Makeo Family

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 Makeo Family
Makeo emblem.jpg
"Only those pure of heart could ever own our art."
Race Miqo'te
Clan Seeker of the Sun
Citizenship Ul'dah/Gridania
Overall Value (rounded down) 245,750,000 Gil
Profession Goldsmiths
Status Forgotten
Current Head of the Family Arala Makeo
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The Makeo family were once well known Goldsmiths During the Six Umbral Era and started in the shroud to eventually merge into Ul'dah for their craft. Little is known beyond the family besides living members and their creations. Though they are Miqo'te, they have slowly started to move away from normal naming conventions of one.


Most of the Makeo family are adorned with gems and earnings either self made or made by others from trading their pieces. It is also common for a Makeo to also wear one of four colors on their attire and Goldsmith clothes. Blue, Green, Red or Gold.


Makeos have been said on one hand to be easy to work with and kind while others say they are stingy and will not accept their Gil. The truth was that the Makeos stuck to a creed. This creed prevented any and all with ill intent to inherit their pieces no matter the price. Making Auctions for their wares definitely worth fighting over in bid wars. The most someone has ever spent on an auction piece from a Makeo was recorded to sell for over Ten Million Gil.

Family Rules

1. You are not allowed to accept any client unless they mean well.

2. The client must be commissioning the piece with good intention. We must never make art for the greedy and selfish.

3. NEVER overvalue or devalue your art. It is one of a kind.


Known Official Family Members

(The first few names seem faded)

  • Eliza Makeo - Created a near perfect replica of an Allagan Necklace. Auction Value at Ten Million Gil [Status: Deceased]
  • Maria Makeo - Youngest Daughter of Eliza Makeo. Created a Cactuar Statue for the Manderville Family as a gift. Auction Value is unknown... [Status: Deceased]
  • Saira Makeo - Eldest Daughter of Eliza Makeo. Not a Goldsmith [Status: Deceased]
  • P'rth Makeo - Husband to Maria Makeo. Not a Goldsmith [Status: Alive]
  • Arala Makeo - Daughter to Maria Makeo. Created a Starry Sky Pendant for Zanzan Yanzan. Auction Value is predicted to be well over Two Million, Five hundred and thirty thousand Gil. [Status: Alive]
  • Sogno Makeo - Daughter to Arala Makeo. Possible future heir. [Status: Alive]
  • Yusui - Boyfriend/Husband of Arala Makeo. No plans to be apart yet. [Status: Alive]


Zanzan Yanzan: A Pendant created for his love interest. The main pendant has an obsidian black backdrop with fragments of Moonstones shaped into small circles as stars. The indentation inside of it's gold sun like frame gives the illusion of the stars and the sky moving as one would see it. There is a second hidden feature... Held up to a full moon, the pendant will expose a hidden message for any who can see...

"For Qara Hotgo and Zanzan Yanzan. May their love be as endless as the night sky itself"

The family emblem is prominent on the back as a seal of quality. Made by Arala Makeo.


Warren Castille: A ring holding a crimson red gem. Inside said gem is a coat of arms and when held up to a bright source of light, text can be seen. The coat of arms were made from dust of various gemstones to form the weapons yet cleverly make text in between them to form the lettering. The base made of a platinum as durable as armor.

"Even in the darkest of hours, we must shine on for the future. To be the torch that lights the way and guide those in need to a better tomorrow."

The Makeo family emblem is very small but it's present on the back of the ring. Made by Arala Makeo.


Chiyo Hoshi: At a young age, Arala had tinkered with the idea of making her Goldsmith art along with Paladin training. A simple necklace made of Gold and Silver, bound together in a double helix style fashion as a small symbol of friendship. In between those gaps are Ruby and Sapphire gemstones cut into small circles to fit in a sequence. As Arala put it.

"This is our necklace. It's one of a kind and shows we have a strong friendship!"

The Makeo Family Emblem is sadly absent from the art piece but the value is priceless...


Common Rumors

  • The Makeos? Never heard of them.
  • Who? Old Goldsmith Family?
  • They sound old.

Moderate Rumors

  • I do not know about them...sorry.
  • Maybe one of these books can help you?

Rare Rumors

  • Legends say that the Makeos are known to craft such fine works for little pay.

PC Rumors

  • Arala Makeo: "My family name has faded from history a little, and tarnished by some wealthy men...but i am not going to drop my family's legacy anytime soon."