Kormac Fidaris

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Ishgard.jpg Kormac Fidaris
"Did you hear about that kidnapping in the South Shroud? It's okay, the kid woke up."
The Tempest of the Cloudsea
Gender Male
Race Hyur
Clan Highlander
Citizenship Ishgard
Age 44
Guardian Nophica, the Matron
Namesday 28th Sun of the Second Astral Moon
Height Six fulms, seven ilms
Weight 270 pnz
Free Company Order of the Compass


They say once, every one thousand years, there is a certain kind of man. The kind of man who can kill with a single stare, that makes every lady in sight swoon at his very presence, that would make sirens retire with his honeyed voice.

Kormac Fidaris is not that man. No, he's far from it.

Hailing from the Holy See of Ishgard, Kormac was born to a militiaman and a maid to House Fortemps. Orphaned at age eleven, he was taken in by the Dragoon Order, and was taught the ways of the Dragoon. Quickly young Kormac did climb the ladder, ascending to the rank of Azure Dragoon at the age of 23. It was around this time, he claims, that he was wed, and that he and his wife had their child. Not long after, he was conscripted to become a part of the Ishgardian forces at the Battle of the Stone Vigil. Though they failed in their attempts to regain the Vigil, Kormac proved an effective battlefield asset.

However, having held the mantle of Azure Dragoon for nearly a year, tragedy struck. As he was leading a small group of soldiers through the Ishgardian wilderness, the Black Death Golgandriel, a dreadwyrm, winged out of the sky and attacked. The sole survivor, Kormac fled for his life, "running until [his] legs could carry [him] no longer." He awoke in the North Shroud, having abandoned his post, his men, his country and his family. To this day, he still blames himself. Alone, heartbroken, and ashamed, he drifted from road to road, settlement to settlement, unable to stay in one place for long. He did just about everything whilst living on the road; from being a sellsword to a merchant, to being a cutthroat and thief, and so on. Largely, he proclaims that everything from years twenty-three to forty-three was simply a blur; "I was just living, surviving", he says.

Though his age and his experiences have dampened his worldview, Kormac still believes there is a shred of hope left in the world. He believes the Order of the Compass just might pave the way to a new dawn..

♦ Appearance


Kormac is a tree of a man, with a slim build and near-perfect muscular definition. His hair and beard are a light chestnut brown, with the hair fashioned into a subtle undercut ponytail. Streaks of gray are a dead giveaway towards his age. His green eyes are most usually fixed in a piercing stare, and his gaunt, pallid complexion is rife with the signs of age. Being a man of war, he has collected many battle scars over the years; three gouges on his face (two around the left eye and one across the bridge of the nose), several puncture wounds around the chest gained from his brutal training regimen, and numerous burn marks around the left shoulder. His sense of style is, shall we say.. outdated. Rustic clothing - tunics, brais, so on so forth - are a staple of his wardrobe. His favorite piece, however, is his chainmail and gryphonskin tabard. He wears it nearly every day.

♦ Behaviour


Kormac, at his age, is usually able to discern what type of person someone is, and will react accordingly; he'll be friendly, calm and inviting to people he deems 'good', and quiet, cold, even aggressive towards 'bad' people. He doesn't care much for conversation, but he's polite enough to oblige (when he feels like it). He's a stereotypical 'dad' character deep down, protective and loving to those he cares about. It's ill advised to get on his bad side, as his fuse is quite short.

As no person is perfect, and everyone has their faults, it goes without saying that Kormac has his. Primarily, his drinking. Though he's never classified it as a problem, his liver definitely has. His usual haunts are the bars and pubs all across Eorzea, more specifically, the Quicksand and the Drowned Wench. Whether it's to drown in his personal sorrows, or simply because he enjoys getting piss-drunk, one thing is for certain: he takes it to excess.

His deepest, darkest fear is losing those he's very close to - he doesn't think he could bear to live experiencing that loss again. Other than that, another major fear is heights, quite ironic considering his profession. Aside from these, he fears very little, and wouldn't open up about much else.


Aforementioned, he was an Azure Dragoon, so naturally his combat skills are exceptional, including his physical prowess, brute strength and finesse. (Outside of a fight, Kormac isn't much, aside from his dancing.) Imbued with the Soul of the Dragoon, Kormac uses many devastating techniques in battle, including aerial attacks, sweeps, and an array of deadly thrusts. Owing to his Dragoon training, Kormac can evade attacks with ease, and leap great distances across the battlefield. This proves most useful when hunting dragons and/or cloudkin, as being able to match altitude with your prey is incorrigible.


■ Tea
■ His lance, Bessie
■ The rain
■ Spriggans
■ A good squabble
■ Warm, comfortable shoes


■ Fights that don't involve him
■ Dravanians
■ Apkallu
■ Hangovers
■ Mages
■ Losing, loss


■ Dancing
■ Woodworking
■ Curating tea leaves
■ Pickpocketing
■ Intimidation/Interrogation


Favourite Food/Drink: Garlean Blue tea, with three sugars and a smidge of Fallgourd honey.
Favourite Place: Gridania
Favourite Color: Red
Favourite Scent: Rain

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💘 Crush 💗 Sexual Desire In love with 💑 In a relationship Good Standing Neutral Standing Poor Standing


Maxwell Elasse

His 'adoptive daughter'. He's not her actual dad, nor has he adopted her, but he feels as if she needs a positive parental influence in her life. He'll do anything to protect and support her.

Guillaume Rigolant – He's a punk, and his 'daughter's' boyfriend, but he respects Gil for taking care of Max. He gets a bit irked when Gil leaves for extended periods of time, though.

X'tai Tia – Kormac's greatest (and only living) pupil. He thinks of Tai as a son, and doesn't quit trying to push him to better himself.

S'imba Tia – Kormac's young friend. They met in the Quicksand, and after giving S'imba an elixir, he's stood watch over the young man.

Arvic Ryne – Kormac met Arvic just outside of Ul'dah, dealing with a psychotic summoner. They haven't met since, but he still thinks of the young knight as an ally.
💗 Ilmyra Barlowe - Though he was heavily drunk at the time, and she nearly slapped him afterwards, Kormac professed his romantic desires for Ilmyra, saying that she was 'the Elezen maiden of his dreams'. He then began to sing a traditional Ishgardian love ballad (horribly off-key), before slipping off his barstool and knocking himself unconscious.


Sven Volkorus – Kormac's superior in the Order of the Compass. Though he considers Sven a friend, there's much he doesn't know about him.

Z'orica Nova – Only heard about in conversation, Kormac doesn't quite know what to think of her yet.

Lydix Notki – See above.

Enemies & Rivals

Golgandriel, The Black Death - A dreadwyrm with "scales blacker than the abyss", Kormac has hunted this particular Dravanian for nigh on twenty years, compelled to bring it to justice. He plans on slaying the wyrm and eating its heart.


Player Character Rumours

♦ Footnotes

Chaotic Good

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