Mipije Papije

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 Mipije Papije
“My friends call me Mip-Map. Yes indeedie!”
Race Lalafell
Clan Dunesfolk
Citizenship Unaffiliated
Height / Weight 2 fulms 9 ilms / 37 ponz
Age 30 Years
Nameday 15th Sun of the 3rd Astral Moon
Guardian Althyk, The Keeper
Free Company The Gullwings
Occupation Anthropologist / Historian

Mipije Papije (MEE-PEE-JEH PAH-PEE-JEH), often referred to as "Mip-Map" by his friends, is a highly intelligent Dunesfolk Lalafell man who is currently studying Eorzean Modern Culture, and means to write a book about his research. Mipije Papije is a character on the Balmung Server.

Base Information

  • Name: Mipije Papije
  • Gender: Male
  • Hair Style: Shaved
  • Hair Colour: Black
  • Eye Colour: Blue
  • Skin Colour: Tan
  • Body Type: Small/Round

  • Scars: None
  • Tattoos: Forehead Glyph for Protection
  • Favourite Accessories: Glasses, Forehead Jewel, Silver Earrings
  • Drinks?: Yes
  • Smokes?: Yes
  • Romantic Status: Single
  • Orientation: Pansexual
  • Place of Birth: Ul’dah
  • Current Residence: Limsa Lominsa
  • Interests/Hobbies: Anthropology, History, Biology, Technology, Anatomy, Culinary, General Art, General Science

The Character

Mipije Papije is often considered by others as very short even by Lalafell standards. At just 2 fulms, and 9 ilms, his small stature doesn’t seem to deter his enthusiastic and cheerful disposition and love for life. He is often seen smiling, and laughing even when situations look bleak. His bright smile accents his bright blue eyes that often times seem to gleam in the sunlight due to his natural Dunesfolk irises. Add his glasses to his warmly tanned face, and his eyes almost seem to twinkle behind the glass. Perhaps that glint in his eyes is just a spec of his love for learning that is shining out or perhaps this glow is a side effect of the magics he enjoys studying. Mip-Map, as many of his friends refer to him as, not only studies magic, but he also wears a magical jewel on his forehead for protection. Beneath this crystal, he has also inscribed a tattoo glyph of protection onto his skin. He often wears the garments of mages; mostly for aesthetic reasons.

It may appear as Mip-Map’s passion is magic, however, his true calling is Anthropology, and History. He is a determined fanatic of all things Science, History, Art, and General Learning. Due to this passion for knowledge, he dabbles into many skillsets, branches of magic, hobbies, and schools of science and thought, however, he has yet to master any one goal. With such a wide range of interests comes the downfall of a short attention span, which causes Mipije Papije to drop one study for another quite often.

Because of his thrive for knowledge, he seems to make friends quickly due to having a sincere interest in other people’s lives. Not only does he enjoy making friends for cultural reasons, but he also tends to feel at home and comfortable in large crowds since he was born and raised in the highly populated city of Ul’dah. Ul’dahns are said to not be shy people, and this rule applies to Mipije Papije by definition. Mip-Map will often times be the one to initiate conversations; most of the time for as little a reason as picking your brain.

Pre-Calamity History

Mip-Map was born in Ul’dah 30 years ago. As a young Lalafell living in the city, he grew up around a wide variety of people with different cultures, religions, and personalities. At the age of 9, while accompanying his mother; Lulele Lule, his father; Popojaje Zozojaje, his brothers, and sisters, Mipije Papije strayed off from his family and got lost in the marketplace. While alone and afraid, a young couple found the little Lalafell boy, and waited with Mipije Papije until his parents could locate him. The reason why this couple interested the little boy so much was due to the couple being of different races. The man was a Miqo’te and the woman was a Hyur. At such a young age, Mipije Papije had rarely seen such a thing as interracial relationships, and so he asked them numerous questions; far too many questions for the young couple to feel comfortable about, but they obliged until Lulele Lule and Popojaje Zozoojaje reunited with their son. This was what sparked the young boy’s interest in Anthropology.

As the young boy grew into a teenager, he began to study and school in various scientific and technological teachings; developing an even more fanatic love for knowledge. This yearning to know as much about the world as possible remained with him even as he began learning about Thaumaturgy, Conjuring, and Arcane Arts at the age of 19. Though this tutoring from Thaumaturges, Conjurers, and Arcanists started at a young age with Mip-Map, these teaching were purely theoretical and the teen had little practice in the field of casting. With little applied knowledge, Mip-Map grew up into an adult with a powerful desire to travel, meet like minds, and learn even more in order to be able to apply his education.

5 years ago when Mipije Papije was 25 years old, The Calamity occurred. Mipije Papije and his entire family fled to the inner protective chambers of Ul'dah for safety during the event; along with thousands other citizens of the great Thanalan city. Lulele Lule's and Popojaje Zozojaje's 14 children, including Mip-Map, were kept safe during the disaster. Mipije's family thanked The Twelve greatly afterwards since not a single family member had been lost during the Calamity; unlike so many sad, and unfortunate families that had been separated around Eorzea. Due to all of his family surviving, which was such a blessing, Mipije Papije holds a lot of respect for the Twelve, and worships them devotedly. This is a practice not often done among other men of science; making a balance between his spiritual self, and his scientific self, difficult for Mip-Map to achieve. For this reason, he will often avoid the subject of his own religion when in the company of others, and chooses to worship in private.


Now a days, Mipije Papije studies other cultures, and history for a living wherever he goes. He is often times found in Limsa Lominsa where he lives, and occasionally he can be found in Ul’dah when he is visiting his parents and his 13 brothers and sisters. It was during one afternoon in Ul'dah during a visit to his parents' home, that he met a young Seeker of the Sun named X'vett. The two of them met on the street where Mipije Papije was interviewing random citizens of Ul'dah; X'vett being one such victim. X'vett was unable to pronounce Mipije Papije's name and accidentally called the Lalafell: "Mip-Map," which Mipije Papije gladly adopted the title to make things easier for his new friend. From then on, Mip-Map would introduce himself not only with his full name, but with the alternative nickname X'vett had given him as well for those who found Lalafell names to occasionally twist on the tongue.

It was also in Ul'dah's streets did Mip-Map meet Aran'sae Dia, a handsome Keeper of the Moon. Aran'sae was a co-founder of a Free COmpany called the Gullwings. The Free Company focused on archeology, cultural studies, and exploration. These interests were some things Mipije Papije was very fascinated in and when given the invitation to join the scholarly group, Mip-Map joined without hesitation. Aran'sae, although a decade younger than Mipije Papije, showed to be very intelligent and mature. Aran'sae was beyond helpful; even going as far as helping Mip-Map with a few of his studies without asking for any compensation for labour.

As a member of the Gullwings, Mip-Map met the Roegadyn Seawolf, Mhastoum Greinsyn and a fellow Lalafell named Yuyuni Yuni. Mhastoum and Mip-Map both shared a love and thrive for learning and became friends very quickly. It was during a time where Mhastoum brought his pet cactuar with him, that Mip-Map grew to like the Roe very much. Although the man looked intimidating and scary, Mhastoum proved himself to be passionate, kind, and gentle, even if he could snap most opponents in half. It showed the Lalafell man that looks can be deceiving. It was a lesson Mip-Map had always thought he had learned well, but by meeting Mhastoum, he was even more enlightened to the fact that under a hard exterior could lay a beautiful, and kind soul.

Yuyuni Yuni and Mipije Papije both connected over their love of cute things. Especially Chocobos. During a long and interesting conversation with a Chocobo loving Miqo'te woman, a mutual friend of theirs named R'vaazi Tyaka, the two Gullwings Lalafells both decided that they would like to join the R'vaazi on her trip up north to learn about different breeds of Chocobo. With that future educational trip in mind, Mip-Map has kept a fondness for Yuyuni Yuni and the Chocobo loving R'vaazi, tucked away in his heart, and an excitement that the three of them can become better friends in the future.

Another Gullwing that Mipije Papije has met is Khona'to Lihzeh. The two of them met while Mip-Map was fishing with Aran'sae in the harbour of Limsa Lominsa. However, the two didn't get a chance to converse for long before Khona'to said his goodbyes in order to continue on his day.


  • ”As my great great great great great great great Aunt, Wejila Wela, use to say: “If you always believe you will never know enough about the world, then you’ll never stop learning!” - Spoken to Aran’sae Dia
  • ”My mother Lulele Lule was a very blunt woman. Once, when her best friend, Kyochacha Kyocha, asked her if a certain dress made her look fat, my mother told her: “No! YOU make the dress look fat. The dress makes you look purple…” - Spoken to Mhastoum Greisyn and Aran'sae Dia
  • ”I can’t wait until I get my own Chocobo. I already have a number of my favourite books I’d love to read to it as bedtime stories! Such titles as: “Ul’dah: A History,” “Aether Theories and Alchemical Reactions,” and “One Coblyn, Two Coblyn. Red Coblyn, Blue Coblyn.”” - Spoken to Yuyuni Yuni and R’vaazi Tyaka
  • "All my frozen dairy beverages attracts the males of the population to my occupational and/or residential block of land. Yes Indeedie! This recipe far exceeds the quality of your own. Confirmed. It's far superior. I could convey this recipe to you, but I would have to request compensation in monetary payment and/or in goods of equal or greater value." -Sung to R'vaazi Tyaka
  • ”This is the Thaumaturge Guild. The Ossuary is so big, because like Aran’sae’s hair, it’s full of secrets.” - Spoken to X’vett Nunh and Aran'sae Dia
  • "Hehe. We're fishing for fishy fish with our fished fisher-gear made of fishery." - Spoken to Vana'to Eru
  • ”My friends call me Mip-Map. Yes indeedie!” - Spoken to everyone

Family Tree

  • Popojaje Zozojaje : Dunesfolk Father (age 88)
  • Lulele Lule : Plainsfolk Mother (age 84)

  • Dopije Gapije : 1st born son (age 63)
  • Repije Uapije : 2nd born son (age 54)
  • Mipije Papije : 3rd born son (age 30)
  • Fapije Iapije : 4th born son (age 29 )
  • Solpije Valpije : 5th born son (age 28)
  • Lapije Oapije : 6th born son (age 17)
  • Tipije Wapije : 7th born son (age 17)

  • Dodoki Doki : 1st born daughter (age 59)
  • Rereki Reki : 2nd born daughter (age 44)
  • Mimiki Miki : 3rd born daughter (age 37)
  • Fafaki Faki : 4th born daughter (age 26)
  • Solsolki Solki : 5th born daughter (age 23)
  • Lalaki Laki : 6th born daughter (age 20)
  • Titiki Tiki : 7th born daughter (age 10)


Aran'sae Dia: Friend, fellow Gullwing, co-teacher, and occasional study subject.

Mhastoum Greinsyn: Friend, fellow Gullwing. However, after Celiane's death, he doesn't trust Mhas anymore.

X'vett Nunh: Friend, student, occasional study subject, creator of Mipije Papije's nickname: Mip-Map.

Yuyuni Yuni: Friend, fellow Gullwing, and fellow Chocobo enthusiast.

Nathaniel Rhys: Friend, fellow Gullwing, and occasional study partner, and student.


  • Mip-Map is an excellent Cook. This most likely contributes to his round tummy.
  • Mipije Papije’s ears are a bit longer and wider than the average Lalafell, while his height is a bit shorter than average.
  • Without his glasses, he is unable to see even a few fulms in front of him.
  • His poor eyesight is a large factor in why he's inadequately skilled at casting magic even if his knowledge of such subjects is immense. His Line of Sight is very limited.
  • He sometimes speaks with heavy alliteration due to inheriting the speech pattern from his father. His occasional bluntness is a habit he picked up from his mother.
  • Even though his mother is Plainsfolk, and gave him a Plainsfolk name, Mipije Papije identifies as a Dunesfolk like his father, due to inheriting more dominant Dunesfolk features.
  • Mipije's and all of his siblings' names are based off music's Solfège (Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La, Ti, Do).

PC Rumours about Mip-Map

  • "A lovely little teacher, Mipije seems to have twice the amount of words everyone else does in their vocabularies. Also twice the family size." -Aran'sae Dia
  • "While I don't understand near anything he says, I admire his thirst for knowledge, and I hope that by the time he finishes his book I'll be able to read it. He'll make sure of that, I bet. Overall, Mip-Map is a very dear friend of mine, and I respect him greatly." -X'vett Nunh
  • "<shudder> T-terrifying..." -T'kehe Tia
  • "He gave me an ice box, just a box. I like it a lot!" - Naoh'ra Ohndai

Rumours Mip-Map has said of other PCs

  • ""Aran’sae? He’s a lovely leading leader made of loving leadership who leads with love. Actually, his authority all adheres to an admirable assurance and allowing advice to alter his academic achievement ambitions! Not by unreliable lucky luckiness that lends him lucking luck, luckily." - Said about Aran'sae Dia
  • "Mhastoum looks like he will break you into 2 and then break those 2 into 8 and those 8 into 512! However, he is actually not quite so violent! ...or quite so cubed." - Said about Mhastoum Greinsyn
  • "X’vett is well versed in the cultivation of progeny and genealogy, and the preservation of said lineage. Yes indeedie! He will even permit his progeniture to revise his aesthetic nature to better parallel their philosophy and notions of the beautiful, the ugly, the sublime, the comic, etc. X’vett supports their view in establishing the meaning and validity of critical judgments concerning works of art and life, and the principles underlying or justifying such judgments. He’s an exquisite paternal parental unit." - Said about X'vett Nunh

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