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fairy tales are more than true: not because they tell us that dragons exist,
but because they tell us that dragons can be eaten.

neil gaiman.


Vital Information

PRONUNCIATION... marihbelle rabintoe.

NICKNAMES... mari, belle, marie chèrie (mother only), witch, vampire.

RACE & CLAN... hyur, midlander (primary) / miqo'te, keeper of the moon (secondary).

GENDER... cis female.

AGE... twenty nine.

NAMEDAY... 15th sun, 1st umbral moon (valentione's day).

ORIENTATION... homosexual.

MARITAL STATUS... polyamorous.

PERSONALITY... enneagram type 8, esfp, sanguine.

Other Statistics

NATIONALITY... hingan mother, doman father.

CITIZENSHIP... limsan citizen.

FAMILY... mother and father, both living in limsa.

RESIDENCE... mizzenmast or envoy house (goblet plot 19, 11th ward).

OCCUPATION... wandering magicker.

PATRON DEITY... nymeia, the spinner. maribelle is a surprisingly devoted follower of the twelve, though she only regularly worships nymeia (and sometimes byregot).

HEIGHT & WEIGHT... 5 fulms, 7 ilms. 129 ponze.

ALIGNMENT... chaotic good, freedom before goodness.

Hair & Eyes
Thanks to her Hingan mother and Doman father, Maribelle's hair is naturally black and mostly straight. She'll generally style it with a wave to the endand she's always in the market for new products that may maintain the thickness and shine of her locks. If Maribelle has one weakness in vanity, it's most certainly her hair.

Her Keeper father passed on his yellow eyes, with large, dilated pupils to better absorb light at nighttime. It contributes not only to her nocturnal nature, but also to her odd appearance — especially at a first meeting.
Physique & Markings
Maribelle filled out her "womanly curves" at a young age. Her bust is on the particularly large side (double G in modern measurements), something she very much inherited from her father's side of the family, though her hips and backside remain about average. She's not particularly skinny but, again, ranging towards the middle of the spectrum, if not a tad more muscular after three years of intensive training as a Dragoon. Her arms and thighs in particular are quite toned.

One of Maribelle's more questionable personal choices is the giant "tattoo" which takes up her entire back. Those who are knowledgeable in the summoning arts would recognize it as one of the higher Ruin symbols (Ruin III to be precise) but it is very obviously not created from normal ink. The design pulsates, sometimes as a very powerful icy blue and sometimes with a duller intensity, but one thing is certain: this so-called "tattoo" is somehow alive. Were that it only was a trick of the eye, for the truth is something far more dangerous and controversial. See, one of Maribelle's primary fascinations in the field of magical research has always been the Calamity. As the most recent aetherial surge to date, it's not difficult to understand why. What is difficult to comprehend, is why Maribelle would choose to go to Carteneau and directly contain quantities of Bahamut's overpowering aether into the design on her back. Now while she is no novice and certainly takes prodigious care to maintain the magical wards, the notion itself is nevertheless a frightening prospect.

On a simpler note, Maribelle also sports a distinctive birth mark near the right lower corner of her mouth.
Hygiene & Attire
One of the few things Maribelle's mother instilled in her daughter is an extensive self-care regimen. If there's a potion or cream out there that's somehow used in improving one's hair or skin or nails, Maribelle has likely tried it — and then tried to improve it with her own research. It's not an exaggeration to say that she took up alchemy for the sole purpose of her own, personal beauty routines.

In line with the rest of her eccentricities, Maribelle is normally found in only one color: black. In modern terms, she'd be easily classified as "goth" for how she dresses — dark, mysterious, eerie, and romantic. She particularly enjoys the use of accessories, be they small hats or parasols to block out the sun. She's also fond of leather, chains, and generally anything that would make a statement. In fact, perhaps the only facet of her attire that would not fit the traditional "vampire goth" mold would be her particular fondness for pastel pink.
Psychological Profile
The first and perhaps most important thing to know about Maribelle is that she loves her freedom and will defend it to the death. She doesn't enjoy rules or restrictions — even those which are logical or beneficial — and often finds ways to either skirt around them or to outright break them. In this regard, one might even call her arrogant: she believes herself to be the exception to all rules, for she "knows" what she's doing and she always has "good intentions." Ironically, this has led her to commit more crimes than probably many of the petty rabble-rousers found in most cities. It also contributes to her exceedingly forgiving nature. Maribelle is not the type who wants to judge others or who has the willpower to hold onto a grudge, so she'll give people second and third chances — even (and perhaps particularly) when they don't deserve it.

Maribelle is also quite eccentric in her tastes, but rather than be ashamed of them she is contrarily quite open about her oddities. And if you get her talking about one of her passions ... well, let's just say that you had better have a lot of time on your hands. She will explain every little intricacy in enormous detail.

Speaking of passions, two of her greatest are love and sex. Hearkening back to the freedom-loving aspect of her personality, Maribelle is strictly non-monogamous but, as she does not believe in hurting others, she is not duplicitous about her intentions. She will not lie about the fact that she will be in relationships with multiple people at once, though that does not mean that all of her partners will receive equal treatment. Just like everyone else in the world, Maribelle has her favorites but she will give the same level of respect to a casual fling as she would to a lifetime, primary partner. As for sex, well, she will certainly make a pass at just about any attractive female she meets. She's none too fussed about being a curious lady's first experimental foray into same-sex relations, nor is she terribly bothered about being used as a rebound or for revenge. She's aware that her role in others' lives is largely transient, and that those who want to stick around are largely the exception and not the rule.

Despite her quirks and her active social life Maribelle's primary focus has always been on scientific advancement, particularly in the field of magic and aetherial understanding. Her intellectual capabilities are prodigious and unrivaled, though terrifying. She's a scientist who will stop at nothing for enlightenment, even if it means putting herself or others close to her at risk. Knowledge is the power to do good and to change the world for the better, she believes, and that is a goal noble enough for almost any sacrifice.

All in all, her off-kilter personality make for either an interesting and entertaining companion, or a disconcerting being playing too much with fire.
Maribelle's voice is set at a deeper alto, with an almost hauntingly foreboding sensuality to it. Asakawa Yuu is her voice actress.
Philosophy & Mannerisms
Her love for freedom is something which permeates into just about every aspect of Maribelle's life. From her relationship status to her non-judgmental attitude, Maribelle firmly believes that all should be allowed to chase whatever makes them happy so long as it won't cause non-consensual harm.

If there's one thing to be said about Maribelle, it's that she can talk — a lot. Both her mouth and her brain move exceedingly fast, so it's not unusual for someone to ask her a question only to find her already moved on to the next three subjects. It also doesn't help that she's sometimes just speaking to herself, which only adds more to the confusion. Still, if you prefer taking a backseat in the conversation or if you can actually follow her meandering train of thought, she's very charming and comical.
● Mystery and intrigue
● The macabre
● Nighttime
● Classic romantic gestures
● Red wine
● Rich textures
● Black tea with night milk
● Sunglight
● Having restrictions imposed on her
● Holier-than-thou types
● Very "lawful" individuals
● Extreme heat
● Getting her hair wet
● White chocolate
● Aetherial research
● Gardening
● Alchemy
● Taxidermy
● Spellcraft

Combat & Weaponry

Basic Statistics
High: Intelligence, Spellcraft, Aether, Pain-threshold
Above Average: Charisma, Strength
Average: Endurance, Wisdom, Tenacity
Low: Dexterity
Aetheric Abilities
Mastery: Magical affinity, Aetheric understanding, Black magic, Summoning
Expert: Magical defense, The Echo
Average: Red magic, Astromancy
Novice: White magic
Weapon Training
Mastery: Tome, Staff
Expert: Astrometer, Lance
Average: Greatsword, Rapier, Hand-to-hand
Novice: Dual daggers, Gun, Katana, Bow, Axe, Sword & Shield
Combat Relevant Skills
High: Range, Deflection (magical), Targeting
Above Average: Field First-Aid, Prediction
Average: Attrition, Fisticuffs, Speed, Acrobatics, Survival
Low: Stealth, Footwork, Parrying
Combat Information
Bolded weapons are those she's likely to use. The rest are to show where they would fit in.

To no one's surprise, Maribelle's combat tactics rely highly on her prodigious magical and aetheric abilities. In truth, Maribelle has seen few reasons to even attempt at expanding her combat profile since she can rely so heavily on magic — with the one notable exception being her training as a Dragoon, as she found the ancient discipline was far better at getting her up-close and personal with one of her favorite subjects of study: dragons. This does not mean that she turns her nose up at physical disciplines, however, and she still exerts some effort in maintaining the muscle tone she earned in Ishgard.

For all her talents, however, healing magics seem beyond her capabilities. While she may brew a medicinal concoction or quickly dress up wounds out in the field, magical healing is something she struggles with. The turmoil was created artificially, however, by way of Maribelle's most secret and most dangerous research of all: blood magic. Originally, Maribelle came up with the idea when she had intended to pledge herself to the Conjuror's guild. One day, a lesson in water-based spellcraft got her labyrinthine mind stuck on a notion that it has yet to let go: if one can alter water outside of one's own form, could that not be naturally translated to the fluids found in all creatures? Maribelle's research earned her the ire of the Elementals, a bounty on her head, and a lifetime ban from the city-state of Gridania. To this day Maribelle only ventures in the outskirts of the Shroud but rarely, as the Greenwrath is an ever-present mark.

But, what makes blood magic so dangerous? Through ongoing research, Maribelle has found that its chief benefits center around two subjects: one, that it greatly enhances the wielder's magical prowess, and two, that it allows for the control or manipulation of the bodies and minds of other individuals. Her studies have found that quantity of blood is certainly a factor in both effectiveness and strength, but even more so is the calling of voidsent. When blood magic is performed, the essence of a voidsent being is tapped into and subsequently used to exponentially multiply the effects of the spell cast. As this is, in fact, summoning voidsent into the world, Maribelle has had to work around that unwanted side effect. In the beginning, she would allow the voidsent to be fully summoned and slay it once the magic was complete: these days, however, she channels the creature's essence into the large tattoo on her back, allowing Bahamut's overpowering aether to dissipate the voidsent without having to allow it a physical form in this world.

Maribelle has also noted that mind and body control are two separate notions with pros and cons to each. Body control is, in theory, simpler, but requires much more aether and only lasts in short bursts. Mind control is more of a suggestive power, though not to the extent of planting false ideas in the victim's mind. Instead, the one being manipulated goes into a foggy haze — from the notes of test subjects, she's concluded that there's a sort of suppression of both the logical mind and of instinct, leaving for a small husk of the mind that is very prone to suggestion. Subjects under mind control could be so for days, perhaps even weeks or months, but the length of control will have consequences on the brain itself. If controlled for too long, the victim, once freed from the tether, may go mad and seek that control again, or may come to believe in those suggestions so fully that the person who existed before is no longer there. Naturally, Maribelle is incredibly excited by this field of study but also approaches it with a healthy dose of caution and she certainly does not make the information public.

It's also worth noting that Maribelle has an incredibly powerful connection with the Echo, yet she's somehow found a way to stifle her connection.
OOC Note
Truth be told combat is not my favorite genre to role play, though it can be enjoyable from time to time. If it does come up, I'm comfortable with some systems of determining the victor, be they /random rolls or previous discussion.

Disclaimer: This page is continuously evolving and is not up for public knowledge. If you believe it would make sense for your character to know any part of this, please ask before assuming. Warning for mentions of blood and self-harm.
Sixth Astral Era
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Seventh Umbral Era
meta-game in my house?

In Recent Times
Moving Forward
Just kidding I fully plan to write this (eventually).

Relationship Status Legend

Tales Retold «tales»
Open World

NPC Rumors

Some of these rumors are untrue, speculation, or are greatly exaggerated.

◢ Common Rumors - Easily overheard. Use these freely!
"I couldn't tell if she wanted me for dinner or dessert." — Ul'dahn dancer.
"Oh, Mari? She's been around more'n once. She always finds a good meal at at Sirens party, if ya catch my meanin'." — Captain Rhoswen, Sanguine Siren.
"I paid her to tell my fortune once. Strangely, everything she said came true — even the part about having an affair with a fortune-teller!" — Oblivious Ishgardian noblewoman.
"I seen her lurking around Envoy house lately. If she's an adventurer, maybe she's in the market for some odd jobs." — Goblet Brass Blade.
"She's always front and center when my friends and I get together for a game of beach volleyball. I asked her if she wanted to join, but she said she 'wanted a front-row seat.' Peculiar, since we ain't professionals or nothin'." — Mist resident clad in a very scant bikini.
◢ Uncommon Rumors - A little more difficult to hear. Use sparingly or ask first!
"She hired us for safe passage through the Shroud, but the further in we got the more obvious it was that she was sufferin' from the Greenwrath. Boss didn't want no trouble with the Elementals or with Gridania, so we called off the deal, gave her her money back, and let her handle herself." — Mercenary.
"I can't believe they allowed her back in here. She might not have been a heretic, but she'll find some other way to soil our city, mark my words." — Stuffy Ishgardian.
"Reading cards may be a joke to her, but when she genuinely looks into the future ... I can't describe it. I've never had a student be so in tune with the Lifestream." — "Lord Rufin."
◢ Rare Rumors - Very rarely overheard. Please ask before using!
"I want back! I want ... I want Maribelle. I want Master." — Sanitarium patient.
PC Rumors

Feel free to add your own rumors to this section.

◢ Player Character Rumors - Some of these are more rare than others!

Be the first to talk!

RP Info

Location & Probability
Ul'dah: Moderate
Thanalan: Moderate
Gridania: Very low
The Shroud: Very low
South Shroud: Low
Limsa Lominsa: Very high
La Noscea: Moderate
Ishgard: High
Coerthas: Moderate
Dravania: Very high
Rhalgr's Reach: Moderate
Gyr Abania: Moderate
Kugane: High
Othard: Moderate
Public knowledge:
Limsa Lominsa: Citizen.
Ask about:
Midnight's Envoy: Free Company.
Gridania: Banned/Exiled.
Ishgard: Formerly labeled as a "potential heretic," her status has been revoked since the formation of the Republic and she's now free to come and go at leisure.
IC Inventory
The following items are things that this individual carries on their person at all times. These are noted for pickpockets, and those watching her closely. This information is meant to be a prompt for insight and is not to be meta-gamed, though feel free to use this information if it comes up logically in RP (pickpocketing, a search, etc) with use of a simple /tell.

Glio coinpurse.png Inventory goatskin.png Inventory knife.png Inventory rope.png Inventory spices.png

Coinpurse: A simple coin purse made of soft leather, containing a few hundred gil. While she's not wealthy by any means, she knows well enough not to travel with all her modest income.
Bota Bag: For water. Wine is best enjoyed in a dark room with a beautiful woman.
Survival Knife: Used to clean meat and cut herbs when out in the field, though it would make a poor weapon in a fight. Still she likes it on her person even in cities, just in case.
Rope: Only when she's out in the field will she have a string of hemp rope in her satchel.
Seasoning Spices: Again, only when she's out in the field.
RP Limits
I try to keep my role-plays as flexible as possible, therefore anything not under "ask" or "no" is fair game. No's
I will play I enjoy both dark and light themes, heavy and drawn-out as well as light and quick. One-day plots, lengthy plots, romantic and/or sexual tension, one-sided feelings, temporary physical or mental restriction, combat, injury, drug and alcohol use, rivalries, frenemies, deep friendships, coarse language. Anything not listed below is fair game so long as it makes sense for the two characters to engage in such a way.
Ask about Long-term or permanent injury, markings / tattoos, significant mental scarring -- essentially, anything that would take over three months to overcome. I am not averse to significant changes or consequences, even negative, but I still wish to have control over Raemha's overall development.
I won't play Sex (it can happen but will be fade-to-black only), permanent injury (without heavy previous discussion), death, rape, NPC characters (too much conflict with lore/MSQ unless the character is sufficiently removed from the story), unsolicited ERP. Most importantly: anything OOC for either character or "forced" development.
RP Hooks
If I have my RP tag on, it means I'm more than willing to be approached and will be paying attention to chat for anything involving my character. If not, feel free to send a /tell and we can work something out.
■ While Mari doesn't live at the Mist (yet) she will often prowl its beaches.
■ Fellow magical / aetherial researchers would immediately catch her interest as colleagues.
■ She can be hired for odd jobs, but if your intentions are less-than-favorable (not so much criminal as evil) then don't let her get a whiff of them.
■ I have to say it: if you're an attractive female, Mari will probably hit on you at some point, regardless of how much your personalities may clash. She might take it as a personal challenge.
■ Her studies take her mostly to Dravania. If your character has business there or is often in the area, they may run into each other.
■ She's not above attending a party or two, and pirates are the best company to have.

OOC Notes
Player Information
Player Note
I will do my best to update this wiki as often as I am able and to provide you (the player) with as comprehensive a picture of Mari as possible. Unless otherwise stated or given express permission, however, none of this information will be known to your character. Common and uncommon rumors are fine to use without verification, but start metagaming and I will ICly begin treating your character as though they're a stalker. I will start scratching out rumors or prompts that I grow bored of, result in a significant encounter and I purposely retire it to remain "special," or are no longer valid due to character development.

Tumblr: fauxvampyre
Discord: Hana#6053
Character Lore Adherence
I will try to adhere to in-game lore as much as possible. Should new information be revealed that contradicts something I have said, I will evaluate how much of a change that would require on my part and adjust accordingly. If it's too much of a change -- as in, it would compromise something fundamental to Mari's character -- I will list the contradiction below rather than work her character to fit the new information.
Character Tidbits
Character Concept
Ideas pulled from various inspirations: Blood Magic (as a concept from Dragon age), Dorian Pavus & Morrigan (Dragon Age), Admiral Xen (Mass Effect)
Tropes & Explanations
Whether partially or totally adherent, here is a list of tropes which would fit Mari's character. These will be subject to change with character development.
Ethical Slut • Having no interest in monogamy doesn't translate to acceptance of what she considers "truly immoral behavior," such as abuse of a partner or going behind a partner's back to cheat on them
Ethical Hedonism • She believes in everyone pursuing what makes them happy, so long as it is not actively harming non-consenting participants
Hot-Blooded • Mari is incredibly passionate about her, err, passions
Naughty is Good • A little misbehaving can lead to a whole lot of fun
Raven Hair Ivory Skin • A direct comment on her looks giving her the appearance of an otherworldly, ethereal beauty
Nightmare Fetishist • What's frightening or taboo to others is often inviting to Maribelle
Perky Goth • Just because she likes all things dark and macabre doesn't mean she has to be dreary about it


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