Ludovoix Larille

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Gridania-transparent.png Ludovoix Larille
Gender Male
Race Elezen
Clan Wildwood
Citizenship Gridania
Age 25
Nameday 1st Sun of the 4th Astral Moon
Height 6 Fulms 7 Ilms
Profession Hunter, Freelance Carpenter
Patron Deity Azeyma, the Warden
Server Balmung

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  • Standing tall at 6 fulms and 7 ilms, Ludovoix is only slightly above average in height when it comes to male Elezen.
  • Ludovoix has azure blue eyes and light blonde hair that falls to his shoulders. He used to keep it slick and away from his face, but it eventually grew longer and he was never bothered to get it cut again.
  • He has an athletic build, gaining strength from woodcutting, carpentry, hunting beasts and ordinary animals. The latter, however, also requires him to be lean and agile. His physical state stands at a balance between the two traits.
  • He is comfortable with his body, almost always displaying body language which is relaxed. Not a clumsy person.


  • He is a fairly introverted individual, spending a lot of his time in solitude, though do not mistake this for being shy, as he is perfectly capable of walking up to someone and having a conversation. However, he prefers his own company, or that of a close friend.
  • Ludovoix is naturally curious, seeking answers to most things around him, often jotting down his findings in a journal.
  • Ludovoix is a kind person, but he isn't one to try and solve the world's problems, or help just anybody, nor is he one to out right ignore a crime if it involves a child or someone who's at a handicap to another; this could be in terms of size (Lalafell to Roegadyn), not only for disabilities. However, if it's a couple of adults arguing, fighting, or any number of things, he just won't care, walking away thinking it's too much trouble.
  • A confident person, he can sometimes as come off a little smug, though this really isn't his intention.


  • A habit of Ludovoixs, is writing down something he finds interesting, that or he sketches it out, his journal never too far from him and you'll most likely catch him with it.
  • He has a peculiar smile, often described as a ghost of smile, one were you believe you saw something, so you look back again to check and it's gone.
  • His hands are scarred from his days as a carpenter, a habit of his, is to absently scratch at them whilst talking to someone, though no one has pointed this out to him.


  • His religion is very loose, he chooses to worship Azeyma, the Warden, because she is the goddess of inquiry, inquiry being the process of resolving doubt, answering questions, something Ludovoix has many of. But he doesn't follow her in any strict sense, living out his life as he sees fit, without feeling bogged down by any religious responsibility.


  • Theme Music: [1]
  • Voice Clip: Coming at a later date.


Growing Up

  • Ludovoixs life growing up in Gridania was largely uneventful, a few interesting stories to tell, though those can wait for IC moments. He would often visit the amphitheatre growing up, going with his parents and his older brother, Louistiaux, to watch plays, or performances by bards and songstresses. At one point, he had realised he had a knack for archery, enrolling at the guild at an early age, his brother going the way of the lancer. This peaceful life continued, up until the Calamity.





  • Logic.
  • Hunting.
  • Music, especially music from a harpsichord or harp.
  • He's always had a love for nature, preferring it to claustrophobic places like Ul'dah.


  • He isn't too fond of Duskwights, having grown up as Wildwood, he was often around the racism the two races would throw at each other. Later in life, he ended up being subjected to a bad experience with a family of Duskwights. Though he isn't racist towards them, or hateful, he treats them carefully, avoiding them all together.


  • He had a fear of water for a long time, though that fear was recently abolished.
  • Ludovoix also holds a slight irrational fear of people, whilst he'll talk to people, he'll never get close to them, never let them see him on the inside, but he has recently started to try and come out of that habit.


  • Archery is his primary skill.
  • Carpentry would come in second, he can make a lot of different items, though he is far from a master.
  • With Ludovoix's keen eye and observational skills, his sketches are detailed, and easily impressive, making a close friend say that he could have become a well-known artist had he pursued such a path.
  • Lastly, would be Ludovoixs ability to play the harpsichord, a piano with two sets of keys, though he hasn't played in such a long time, he feels his skills in this area would be lacking.


  • MBTI Personality Type: ISTP (Introverted, Sensing, Thinking, Perceiving.)
  • Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual.
  • Favourite Food: Antelope Steak
  • Favourite Drink: Mulled Tea



  • Louistiaux Larille - Ludovoix's older brother, currently residing in Limsa Lominsa.
  • Hildie Larille - Hildie and Ludovoix don't spend a lot of time with one another, despite her being Louistiauxs wife, however, they have bonded over the last few years, creating an unspoken friendship between the two.
  • Mylene Wharf - Ludovoix met Mylene by Apkallu Falls in Old Gridania. Having never seen her around before, he was curious, approaching her and starting a light conversation. They continued to bump into each other, sometimes having lengthy conversations centered around his journal. These times they spent together made Ludovoix's curiosity grow, as he continued to learn little things about her. He tends to look forward to their next conversation, and now considers her a good friend, since after she and her friend Yonene Yone helped him overcome his fear of water, teaching him to swim when he ran into them at Costa Del Sol. Ludovoix found himself revealing some private memories of his to her, something he rarely does.


  • Diveroix Velmontis - A Duskwight he met at the Quicksand. Diveroix and Ludovoix didn't get along very well, their first few meetings amounting to nothing more than racial slurs and raised tempers. Soon afterwards, they had a fist fight, neither one coming out victorious, and the both of them ended up in a bush, being broken up by the guards. Meeting later, they decided it was pathetic to continue such a dispute and have now entered a neutral ground.



Common Rumours

  • "Ah, the young bow-hunter with golden hair. Yes, noticed him bringing Miounne some skinned gatherings or the like. Don't see him around often."
  • "I see him sitting by the falls, sometimes. Always seems to have a disinterested look on his face.."

Moderate Rumours

  • "He's that bloody troublemaker's younger brother, ain't he?!"
  • "I won against him in a shooting contest. He accepted the loss with sincere humility, really took it like a man. I respect that."
  • "I hate him. He's a showoff. He thinks he's above everyone else. He's led a better life than most, had better opportunities than most, but he don't got the right to look down on simple people like me!"

Rare Rumours

PC Rumours

  • "Ludovoix is.. a strange one. Speaking with him feels like taking a peek behind a door to a different world. I.. can't really wrap my mind around him, all I know that his presence is.. comforting." - Mylene Wharf
  • "I don't know why but he makes me feel like he is here to study me as a species..." - S'imba Tia

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