to herself, she practically holds an aura of friendliness about her. Ebony hair that seems to be constantly changing in styles, growing longer or continuously being cut short. It is a never ending cycle of indecisiveness. The ebony hair has been slowly losing its color over time, as her age and stresses of work began to catch up with her. Greying out the hair that she so very much enjoyed. Much like other Lalafell's her skin is smooth with no real signs of any muscular structure about her. She's quite lithe, at least as much as a Lalafell can be. While out in public, she can often be found wearing one of many different masks. Not hiding her appearance that well behind them, merely seeming to be for appearance alone. A pink crystal dangles in her right ear. The crystal itself has a design of two masks both laughing and crying. It seems to be the perfect shape of a soul crystal.

General History

Pre-Calamity/The Calamity

Mimifa was born in the city-state of Sharlayan, home of magic and imagination. Where their knowledge is not to be shared with any outside of their people. The cheerful Lalafell did not have the luxury of willingly casting magic on her own, no. Her parents were on the stricter end of teaching, expecting only the best out of their two daughters. Mimifa Mifa being the oldest and Noyaya Noya being the youngest. The two daughters seemed incapable of casting magic. No, not incapable, just- blocked. Mimifa has been capable of viewing a living creatures Aether. A feat that she believes to be a curse more than an assistance. As the bright Aether floats about a person, at times depending on the persons affinity towards their pool. She will be unable to make out the facial features of a person. Something she does not often enjoy mentioning with the fear of coming off as rude. Those with a stronger and more complete pool, will force Mimifa to look away due to the bright nature of the person.

During one late night of her childhood, robe figures invaded her home and removed Noyaya during the night. Kidnapping her sister and leaving young Mimifa incapable of doing anything to stop them. This left the young Lalafell to deal with her parents routine torturing alone. The two parents continued to torture the Lalafell day in and day out. All for the sole reason of being useless to them. Not too long after Noyaya's kidnapping, her father took Mimifa out to a nearby river with an axe in hand. Hoping to rid his child of her ability to walk. Thankfully for the child, the Twelve had been watching her. The axe that had connected with her spine merely scarred her skin and bones, allowing her to still walk. To this day she still endures the pain of her spinal injury. Not making an effort to speak on it, even to her husband who is unaware of the pain. As she feels at fault for that injury and would not burden a soul with it.

Each sun and moon she endured the pain she received, for twenty whole summers she was not allowed a break. This did not keep her from continuing her studies. She was determined to make her parents proud and stop the agony that washed over their child. To do this, Mimifa knew she could not stay in that household. During one of the darker stormy nights, she took as much food and books as she could. Running as far as the short legs managed to take her. Determined to escape Sharlayan, she arrived in the land of Dravania. Learning to live off the land, merely out of the necessity of it all. Meeting all sorts of people and beasts that she did not ever think she would come across. Even a few Dragonkin she found a friend in to keep her company. Even as a child, she managed to smile through the torture and suffering she endured. Determined to brighten the realm, as the pain was a sign that she was on the proper path. Living as a nomad for a little over ten summers, leaving Dravania at the age of thirty-two.

Entering the boarders of Eorzea through no legal means. She had come across an Lalafell alchemist who was determined to help Mimifa achieve her magical capabilities. The two had gotten quite close, as the alchemist was the first to make her a wooden mask that kept her from being blinded by the bright pools of Aether that swam around each person and creature. A gesture that she has always appreciated, even to this day. The two were together up until the calamity, where the alchemist shed his disguise that he wore for so many summers when watching over Mimifa. Threatening her life if she does not try to both, read Bahamut's Aether and to try and mimic any actions that he takes. The exact moment that she even attempted this her body had shut down. Collapsing face first into dirt. The alchemist wasn't to be found after that. Mimifa was no idea how she arrived in a Gridanian medical tent. To her surprised, she had woken up nearly half a summer later.

Ever Since


After the disappearance of whom she believed to be a close friend. Mimifa was determined to find her sister, unaware if she had still be alive, or even in Eorzea to begin with. None of that mattered, she simply needed to find clues. Any sign that her remaining family was still alive. After hearing of the disappearance of her home city, she was certain that the parents who had tortured her were free from her life. Becoming an adventurer she had worked with the various Free Companies and Adventurer's guild to build up a reputation and network that would allow her any favors to help find the little girl that was taken over thirty summers ago.

Joining a company called Artificers, Inventors, and Manufacturers - AIM for short. Working as the security detail, trying to get extra coin in hand while working with the Grand companies to rid any monsters that they cannot bother with. Overhearing rumors of a band of pirates called Trident. She knew if anyone could find her sister, it would be those who work in the shadows. Confronting Stalwart Mountain and Aanzo Dinzo. Pleading to them to offer any assistance that they can in tracking her down. Despite the very few clues she acquired over the summers of being in Eorzea. To no surprise Aanzo Dinzo was unable to find any footsteps that would lead to her sister, even with the few moons that he spent searching. Offering to repay the pirates with expensive literature. To her surprise, Aanzo had accepted her cooking and company as payment.

Both Aanzo and Mimifa had gone on continuous dates since then prior to becoming a couple. Being introduced to a Witch whom goes by the name, Yashaix Ki'lari. Mimifa learned of the pact Aanzo had made with the Witch. Her determination to help those in need, especially one who she loved forced her to make a pact that would cause her to forfeit her own first born if not complying with the demands. This caused Mimifa and Aanzo to go out and search for pages to the Necrologos. Nearing the final days before payment was due, the Lalafellin couple paid what they owed. Now freeing Aanzo of the curse that he bore out of selflessness.

Moving in and living with her significant other for some moons now, the two had adopted a cat. This cat who was more hair then cat was named Tater. It seemed as if his stomach could rival that of a battalion of soldiers. However, Mimifa and Aanzo love him all the same. Even if Aanzo and Tater are openly at war to receive Mimifa's love. Mimifa being oblivious to the starring contests and wrestling that goes on while she is away between the two. They both are fully aware of her undying love for the two.

Nearing closer and closer to a whole summer of being together, the two Lalafell's happily got married. Doing so with no plans in mind, no guests, and no gifts to give. Only them and their undying love for one another. Being married under the Sultan's tree. An action that she never expected to happen in her life, let alone with one that could be considered a criminal. His past does not matter to her, the only thing that does is their future together as they move forward.



Mimifa Mifa is a woman of pure kindness and love for anyone and everyone. Never found without a genuine smile. Happy to offer an ear to anyone who is willing to talk and share their stories with her. She is only capable of seeing the best in people. Even the Witch who caused her so many issues, they recently become great friends. Willing to lay down her own life if that would allow anyone else the chance to live instead. Something that her husband is not too fond of. Determined to help those of Eorzea. Be it problems with gil, food, criminals, monsters, or even the lack of friendship. Despite all of this, she is fully capable of giving those who request it the space. Not wishing to overstep her bounds of friendship in areas that she is all too aware of being thin ice to begin with.

Friends and Companions

  • Aanzo Dinzo - Her husband and best friend. The two seem to be stuck to one another like glue. She is always happy to talk about her husband, as she believes that he holds no bad bone or trait in his body. Even if she is quite ignorant to the truth. Aanzo was the first that she managed to link their Aether together. She is fully capable of performing any action or spell that Aanzo has done in the past.
  • Ninisa Nisa - Her adopted daughter. This little girl was rescued from an insane cult who had wished to sacrifice this innocent soul, only to have Mimifa and Aanzo step in to protect her. Since that day she has become a permanent resident, one who spreads further joy throughout Mimifa and Aanzo's life. She is prone to pull pranks on whoever she comes across. Be it Aanzo, Mimifa, or even the witch Ki'lari.
  • Noyaya Noya - Mimifa's sister. One of the deciding reasons that she came to Eorzea rather than staying in Dravania. The sole reason that Mimifa and Aanzo Dinzo met one another. Noyaya holds a special connect with animals. Both physically and emotionally, Noyaya is capable of taming even the wildest of beasts. As far as Mimifa is aware.
  • Kinono Kino - Mimifa's greatest friend. Despite the conflict between her own husband and Kinono. The two had gotten quite close, able to share anything with one another. Something that Mimifa is thankful for and looking forward to seeing what journey they go on in the future. These two have not currently linked Aether together, as they are currently trying to figure out how.
  • Yashaix Ki'lari - These two started off on bad terms, only to foster a friendship that Mimifa would not regret in the slightest of having. Ki'lari offered to help teach Mimifa any problems that she has with magic. The Witch even calls herself a Big Sister to Mimifa, which Mimifa happily accepts.
  • Stalwart Mountain -Someone that her husband trusts with his life. In return she does the same. He was the sole reason for her and her husband to meet one another, a cherished memory that she will forever be thankful towards him. Even if she jokingly calls him Grumpy Mountain. Mimifa does care for him, often cooking and bringing him food while he is out working.
  • Tater - A fat cat that Mimifa and Aanzo adopted. He is quite protective over his owner. Deeply in love with any sort of food, as he could swallow a banquet if Mimifa allowed him. He practically melts when you pick him up.


  • Nicknames: Mimi, Mimic
  • Age: 48
    • Nameday: 16th Sun of the 4th Astral Moon
  • Gender: Female
    • Sexuality: Straight
    • Marital Status: Married
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Height: 2 fulms, 9 ilms
  • Weight: 36 ponz
  • Body: Average
  • Hair: Ebony with several large patches of grey.
  • Eyes: Teal
  • Skin: Peach
  • Clothing: Often wears pajamas while at home. While out in public she's often wearing her chain mail armor.


  • Expert of most branches of magic (40 years of studying)
  • Quick on her feet
  • Talented using Axes and Broadswords
  • Literate
  • Capable of making allies easily


  • Can easily forget her surroundings or familiar faces
  • Cannot cast magic when no one familiar is around her
  • Mentally unstable
  • Willing to risk self if it will save others
  • Is a Lalafell


Common rumors

Uncommon rumors

Rare rumors

Player Character Rumors

  • "At first, I thought it was a bit weird tha' a woman of her age walked around in eh...funny lookin' nightwear. But I mean, who's gonna tell tha' lovely face no? Sure as hell wont be me. I respect her choice." - Aanzo Dinzo
  • "She may very well be the gentlest soul I've ever met! And I do so enjoy the gossip she sometimes shares..." - Kinono Kino

A Big Thanks

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