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Notice: This profile is written from a public-knowledge standpoint. As such, details may be absent, incomplete, or blatantly false.

Ul'dah-transparent.png Neith (Tumet)
Neith Profile 5-10-16.png
Gender Female
Race Au Ra
Clan Xaela
Citizenship Ul'Dah
Birth Date 2nd Sun 5th Umbral Moon (Oct 2)
Marital Status Married
Occupation Adventurer / Explorer / Other
Relatives Tobukha Tumet (Father, estranged)
Guardian Althyk, the Keeper

Neith (pronounced /nayth/) is an Au Ra most know little about, due to her wandering adventures and taciturn demeanor towards strangers. Hailing from the Othardian steppes as most Xaela do, circumstances brought her to Ul'Dah earlier than most other Au Ra, leaving her to fend for herself from a tender age in a land unfamiliar with her kind. Over the summers, her seemingly natural affinity towards hunting with a spear had led her to join the Adventurer's Guild as a lancer. Her skill and wealth steadily grew with time, and with it Neith wandered Eorzea. Moving with purpose, she seems to be looking for something. Or someone...

Appearance & Personality

A dark-skinned Xaela of above-average height, Neith has an athletic build as expected of one training as a lancer and aspiring to become a dragoon. She has soft amber eyes, though the brightness of her limbal rings can give her a piercing wolf's stare. A short, utilitarian hairstyle and modest clothing had only recently given way to more feminine styles (after a chance encounter with a flamboyant pink-haired man who had, as Neith would recall, "assaulted her with a pair of scissors.") She now has long, raven-black hair with purple ends and favors dark shades of purple and black in her common dress.
A reserved, soft-spoken person, Neith had always had her head buried in a book as a child. The latter half of her life spent as a street urchin-turned-adventurer sellsword has made her wary of others (particularly men) and hardened her somewhat, though at heart she remains compassionate and naturally curious. This curiosity has led her to continue perusing books whenever and wherever she can, and her respectable literacy and eloquence can be owed to it.
Despite outward appearances, however, she is no shrinking violet. The lance at her back has seen its share of her exploits as a sellsword, and only those few who have met her on the field have witnessed the normally-unassuming adventurer lash out with a controlled flurry of slashes, or take to the air in a leaping thrust worthy (she hopes) of the Ishgardian dragoons she idolized as a child. Neith's experience in combat has honed her reflexes and developed an unspoken desire to seek challenges, though at the same time she had always yearned for a more peaceful, scholarly life...


6th Astral Era

Born in the Othardian steppes to the Tumet tribe, Neith's mother was lost in childbirth. She was raised by her father, a skilled blacksmith named Tobukha. Educating and teaching her the basics of survival and hunting as was expected of all children of the tribe, he also indulged her curiosity as best he could. Neith would later recall those days fondly, until the inevitable day of her trial. As with all children of the tribe, she was bound to a tree as the tribe prepared to continue its migration, though not without profound differences...Bound far too securely to be able to free herself, the child was given a simple pendant with a burnt stone, a kiss on her forehead, and an unexpected few parting words.
"...Do not return."
Left trapped and abandoned, the girl struggled with her bonds but ultimately could not free herself. It was a passing merchant caravan that came upon her a few suns later that freed her - or rather, helped her free herself. The leader of the caravan, seemingly familiar with the traditions of the Tumet tribe, threw the weakened girl a knife and allowed her to free herself. After days without food or shelter and her father's last words still echoing in her head, the child...nameless and now tribeless as well...accepted the man's offer to ride with his merchant company, bound for Ul'Dah.

7th Umbral Era

Following Dalamud's Fall

7th Astral Era



¦ Humid Weather
¦ Night / Dim Light
¦ Exploration
¦ Tart or Savory Foods, Fish
¦ Small Groups


¦ Cold Weather / Being Cold
¦ Boredom
¦ Lack of Freedom
¦ Sophism
¦ Bullying
¦ Deep Water


¦ Alignment: Chaotic Good
¦ Strength(s): Independent; Learns Well On Her Own.
¦ Weakness(s): Cold, Ice-Based Magic; Blowing On Her Horns ; Can't Swim
¦ Favorite Food: La Noscean Toast
¦ Favorite Drink: Rolanberry Lassi
¦ Favorite Color: Purple


Some of these rumors are untrue or are greatly exaggerated.
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¦ Common Rumors (Easily overheard)
¦ Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear)
¦ Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard)
¦ Player Character Rumors
¦ "I hear she was one of the first Au Ra's trained as a dragoon by Ishgard." - An eccentric Keeper at Bronze Lake.

Feelings Towards Others

Neith likely keeps this information to herself. Where groups are listed, this is her default or general stance.

Fond Of
Kirkirik Tirtirik - Neith has listened (and fallen asleep) to this Lalafell's viola more than once, and finds his taste in music as soothing and pleasant as his demeanor otherwise. Having learned of some of his troubles, she feels compelled to protect him if the need arises.
Arisu Oren - A wandering Raen monk Neith had met in a dungeon on assignment. The two became fast friends, sharing adventure, hardship and triumph alike until their bond had grown into something more... The two are now bonded, and their adventures continue...
Good Standing
Seldi Witt - A Miqo'te and former roommate. She generously allowed Neith to stay in her quarters before getting her own. A pragmatic and respectable person, Neith found a growing fondness for her. After the troubles they shared with a voidsent, Neith was saddened to see her leave again, but relieved that they could both live in peace.
Zozoju Zoju - A mammet modeled in the image of a Lalafell that had found Neith and promptly declared her its current user. It was sent to accompany Seldi's brother, but after being evaded, it dutifully sought Neith out as a secondary client as instructed. Neith has taken the peculiar being under her care, and her curiosity is continually getting the better of her...
Totojin Kokojin - A Lalafellin mage whom had started Neith on the path to learn arcanima. She would not have begun to learn if not for him, and she refers to him as "the Little Master."
Eagle & Quill Bookstore (Free Company) - Her current employer, and a comfortable place for Neith to study and earn her coin peacefully. (Even if the place happens to be staffed by individuals strangely knowledgeable of the void...)
Sherem Shaw - An effeminate Hyur that Neith met on her Free Company's estate grounds. She found his modest presence refreshing, and his eagerness to hear of her exploits charming. Neith would seek his company, but seems to miss him more often than not.
Hanatsuma Maibito - A Doman refugee that had found her way to Arcadeus. Neith had spent some time traveling with her and Shino, and upon learning of her past resolved to help find her sister. Hana's modesty and subtle wit earned Neith's respect, and loyalty.
Shino Senkatsu - A charming young pugilist Neith had met during her time spent in Arcadeus. They had spent some time trading stories and sparring, training in their respective arts and against each others'. The upstart Raen's seeming recklessness and energetic nature endeared Neith to her, though Shino's attachment to another forced her to stifle those feelings. They are still on excellent terms.
The Grand Companies - Neith has performed work for all of the Grand Companies in her travels, but has no feelings of loyalty to any in particular...
Poor Standing


Theme Song: "Spectrum of the Sky" , "Spirits" (Battle)
TV Tropes (Present): Pragmatic Hero, Grey and Gray Morality, Others To Be Discovered


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