Liam Steele

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 Liam Steele
Race Hyur
Clan mixed
Citizenship Gyr Abania
Age 19
Height & Weight 5 fulms 11 ilms, 175 ponz
Occupation freelance, hired help
Nameday 20th Sun of the 4th Astral Moon
Main Job MCH
Other Jobs BRD
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Machinist: The youngest Steele brother has always hated and admired the Garlean Empire and their magitek monstrosities while fighting them in the streets of a homeland under siege. After acquiring his first hand cannon, Liam cooperated with the local militia to fight back and end the Garlemald occupation, to little avail. After losing his weapon. all of his friends and fellow freedom fighters in a botched mission, his brothers stole Liam away to lower Eorzea. Even having lost everything, Liam still obsessed over magitek, often claiming that if it were in the hands of the Eorzean Alliance, no one would be able to conquer the realm ever again. Working alongside a garlean defector, Jyrrus, Liam has gathered enough magitek to attempt to create a dreadnought cannon to rain fire from an airship. His obsession led him to even capture a magitek armour, Electroheart, and seize nearly enough parts to create his own pistol. Until all the parts are found, Liam can also rely on his bow and arrow, a skill taught to him by his father back in Ala Mhigo. Liam is best suited in the back of fights but will not show fear if he accidentally winds up in the vanguard. The secret truth is Liam's fear of death, and ranged fighting is the best way to fight for his countrymen and keep the reaper at bay.


1. Miqo'te ears.
2. New drinks.
3. Combat.
4. Hot Cocoa.


1. Beards.
2. Spiders.
3. Paladins.
4. Affectionate Nicknames.


1. Hot-headed.
2. Arrogant.
3. Loyal.


Alignment: Chaotic Good
Favorite Food: Steak and popotoes.
Favorite Drink: Honey mead
Favorite Color: Dark blue
Voice & Face-claim: Chris Pine
Orientation: Homosexual
Deity: Rhalgr, the Destroyer


Leofric Steele - father
Marie Steele - mother
Landon Steele and Leif Steele - older twin brothers

Being born from a Highlander father and a Midlander mother, it would seem like all the Steele kids would take on more of their mothers features physically. However, their battle prowess from Disciples of War would be undeniably present within all three kids thanks to their father and the training that they had put all of them through. This was done so that the children would be able to protect themselves against the overtaking Garlean Empire when the situation warrants for it.

Their father Leofric is a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to Disciples of War. He is proficient in wielding the sword and shield, lances, axes, bow and arrow, daggers, and even bare fists as he is also proficient in close quarter combat. As the Steele kids were growing up, Landon was taught the sword and shield, Leif was taught how to use daggers, and Liam was taught archery. Leofric was a strict teacher to the arts he was teaching the kids in order to ensure that they could survive on their own should they have to fight The Empire.

Their mother Marie, however, is a skilled arcanist and healer. Secretly, she was also teaching the healing arts to Landon since, at the time she subliminally introduced it to her children, he seemed to have been the only one who showed any proficiency at it. At first, their father was kept out of the loop from this and he was upset that he didn't know. He would warm up to the idea later on, however, agreeing that there should be at least one of them who knew how to mend and heal wounds.


•Liam boasts a mild athletic build and fair features make up his youthful face. A Jagged tattoo remains on his right cheek as a memento from his guerilla fighting days in Ala Mhigo as apart of the nameless rebellion. His light blond hair and blue eyes complete the rest of his face. Liam does have a case of Heterochromia where one eye is slightly lighter than the other, yet because Liam keeps his hair long, his bangs cover this fact. The youngest Steele is shorter in height than his older twin brothers, something he has resented since childhood. Most of his genes he apparently inherited from his mother instead of his father. More than a few times have strangers thought Liam was a girl at first glance. Mentioning this is dialogue will earn a -10 approval rating from Liam, no matter his relationship with the player.


•People who are introduced to or meet Liam for the first time will first off notice that the man lacks social graces. Often coming across as blunt, rude, and sometimes offensive, especially to non-hyurs, Liam does and says what he wants to anyone regardless of stature. Pugnacious by nature and the first to audibly scoff at something he finds distasteful, the Ala Mhigan is also well acquainted with sudden tavern and street brawls which he either instigated or found himself in the middle of after saying the wrong thing to another. Liam finds that life is best lived at arms length from people anyway. Acquaintances are only strangers who now have an easier time to stab one in the back and friends will only cause you grief and sorrow when they leave you. This belief was brought to life after Liam lost all of his friends of the nameless rebellion back home.

While he did eventually open himself up after coming to Eorzea and meeting a special person with beautiful green eyes, the youngest Steel closed himself up again after his special friend vanished; with Liam thinking him killed. Even though his green-eyed lover eventually reappeared, Liam refuses to allow himself to get close to another person and sabotages his own relationship with friends and family alike to maintain his solitary life.


•Born William Steele, Liam was once a cheerful, albeit, wild boy who grew up with his brothers and parents in Garlemald-occupied Ala Mhigo. Playing the part of the annoying little brother who knocked his brother's blocks across the floor and blamed it on someone else, Liam enjoyed a brief and happy childhood, considering the state of the city. His mother Maria once recounted that it was the occupation that made her son so cold, but in her wisdom, she understood why Liam acted as he did.

Liam refuses to go into detail over how he met Dagon and the nameless rebellion. After the youngest Steele pushed away the teachings of his father, whom he deliberately antagonized, Liam took it upon himself to be around Dagon as much as he could. Liam believed that this man and his nameless rebellion would free Ala Mhigo from the Garlean invaders. At first, Dagon would only allow Liam to watch and observe the brawls that the group had with the imperial soldiers because of Liam's young age. As the boy grew older and began to fight himself, Dagon allowed Liam to "officially" join the fighters. Liam learned how to fight with both his fists and small knives, but his style of fighting changed forever after he obtained a working magitek pistol from the corpse of a soldier. At first, the firearm was too heavy to aim from afar, and Liam attached a thin bayonet on the end of the gun barrel which he would stab into a soldier's armour before firing. His ability to move lightly on his feet proved effective and his swiftness in the middle of combat gave him the ability to obtain a kill shot with only a single bullet for each opponent.

Everything changed however, when the group was ambushed in a warehouse by Garlean soldiers. Confusion and panic amidst gunfire and screaming made quick work of the nameless rebellion. Liam was only pulled away at the last moment by his brothers, Leif and Landon who had bags packed. Taking advantage of the chaos with a kicking and screaming Liam in tow, the brothers escaped Ala Mhigo and made for southern Eorzea.

Since then, Liam has had a cold look at the world, being wary of who he talks to and often wondering of their hidden agenda when they offer him kindness. There was one person Liam met who made him feel happy for the first time if a long time... but after thinking them dead for a moon, he has kept to himself and his small workshop in Ul'dah filled with scavenged magitek.


Some of these are true while others are not! Please feel free to add your own rumours under the Player section!

NPC Rumours

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"He called me a shrimp! It's n-not as if my stature is any fault of mine!" - Scholarly Lalafel
"Sure he was apart of the Flames. Eh? No... he left when... y'know. When everyone else did." - Exhausted-looking Flame Cadet
"Nah, this wine isn't his. I think he only drank wine that one time to impress someone." - Giggling Waitress

"No. He isn't one of our lot. Apart of some fool rebellion." - Grumpy refugee
"200 gil for public drunkenness, 500 gil for assaulting a sultansworn, 1,000 gil for uh, it just says 'Being an Arse'. Do you want me to go on? " - Pale-faced Brass Blade
"If'in he's gonna touch e'eryone's ears like that, he's gonna get bit!" - Yellow-clad miqo'te boy

"You cannot purchase that bird, ser. There is only a small amount of gil and papers to be signed before Benny, here, is sold to another." - Chocobo-Handler
"Haw haw haw! That lil' blue-eyed kid, yeah. Say what you like, lil' shite makes me rich!" - Jewel-covered Fatty
"Give him a break. He's seen and done things kids shouldn't mess with. Even he thinks he's a lost cause." - Dark-skinned Mercenary

Player Rumours

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  Romantic Interest     Platonic     Family     Good Friend     Friend     Acquainted     Disliked     Distant

Family: The family that was able to escape from Garlemald occupied Ala Mhigo where the three sons of the Steele family.

Landon Steele
Leif Steele

Romance: Liam is a romance option for a male character of any race. If the player is miqo'te, Liam will start the relationship with a +15 affection rating.

Liam will often boast about his lone-wolf mercenary life and that he doesn't need friends or lovers to make him happy. This is because of the tragedy before he left Ala Mhigo, where his entire group of friends and his mentor were killed in a Garlean ambush. Never wanting to experience the pain of losing someone close to him, Liam has decided to keep himself at arms length from the people he meets. Always wondering of the motives of a kind stranger, he always formulates a defensive strategy before shaking hands with a new "friend". The cool but rude Ala Mhigan native says what he wants, often coming across offensive and bratty. This works in Liam's favour, however, as he can still mingle as he likes without worrying of making attachments. That being known, the young mercenary does suffer from his lonely nights and an experienced charmer could find Liam coming out of his shell. Additionally, for people not interested in romance, dealing with Liam's attitude will make a loyal friend out of him.

J'sano Tia
Iska're Epocan
Sebastian Taylor
Kian Daas
Rhesh'sae Wahriltah
Kade Hyre
Oliver Blackwood
Romy Pendragon
S'imba Tia
Z'orica Nova
Mylene Wharf



Liam has a red-feathered chocobo named Baron and a large pack chocobo named Big Ben. When he found out Ben was actually a female chocobo, he changed her name to Bertha.
The hyuran machinist is obsessed with Garlean magitek and has created several carbines based on imperial designs. Only a small few have worked.
Liam rushes into many things without thinking, has experience with several jobs, and acts as if he's invincible in most brawls.


Castle of Glass by Linkin Park
No Scared by One OK Rock
Eternity by Nobuo Uematsu
Electroheart by Amaranthe
Power of Desire by Mic Sounders
Unbalenced Kiss from Yu Yu Hakusho




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