N'ureai Umaha

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Gender Female
Race Miqo'te
Clan Seeker of the Sun
Citizenship None
Age 19
Marital Status In a relationship
Occupation Huntress
Height/Weight 5 fulms, 6 ilms / 157 ponzes
Orientation Bisexual
Server / Time Zone Balmung / EST

Basic Info


Holding hands
Music boxes
Carving and whittling


Hot food or drink
Being hurt physically
Being called "names"
Cold weather


Favorite Food: Anything sweet, mostly chocolate...
Favorite Drink: Anything cold, but favors apple juice.
Favorite Color: Black and white, but oddly enough wears green as often as possible.



Extremely strong despite her size, able to use weapons built for larger Roegadyns with ease
Able to easily adapt her combat strategies in a one-on-one engagement
Can disable her body's self-preservation instincts, effectively doubling her strength
Tracking skills akin to that of a bloodhound


Cannot understand more complex situations or stratagems
Has a hard time communicating with others in combat
Can easily damage her muscles and break her own bones due to her unnatural ability
Cannot handle pain or insult, and is quick to fly into a rage


All outside of RUMORS is potential meta-game information. If read, information gained is OOC and not to be used during RP with N'ureai unless cleared through OOC chat or through natural IC knowledge.


Some of these rumors are untrue or are greatly exaggerated. Many will not apply any longer, but still color RPC perceptions of N'ureai. Please feel free to add your own rumors under PC!

◢ Common Rumors (Easily overheard)
"N'ureai? She's a kind Seeker, even though she looks like a beastkin." - Quicksand Patron
"Coeurl lady? I only call her that because she likes to talk about coeurls and other beastkin. She knows a lot about them, and...absolutely nothing else." - Professional Eavesdropper
"Seven hells... What a scarred up mess that lass is. Normally I enjoy seeing Miqo'te in camises, but I just feel sorry for her." - Quicksand Barkeeper
◢ Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear)
"There is always that same Seeker, the same bell every sun, swinging her axe out on the beach. She knows we watch her because it's weird, right? - Mists Resident
"Ah swear Ah've seen tha' Miqo'te lass afore... Hm... Ah dunnae, she ain' te one tha' took me axe, Ah dinnae t'ink. Did Ah tell ye about te Miqo'te lass who done stoled me axe three times!?" - Roegadyn Marauder
◢ Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard)
"That N'ureai woman has a very, very similar description to a wanted Seeker of the Sun we could never find several moons ago. Still, we had nearly five reportings of the same Miqo'te, wearing entirely different armors and speaking different ways. Most here say it was a hoax, but I think there was something else there..." -Brass Blade Guardsman
◢ PC Rumors (Rumors from the character's of other players)
"N'ureai? She's a sweetheart just... Don't get on her bad side." -Sasha Rochester
"Goldie's not all there sometimes but she's tough." -Liam Connor
"Nu' is unlike any creature I've ever met, save maybe...ah, anyway. She puts me on edge and excites me at the same time--I've never seen such a huntress." -Tahni'sae Farreihm


Romantic Interest     Crush      Friend     Aquainted     Dislike

Zhen Malraj : Zhen is a woman N'ureai thinks highly of, and is currently her mate. She has promised to teach her how to speak properly, amongst having given her chocolate. These speaking lessons don't tend to do much for N'ureai, but she adores her time with Zhen no matter what. N'ureai is a tad overprotective of the smaller Miqo'te when it comes to her health, knowing Zhen overworks herself and rarely eats. This concern has grown into outright worry in recent times due to Zhen being horribly sick.

Iurielle Orsat : The first person N'ureai met after waking up. She initially was fond of her due to her music box and pretty voice, but has grown to respect her for tons more. N'ureai finds her thoughts running back to her nearly every sun, and she considers Iuri her sister in many ways. She had cemented that relationship to Iurielle by giving her a bone necklace carved from Umaha, the Great White Torama's plates and claws.

Tah'al Raeal : A woman who gave N'ureai the nickname of N'u. Tah'al seemed to know her already, but N'ureai is happier knowing that she is a kind woman who is good at cooking fish and sweets. She hasn't seen Tah'al in a long, long time...and since that time N'ureai had matured in many ways. She'd be happy to see Tah'al again.

Tahni'sae Farreihm : Someone who seems to have the wrong idea about N'ureai. Preventing her from leaving his presence, he made her cry after pushing her against a railing during questioning. Afterward he apologized, and N'ureai has begun to treat the Miqo'te as a friend. Still does not often see Tahni'sae, but she does sniff him out to tell her of her progress on hunts. Still, she hasn't managed to find him in quite some time...but she has recently picked up his scent. It is only a matter of time before she finds him once more.

Delvera Ikazi : A fellow huntress whom N'ureai met as she stood around in the Quicksand doing absolutely nothing. Delvera is not a huntress in the way N'ureai is, preferring to use longer ranged weaponry, but that doesn't stop N'ureai from treating her as an equal. Anyone who she can talk to about beastkin, hunting, and mundane thing deserves nothing but respect. N'ureai has managed to gain her support towards Zhen's recent sickness as well, and she might even take Delvera on a hunting trip that she was planning for Zhen.

Tana Firesong : A Miqo'te whom had a most unique way of striking up N'ureai. "What's your story?" is the first time N'ureai had to think for longer than two minutes just to speak with someone else. Tana's earnest attitude and willingness to help N'ureai find a cure for Zhen make Tana one of N'ureai's allies. Of course, the war against Zhen's sickness is most certainly one that may not be won, but Tana has said she would try no matter what. N'ureai will always go to Tana if she needs help just due to her loyalty.


Musical themes
N'ureai: Sigma Harmonics Soundtrack - Gentle Timbre
Umaha: Killer Instinct - Aganos Theme

Special notes:
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