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Gene-Icon1.pngBirthName-Milly.png M'liliya Tzun.

Gene-Icon1.pngNicknames-Milly.png Milli, Lili.

Gene-Icon1.pngRace-Milly.png Seeker Miqo'te, Ala Mhigan.

Gene-Icon1.pngGender-Milly.png ♀ Female.

Gene-Icon1.pngAge-Milly.png Twenty Four Summers.

Gene-Icon1.pngNameday-Milly.png Born on the 10th Sun of the 6th Astral Moon.


Gene-Icon1.pngOrient-Milly.png Straight.

Gene-Icon1.pngResidence-Milly.png Manderville Hotel.

Gene-Icon1.pngOccu-Milly.png MGS Attendant, Thespian, Show girl.

Gene-Icon1.pngDeity-Milly.png Azeyma, the Warden.

Gene-Icon1.pngHeight-Milly.png 5 fulm, 3 ilms.

Gene-Icon1.pngPhysiqye-Milly.png Slim, Slender.


A warmhearted, happy and spirited young miqo'te woman with a delightful smile to sweeten even some of the most soured of folk. The cheerful arcade attendant is the picture of show biz and entertainment with her quirky choice in outfits, kooky nature and thespian talents to boot!

As a young refugee of Ala Mhigo, M'liliya fell into a traveling troupe of performers and it is there that her destiny upon the stage and beneath the spotlight had begun.

M'liliya believes herself to be both a healer of wounds and of hearts. As a budding astrologian who calls upon the stars as well as the luck of the Gold Saucer she is able to aid those in need if required. She of course does not interfere with the laws of fate and destiny within the Gold Saucer!

Her passion and soul is driven by the bringing of joyful tears and laughter and touching the hearts of the masses amidst trying times through her entertainment on the stage. She is hard-working, loyal and willing to help adventurers, common folk and pretty much anyone who may be in need.

Her efforts that involve the planning and presenting of charity events, volunteering at orphanages of Eorzea and recently beyond often merit her true kindliness and altruism.

M'liliya was not born gifted but she has spent most of her life diligently working to acquire the skills and honing the talents of a prestigious performer. She is known to always encourage others and the youngsters to believe that talent does not lie within the stars but within each and everyone's own heart.

In recent moons M'liliya has been undergoing training in the arts of the Red Mage and appears to be grasping the techniques rather quickly.


M'liliya has wavy locks of a pale pink-blonde colour often styled into two ponytails either side accented with two elegantly gilded barrettes however the style changes from time to time due to the requirements of a performer.

She has a tanned skin tone with an olive complexion, large doe-like deep midnight purple-blue colour eyes and a typically upturned miqo'te button nose.

Has two scars one either side of her face almost exactly mirroring one another. These are a reminder of a more bleak past time.

Usually her choice of attire ties in with her occupation at the Gold Saucer.

Always carries a deck of Triple Triad cards fashioned to correlate those of a standard astrologian card deck.

Her talent for playing musical instruments and singing are only well known within small communities that have watched M'liliya grow as a performer over the years. Her soft voice may not be the most powerful but seems to charm her audiences nonetheless.

The sword and crystal of the red mage and the astro-sphere that she possesses has been glamoured into a curious Gold Saucer type paraphernalia.

Her personal racing chocobo and loyal companion is named 'Chip'.

Voice: Soft and almost angelic with an airy rasp.


MiniMapMsqIcon.png Songwriting.
MiniMapMsqIcon.png Playwriting.
MiniMapMsqIcon.png Poetry.
MiniMapMsqIcon.png Costume Make Up.
MiniMapMsqIcon.png Chocobo Racing.
MiniMapMsqIcon.png Triple Triad.


MiniMapMsqIcon.png Dancing.
MiniMapMsqIcon.png Singing.
MiniMapMsqIcon.png Acrobatics.
MiniMapMsqIcon.png Flute.
MiniMapMsqIcon.png Harp.
MiniMapMsqIcon.png Astrology.


MiniMapMsqIcon.png Compassionate.
MiniMapMsqIcon.png Optimistic.
MiniMapMsqIcon.png Humble.
MiniMapMsqIcon.png Creative.
MiniMapMsqIcon.png Adaptable.
MiniMapMsqIcon.png Loyal


MiniMapMsqIcon.png Dreamer.
MiniMapMsqIcon.png Passive.
MiniMapMsqIcon.png Sensitive.
MiniMapMsqIcon.png Selfless.
MiniMapMsqIcon.png Self-critical
MiniMapMsqIcon.png Soft-Hearted


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Roleplay Style:

Views on RP combat and injuries:

I prefer to either roll a dice and roleplay the consequences of that dice roll or just roleplay as normal without using dice to determine events. I don't do D&D character attributes and HP with dice rolling every move. It completely ruins immersion for me and becomes quite tedious.

Views on Lore:

I do prefer to roleplay within the boundaries of the lore and awareness of the environment however I am no lore guru myself and open to folk correcting me if I may say/do something that doesn't make sense according to the lore. I'll feel stupid for about 15 seconds but that's okay.

Other Info:

Server: Mateus
Country: United Kingdom
Timezone: GMT/BST/EU
Contact info: RPC Private Message or in-game

I took a couple of long breaks from the game over the past couple years so i've not really had chance to make any fairly long-lasting connections. I hope to find and make new friends and fellows to enjoy the game and roleplay with.

The following art subjects have been commissioned and are NOT permitted for use by anyone else for their own characters/avatars or any other purpose.

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"All The World's A Stage..."

With a heart of gold this sprightly, spirited miqo'te with a delightful smile sweetens even some of the most soured of folk. She lives for the stage and to bring laughter and tears of joy around the star.

The cheerful Gold Saucer attendant and stage performer is the picture of showbiz and entertainment with her quirky choice in outfits, kooky nature and thespian talents to boot!