Lolohala Memehala

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Ul'dah-transparent.png Lolohala Memehala
Race Lalafell
Clan Dunesfolk
Citizenship Ul'dah
Nameday 9th Sun of the 3rd Umbral Moon
Guardian Oschon, the Wanderer
Free Company N/A
Occupation Ossuary Thaumaturge


  • Name: Lolohala Memehala (LOH-loh-hah-lah MEH-meh-hah-lah)
  • Age: 26
  • Gender: Male
  • Height: 3 fulms
  • Weight: 42 ponz
  • Romantic Status: Single
  • Place of Birth: Ul'dah
  • Current Residence: Ul'dah
  • Skills: Thaumaturgy, Map-making, Cooking, Smiling.


Lolohala is a tan Dunesfolk of middling height with no overly striking features. Of note are his rather short ears and the cataract in his right eye, causing it to be a much lighter green than his left. His hair is a deep crimson that ranges to light flame-red at the tips, and it is pulled into a small ponytail at the back. His bangs are long and cover the small peridot gemstone set at the center of his forehead. There is a consistent pinkish blush to his cheeks, almost as though burned-in.




While generally very mature in his behavior and outlook, Lolohala is prone to excitement when things go especially well for him. Cheering, clapping, and eagerly jumping about are not uncommon expressions of joy for this man. He has a habit as well of inventing words for things, which thoroughly confounds those unfamiliar with him and his tendencies.

Personal Quotes


Family (NPCs unless otherwise noted)

  • Lolopapa Memepapa - Paternal Grandfather! As well as the patriarch of the family. Everybody looks up to "Ol' Papa" as the family's storyteller. Why, there was this one time when he was out pickin' him some berries in the Shroud, when all'a sudden...
  • Lolodada Memedada - Lolohala's father, also a thaumaturge...or a retired one, anyway. These days he mostly just cooks and sleeps.
  • Epepi Epi - Lolohala's mother, the daughter of a wealthy merchant and a migrant farmer. They say Lolohala has his mother's face, and his father's knack for magic. Also his mother's utter failure at aiming, unfortunately.
  • Pepepi Pepi - Lolohala's older sister, and one of two twins. Ran off to Gridania to practice Conjury. They say she's made quite a name for herself these days as a professional adventurer-wrangler.
  • Dododi Dodi - Pepepi's identical twin. While Pepepi found her calling in Conjury, Dododi found hers in Arcanima. Mostly she keeps to herself, though she does send letters now and then regaling the family of her many exciting adventures.
  • Bebenola Pepenola - Lolohala's younger brother and the second-youngest of their family. Spends most of his time at home taking care of the parents.
  • Totoruki Memeruki - The "baby" of the family, though he's technically an adult. He actually owns a small diner near Sapphire Avenue and it's become mildly successful, courtesy many delicious family recipes.

Free Company

Other Relations

  • C'sanhsa Tia - They met in Ul'dah one day, though Lolohala doesn't remember the encounter overly well.
  • Naoh'ra Ohndai - A somewhat flighty apprentice thaumaturge with weird customs and the ability to read ridiculously fast, apparently! Lolohala is not quite sure what to think of him yet.


  • Because of his cataract, his depth perception frequently fails him, which leads to the occasional misfired spell or two.
  • His voice is particularly high in pitch for his age. This, partnered with his long hair and somewhat-effeminate features, has strangers sometimes mistaking him for female.
  • He owns a red female chocobo named Viviki Viki. From whence he drew this name is currently unknown.

Rumors(Feel free to add your own!)

  • "He grabbed my tail once and then said he could turn me into a toasted miq'abob, were he so inclined. I like him!" -C'sanhsa Tia