C'sanhsa Tia

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 C'sanhsa Tia
Gender Male
Race Miqo'te
Clan Seeker of the Sun
Citizenship Unaffiliated
Place of Birth Thanalan
Guardian Byregot
Nameday 16th Sun, 2nd Umbral Moon (Age: 23)
Marital Status Single
Occupation Architect/Builder
Pronunciation Kah-sahn-sah Tee-ah

Basic Info

"Anything can be built with the right materials and enough determination."

C'sanhsa is a Tia of the Coeurl clan. Or, rather, was. He is fond of his name, but he no longer aligns himself with his Seeker clan.


Height: 68.2 ilms.

Weight: 152 ponz.

Complexion: Light, but covered in facepaint, scars, markings.

Hair: Lighter brown.

Eyes: Left dark green. Right purple.

Voice: Light and lilted, with fire when discussing architecture. Deeper than one might expect.

Clothing Style: Unfashionable and mismatched armour when working, comfortable cloth and leather when resting.

Laterality: Ambidextrous



  • Building, drawing buildings, planning buildings, thinking about buildings, dreaming about buildings.
  • Chocobo care. Surprisingly, C'sanhsa often cares for his friends' chocobos at their stables if he has the time.
  • Music. There's always a new rhythm or beat to come up with while working.


  • Talking on and on about his work.
  • Expending all of his energy on a hard day's work.
  • Drawing, painting, art!
  • Laying in the grass on a sunny day.
  • Coming up with new and interesting designs.
  • Chocobos!


  • Tough or overcooked popotos.
  • People who live in the spur of the moment.
  • Those who disregard the work and effort that goes into building and maintaining a house.
  • Having his snoozes interrupted.
  • Brothels.
  • Elezen.


  • Color: Indigo
  • Food: Popoto soup
  • Drinks: Sparkling water
  • Scent: Fresh-cut grass and/or lumber.
  • Place: Lavender Beds.


  • To better his skills as an architect and become the best in all the land.
  • To build a house without a single flaw.
  • To find somewhere he is comfortable settling down.
  • To eventually move on from his past and not have it follow him around anymore.


He is not devout to Azeyma, the Coeurl's patron deity. He does however believe that he owes a lot of his talent and skill to Byregot, and is appreciative as such.



  • Bobs his head rhythmically while working.
  • Terribly lightweight when it comes to alcohol.
  • Lays around on the grass in his house to dry off after bathing.


  • Isn't very good at saying 'no' to someone when they want something from him.
  • Prone to daydreaming and rambling at length.
  • Will work beyond what is necessary, to and past the point of exhaustion.


  • Not being good enough.
  • Being shunned by those he cares about.
  • Losing friends.


  • Building. Building, building, building. If you need something built, there is no better Seeker for the job.
  • Drawing. With a penchant for architecture, it just wouldn't make sense if the miqo'te wasn't quite skilled with a quill and a ruler.


Compared to the scholars and researchers of Eorzea, C'sanhsa isn't exactly the most intelligent, but he is very knowledgeable in terms of architecture, at least.

Abilities and Skills


Pitiful in combat, from past experience. Not much of a fighter.


No proficiency.


Skilled in carpenty and masonry, and occasionally dabbles in leatherworking, clothcraft and metalcraft.

Family and Relationships

  • C'telyhe Nunh: Father. Always felt distant from him, and has not visited since the Calamity. Likely still alive, but also likely would want nothing to do with him.
  • C'senha Telyhe: Twin sister. Has not seen since the Calamity. Uncertain if even still alive.


  • Mhastoum Greingohtsyn: One of C'sanhsa's closest friends. They met shortly after the Calamity in Ul'dah, rebuilding the city in wake of Bahamut's destruction. Was called upon to build the Gullwings estate, and did so. Loves talking with the big guy, getting big bara hugs and watching his various fashion changes.
  • Aran'sae Dia: One of his favourite clients. Wanted a home in the Lavender Beds, was receptive to new ideas, allowed him freeform planning on the plot, easily flustered, all the boxes checked! Though he does enjoy hanging around the Gullwings' leader, Aran'sae can occasionally be too harsh and aggressive for his liking, especially as of late.
  • T'kehe Tia: They've only briefly acquainted, but C'sanhsa always likes someone with a healthy appreciation for architecture. He wouldn't mind talking more.
  • Tikka Swift: Though they only met once, C'sanhsa quite likes the dashing rogue. He was quite fascinated with her and her small Sandcastle, enough to chat with her over soup on a night he expected to eat alone on. Wouldn't mind chatting with more!
  • Jihan Rowe: C'sanhsa was quite drawn in by the other Seeker's bubbly, carefree nature. He suspects there's more to him than meets the eye, but the conversation at the time was mainly focused on the peculiar sand golem at the table.
  • Lolohala Memehala: Had an interesting discussion about architecture, debauchery and relegating attributes into a point system. He is not quite sure what to think of the merchant, but they parted on friendly terms.
  • Nathaniel Rhys: Though distracting him from his work, C'sanhsa found Nathaniel very pleasant to be around. Definitely appreciates Nathan's concern for him, and likes hanging out with him. Still worried that the poor Seeker has problems that he won't much talk about. Oddly jealous that Aran'sae seems to be favouring him lately.
  • Xia'li Atahsi: Though his grumpy attitude is off-putting (though strangely familiar), C'sanhsa doesn't mind the Keeper's company. He seems like he's got some warmth under that icy coat.


  • Mipije Papije: Observed once or twice around the Gullwings, but never really spoken to. Seems energetic, at least!
  • Cesil North: Heavily hit on C'sanhsa and flustered him severely. He's not sure how to feel about it.


  • Clementain Mortique: There is no way C'sanhsa will ever willingly be near this man ever again.
  • Naoh'ra Ohndai: What's with this guy? He knocked over his freshly completed work AND was a huge ass about it. He tried to be friendly, but Naoh'ra wasn't having any of it.


Worked with the Gullwings on their free company's housing, and likes to associate with its members.

Rumors (feel free to add!)

Note: Rumors here may be true or false.

● "He's a super good listener. I think if some strange crazy lady came up to ME while I was having lunch with a friend, along with her annoying little curse-golem, I'd either change tables or pretend I only spoke Chocobo. He bought me soup and invited me to stay." -Tikka Swift

● "C'sanhsa is... a very good friend. I sincerely do not know what I would do, should he ever cease speaking to me. However, if you tell him that, I will personally see that you have a reason to be scared for the rest of your days." ~Aran'sae Dia

● "He made a good tidbit on Miqo'te in my study, though that's as far as his usefulness went." -- Clementain Mortique

● "He's mad at me because the floor broke his lamp?" -- Naoh'ra Ohndai


Name and Lifestyle


  • "Sasa": A name used by his sister when they were younger.
  • "San": A name coined by Xia'li.

Current Residence

In the Lavender Beds.

Before Dalamud's Fall

Birth and childhood (0-10)

C'sanhsa was born before his time; he came into the world weak, quiet and shivering, a duo with his twin C'senha. Though he survived, it seemed to be the only thing he was good at. He clung to life with a tenacity rarely seen. His childhood years mainly consisted of strengthening his underdeveloped systems, learning to crawl and walk long after his siblings, save C'sehna. The tribe was supportive of them for a time, hoping to see them grow strong and mature into a well-oiled gear for the Coeurl tribe.

Teen Years

C'sehna and C'sahnsa grew together side-by-side, training, growing, bettering themselves.

On his twelfth name-day, as was tradition, C'sanhsa was sent out on the Coeurl's rite of passage. Not much was expected of him, and his celebration was not as spirited as others before or after. His clothes were embroidered, his weapons cobbled together, his dance performance approached acceptable, and he was cast out into the wilderness. On the same day, C'sehna set out on her trial. "Let's travel to Ul'dah. Together," she had said beforehand, tone hushed but excited. "Let's start our life fresh, somewhere our effort will mean something."

And so they did. The trial was over before it began, and the two set off from Eastern Thanalan.

Upon arriving in the wondrous city, the two were quickly offered a very profitable business venture. It isn't every day that young, eager Miqo'te twins stroll without purpose into the wilderness, after all, and Ul'dah is not a city to let such opportunities slide. Unfortunately for the two, it would not be something that they took on willingly. They languished in their newfound 'career' for years.

After Dalamud's Fall


C'sanhsa and C'sehna parted ways when they were 16 as the Calamity struck. Not of their own volition, mind you, Bahamut was simply very good at displacing those close to one another. Though both supposedly remained in Ul'dah, C'sanhsa has not seen his sister since Dalamud's fall. He has also not seen his former 'employer', and as such, the Seeker found himself without work. Luckily, shortly after the Umbral Era began, the city had much use for capable hands, and the boy was quickly snapped up for structural rebuilding. This made something click deep C'sanhsa's psyche, as if suddenly everything made sense. He had found his calling in life, and it lay in the foundation of the city itself. For the next several years, his body and soul was dedicated to honing and perfecting this beautiful artwork known as architecture.

A Realm Reborn (Present)

These days C'sanhsa spends his days building and repairing for whomever needs it. It's a fairly simple life, but it is very fulfilling. He enjoys making people's lives just that little bit cozier without that little hole in the roof, and sheltering people to begin with. Recently he has slowed down on his general work and has been focusing on the upkeep of one cottage in particular in the Lavender Beds.

Other Notes

Wanted for Interesting Roleplay

Any discussion on architecture or building!