Nao'to Alnilam

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Nao'to Alnilam
The Arcanist

Name --- Nao’to Alinilam
Alias --- "Ally"
Age --- 20
Gender --- Male
Race --- Miqo'te
Clan --- Keeper of the Moon
Orientation --- ???
Marital --- Single
Deity --- Non-religious
Nationality --- Limsa Lominsa
Occupation --- Arcanist
Alignment --- Chaotic Good

Standing at a short height near five fulms, Nao’to isn’t exactly the quintessential image of someone who would be terrifying at a glance. Currently he sports a head of blond hair, though a close inspection will find his more natural blue tones sticking out of his roots. Along his eyes are a series of white tattoo marks that are permanently inked into his skin as a sign of his Keeper Heritage. His pale complexion brings into question his susceptibility to sunlight and indeed his preference is naturally geared towards patches of shadows than harsh light.

The Keeper’s pale complexion however is no barometer of his usual demeanor. A quick glance would give anyone ample opportunity to spot the signature fangs of his clan which were already longer than average. On a normal day it’s quite common to find the arcanist dressed in darker shades as a natural preference. Common color schemes that he prefers appear to be shades of blue, black, and occasionally splotches of gilded gold.

Scars & Markings: --- Along the corners and sides of his eyes are pairs of tattoos that were permanently inked into his skin with aether. A single white tattoo reminiscent of a crescent moon is a sign of the Alnilam clan’s devotion to the goddess Menphina and the moon. Although Nao’to has since turned his back on his conservative clan he still keeps them as a reminder of the more pleasant memories he had in his clan.

Voice: --- Nao’to’s voice range is one that is in line with a tenor’s. Though he is capable of speaking in the more eloquent tones of Gridania his time in Limsa Lominsa has given him a bit of a sailor’s mouth. He likes to adapt from using ‘proper’ words to using casual diction depending on the situation.

Clothing: --- His clothing is a strange mix of both Lominsian fashion and the traditional gear of the Alnilam clan. Nao’to prefers the freedom of sandals rather than boots, yet in contrast also prefers the tunics and casual dress of Limsa Lominsa. His common color schemes often consist of shades of blue, black, and either silver or gold.

In a single word Nao’to can described as a man who is cordial. Easy to approach and equally easy to become acquainted with, he is the type of person who loves to have fruitful conversations whether intellectual or silly. However, this cordialness shouldn't be mistaken for genuine kindness as even he is capable of being two-faced. On one hand he is all ears in sparking a conversation should someone approach him, but in reverse he does have a degree of shyness when making the first introduction. Although generally jovial with a love of teasing others, he is easily annoyed by haughty & smug people. To strangers he is fairly amicable and polite, but to friends he is a jester and loves to tease them as a sign of his affection.

  • Books
  • Books are his greatest friends as Nao'to loves to immerse himself in texts. Whether academic or long novellas it's quite common to see him lounging about after working nose deep in them.
  • Cooking
  • Although he'll never admit it the arcanist does have a love for the culinary arts. For him it's a way to have a creative outlet while simultaneously saving gil when he overspends on books.
  • The Night
  • As a Keeper of the Moon he is naturally disposed towards the cold warmth of the Moon. He can often be found gazing up at the pearly orb along with the stars above him.


  • Fickleness
  • Indecisive people grate on his nerves to no end.
  • Coffee
  • He hates the taste of it. Whether it is a coffee cake, coffee pastry, etc. Giving Nao'to anything coffee related is akin to signing a death sentence with him.
  • Limelight
  • While far from being shy he doesn't like being the center of attention.


  • Loneliness
  • At his core Nao'to fears being left alone. To him the greatest joy is lasting friendships and being able to casually converse with an ally. To him dying without anyone remembering him would be a nightmare.
  • Mother
  • The matriarch of the Alnilam clan. Her strict control and conservative views have made him fear the possibility of her potentially whisking him back to his clan.
  • Malboros
  • An unfortunate childhood encounter and being swallowed whole by a malboro makes him instinctively fearful of these creatures.


  • Favorite Food: Grilled Mackerel (Hingan Style)
  • Favorite Drink: Starfruit Juice
  • Favorite Color: Blue

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Kiht'a Alnilam ( ) ( NPC ) - Eldest Brother
The first son of Tali Alnilam and the older brother of Nao'to. Nao'to loves his brother but hates his compliance with the conservative culture of his clan. Nao'to still cares for him however and secretly communicates with him through a series of aether-inscripted letters.
Tali Alnilam ( NPC ) - The Matriarch
The matriarch of the Alnilam clan. Nao'to has an extremely strained relationship with his mother who attempted to force him into a marriage with another conservative Keeper clan. Their relationship has also suffered recently after he discovered his mother had hired people in an attempt to 'rescue' him from Limsa Lominsa.
Naiha Alnilam ( NPC ) - Sister
A direct sister of Nao'to who he holds contempt for. He sees her as an extension of his mother despite her genuine concern about his well-being.
Lucille Ferretti ( NPC ) - The Mentor
A highlander woman who was responsible for helping Nao'to escape from his clan. Nao'to is quite protective of her as she helped him escape a life of captivity. She has also mentored him in art of arcanum and has also been a source of kindling his love for books. She is also his mentor in researching the history of Nym and the illusive magic of Scholars where she advises him on his magical experiments.


Nimrada Sohma ( ) ( PC ) - Close Friend
"Nim? Yeah he's a pretty good guy! I'll admit that malboros have been the bane to my non-existent hide.. but he has saved me from a swarm of them before. Owe to him in being alive that's for sure. A close friend is what I'd call him."
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Some of these rumors are untrue, speculation, or are greatly exaggerated. Please feel free to add your own rumors under the Player Character category!


◢ Common Rumors - Easily overheard. Use these freely!

    "Nao'to? Yeah he likes to frequent the library often and sometimes I have to remind him that it's closing! A bit of a bookworm! Make sure you don't get him started on anything magical unless you want him to talk your ears off."
    "That miqo'te loves to eat I swear! Sometimes I feel jealous when I see him bringing a homemade lunch to the arcanist guild, but surely he can't be making that all by himself right? Probably a lunch made with love!"

◢ Uncommon Rumors - A little more difficult to hear. Use sparingly or ask first!

    "Mr. Alnilam seems to be making progress on providing aether manipulation charts for the purposes of succor. Didn't know he had that much of a natural talent in healing magic! Almost mistook him for one of those stick-wielding conjurers!"
    "It's strange because I heard he was originally from the Black Shroud yet now has citizenship here in Limsa Lominsa."

◢ Rare Rumors - Very rarely overheard. Please ask before using!

    "The Black Shroud has many conservative Keeper of the Moon clans.. I heard that the lad left his homeland on a sour note... something about a forced alliance and some arranged marriage."
    "As an arcanist it's quite alarming to see how much progress Nao'to has made in emulating the magics of Nym. I mean just look at his desk at work! Who knew that he had a fondness for studying military tactics of yore?"


◢ Player Character Rumors - Feel free to submit some to me if they are appropriate. Please feel free to hit me up with a confirmation if you're uncertain!

Deep in the Black Shroud lies the Alnilam clan. Conservative, tribal, and under the leash of the Matriarch Nao’to was raised by birth to be a bargaining tool for equally powerful but rivaling clans. As a highly female-dominated society he was awarded the single role of being a tool primed for an eventual tradeoff. From shamanistic rituals to great hunts that tested the patience of the elementals, the small but powerful clan was known for butting heads against the border posts of Gridania. However, political tensions and petty rivalries over hunts did not deter Nao’to from his attempts to satiate his curiosity of the world outside his clan. While men of other clans were solitary by nature and given the freedom to leave, Nao’to and his brother Kiht’a were kept as status symbols as a display of strength by the matriarch.

The skills in the traditional hunt were thought to the young miqo’te, but rather than be given the opportunity to join his sisters in the hunt he was forced to remain with his brother in fear that they would eventually escape. One opportune moment came when the matriarch brought the two brothers to Gridania to witness a moment of ‘progressivism’ as his clan agreed to end the conflict they had with the nation state. All took was one day for Nao’to to make contact with a traveling arcanist by the name of Lucille Ferretti who exposed him to arcanum. She instilled within him an interest in the unknown; the idea that knowledge was power and that a realm lied beyond his clan’s borders.

They established a series of letters where Nao’to would practice rudimentary forms of arcanum. The Highlander became a pillar of support academically as she fostered his desire to break away from his clan and pursue his thirst for knowledge. His desire to leave was firmly cemented upon witnessing his brother being sent off to a rivaling clan as a peace offering. The sheer despair and look of acceptance on Kiht’a unnerved the young miqo’te who refused to suffer the same fate. At the age of fifteen Nao’to and Lucille devised a plan through letters that would provide him the opportunity to escape. Through a series of well-planned events the Keeper was able to escape on route after being forced into a tribal marriage with another clan known as the Nhocri. Through the manipulations of Lucille and the influence of the arcanist guild Nao’to was spirited away under the pretense that he had been kidnapped by ‘vagabonds’ and ‘ruffians’ from Limsa Lominsa.

These ‘pirates’ were actually close friends who took up the offer to find Nao’to a better life. After a series of political puppetry he was even placed as an effective ward of the highlander. There Lucille began to personally mentor as she enrolled him into the Arcanist guild to foster his love of books, knowledge, and eventually magic. With a mind akin to a sponge Nao’to absorbed all of his mentor’s lessons with relative ease. One particular series of books however caught his attention -- The City-State of Nym & the history of Scholars. Nao’to became enamored with the concise recordings of tactics that the legendary scholars had crafted in the historic War of the Magi.

There were gaps in knowledge though that troubled the budding arcanist. The books which attempted to document the details of the city-state and its scholars were slim in its offerings. This bothered Nao’to to the point where became obsessed in recreating the specific geometric & mathematical patterns that made ‘scholar magic’ unique. Years of theory, experiments, failures, then successes finally led him to a point where he could recreate an ancient spell known as Adloquium. Nowadays, albeit with a bit if cautious observance, the Keeper can be found using trial and error until he can recreate the specific theories of Nym’s scholar’s.

Personal RP Limits

I will play mature content and themes as long as they're logical in a plot-driven encounter. Coarse and excessive language. Temporary injury and incapacitation. Temporary imprisonment. Most walk-up encounters. However, I am not seeking to simulate life-relationships or have the atypical conversation at a tavern in-character. While they're welcome for introducing characters, I'd prefer there to be some actual development or substance!
■ I highly prefer long-term developments! Plots, branching stories, and just generally creative writing.
■ Please remember that I am not my character. What Nao'to says or does is not in anyway indicative of what I may personally think.
Roleplay Hooks
■ Nao'to is a lover of books, lore, and random facts. If you talk to him with academia he'll be all ears and would love to have a conversation with your character
■ A fellow arcanum or someone with a keen interest in the manipulation aether will gather his interest as well.
■ Jokes, jests, and pranks are a good way to get on his side! Plan one with him or even prank him instead! He'll be sure to return the favor twice fold!
■ Nao'to has a secret hobby in cooking. Baking sweets, making exotic dishes and everything involving it is a sure fire way to get him to befriend you.
■ Romance? If it happens.
Communication is key, important, and overall necessary to the successful maintenance of a roleplay. Please do not try to have me and infer meaning from what you want to do! In other words be direct! If you do not tell me you're comfortable with the roleplay, a reaction, and or a plot point then there is no way I will now without a direct statement.
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