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Ul'dah-transparent.png Liliro Liro
Liliro Liro!.png
Welcome to the mischief's Coven, I'm Mistress Mischief!
Gender Female
Race Lalafell
Clan Dunesfolk
Citizenship Ul'dah
Age 20
Name Day 31st Sun of the 2nd Astral Moon
Beliefs Azeyma, the Warden
Occupation Owner of the Mischiefs Coven Tavern, Mistress Mischief in criminal ring.
Server Balmung
Sexual Orientation Bisexual



Name: Liliro Liro (Li-li-ro Li-ro)

Nickname: Many of her friends call her "Lilly"

Birthplace: Unknown

Age: 20

Marital Status: Taken

Sexuality: Bisexual

Class: Disciple of War- Rogue

Beliefs: Azeyma, the Warden


She is often wearing light cloth and leather, kept together with straps, her whole outfit is themed purple, and often has unique purple daggers, curved with a red hilt.


Height: She is quite short! What she lacks in height she makes up for in a bubbley and joyful personality, and can most likely "Kick your ass."

Weight: 22 ponz - She is quite skinny, She doesn't have bulging muscles but is physically fit due to her athletic lifestyle.

Complexion: Purple luminescent eyes, little button nose and fair, white complexion

Physique: She is quite skinny, and physically fit, her hair is always styled and her face clean.

Hair: She has Grape purple hair, which is nicely styled with curls, she has light purple highlights.

Eye Color: Regal purple.

Distinguishing Marks: She has no tattoos or marks on her face, her most distinguishing aspect would be her hair and eye colour.


She is quite a difficult to read, her thoughts remain a mystery however her emotions can easily bubble to the surface. She is quite good at acting, it comes in handy with her rebellious and slightly naughty nature. She is quite protective over those she cares about and can easily become someone quite hostile. She is trained in martial arts using daggers, A rogue at heart. She is kind hearted deep down however it takes a lot for her to show these feelings. You will often find her stalking around in the shadows, She likes to watch and observe, even with her close friends. She's now started a new enterprise, The mischiefs coven.



Her combat skills are focused in the use of Martial arts and daggers, She had been in training from a young age, before finally finishing recently, however there is always more to learn. She understands complete harmony and tranquility.


General Skills:

  • Acting
  • Ability to turn off emotions when needed
  • Witty
  • Use of daggers
  • Can cook really well

Combat Skills:

  • Uses daggers and her body via martial arts

Weapons Skills:

  • Daggers
  • Shortswords
  • Throwing knives
  • Body (hands, feet etc)

Social Skills:

  • Quite witty
  • Can often make light of situations
  • She can be a little blunt at times.
  • adorable in her own special way~
  • Can lie very well when needed
  • Can cook.

Athletic Skills:

  • very athletic, can jump, spin, kick, anything her body requires to win a fight, She is also quite flexable




  • People that are kind to her.
  • Tasty food
  • Friends
  • Fighting
  • Shiny things such as jewellery or Gil
  • Company
  • Spying on friends, potential targets.
  • Cooking


  • Dishonesty
  • Males who think they are stronger due to their gender.
  • People who play her emotions for their own gain
  • Those who are too serious
  • Fish


  • Whenever she feels like laying back and nothing, she will often go and spy on her friends, see what they are talking about or doing etc.
  • She can sing rather well, you have to be very special to hear her though!
  • Sparring
  • She likes to exercise often
  • To obtain trivial and sometimes useless information.
  • An amazing cook



Kasi Nebuko- This was an unexpected turn of events! Lili met this Miqo'te when she walked into her tavern looking for work. Lili employed her as her bodyguard and the two grew close. They spent a lot of time together and feelings begun to grow as Lili shared some of her fun hobbies with Kasi, and Kasi cooked her food. The two decided that their independence wasn't a hindrance, but infact pulled them closer, they've decided to start dating, and who knows what the future may have in store for this Budding couple.


Drilliendi endi- Liliro's older brother, he is believed to be deceased and Lili REALLY doesn't like to bring him up. If she does, you know things are getting serious


Memeli Meli- Liliro is has been on a couple dates with her. They spent most of their time just cooking pancakes because hell, who doesn't love pancakes?!

Strawberry Charlotte- An old friend of Lili's who is quite young! Miss Berry met her in the quicksand and the two quickly hit it off. Berry decided to 'adopt' her, effectively becoming Lili's "lil' sis"

Lulumina Lumina- Berry's older sister, Lili and her used to date for a while before ending things on good terms. Lulu lost her memory and Lili spent months helping piece back bit's of Lulu's broken mind. Lulu now works with Lili in her Free company.

Aanzo Dinzo- These two have been up down backward forward and are now.. not together, but it's complicated. She met him whilst she was a part of his FC, Trident. They don't talk sadly and Lili is sad about this.

Qhas'ir Mujuuk- A Mi'qote from Lili's old company Trident, they don't really talk much anymore due to the fact at one point he PLOTTED TO KILL HER. But thats all in the past, she's totally over it now. totally. over. it.

Kyra Tsukino- The leader of the Unsung Heroes Academy. They have met a few times and consider themselves good friends.

T'aeya Fhey- A young Mi'qote she met whilst staying at Harmony, and they are good friends.

Yashiax Ki'lari- Lili is uncertain about this one, one minute she wants to kill the witch, next minute she wants to befriend her.

Ququki Quki- A girl Lili once dated, she returned from a long vacation just recently, problem is she went on said vacation without telling Lili she was going on one!

Yushushu Yushu- A girl whom she met whilst working at the bismarck. Lili seems to like her but she seems to ask really personal questions, which annoys Lili from time to time.


Cassandra Lachance- A girl whom she has had more rows with than good memories. They currently aren't on speaking terms.

Renala Rena- Rena is a girl Liliro used to be in contact with, they dated for a while but didn't break up on good terms. Not many people know about her

Virara Wakuwa- She's unsure about this Lala, she acts weird and keeps giving Lili reasons to dislike her.



Common Rumors

  • "Apparently her brother is gone, but who knows for certain."
  • "I could have sworn I had more earrings before I spoke to her..."

Moderate Rumors

  • "She stole my bloody purse!"
  • I hear Mistress mischief killed some sailors..

Rare Rumors

  • She looks like Mistress mischief!

PC Rumors (Add whatever you want to dd here! be kind :3 )

"Its Lili! Nyahaha! She's super cute, fun to hang out with, treats me real well on dates~ There seems ta be more to her than meets the eye... But I ain't gonna say nothin' more!" - Memeli Meli
"... A smooth, quiet step. Controlled breathing. A cat? A thief? A reflection? Memeli seems happy with her... Memeli's wishes are absolute. She punched me in the nose when I was asleep. Why? But, I suppose should know her too." - Virara Wakuwa
"She took my eye, I deserved it. She let me give Renala peace, she deserved it. She has given me a chance with Ellie, we deserve it. She is fair, she will give you what you deserve. And if you try to stop her, no god or goddess' will save you from my the ire I will unleash on you." - Bebebop Bebop


Players encounters with Liliro.

I might have done something which some could consider a mistake. And while I don’t think it qualifies as one, I can understand it if it’s interpreted that way. For that reason, and because it might be seen as something that would affect all of you, I’m writing this letter.

Liliro Liro is a Lalafell whose acquaintance I made at the Quicksand. Beyond that, I can’t remember the circumstances of our first meeting, save for the fact that I found her quite charming. She did seem somewhat mysterious, but I wasn’t bothered by it, I’m not the most forthcoming of people either. She was friendly, quite well-mannered and easy to converse with despite her apparent shyness.

Our second meeting took place right at the entrance to the society’s property. It was the night of the Starlight party. Ennara was present, as well as Nanapo, Locke, Laucatre, and two others that I can’t recall. I’d stepped out to get some fresh air when I spotted Liliro. I immediately welcomed her in. I’m fairly sure I asked her what she was doing there, but all I know is that her answer seemed harmless to me, just as she did.

Liliro sat on one of the sofas, next to Locke. I’d offered to help Ennara with the bartending, as she’d been on her feet for quite a while. Plus I thought it would be best to leave the Lalafell to mingle, so I left her to it. That didn’t happen, however. She simply sat, and watched. According to Locke, at one point she whispered something into a linkpearl. A few minutes later she asked us if she could use the restroom, and she disappeared into the hallway leading down to it.

She disappeared, and that was the last we saw of her. I can’t recall how long it took us to notice her unusually long absence. Admittedly, I may have been been slightly tipsy by then. Regardless, Ennara eventually went to check if the girl was ok, only to find that she was gone, the restroom window had been left open.

Upon hearing this, I simply attributed it to her shyness, but as we talked, and Locke told us about her behaviour, we became more and more suspicious of her intentions. We carried on with the party, but we agreed that we would have to get more information about her. While I was initially not all that concerned, I began to obsess about it in the days that followed, especially seeing as I had been the one to invite her in, the responsibility was mine.

Days passed before I once again spotted Liliro wandering through the streets of Ul’dah. As luck would have it, I wasn’t seen and was able to follow her. I carefully tailed her to the Arrzaneth Ossuary, and watched her as she prayed for her brother and gathered some of his belongings. Afterwards, she made her way to the Goblet. I wasn’t quite sure at this point if I’d truly managed to remain unseen. Stealth isn’t my forte. It occurred to me that she might simply be leading me into a trap, and so I called for help over the linkshell. As luck would have it, Ennara and Locke responded and quickly joined me.

Meanwhile, Liliro had led me - unknowingly or not - to a canal, where she began fishing. There was a tunnel no more than 10 yalms away, that went underneath an overpass, and the street running along the canal was mostly hidden from sight from passersby. A good place to have a conversation that might turn sour, I thought. I approached Liliro as Ennara took up position by the tunnel, in plain sight, her bow at the ready. Locke remained hidden nearby.

The conversation was civil. At first. I tried to give her enough rope to hang herself, but she maintained the facade of innocence, pretending to be unaware of what I was trying to get at. I’m not a particularly patient person, so I just outright asked her what she had been doing at the party, and I started pressing her for an answer. The threat of being shot by Ennara surely helped, because she ended up confessing that she’d joined the party to do recon, her ultimate objective had been to rob us. According to her however, she doesn’t steal from friends or other Lalafells, so she left after she spotted Nanapo.

Neither Ennara or I were satisfied with the confession. It sounded like a half-truth, at best. But Liliro made it quite obvious that she’d called for help as well, that she wasn’t the one who was outnumbered. Bluff or not, there were plenty of places where others could be lying in wait, and the conversation was certainly going no further without the use of violence. I didn’t think there would’ve been anything to gain from that, so I simply told her what would happen if she tried to hurt any of us. And with that, we left the girl to her fishing.

About a week later, I bumped into Liliro in Ul’dah. She was acting as though nothing had happened. In fact, she asked me out of the blue if I could dance or sing, because she was planning a party and she needed performers. My response was less than civil. The one thing I knew about her that truly seemed genuine was her concern for her brother, and so I started pushing her buttons. Liliro soon snapped at me, but her reaction wasn’t at all violent. She was simply frustrated, exasperated. She was angry that I was treating her that way. She told me that what a person does for a living doesn’t define them.

The conversation went on and on, I won’t bother you with the details. The gist of it is, Liliro had a difficult life, stealing was all she ever learned to do well, and so that’s what she does. According to her, she generally tries not to rob people who don’t deserve it though. Which is somewhat different from her earlier “no friends or Lalafells” restriction, but there you have it. I still don’t think it justifies what she did. And some parts of her story seem improvised. But I was able to finally see something true in the midst of all the lies. At this point, I have no reason to believe that she’s anything more than a thief.

I’m not perfect. This is not a confession, and I’m certainly not going to tell you all the story of my life, it’s none of your concern. But I’m most definitely not perfect. And perhaps for that reason, I can empathize with the girl, despite her questionable choice of occupation. Regardless, I simply told her that I would stay out of her way as long as she didn’t bother any of you ever again. And before I turned my back on her, I made it perfectly clear to her that I was not her friend.

This brings us to that which might be seen as a mistake.

I participated in this drinking contest, a few nights ago. While victory eluded me, defeat was still immensely entertaining, as you may imagine. Being in quite a good mood, I was talking to one of the other contestants after I had been ‘eliminated’, so to speak. That’s when Liliro came traipsing down the stairs that lead down into the basement. She was wearing this lovely flowing pink dress with ribbons, which is definitely an unusual attire for her. Now, I don’t have any sort of attraction for Lalafells, but it’s true that they’re generally considered to be ‘cute’, given their height and mannerisms in general. And I suppose one could say that I, in my inebriated state, found myself feeling the same way.

The point is, I was friendly. And before the more devious of you interpret that in a sexual way, that is most certainly not what I mean. I simply reacted to her the same way one reacts to a kitten. And that is about as much detail as I’m willing to share. In any case, she ended up walking me back to the society’s house, and I crashed on one of the sofas. Coraliza and Gin both saw us coming in, Liliro and I talked to them briefly before she left. I understand that some of you might consider this to have been reckless on my part, but what might seem reckless was in fact a calculated risk. Making friends with a thief could prove useful in the future. I was also prepared to take full responsibility in case she happened to steal something. Which she clearly hasn’t, seeing as this happened about a week ago.

I have since had Liliro over for tea, and we had a pleasant conversation. I don’t think she will be any trouble from here on out. If I turn out to be wrong, I once again assure you that I take full responsibility.

I don’t believe I owe any of you anything more than this explanation. If you feel differently, you know where to find me.