Kyrrae Liminia

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Ul'dah-transparent.png Kyrrae Liminia
Arcanist kyrrae cropped 2.png
Gender Male
Race Lalafell
Clan Dunesfolk
Citizenship Ul'dah
Pronunciation Kai-ray Li-min-yuh
Age 24
Height 2', 10
Job Mercenary
Class Monk/Paladin/Arcanist
Relationship Status Seeing Someone



Though Kyrrae might strike many as a mischievous and flirtatious man, his impish behaviour belies a canny intelligence and honorable nature. Although he may appear to be quite the womanizer, Kyrrae has the utmost respect for women. He finds it amusing to flirt with them, but only if he doesn't think that serious consequences will result. He is a gentleman at heart which results in him apologizing if he believes he has gone too far, or seriously offended someone. In fact, the more flirtatious he is, the less likely it is that he has any actual romantic interest in that person.

Kyrrae has a deep-rooted hero complex, defending anyone he believes is in serious danger. He has a strong sense of social justice, repugnant of the corrupt and people who abuse their riches and power to take what should not be theirs. On the other hand, he is sympathetic to those who steal as a matter of survival. It angers him if he thinks someone is being judged on their appearance, or even station in life. Accepting anyone on the grounds of their current behaviour, he allows them to prove themselves as long as any misdeeds of the past have been left behind them. However he is not naive, and is cautious of anyone new he meets until he is satisfied that their actions convey the true intent of their hearts. However, once his opinion is set on someone, he is slow to change it. For those he trusts that can mean blind loyalty, but for someone who has betrayed him it means extreme suspicion, regardless of any penitence or initial remedial actions.


At just under three feet, he is among the shortest of his kind. He pays close attention to his personal appearance and grooming, keeping himself neat and his clothes in excellent repair and appearance. With black shoulder length hair, deep green eyes, and wearing a set of deep black thighboots, he is usually clad in a traditional lalafellin tunic. Of late though, he has grown accustomed to wearing a set of mages robes that he purchased due to his current obsession with the skill of arcany.


He serves as a free contract mercenary for hire, but typically takes short contracts involving personal security. He prefers to take jobs that seem interesting, but will take anything if it involves protection of some kind. His main source of income actually comes from the reinvestment of his earnings into the Ul'dahn trading markets.

Skills and Talents

A natural pickpocket, Kyrrae is able to fade into his surroundings if needs be, quietly sneaking through the area. He is a very articulate and persuasive person with a shrewd mind for monetary matters. Highly intelligent, he prefers to think through a situation rather than rush in head-on. He learns at a very rapid rate, absorbing all that he can. This results in him learning both magical and martial arts fairly quickly if he puts time and effort into it. However, he has a very low mana pool. He is only able to cast a handful of spells if they consume a significant amount of mana. He also has a low amount of anima, even less than many Eorzeans. He is only able to cast one or two significant teleports a day, depending on the distance covered. If he exceeds that, he will become exceedingly fatigued, barely able to walk, and requiring a long night's rest to recover. He also has a strong knowledge of both sensual and sexual techniques, taught to him by the prostitutes that raised him through his adolescence.

Martial and Magical Abilities

For most of his life, Kyrrae had no combat abilities to speak of. In fact, though he could move quickly, was limber, and had an excellent sense of balance, he was not that strong. Less than two years ago, he came back to Ul'dah and enrolled in the pugilist's guild, learning quickly and now has a firm grasp on the arts of the Fists of Rhalgr. He has an amateur's grasp of conjury, but cannot wield it with any force due to his stubborn resolve to lean on his own power rather than the elementals'. He also received a strong base of swordsmanship from the Gladiator's guild and a Paladin of Ul'dah, utilizing a hand axe accompanied by a shield with as much skill as his hand to hand abilities. He has also recently begun practicing Arcany upon learning that it has little draw upon his mana pool.

He spends at least 4 hours a day privately practicing both his hand to hand, and skills with his hand axe and shield. Of late however, this has dropped to around 2 hours or less, due to his current obsession with Arcany. He is but a growing novice in it at this point.


Early Life

Mother and Father. That is all he ever knew them by, for if he ever heard their names spoken, he cannot recall it. He recalls that they were tall, but every young child sees their parents as such do they not? The only other details that survived the drink and erosion of time is that his father had blonde hair, and his mother was always heavily veiled.

Within months of his birth, they began preparing him for life on his own. His father spent most of the day manning his merchant's stall, but during lulls in activity and at the end of the day he would take time to train Kyrrae's tongue and lips to be able to speak clearly and smoothly. His mother would spend much of the day teaching him word association, and urging him to vocalize in more than coos and screams. She gave him what would normally be seen as physical therapy for an adult, having him push his tiny legs against her hands, kicking and stretching. And he soaked it all up, speaking before his first nameday, and walking by his second. By his third he could move throughout their small abode as easily as any child of three times his age. From that point on, his mother showed him how to be light on his feet, and light with his fingers, and how to smoothly move unnoticed through a crowd. She taught him not only the ability, but the responsibility that it carried, disciplining him when he filched anything in other than practice. "We steal only to right the scales of the world that hang low. Never forget that." And he never did.

Around the age of seven, his father began teaching him elementary knowledge of product value and the art of negotiation. At a young age he had taught Kyrrae how to put people at ease, creating a comfortable atmosphere through both mannerisms and speech, and Kyrrae soon learned that it fit hand in hand with what his father had to teach him about negotiation and compromise. After he could see the boy had comfortably settled into these basic principles, he began periodically sending him to help a lalafellin auction house trader. The man would point out a thing or two to him, Kyrrae absorbing everything he had the opportunity to learn from.

However, he always looked forward to times at home the most though, racing his mother through the city and occasionally meting out social justice. Perhaps a powerful man who had strong-armed a merchant into giving him some of his wares would find that his bag would snag on the corner of a stall on the way home. No matter how hard he searched, he was a few coins short of what he had before. A week or two later the cheated merchant might find that his inventory count had been off, somehow miscounting in his favor. A homeless beggar finding a loaf of warm bread tucked against his side as he awoke. Precious moments that would bring him much comfort in remembrance, yet such pain.

Months before his eighth nameday he awoke to find his parents gone, the only trace of their existence being a short note they left along with a sealed letter addressed to the lalafellin trader. Upon receipt of the letter, the man informed Kyrrae that he would be his apprentice. Over the next two years Kyrrae rose in the esteem of the trader, becoming one of his main trade makers. But alas, he never recovered from the pain of his parent's abandonment. When by chance he discovered that drink could numb his pain, When the trader discovered it, he forbade him from it, but Kyrrae was not to be deterred. then drink he did. He was consumed by the basic desire for it, and his trades began to suffer as a result. One day while under the influence, he made yet another bad trade which resulted in a ten thousand gil loss, and the man had had enough. He turned Kyrrae out onto the streets, washing his hands of him. He turned to petty theft and pickpocketing to fuel his desire for drink, but quickly found that a drunken sneak is no sneak at all, spending several nights in the city gaol. He resigned himself to begging to support his addiction, and the next year became a blur, barely conscious much of the time as the alcohol took its toll on his young body.

The Sisters of Pleasure

After around a year of living on the streets, the combination of being in a drunken stupor along with exposure to the nightly elements had nearly spent his small body. Unconscious and delirious, he was found by a prostitute. She brought him back to the Sisters of Pleasure, which was the brothel that owned her along with the other six working girls there. They had compassion on him and took him into their quarters, and tried to nurse him back to health. Yet as the week turned into two, they found that simple remedies had little to no affect on him, and when he did awake he would slip away to find alcohol, gripped with a fierce craving. One night as he fell into a feverish delirious state once again, one of them took him to a goblin that treated them when they incurred the 'infirmities' that inevitably follows from the company of filthy men. After examining him, the goblin informed them that the reason he was not recovering was that his body was permeated with alcohol, and as long as it remained that way it would not be possible for him to recover. She offered them a cure of sorts, but warned them that it would cost them a great deal of money. She explained that it an alcohol absorbing, and expelling materia that was extremely rare due to the methods needed to produce it. Though it would not stop his craving for alcohol, it would eliminate any damage and effects it had on his body, and could allow him to break free from his dependence on it. The prostitute could not bear to watch him pass, and left him in the care of the goblin as she quickly returned and conferred with her sisters (for that is how they referred to each other). Though it would drain every gil they had saved, hoping to buy their freedom eventually, they could not bear to let him die. When the woman returned, the goblin operated on him and performed the surgery. She warned the sisters that if people knew what Kyrrae carried inside him, it could make him a target due to its value. In order to protect him, the Sisters lied to him and told him that they had taken him to a traveling goblin trader who had pity upon him and cast magick upon him which transformed him and gave him these new effects.

Under their care, he developed into much of the person he is today. Sex was a normal part of everyday life, and when he started feeling the urges that came with puberty, they educated him thoroughly. Not only on the physical pleasures and techniques, but also on how a woman should be treated with respect, not as a mere sex object. The brothel owner Edwier insisted that Kyrrae earn his keep by using his innate roguish abilities to spy on clients with potential for important information. Not only the clientele, but others as well, insisting that the knowledge he gathered was merely security against the corrupt and powerful of Ul'dah. The sisters as well listened for and coaxed whatever information they could out of the clients, making sure to be very subtle in order to not draw suspicion.

Edwier was never the most pleasant man, but neither did he seem excessively cruel. All he seemed to care about was the reputation of the establishment, and with it the steady stream of income it provided. His heartlessness was made most apparent in the middle of Kyrrae's seventeenth year, six months before the Calamity. Passing by Edwier's office, Kyrrae overheard him discussing in hushed tones his plan to sell the brothel grounds to retire into the country. His concern turned to panic as Edwier insisted that the sisters were not to be part of the bargain as he meant to sell them off individually to maximize profits. After the merchant had left, Kyrrae confronted Edwier and begged him to set them free, or at least sell them all as one so that they could have a chance to collect enough money to buy their freedom someday. Edwier scorned him and told him he would do as he damned well pleased. Sneering he told him that he may as well give up any hope of freedom; he meant to sell them on the black market to pirates! In a rage Kyrrae rushed at him, only to be thrown against the the wall with such force as to knock him unconscious.

Kyrrae awoke bundled in a cloth bag left to perish in the night on the desert sands outside of Ul'dah. When he freed himself, he rushed back to town to find that Edwier, and the sisters were already gone. He crept through the small towns and haunnts along the coast, listening for word of any illicit sales, or pirate activity, hoping to find them before they were sold, or at least clues to their fate. After several days of searching for news, he heard that an exchange of goods and slaves had been exchanged with an anonymous ship, departing immediately after. Traveling to Limsa Lominsa, he endeared himself to the underbelly of society with the purpose of catching a whisper of their ship, refusing to give up hope on the closest family he had ever known. For months he searched but any lead he ever followed ended in a dead end. It was if they and the pirates that possessed them had vanished. As he was beginning to despair of ever finding them again, Dalamud descended upon the Carteneau Flats and the world turned to chaos.

Beauty from Ashes

He resigned himself to the reality that his sisters must be dead, if not on the high seas, then from the chaos of and following the Calamity "Damn goblin!" was his common curse, bitter that the bottle could no longer provide him any refuge from his grief. But the years brought acceptance, and acceptance brought healing. After five years he resolved that it was his fault they were lost to him, and that he must learn how to protect the ones that he learned, lest they be taken by him by force. He returned at long last to Ul'dah and enlisted in the Pugilist's guild. After a short time he joined the Echo Knights, a group of adventurers that took him in as family. Of many backgrounds, they believed in leaving the past where it lay and taking hold of the bright future together for the good of Eorzea. He drifed in and out of their life, practicing hard, but always keeping in contact and company when he could.

He made progress at the pugilist's guild learning techniques at an astounding rate. Within several months, he had been recommended to a lone Monk living in the Northwestern Shroud. The monk was preparing to return to Ala Mhigo in the next couple months, and so in order to learn all he could, Kyrrae went through an intensive training program, practicing until his body would collapse from exertion. He would then take several days to recoup in Gridania, and then return once again, determined to learn as much as possible while he was able. By the time the monk had departed, Kyrrae was left with a strong foundation of many techniques of the Fists of Rhalgr.

While in Gridania, he spent his recovery period pursuing conjury, thinking to train his mind while his body rested. Though grasping the initial concept, he failed to grasp the most important concept of conjury, to lean on nature for your power. Instinctively he leaned on himself for strength, and quickly found that he drained himself of energy within a handful of basic spells. He spent his time learning the concept of the spell, only casting but one or two a day, in order to not infringe on his recovery from his martial training. Once the monk had moved on Kyrrae attempted to continue in conjury, but to his chagrin found that no matter of training would increase the amount or intensity of his spells without suffering proportional side effects of the mana consumption.

Within the next couple months, a chain of events unfolded that revealed to him that the Sisters had indeed met with a mortal fate years before, save one. Chiri was a feisty lalafell that had been the guiding figure of the Sisters, and the witness of their fate said she was not among them during their demise. He began to search throughout Eorzea for any hint or sign of her, holding little hope of finding her again, but resolving that he must try. However fate smiled upon him as after several weeks he heard word of a particular band of Coeurlclaws in the South Shroud that had amongst them a lalafellin of growing reputation known as Chiri Thundershot. These bandits had garnered enough attention for their misdeeds that the Twin Adders had placed a bounty on their elimination. Fearing that if this was indeed her, he would lose her yet again, he approached the Adders as a mercenary. He persuaded them to take down the bounty for a week under the condition that he would bring them in himself for half the price. With the assistance of friends and associates within the Echo Knights, they tracked down the band, and subdued them. They pacified Chiri Thundershot and from the moment he met her, he knew that they had been reunited at last. They spirited her away before the Adders arrived leading them to believe that Chiri had escaped amongst the conflict. He assured her that there was nothing they could do for the bandits that had become her family, and convinced her to make her life with him, laying low for a few days until the Adders had given up on searching for her. Their unexpected reunion rekindled old feelings between them, and they became lovers as she re acclimated to the ways of civilization.

Weeks later, he became inspired to learn the art of defense with a blade and shield, realizing that his martial prowess was a purely offensive ability. Since his goal is to defend, he began taking lessons from the gladiator's guild, determined to be able to shield his friends from harm, not just attack those that would hurt them. Once again he learned at an astounding pace, spending every moment of his day in practice. After a month and a fortnight, his teachers recommended that he seek tutelage under the Sultansworn of Ul'dah , recognizing that he had no interest in the conflict of the coliseum. He apprenticed under a paladin by the name of Leeroy who taught him to draw the enemies attacks in a way that he could either dodge, flustering them until he had an opening, or baiting their attacks onto his shield to manipulate their energy to his own uses.

Over time, Kyrrae no longer felt at home with the Echo Knights. The members he was closest to had gone their own ways, and under new leadership, the Echo Knights were growing into an organization where he no longer felt at home. When they merged their charter under a larger mercenary organization known as Cerberus, Kyrrae felt it was time to move on.

He and Chiri divided their time between Ul'dah and the Marauder's Guild in Limsa where he was learning how to use a hand axe he had fondly come into possession of recently. After teaching the basics of how to wield it, they recommended he apply to the Vylbrand Academy for additional tutelage where he remains a steadfast member. After a period of several months Leeroy had completed the teaching of his techniques to Kyrrae and bid him good luck, assuring him that the only thing remaining for him to learn could only come from practice.

Currently Kyrrae is dividing his studies between various studies at the Academy and the Arcanist's Guild. He has recently become obsessed with Arcany upon learning that it is a magick that had little draw on his meager mana pool.

AFter a volatile dispute over Chiri's opposition to Kyrrae's avid study of arcany, he and Chiri parted ways for a time. A painful experience for both of them, over the next month Kyrrae decided to swear off relationships and live as he had most of his life, from bed to bed, breaking off his romantic relations with Chiri for good, and likely breaking her heart in the process. At the same time however, he had felt a drawing towards another academy member. He resisted his temptation to pursue any such feelings, resolving to keep things friendly, confident that any such feelings would fade away in time. However, after a series of events around Valentione's Day, Kyrrae and Satomi Hakase decided that rather than ignore their common chemistry, they would see where it could lead, though taking it slow for both their sakes. Though a foreign thing for Kyrrae, it warms his heart, and he looks forward to the times that they are able to spend together.

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