Aran'sae Dia

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Gridania-transparent.png Aran'sae Dia
Race Miqo'te
Clan Keeper of the Moon
Citizenship Gridania
Nameday 17th Sun of the 5th Umbral Moon
Guardian Nophica
Free Company The Gullwings
Occupation Hearer

Basics Information

  • Name: Aran'sae Dia (ah-rahn-say-dee-uh)
  • Age: 24
  • Gender: Male
  • Height: 5 fulms, 3 ilms.
  • Weight: Fit
  • Romantic Status: Single
  • Sexuality: Gay
  • Place of Birth: North Shroud
  • Current Residence: Gridania
  • Skills: Weaving, Conjury, Medicine, Gardening.


Aran'sae has slate-colored dark skin that contrasts with his bright white and blue hair. He has very soft features, especially his eyes, which are heterochromatic. His tail is long and thin, a trait he shares with his mother. His time spent in meditation has roughed up his appearance a tad; he has long tufts of hair sticking out from the tips of his ears. Like both of his parents, he is fairly short.


Aran'sae was born with the latent capability to hear the elementals. As he grew, his parents oft spoke of their youngest son's hearing of strange voices and sounds to passing Gridanians in the Shroud. Word gradually traveled to Stillglade Fane, and a conjurer was sent to investigate. His family, with heavy hearts, allowed him to be taken back to Gridania to train among the nature worshipers. He felt welcomed; oddly at ease with the other conjurers, and worked hard for his new kin. He eventually earned the title of Hearer a few years before the Seventh Umbral Era.

General Relations


  • Etni'a Spihran (Father; resides in Gridania)
  • Aran Dia (Mother; resides in Gridania)
  • Pimrhi Dia (Sister; resides in Gridania with Aran'sae under his care.)

Free Company

  • Mhastoum Greingohtsyn - Friend. Aran'sae trusts Mhastoum and treats him as one of the only people he respects.
  • Yuyuni Yuni - Friend. Aran'sae appreciates Yuyuni's attitude -- she often wants to do what is right, and respects her intolerance for injustice and ineptitude.
  • Ivetta Greysteele - Dear friend. Aran'sae holds Ivetta in particularly high regard, due to her being his first, true friend. She currently is the only one to hold this sort of status.
  • Mipije Papije - Friend. Aran'sae respects his thirst for knowledge -- and highly appreciates his cooking.
  • A'zurima Runha - Acquaintance. The two aren't very well acquainted, but he has confidence that she means well.

Other Relations

  • Ziv'ir Ashal - Acquaintance. Aran'sae wishes he could do more for the poor merchant.
  • C'sanhsa Tia - Acquaintance. Aran'sae does not care for someone who does not take everything seriously.
  • Shadowy Blossom - Acquaintance. A physicker signed on to assist the Gullwings with whatever medical endeavors may come. Their relationship is strictly professional.
  • Nathaniel Rhys (L'tehz Tia) - Acquaintance. Aran'sae used to know Nathaniel well, but he barely remembers his face anymore.
  • Baithin Alberona - Acquaintance. Aran'sae has not seen Baithin in some time. He thinks about him occasionally.


  • Aran'sae's heterochromia is from his mother having green eyes, and his father having blue.
  • He is the youngest son in his family.
  • He has trouble saying no to someone in need.
  • When he cannot sleep, he wanders into the shroud, and rests on a soft patch of grass -- generally near flowers and/or running water.


  • "Why are his lips so shiny? Does he sweat a lot?"
  • "So stern -- but he heals pretty good. Saved my daughter from a disease, he did."
  • "Brother Aran'sae isn't the most patient of folk, but he wouldn't walk the streets of Gridania every day if he didn't care."
  • "Sir, I'd never speak poorly of a hearer."

PC Rumors(Feel free to add your own!)

  • "Aran’sae? He’s a lovely leading leader made of loving leadership who leads with love. Actually, his authority all adheres to an admirable assurance and allowing advice to alter his academic achievement ambitions! Not by unreliable lucky luckiness that lends him lucking luck, luckily." - Mipije Papije
  • "...I think he's keeping his feelings locked up inside, and it's taking its toll on him. He needs to talk to someone, but he won't. ... I worry about him. But don't tell him I said that, he'll kill me." -C'sanhsa Tia
  • "Though he might seem cold at first, he is very sweet. I treasure our friendship deeply, and I owe him my life." -Mhastoum Greingohtsyn
  • "Hearer who hears, ...but cannot speak truths. Speak feelings... All those little secrets pitter pattering all around his head. I can feeeeeeel them like drums in my skull. Such pretty muuuusic... Brother only dances alone. Him and all his secrets. Shhh! Leave him be, pet." - Pimrhi Dia
  • "He understands me without my having to say anything. I can't tell you how important that is. I feel so comfortable when he's around. I feel like I can actually rest." - Wyra'li Polaali