Nox Consus

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Information presented on this page is for player knowledge only. It is not known to any in-game characters!

The character is an enigma, a mystery to all who meet him.

Details may be added to the character sheet at a future date.
 Nox Consus
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Race Lalafell
Clan Dunesfolk
Citizenship N/A
Nameday ???
Age ???
Orientation Straight
Guardians​ Zodiark
Alias N/A
Marital Status Single
Nox Consus
A god born of the darkness that is the Void. Sent to Eorzea to aid in the opening of the Voidgate at the Crystal Tower, he now seeks vengeance for the murder of his beloved queen, Scathach, at the hands of the Eorzean adventurers. He has the power to corrupt souls with the darkness but only does so to to the willing.
On Hydaelyn, he keeps a wind-up toy of Scathach, forever lamenting her loss.



  • Destruction
  • Obliteration


  • Hydaelyn, the mothercrystal
  • Emissaries of Hydaelyn
  • Protectors of Hydaelyn
  • Zodiark
  • Emissaries of Zodiark
  • Protectors of Zodiark


Foods: ???
Drinks: ???
Colors: Black


  • Destroying
  • Obliterating


Hair/Fur: Black
Skin: Black
Eyes: Black
Height: 2'10.2"
Weight: 45 ponz
Build: Muscular

Nox is small but muscular, and has the darkest skin as a product of his home. His eyes are a piercing black the likes of the Void. His face is rotund, perfectly framing his eyes and his petite nose. His short but pointy ears appear to be spearing their ways out of his head.
He sports a facial tattoo oft' hidden by his lockes of hair, along with pitch black earrings and a pitch black gem about his neck.


  • Alignment

    Lawful Evil
  • Motivation

    Thirst for power
  • Disposition

    Vengeful, pessimistic
  • Outlook

    All your base are belong to us.
  • Positive personality traits

  • Negative personality traits

    Narcissistic, hedonistic


Romantic Interest, Sexual Interest, Platonic Love, Good Standing, Neutral Standing, Poor Standing

Romantic Interest

Scathach - His Voidsent queen


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