Hanatsuma Maibito

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 Hanatsuma Maibito
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Gender Female
Race Au Ra
Clan Raen
Citizenship None; Doman Refugee
Guardian Unknown
Nameday 21st Sun of the 4th Astral Moon (July 21st)
Age 27
Orientation Lesbian
Marital Status Married
Occupation Second in charge of Bravura; head of medical and refugee care

Basic Info

Name: Hanatsuma Maibito (Flower Wife of the Dancer family)

Nickname: Hana

Accent: Doman

Current Residence: Hanatsuma is currently living in The Goblet with Shino and spending her free time at the Bravura headquarters in The Mists.


Hanatsuma and her sister, Hatsukiku, came from a small town in Doma, where their father worked with the town's guard, using a polearm to help defend the people, and their mother worked with a few of the other women as healers and medics. Hanatsuma was later trained and worked with the seamstresses and leather-workers in town, handling mending and repairs, while her sister trained under their mother to go on to become a healer and medic. As soon as trouble reached their small town, their parents secured passage for Hanatsuma and Hatsukiku to flee to Eorzea during the uprising against the Garlean forces. Being both Doman refugees, and Au Ra Raen, their arrival in Eorzea, was met with some hardships. Hanatsuma has been working hard since her arrival to find a safe place for her and her sister to call home until the day arrives when, or if, they can return to Doma.


Height: 4 fulm, 8.9 ilm (4'9.8") (147.0 cm)

Weight: 90 Ponze (90 lbs) (40.82 kg)

Build: Slim/slender, petite

Skin Tone: Light - fair-skinned, containing rosy/peach undertones, skin flushes easily.

Skin Type: Normal - Skin is smooth and radiant because it reflects light evenly. Complexion is balanced (not too oily or too dry), and rarely has breakouts. No noticeable changes in your skin throughout the day.

Distinguishing Marks: Faint scarring and slight discoloration on her upper left arm and inner right thigh as well as a scar on her stomach.

Hair:  Fine, wine red, pale pink highlights, usually cut shorter to her jawline, but has been seen longer before.

Eyes:  Left eye pale blue, right eye pale pink, with pink limbal rings

Hanatsuma and Kukuna on their adventure through La Noscea.


Exploring: Hanatsuma likes exploring, particularly around the Black Shroud and Limsa Lominsa. She holds hesitation in exploring Thanalan without people accompanying her. With the company of her friend Kukuna Kuna, the two began an adventure to see all the sights that Eorzea had to offer, starting with the areas around La Noscea.

Learning new trades: Hanatsuma is interested in learning cooking and continuing her training in cloth and leather working. She is working to grow her skills with a Lance, like her father.


Tea: Memories of her mother brewing tea for her as a child when she felt ill or sad always come to her when she drinks it. Tea for Hanatsuma is a way to remember her mother and feel close to her memory. Between making her own blends, growing and harvesting various herbs and fruits for different blends, brewing, and consuming, she enjoys and finds comfort in tea.

Spending time relaxing with her friends: Any reprieve from the struggle of surviving in a foreign land is always accepted, especially when it's with people Hanatsuma is close with.

Gardening: With her newly built infirmary and workshop at the Bravura headquarters, Hanatsuma's found a joy in cultivating and growing various plants and herbs for her remedies, teas, and whatever else she can think of in her indoor growing space.


Large crowds: She'll often be found on the outskirts of the crowds where she feels most comfortable. The murmur of the crowds quickly turns to a roar and can overwhelm her.

Being alone: She has a lot of anxieties about being alone after being forced to flee from Doma, leaving everyone she knew behind, so she prefers to be in the company of others.

Drinking: She prefers to not be drunk. While she'll occasionally have a drink in a social situation, she much prefers teas to alcohol. Being in a new and unfamiliar place such as Eorzea keeps her on edge, and she likes to err on the side of caution. When she does get drunk, she tends to be overly clumsy, a bit spacey, flush in the face, and constantly laughing.


  • Colors:  Deep reds, purples, various shades of blue and green, and black/white color schemes.
  • Foods:  Bread, fruits (specifically apples, plums, and rolanberries), sweets of any kind, rice balls, vegetable stews and soups.
  • Drinks:  Teas, particularly different blends of herbal teas. Occasionally, sweet wine.
  • Scents: Incense and sweat, cinnamon, lavender, or fresh baked bread.
  • Places: The beach of Costa del Sol, the more wooded areas of La Noscea, as well as the forests near Gridania.
  • Festival: Heavensturn or the Moonfire Faire (Heavensturn because it reminds her of home, but the Moonfire Faire because she met Shino during it).

Least Favorites

  • Colors:  Browns and oranges.
  • Foods:  Bitter foods (certain greens and citrus fruits), most meats, cream and other dairy.
  • Drinks:  Most alcohols, but specifically ales and hard liquors.
  • Scents: Vinegar, wax, drying animal skins.
  • Places: Ul'dah and various places throughout Thanalan (the heat, crowds, and overall tension puts her on guard).
  • Festival: The Hatching Tide (a celebration of eggs seems silly).


Neutral Good: "A neutral good character is good, but not shackled by order. (S)he sees good where (s)he can, but knows evil can exist even in the most ordered place. A neutral good character does anything (s)he can, and works with anyone (s)he can, for the greater good. Such a character is devoted to being good, and works in any way (s)he can to achieve it. (S)he may forgive an evil person if (s)he thinks that person has reformed, and (s)he believes that in everyone there is a little bit of good."


Overly Trusting: Once she feels comfortable around someone, Hanatsuma tends to trust them without question. This has led to multiple mishaps and her life being in danger a few times.

Apologizes A Lot: Her sister used to joke that Hanatsuma uses "sorry" or "I apologize" in place of "um."

Can't Hold Her Liquor: Hanatsuma gets drunk way too easily, and way too fast, if she does drink.

Forgets To Eat: Often caught up in what she's doing or working on, remembering to eat will slip her mind.

Graceful In Her Element: While alright with a spear or lance, and passable at cloth and leather work, the real place Hanatsuma's skills shine is in the fields or forests among plants.

Forgetful About Asking For Help: Hanatsuma has a bad habit about heading out on her own to tackle an issue or task by herself, thinking things need to be done on her own.

An Antling Sentry, and one of several reasons for Hanatsuma's anxieties about Thanalan.


Ants: For as long as she could remember, ants have always sent a shiver up Hanatsuma's spine. The ants in Thanalan, with their massive size, being no exception.

Being alone: After being separated from her parents and everyone she knew her entire life, Hanatsuma developed a fear of being alone. She gets overly anxious when on her own for too long and will seek out companionship. This has gotten easier to manage and deal with the more accustomed to Eorzea she has gotten, but she still has issues being left alone for too long.


Basic First Aid: Until it was discovered that she didn't have her mother's or sister's aptitude for magics, Hanatsuma trained and learned with them about healing, medicines, and applying care, training to become a town healer.

Foraging: Her love of spending time in the woods with her family, assisting however she could when her mom would take her out with her to resupply, she learned the basics of finding edible and other useful plants.

Herbalism: Hanatsuma learned some of these skills growing up from her mother and sister. She's able to mix basic medicines and tinctures, muscle rubs, and other such mixtures for various simple remedies.

Gardening: Related to both her knack for foraging and herbalism, Hanatsuma's skill with gardening stems from her past.

Hanatsuma outfitted with a sword and shield.
Hanatsuma outfitted with her lance.


Hanatsuma prefers close ranged combat over ranged and has trained with a sword and shield, but prefers the combat styling that a lance gives her. During the time she spent travelling around, she picked up a lance in Gridania, needing a new weapon and means of protections after her shield broke, and started training in her downtime. As she trained more, her skill in defending herself with a lance or spear improved; her maneuverability and speed increased as well as her strength in hefting what some would consider a cumbersome weapon.


Hanatsuma has no magical talents that she is aware of despite both her mother and sister being magically inclined. Skill with what Eorzea calls conjury runs in her family; generally the women are more skilled with it than the men are. She would hear stories about her grandmother's abilities and the trials she would put Hanatsuma's mother through to grow her abilities. Growing up, Hanatsuma tried learning and training with her sister but was never able to grasp the basics despite all of her efforts. This was something that Hatsukiku, Hanatsuma's sister, would poke fun at her about.


Hanatsuma's experiences growing up in a small village in Doma and having to mend clothing and armors as a job, she finds herself a bit more adept at leather working and cloth-craft. While not particularly excelling in any specific field, she has made enough money to fund herself and keep herself clothed, geared, and fed since arriving in Eorzea. Her skills in cloth-craft were nowhere near on par with her peers who entered the profession, and this is partly because of Hanatsuma's tendency to shirk responsibility and work instead opting to spend time with her friend. With leather working, she avoided it as much as she could because the smell of the tanning hides made her feel nauseated, so her skills in that particular field are nothing more than mending and patchwork.


While not a very experienced miner or fisher, Hanatsuma's skill with botany is well above average. Her ability to scavenge and find edible plants, medicinal plants, and other useful types of things growing around has helped her in various ways, the most obvious being her survival in a new land such as Eorzea. This all has been to the benefit of those close to her; combined with her helpful nature, Hanatsuma has patched up and treated many aches, pains, and other maladies The difficulty she finds is in searching for specific herbs and plants, people are unable to recognize her drawings. Admittedly, her handwriting and sketching abilities are leaving much to be desired; while she can understand and make sense of her notes and sketches, they often leave others quite confused.

Hatsukiku Maibito, Hanatsuma's sister.


Mother: Kurimata Maibito - Presumed stuck in Othard. Possibly dead.

Father: Yasunaga Maibito - Presumed dead securing safe passage to Eorzea for Hanatsuma and her sister.

Older sister: Hatsukiku Maibito - Was lost in Eorzea. During the chaos of fleeing Doma, Hanatsuma and Hatsukiku became separated and hadn't seen each other yet since leaving Doma until Hanatsuma, as well as a few of her friends and acquaintances, set off through the Shroud in search of her.

Other family: Hanatsuma can't recall much about the rest of her family. As a child, she was told she comes from a long line of agricultural workers. She couldn't remember a lot of what her father did before joining the guard, but she was told it was helping her grandparents tend to the land. What she does remember being told, though, is that the women in her family typically have a magical affinity for healing magics.


Shino and Hanatsuma at Heavensturn event in Limsa Lominsa

Shino Senkatsu: Hanatsuma met Shino at a Moonfire Faire event after Shino won a swimsuit contest. Shortly after, she made sure Shino got home safely after an unfortunate ending to a drinking contest knocked her flat. One of Hanatsuma's companions at the time introduced the two of them, and they spent the whole night talking, becoming fast friends. Hanatsuma spent a lot of time with Shino, reminiscing about Doma and adventuring around Eorzea where the two of them grew even closer. After trekking from Limsa Lominsa to Gridania, Hanatsuma and Shino became practically inseparable. Shino took off for a period of time to take care of something, leaving without letting anyone know. Upon her return, Hanatsuma was ecstatic to have her back and the two grew even closer, go so far as to call each other their girlfriend. After moving in together in their new home in The Goblet, Shino proposed to Hanatsuma and the two were wed not long after.


Neith Tumet: After their awkward first meeting when Hanatsuma brought Shino home after a drinking contest that encountered some complications during a Moonfire Faire celebration, Neith later joined Hanatsuma and Shino on their trek to Gridania. During their travels, Hanatsuma and Neith became better acquainted. After Hana recovered from her injuries, Neith helped get Hana back up to her old self by training and sparring with her. Their shared interest in tea allowed them to form a bond.

Kukuna Kuna: On the same night that Hanatsuma met Seldi, she met Kukuna. During their comings and goings at the company house in the Mist, the two had several opportunities to talk and get acquainted. It wasn't until later that the two really talked and eventually set out on an adventure to explore the sights that Eorzea has to see.

Beaumont: In Hanatsuma's searches in the Limsa Lominsan markets for specific items from Othard, she eventually met and befriended Beaumont, an elezen captain who makes a living supplying various stalls with imports. He's Hanatsuma's supplier for goods from home and she is one of his most consistent customers. While their relationship began as solely business, their constant meetings have strengthened their friendship to more than business acquaintances, but actual friends.

Mira Paravane: Hanatsuma and Mira met through Neith when she came to visit at the estate. After sharing pleasantries, Hanatsuma explained her situation and interest in finding the bandits who ambushed her, Mira offered her assistance and even went so far as to seek assistance from Lady Micharan Danasorian, lady of the house Mira works for.. The two became fast friends and a close bond formed.

Lady Micharan Danasorian: Being the Lady of House Danasorian, the house Mira works under, she was introduced to Hanatsuma when Mira sought assistance for Hanatsuma. The two exchanged pleasantries and, eventually, Hanatsuma sought lodging at the Eagle & Quill, a bookstore owned by House Danasorian, taking her up on the offer of help and employment. In doing this, Hanatsuma became a ward under the Ishgardian Danasorian house.

Ferathir Dawnbreaker: Upon arriving in Thanalan and searching for possible leads, Hanatsuma became lost and found herself wandering through The Goblet when she found herself at the door of Oathsworn Solutions. Ferathir and Minako were there to greet Hanatsuma and welcome her into their company, offering her work and shelter while she searched for any info about the attackers targeting refugees. Ferathir's kindness and willingness to welcome Hanatsuma in makes her think highly of him.

Minako Obinata: Minako, another Doman refugee, offered Hanatsuma use of her room at the Oathsworn Solutions company building until proper lodging could be set up. Mianko's warmth in accepting her in and putting her up in her own room made Hanatsuma trust her almost instantly. On a company outing, and Hanatsuma's first time to the Gold Saucer, Minako helped look out for her when she had too much to drink.

V'ieh Vhessi: Hanatsuma's thoughts towards V'ieh are that she can be blunt and somewhat abrasive, but these work in her favor in Hanatsuma's mind. V'ieh has been nothing but helpful and polite to her since arriving at Oathsworn Solutions, and her eye for Doman design within the bath house she built left a positive impression.

Thata'wo Kaatapoh: Hanatsuma doesn't know him very well, but his positive attitude and disposition, as well as his playful, friendly, and helpful personality, make her enjoy being in his company.

R'anael Lea: Hanatsuma and R'anael first met at Oathsworn Solutions before the Gold Saucer company trip, and on the outing, she helped look out for her when she had too much to drink. Her friendliness and energetic personality left a positive impression.

Chiyo Hoshi: During a mission with Miss Kuna, Hanatsuma became acquainted briefly with Chiyo, but the two went their separate ways once the job was done. It wasn't until much later, working in Thanalan, that the two met again. Since their second meeting, Hanatsuma has gotten a better idea of who Chiyo is. While disagreeing with her views regarding refugees, Hanatsuma can tell the woman has good intentions.

Totojin Kokojin: Hanatsuma met Totojin when she returned to the manor Shino works at after becoming injured during an ambush. He healed her wounds via healing magics and saved her life. Much later, Hanatsuma encountered Totojin again while she and Shino were establishing Bravura. The lalafell secured the company funding and housing for their work while overseeing things pertaining to magics and background processes.

Kyn Fateweaver: Hana and Shino found Kyn in Ishgard during one of their trips to the city. Seeing her cold and sleeping in the streets, they brought her back to Bravura where she has been trying to regain her memories. Always eager to lend aid around the company, Hana sees Kyn as something of a pupil who has much to learn still.

Yukimi Daifuku:

Nyorai Amai: On an outing to the Saika restaurant and bar, Shino and Hana saw Nyorai there. It was't until a few days later on a routine trip to Lost Hope that the two ran into her again, looking in much need of aid. Taking her back to Bravura, she has been staying with the company until her memories return, or until she gets back on her feet.


Aimitsu Mino: Hanatsuma's best friend growing up as well as teenage crush. Her whereabouts is currently unknown.

Seldi Witt: The two briefly met one evening in The Mist while a group of their mutual acquaintances and friends were hanging around relaxing.

Arisu Oren: Hanatsuma's meeting with Arisu, Neith's wife, was brief during an outing to a tavern in which she met up with Neith and Mira.

C'sharra Dalkuh: This miqo'te woman left an odd impression with Hanatsuma. Their first meeting was in the Oathsworn Vigil company house and involved C'sharra making a halfhearted insult that Hanatsuma guessed was a joke, and a few suggestive remarks, followed by a wink and, "Think about it..."

V'ashir Tia: Hanatsuma isn't sure what to think of V'ashir. He seems stern and collected usually, but she can somewhat remember an argument of some sort happening on a company outing to the Gold Saucer between him and management. Also, what did he mean by saying that Hanatsuma looks familiar?

Ataashi Dotharl: Ataashi wound up in Hana's clinic at Bravura with a pickaxe in his chest. This is how they met. Hana did her best to treat his wound. She remains unsure of what to make of him, but harbors no ill-will.

Idris Kahkol: Hana met Idris the same night that she did Ataashi, Idris being the one who put aforementioned pickaxe through Ataashi's chest. His accusations of Bravura being another place where refugees go to die got under her skin, but later, after calming down, she understood his skepticism regarding the company.

Ra'ahxus Xon: Hana is still skeptical of Rax. He joined Bravura to stay with Ataashi and volunteered to help in Hana's clinic, but his personality and attitude have Hana questioning whether he will be of much help, or if she'll be having to play teacher the whole time. Regardless, his addition to Bravura left Hana shrugging her shoulders and hoping for the best.


Cat Nippi: On Hanatsuma's first night in Eorzea, she had an unfortunate run in with Cat that ended with Hanatsuma being chased out of Ul'dah after a misunderstanding.

Sykeen Sirpenthelm: After becoming more adjusted to the customs of Eorzea and finding a few travelling companions, Hanatsuma and her companions had a run-in with Sykeen which led to Hanatsuma and her companions running after being threatened with something called "the essentials."


While staying in Limsa Lominsa and The Mists, she felt no allegiance to The Maelstrom or La Noscea as a whole.

Through her employ under Lady Micharan Danasorian, Hanatsuma is a ward under House Danasorian of Ishgard.

Hanatsuma was laid off from Oathsworn Solutions when the business was dissolved, but was inducted into the Oathsworn Vigil before leaving the organization.

Through her work with her wife, Shino, she is a co-founder of Bravura and head of The Heart department pertaining to medical and refugee aid.

Note: This section is editable by anyone. Just keep in mind that the rumors here may be both true or false.

"Did you see that strange dragon girl rob that person the other day in Ul'dah? I swear, that's her!" - Someone from the Ul'dahn markets

"A high house employing that... foreign girl? That's just asking for trouble." - Overheard gossip among Ishgardian nobles

Birth and childhood (0-10)

Hanatsuma was born in a small town in Doma to a hardworking family. Her mother took care of her and her older sister while her father worked in the town's guard. Hanatsuma spent her childhood playing games with her sister and helping her mother with chores around the house. On occasion, her mother would take Hanatsuma and her sister with her to pick flowers, herbs, and berries for making tea and herbal remedy tinctures. Her father would sometimes meet them for lunch on their outings, and they would all relax and have a picnic amongst nature.

Teen Years

As Hanatsuma grew a bit older, she started to learn different trades to help care for her family. While her older sister learned to prepare food and herbal remedies with their mother, Hanatsuma spent time with some of the seamstresses and other girls in the village learning how to mend cloth and leather. While most of her friends that were around her same age became interested in boys, often sneaking away and shirking chores to go watch the recruits train for service in the guard, Hanatsuma found herself disinterested and would sneak away to lay in the grass and watch the wind blow through the trees with her friend, Aimitsu.

When Hanatsuma reached 17, and the people she grew up with began courting, she felt left behind. Her interests weren't in boys and work, but in her friends and the forest. She would have liked to spend everyday laying in the grass with Aimitsu, watching the clouds pass overhead and feel the cool breeze.


On her 22nd birthday, Hanatsuma began working as a cloth and leather mender. Her skills in the area of leather work and cloth craft weren't up to par with her peers, but they were well enough to fix minor cuts and tears.

Refusing to court, Hanatsuma watched as people all around the village grew their loves together. Her parents grew frustrated at times but ultimately relented to let Hanatsuma do as she pleases, provided she worked and provided. Her mother would sometimes joke that Hanatsuma spent more time talking about girls than boys, which always made Hanatsuma blush.


Not long after her 26th birthday, Hanatsuma's father tried to secure safe passage for Hanatsuma, her sister, and their mother, to Eorzea after rumor of an uprising against the Garlemald circulated. He sold the family's fields to pay a smuggler to get his family out of Doma, but on the night they were to escape, a dispute about the price cause Hanatsuma and her sister to become separated from their mother. After the sounds of a scuffle outside and a scream, the carriage they were in took off down the road.

Neith, Shino, and Hanatsuma on their trip to Gridania.

Upon reaching the docks and being herded about, Hanatsuma lost her sister in the crowd. After what felt like an eternity at sea, she found herself in Limsa Lominsa where she waited for other refugee ships to arrive to see if she could find her sister, or anyone from her village.

Hanatsuma has been working odd jobs to cover her travels in search of her family. After nearly giving up, she heard word while on a journey with Shino and Neith in Gridania that more people from Doma were arriving in Ul'dah. After hearing word that more refugees arrived in Thanalan, she set out to search for her sister.

Upon arriving in Ul'dah, Hanatsuma searched the streets for any sign of new refugees, but heard from another Doman refugee that the ship hadn't arrived yet. She followed a group to Vesper Bay in hopes of seeing loved ones, but found it to be a false lead. Instead of a ship full of Domans and others from Othard, the refugees found an ambush. After a fight that she barely made it out of, Hanatsuma suffered injuries and escaped on a ship to Limsa Lominsa.

Hanatsuma, not knowing where else to go, took the ferry from the Limsa Lominsa docks to the Mist where Shino found her. Shino carried Hanatsuma inside the manor she works at and called for help. Totojin answered the call and arrived quickly to heal Hanatsuma's wounds. Afterwards, Shino cared for Hanatsuma as she recovered from her injuries.

Still nervous to travel to Thanalan alone after the incident, Hanatsuma spent her time recovering in Limsa and The Mist, making contacts at the harbor to try and figure out anything that could help lead her to whoever orchestrated the attack. Talking with Neith about the events that took place, Neith introduced Hanatsuma to Mira, a friend and worker at a local bookstore, who said she may have the means to help Hanatsuma search for both her sister and her attackers. Once healed up enough to continue her searches for both her sister and the perpetrators for the ambush, she left the estate house in the Mist, feeling she had overstayed her welcome. Mira and Lady Micharan, the owner of the bookstore, offered Hanatsuma lodging in exchange for helping out around the store. Taking the opportunity, she moved in until she can figure out what to do.

Once hearing that the Heavnsturn celebrations were coming to Gridania, she began thinking that the festivities may possibly bring out other Domans, so she planned to make a trip to the Shroud in hopes of finding Hatsukiku. Gathering some of her friends, acquaintances, and coworkers, Hanatsuma set out to look for Hatsukiku, eventually finding her in the South Shroud. Making their way back to Gridania, the group was able to secure passage back to Limsa, and then the Mists, where Hanatsuma helped Hatsukiku adjust to life in Eorzea.

After her sister had recovered enough to be on her own, Hanatsuma set off from the Eagle and Quill bookstore for Thanalan after hearing rumor of another, similar, attack on refugees, hoping to finally locate her attackers. Not knowing where to start, she wandered through the Goblet where she happened upon Ferathir and Minako outside of their company building. After a short discussion, explaining her plight and what exactly she was looking for, Ferathir and Minako offered Hanatsuma housing and employment for her duration in Thanalan, as well as aid, if she needed it, in tracking the attackers on refugees.

On a trip to Limsa Lominsa from Thanalan to meet with her importer friend, Beaumont, to pick up an order, Hanatsuma incidentally wound up becoming the owner of a Doman magpie who took a liking to her. Within days of the trip, she ventured into Ul'dah to the markets with questions about getting supplies in through some of the vendors, and during her inquiries, she came upon a familiar refugee in the alley areas who let her know about some strange disappearances of refugees.

A thought came to Hanatsuma and she wrote a few letters to some contacts to acquire the funds to get a more stable housing situation for herself and Shino while staying in Ul'dah. Her previous employer, Lady Micharan, was more than happy to offer up the funds, and then some, to Hanatsuma, and the couple acquired a house in The Goblet. Around this time, Shino proposed to her and the two were wed not long after moving into their new home. They set off for a honeymoon adventure, deciding to make a trip up north through Coerthas and Ishgard, hoping to see the Dravanian lands.

Not long after returning to Thanalan, Hanatsuma received news of Oathsworn Solutions closing, but was offered a position within the Oathsworn Vigil. She accepted, but something kept nagging at her and she parted ways with Ferathir and Minako to continue her mission, unsure entirely of what it may be, breaking the oath and, to her disappointment, contact with the people who took her in. The news of the missing refugees spurned a recon mission, during which she got captured and injured. Barely escaping with a small group of Ala Mhigans from their imprisonment, Hanatsuma gave her all and nearly died protecting them and allowing them to even escape in the first place. Limping, injured, and weak, she made her way home.

Upon healing and recovering, she worked with her wife to start a free company, Bravura, to aid refugees displaced by the Garleans. With a loan from Totojin, the company was able to secure housing in the Mists to act as a headquarters. Here, Hanatsuma was able to build her infirmary and herbology lab where she can work.