Marissa Minoru

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Marissa Minoru
Dragoon in Training
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I love to adventure!

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Vital Information


RACE & CLAN... Au Ra, Xaela

GENDER... Female

AGE... 24

NAMEDAY... 12nd Sun, 1st Astral Moon



Other Statistics

NATIONALITY... Gridanian


FAMILY... Mother, no siblings

RESIDENCE... Traveller, inn rooms

OCCUPATION... Dragoon in training


HEIGHT & WEIGHT... That's a secret!

ALIGNMENT... Chaotic good

General Information
White with green umbral ring Red with purple highlights Pale Slim, fairly tall Quiet, gentle
Horns and Tail
Horns pointed back, chunky tail Right handed None Typical Xaela scales, light freckles on cheeks Like 'cute' fashion, pink and red are her favourite colours
Hair & Eyes
Marissa likes to change her hairstyle often as she is indecisive, but the colour will usually remain a red, with purple highlights. Her eyes are a striking white colour, with the main colour coming from her green umbral rings.
Physique & Markings
Although she has a slim physique, she is strong with her lance. Her scales are of a typical pattern for Xaela, and she has white freckles on her cheeks.
Hygiene & Attire
Marissa dresses fashionably within her limited budget, she often dyes her clothing a rose pink although she also loves the colour red.
Psychological Profile
Marissa is shy at first but get to know her (or get her tipsy) and she becomes more talkative and joking. Loves to talk about her Dragoon training. She often fantasizes about travelling to distant lands and is excited to venture out and explore.

She might jokingly threaten to stab you with her lance, but will never actually do it unless provoked.
Marissa is soft-spoken, with a gentle, quiet voice. she can become rather loud when excited, however.
Philosophy & Mannerisms
Marissa is very trusting of people, wanting to give everyone a chance even if they seem suspicious. she believes everyone should get a chance.
● Fashion and pretty clothes
● Fighting and training
● Exploring
● Big cities
● Drinking
● Beaches and swimming
● Small talk
● Snow and being cold
● When her trust is abused
● People who spread incorrect/bad rumors about her family
● Dotharl, more of a fear than a dislike
● Lancer, training to be Dragoon
● Slight skill with a Marauder's axe
● Kindness
● Strong

Combat, Abilities & Weaponry

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Basic Statistics
Above Average:
Aetheric Abilities
Weapon Training
Combat Relevant Skills
Above Average:
Non-Combat Abilities
Ability: Description
Combat Abilities
Ability: Description
OOC Note
I have little experience with RP combat but I have played a few games of DnD and am happy to use /random for PC combat. Alternatively, 1v1 me down at Wolves' Den, m8. ;)

Marissa's family have not been a part of an official tribe for a number of years, her maternal grandparents separated from the Hotgo tribe when escaping from Dotharl murderers. Marissa knows little of her grandparents' lives as they unfortunately died before she was born, and her mother doesn't like to speak of her past. Her father is a Raen, which is where she inherits her 'unusual' surname from (for a Xaela).
Her mother's story: [1] Her father's story: [2]
Disclaimer: Any Lore regarding Marissa is written through my own interpretation.
Sixth Astral Era
Living in Gridania from a young age, her father left the home when she was very young, apparently to go ‘adventure’, but he never returned. She has no siblings, and so lived a happy life with her mother in the quiet forests of Gridania, just the two of them. While she believes her father will still return one day, a part of her will always be sad that he left and never wrote home.

Seventh Umbral Era
Although she loves her mother deeply, Marissa made the decision to leave home at 22 to train as a Dragoon and adventure herself, to perhaps find out what became of her father. She made a promise to return home when she feels she has completed her journey, and regularly contacts her mother through Moogle mail.

In Recent Times
Moving Forward
Since leaving her home she has travelled to Limsa Lominsa and Ul’dah, deciding on joining the Maelstrom Grand Company in Limsa. She still frequents Ul’dah for a drink in the Quicksand, when she has finished training for the day. She has made a couple of friends so far and is slowly travelling Eorzea in a search for information on her father.

Relationship Status Legend

Asha Minoru, Mother. () - Spiffy Title.
Character's Thoughts: "I adore her a lot, she is very strong and has done nothing but good for me."
Marissa's mother. Technically a single mother since her husband left when Marissa was young.
Moroshige Minoru, Father. () - Spiffy Title.
Character's Thoughts: "I forgive him."
Marissa's father. Left home when Marissa was young.
Braichert Kuibefault, Friend. () - Spiffy Title.
Character's Thoughts: "I'd like to get to know him more."
An Elezen man she met not long ago outside the Quicksand in Ul’dah. After a greeting, and a neck massage, she invited him for a drink. It’s early days, but Marissa feels he likes her, and wants to become better friends.
Optimus Primus, Friend. () - Decepts FC Leader.
Character's Thoughts: "Made me feel welcome in an unknown place."
A Xaela she met at a party and invited her to his FC. He has been helping her train ever since.
Former Acquaintances

NPC Rumors

Some of these rumors are untrue, speculation, or are greatly exaggerated.

◢ Common Rumors - Easily overheard. Use these freely!
"Seems quiet but loves to help with pest control." — Local Gridanian farmer.
"Always dressed pretty and cute." — Limsa dyemonger.
"Loves to adventure." — Maelstrom Corporal.
◢ Uncommon Rumors - A little more difficult to hear. Use sparingly or ask first!
"I hear she loves a drink and will talk a lot when drunk." — Citizen.
"I heard her father left in the dead of night because he couldn't deal with her depressed mother." — Twelveswood Citizen.
◢ Rare Rumors - Very rarely overheard. Please ask before using!
"Her father probably sold out the tribe to the Dotharl." — Gridanian Citizen.
"Minoru? Isn't he in prison? You mean his daughter? Didn't know he had one." — Ul'Dahn Guard.
"I heard Minoru isn't even the family name and her father changed it." — Mercenary.
PC Rumors

Feel free to add your own rumors to this section.

◢ Player Character Rumors - Some of these are more rare than others!
"Rumor" — Rumormonger.
"Rumor" — Rumormonger.

RP Info

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Location & Probability
Places where the character is very likely to be seen
Ul'dah, Quicksand: High
Beaches (Mist, Costa del Sol): High
Limsa Lominsa: Med
Most of these aren’t public, and would have to be asked after!
The Decepts: Free Company.
IC Inventory
The following items are things that this individual carries on their person at all times. These are noted for pickpockets, and those watching her closely. This information is meant to be a prompt for insight and is not to be meta-gamed, though feel free to use this information if it comes up logically in RP (pickpocketing, a search, etc) with use of a simple /tell.

Glio coinpurse.png

Coinpurse: Containing 3000 gil (a gift from her mother)
Journal: Covered in cute drawings
Clothing: Fashionable, not practical
Swimsuit: For beach trips
Glasses: For reading
Lance: Her weapon
RP Limits
I like to consider myself a flexible player who is willing to commit to a number of different types of scenes and role-play scenarios, but even I have my limits. If something is on the play list, assume it means yes, as long as it's within the context of the current play or ongoing plot. No's are typically a hard no, and it means don't ask.
I will play Anything that isn't mentioned below
Ask about ERP
I won't play Death or permanent injury to Marissa
RP Hooks
While the below is by no means comprehensive, it's a kind of spring board for walk-up RP. Longer plots that are meant to run for more than a few quick RP's, please feel free to send me a tell so we can work out a good reason for our characters to get to know one another. I'm always looking for RP, unless I'm actively spamming PvE content.
■ She is looking for traces of her father, any help is appreciated. If you are a Raen from Doma you may recognize Marissa's surname, but likely won't know her father had a daughter.
■ Likewise, if anyone has knowledge of her late grandparents it would help her piece together her family history. If you are a Xaela who knew/were from the Hotgo tribe you may know of her grandparents or mother, but will not recognize Marissa's name.
■ She likes a drink, a drinking buddy
■ She loves to relax at the beach
■ Will help you clear out monsters/dungeons

OOC Notes
Player Information
Player Note
There is a lot of information on this character wiki, but it is by no means completely comprehensive. There are chunks of backstory that are left intentionally vague so that details can be later added as developed through creative writing or in role-play revelation. Feel free to use Common or Uncommon rumors freely, if you want to use a Rare Rumor as a plot hook or to spark RP, I would ask that you send me a tell first, to make certain it's alright.

I am from the UK, on GMT timezone. Because of this, and the fact that I play with IRL friends on a different server, I am limited as to the times I can play. Please understand that I won't be online all the time and I might not be available to RP when I am.

I am over 18 years old (in my twenties tbh)
Character Lore Adherence
Everything concerning this character that has not been confirmed by in-game lore should be taken with a grain of salt. Anything that has had to be changed because of lore shifting will be noted below.
■ No changes.
Character Concept
I originally created Marissa as a FFXIV equivalent of my DnD character, a Teifling sorceress, but I ended up fleshing out her story and personality in a different way to how I RPed her in DnD, and she became who she is today.
Character Tidbits
Links Out
Links that lead off the wiki, but are technically relevant to the character.
■ Instagram (screenshots and light RP): [3]
■ Tumblr (Journals and Letters to Mother, the odd OOC post): [4]
I am not adverse to Marissa being in a relationship but I am unwilling to rush into them. If your character is interesting in dating Marissa, be prepared for it to take a while. I am not against ERP, and while I would be okay with Marissa partaking in an one night stand of sorts, I would like a tell first in order to arrange a plot around how this would come about.

I hate I have to say this but please remember that IC =/= OOC and any relations I have IC are not reflected OOC, love or hate. I have an IRL boyfriend.

Of course, there is nothing stopping me from engaging in casual/non story based ERP just for fun, just know that mostly I will not include it in Marissa's backstory/journals etc.


Wiki Information
This wiki is constantly changing as the character’s story changes. It was last modified on April 28th, 2017.

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The following is not entirely comprehensive, but contains general credits. Please leave the link-backs if you use this template!
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