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Mistress Mischief
"The Coven is my family."

Name... Liliro Liro
Alias... Lili
Age... 22
Race... Lalafell
Clan... Dunesfolk
Orientation... Bisexual
Marital... Married
Deity... None
Nationality... Ul'dahn
Occupation... Leader of the Mischiefs Coven
Alignment... Chaotic Evil

Lili is a young, short Lalafellian girl. Her eyes a deep purple which match her long, flowing, well-kept hair. Her face is fair and mark free, she seems very well groomed.

She is quite a difficult to read, her thoughts remain a mystery however her emotions can easily bubble to the surface. She is quite good at acting, it comes in handy with her rebellious and slightly naughty nature.

She is quite protective over those she cares about and can easily become someone quite hostile. She is trained in martial arts using daggers, A rogue at heart. She is kind hearted deep down however it takes a lot for her to show these feelings. You will often find her stalking around in the shadows, She likes to watch and observe, even with her close friends.

She's now started a new enterprise, The mischiefs coven.

Scars & Markings: None to mention as of yet!

Eye Colour: Purple

Height: She is quite short! What she lacks in height she makes up for in a bubbley and joyful personality, and can most likely "Kick your ass."

Weight: 22 ponz - She is quite skinny, She doesn't have bulging muscles but is physically fit due to her athletic lifestyle.

Complexion Purple luminescent eyes, little button nose and fair, white complexion

Lili is a bouncy energetic young girl, her personality differing depending on situation, when she is around her family and loved ones? She's happy, carefree and a joy to be around! However her temper can soon take flight when needs be, turning into a cold, collected and ruthless Woman. She is generally an evil person deep down, and enjoys all things criminal. But she always looks after her own.

  • Cookies
  • Criminal activity
  • Stealing
  • Family
  • Her Wife


  • Being Underestimated
  • Vigilantes
  • Two-faced people


  • Losing her Wife and Family


  • Favorite Food: Cookies
  • Favorite Drink: Red Wine
  • Favorite Colour: Regal Purple
  • Favorite Book: "The Black book"

Color Key
In A Relationship: Name is romantically involved with this character.
Friend: Name considers this person her friend.
Good Standing: Name has no specific feelings about this character, however they left a good impression.
Neutral: Name has no specific feelings about this character.
Bad Standing: Name has no specific feelings about this character, however they left a bad impression.
Dislike: Name doesn't consider this person a friend, and will talk if needed, but try to avoid them.
Family Member: This character is related by blood to Name.
Business: This character is either an Name's employer, employee, or coworker.
Deceased: This character has passed away.
? Hidden Feelings/Unknown: This character has one of all the color keys above, but Name isn't fully aware of it yet.

Player Characters

Kasi Nebuko - Wife
This was an unexpected turn of events! Lili met this Miqo'te when she walked into her tavern looking for work. Lili employed her as her bodyguard and the two grew close. They spent a lot of time together and feelings begun to grow as Lili shared some of her fun hobbies with Kasi, and Kasi cooked her food. The two decided that their independence wasn't a hindrance, but infact pulled them closer, they've decided to start dating. Kasi soon moved in and begun helping her run the Coven, and after a few long months, they got married. Kasi is Lili's most important person, and forever will be."
Y'rhenasi Jadel ? - Head of Tavern Operations
Lili took this young girl in, and indentured servant whom was paying off a debt of 3million, sold to Lili by her former master. Rhen worked hard and tried her best to keep her head down. Lili saw this as an opportunity to train some fresh blood in the ways of the underworld, so took Rhen under her wing, and has begun teaching her the ways of the Coven, the criminal life. Slowly but surely turning the poor innocent girl into a black-hearted criminal.
Conor'ra Vukoja - Ex member
Lili had her eyes set on Conor from the moment he joined and couldn't say the word "Mistress." She watched and observed him, taking note of his reserved and private lifestyle. Over time Lili gained Conor's trust and loyalty, and is pretty certain at this point that he will follow her wherever she shall go. On the say before Lili's wedding he asked her for his favor, to promote him, lili admired the mans drive, and promoted him then and there. He later left, for reasons unknown.
Z'mona Talmarin - Coven Member
Z joined a while back, when he was dating a fellow member named Rosah, he's quite adept with swords and has high aspirations, he's usually chirpy and level-headed but the departure of Rosah has left him lost, with only the bottle and pills to turn to. Lili is keeping a watchful eye over him.
Komachi Kabuto - Coven member
Komachi or "Koma" for short is one of the longest Coven members to date, around even since before Kasi. Therefore this undying loyalty has earnt Lili's trust and favor towards the Au Ra girl. She's recently begun dating Z, Lili is hoping this will steer him back towards the right path again.
Rhaya Bajhiri - Coven Member
Rhaya is a relatively new addition to the Coven, our own Resident healer! She has recently refurbished the infirmary and is working tirelessly to ensure everyone is fit and healthy.
The Black Bison - Coven Member
An Ex pirate who decided to join up on land with a bunch of crooks... The infamous Black Bison. He likes to drink, fight, loot and be merry, he's quite an old folk, quite wise about the ways of the world. Lili thoroughly enjoys having him around.
Illust Days - Coven Member
Illust is currently the only other Lalafell in the Company... and of course that makes Lili especially drawn towards her. She often teases the girl, getting her to dance or bring Lili cookies. But truth be told thats all so Lili can have more interaction with the little Herbalist, she wants a lala friend!
R'adebh Pinhadra - Coven Member
Another Resident healer, although focuses more on the tavern operations side of things. She helps Run the Tavern working under Rhen to keep things running smoothly
K'ym Bhoyo - Coven Member
K'ym is another Ex/current pirate who has signed on with the Coven, she also enjoys Rum, looting, wenches and merriment. She loves a good fight and is a real spring dodo at heart.
Rarakumo Nonokumo - Contractor
Rara came to the Coven seeking work as an out-of-employment contractor, Lili sent him on a mission to rob a company house full of riches, which he did very well! He currently runs a procurement facility out in the Goblet, and Lili's knows she can count on him to come running should she ever come calling.
Strawberry Charlotte - Adopted sister
An old friend of Lili's who is quite young! Miss Berry met her in the quicksand and the two quickly hit it off. Berry decided to 'adopt' her, effectively becoming Lili's "lil' sis.
Drilliendi Endi - Dead brother
Liliro's older brother, he is believed to be deceased and Lili REALLY doesn't like to bring him up. If she does, you know things are getting serious

Some of these rumors are untrue, speculation, or are greatly exaggerated. Please feel free to add your own rumors under the Player Character category!


◢ Common Rumors - Easily overheard. Use these freely!

    "She Runs a Tavern out in Lavender beds!"
    "She's married and has a lot of loyal staff"
    "She looooves the color purple"

◢ Uncommon Rumors - A little more difficult to hear. Use sparingly or ask first!

    "Apparently you can get a meeting with her by ordering a bloody mary"

◢ Rare Rumors - Very rarely overheard. Please ask before using!

    "She's Evil"
    "She runs a criminal organisation!"


◢ Player Character Rumors - Feel free to add rumors of your own!
"Never intended to have a mate but here I am. We may often walk different paths, but we always come to meet in the middle, I love her." Kasi Nebuko

Personal RP Limits

I will play Pretty much anything as long as there is good OOC communication throughout!

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"The Coven is my child, I am the Mother."