Mila Lietner

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Mila Lietner
Work in Progress




Vital Information

PRONUNCIATION... Mill-ah Light-ner


RACE & CLAN... Au Ra / Xaela

PRONOUNS... They / He

AGE... 25

NAMEDAY... 6th Sun, 1th A Moon, 1552 S.A.E.

ORIENTATION... Pansexual


Other Statistics





OCCUPATION... Privateer Captain

PATRON DEITY... Agnostic

HEIGHT & WEIGHT... 6'11" / #223

ALIGNMENT... Chaotic Neutral

General Information
Deep brown with a bright red ring. Deep red. Pale. Toned. Boisterous.
Confident. Right-Brained. Several slashes, bullet holes, and burn marks. Birthmark on their wrist. Pirate Attire.
Psychological Profile

They have issues trusting having been bitten for doing so before. Mila will form good bonds with his crew or contacts but they will always place a careful wall to ensure it doesn't go much further.

Philosophy & Mannerisms

Mila believes that everyone is out there for themselves and that few can ever be trusted. That being said his approach to other people is either defensively hostile or surface level comradery. Like their pet hawk they fluff themselves up when they feel cornered; this leads to a lot of bar fights, dangerous stunts, and excessive gloating.

● "Fantasy Novels" - Mila is an avid reader in the privacy of the Captain's Quarters. They prefer a fantastical novel but they will read most anything as long as no one else knows about it.
● "Gambling" - From card games to his life. Mila likes to take risks.
● "Rules" - Laws, traditions, and codes are all things Mila wants to do away with. Anytime he can get away with ignoring or rebelling them he will do so.
● Item

Disclaimer: Not everything from Mila's past is included in this page on purpose so as to facilitate learning through RP. If you would prefer to learn everything through RP I suggest you skip this tab.
Sixth Astral Era
Mila was born in the Western Steppe to parents Koko Mol and Bardam Mol. His early years were quiet but filled with joy. This lasted until Mila's ninth name day when the Buduga won the Nadaam. As part of their new rule of the Steppe the Buduga selected male warriors they deemed worthy to join their tribe; among them was Bardam Mol. Mila was viewed as weak and feeble and Koko was female and thus neither was allowed but the Buduga were not allied to the Mol and therefore Mila and their mother were moved to live with the Oronir. The move was devastating. The Oronir worshipped vastly differently than the Mol and Koko and Mila were often publicly shamed for their practices. It took a much stronger toll on Koko and Mila found themselves defending their mother from grown men before they were even a teenager. To make matters worse beliefs strongly held by the Buduga began to seep into Bardam and he was a very different man when he came to visit Mila and Koko. 
This is typically pre-calamity information, or information from before the turn of the era (Domans & others not in Eorzea proper).

Seventh Umbral Era
The only positive to the move was that the Oronir was a larger tribe than the Mol and thus experienced more trade from outside the Steppe. One trader Mila met, a Hyur woman named Irene Lietner, took to him. After a few years of knowing each other Irene passed along some information that might interest Mila. It was a job; low-paying grunt work as a deckhand for a cargo ship in Kugane. Now fourteen years old Mila took the job. After that job they worked tirelessly working from ship to ship saving every piece of gil they didn't spend on food for the opportunity to move their mother out of the Steppe. Eventually Mila was entrusted with their own vessel under the Hingashi flag.  
This is typically post calamity information, or information since the turn of the era (Domans & others not in Eorzea proper).

In Recent Times
Moving Forward

Mila now has frequent work using his ship the "Bloody Carnation". They freight cargo, transport merchants, and when the authorities are not looking their way they pirate from rich aristocrat ships. Whenever they have a free moment they go to the Steppe to visit their mother. Everytime they bring a gift and a promise.


Relationship Status Legend

Koko Oronir
Bardam Buguda
Irene Lietner
Mide Oronir
Jagadai Buguda
Former Acquaintances

NPC Rumors

Some of these rumors are untrue, speculation, or are greatly exaggerated.

◢ Common Rumors - Easily overheard. Use these freely!
"Do not get involved with them. They nearly snapped my wrist over a joke!" — Teahouse Patron.
"They seem quite intimidating but a few ales in and Mila's an absolute riot!" — Captain of "The Daniel's".
◢ Uncommon Rumors - A little more difficult to hear. Use sparingly or ask first!
"I don't think it's a good idea to pursue them. I mean-they're attractive but I've heard they only go for temporary arrangements." — Gossiper in The Drowning Wench.
"I was only joking that he probably couldn't finish everyone's meal and before I knew it I was holding his hair back while he puked over the deck!" — Quartermaster on "The Crimson Carnation".
◢ Rare Rumors - Very rarely overheard. Please ask before using!
"Supposedly there is one person he'll let get close. I mean, who do you think he's saving all his gil for? Family? A lover?" — Deckhand on "The Crimson Carnation".
"I swear I saw him reading! When he noticed me he threw the book right into the ocean!" — Merchant Seeking Passage Across the Ruby Sea.
PC Rumors

Feel free to add your own rumors to this section.

◢ Player Character Rumors - Some of these are more rare than others!
"Rumor" — Rumormonger.
"Rumor" — Rumormonger.

RP Info

Location & Probability
Places where the character is very likely to be seen
Location: Kugane; particularly "The Teahouse" or at the docks with his ship "The Crimson Carnation". Western Steppe; Oronir Tribe. Limsa Lominsa; "The Drowning Wrench" or the docks.
Most of these aren’t public, and would have to be asked after!
City-State, Region or Organization: Mila begrudgingly does work for Kugane and Limsa Lominsa's governments.
IC Inventory
The following items are things that this individual carries on their person at all times. These are noted for pickpockets, and those watching her closely. This information is meant to be a prompt for insight and is not to be meta-gamed, though feel free to use this information if it comes up logically in RP (pickpocketing, a search, etc) with use of a simple /tell.

Glio coinpurse.png

Coinpurse: A simple coin purse made of soft leather, containing a few hundred gil.
RP Limits
I like to consider myself a flexible player who is willing to commit to a number of different types of scenes and role-play scenarios, but even I have my limits. If something is on the play list, assume it means yes, as long as it's within the context of the current play or ongoing plot. No's are typically a hard no, and it means don't ask.
I will play Most scenarios.
Ask about Major injuries or illnesses.
I won't play Major character death. Non-Con.
RP Hooks
While the below is by no means comprehensive, it's a kind of spring board for walk-up RP. Longer plots that are meant to run for more than a few quick RP's, please feel free to send me a tell so we can work out a good reason for our characters to get to know one another. I'm always looking for RP, unless I'm actively spamming PvE content.
■ Your character needs a ship/pirate captain. (For whatever reason)
■ Mila got in a fight with someone your character knows.
■ Mila owes your character money from a night of gambling they forgot about.

OOC Notes
Player Information
Player Note
There is a lot of information on this character wiki, but it is by no means completely comprehensive. There are chunks of backstory that are left intentionally vague so that details can be later added as developed through creative writing or in role-play revelation. Feel free to use Common or Uncommon rumors freely, if you want to use a Rare Rumor as a plot hook or to spark RP, I would ask that you send me a tell first, to make certain it's alright.
Character Lore Adherence
Everything concerning this character that has not been confirmed by in-game lore should be taken with a grain of salt. Anything that has had to be changed because of lore shifting will be noted below.
■ No changes.
Character Concept
Character Tidbits
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Trope Tropes are devices and conventions that a writer can reasonably rely on as being present in the audience members' minds and expectations. On the whole, tropes are not clichés.

Wiki Information
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