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 Ojene Suinuet
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Birth Name Ojene Suinuet
Pronounced [Oh-zhenn] [Swee-nueh]
Age 52, looks early to mid forties by Hyur standards (but not by Elezen!)
Born 1525
Nameday 9th Sun of the 6th Astral Moon
Birthplace North Shroud
Race Elezen
Clan Duskwight
Alignment Lawful Good - [Type 3]
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
Height 7'0"
Weight 280 lbs
Physique Densely muscular and athletic
Hair Jet black, graying at the temples
Eyes Ice blue
Skin Dark blueish-gray, lightly freckled
Facial Features Long, protruding nose and an angular jaw
Scars Numerous, but old.

The most striking:

  • A large diagonal slash from her collarbone to the middle of her ribcage
  • A large patch over her left hip
  • A faintly puckered depression on either side of her left thigh
Injuries A bad left hip, shattered in 1564, that never healed quite right again.

Intense, Calculating, Compassionate, Abrasive, Perseverant, Altruistic, Controlling


Sketching, exercise (sometimes in the form of a game), mentally-stimulating board games, people-watching

  • Deep conversation
  • Good meals she doesn't have to cook
  • The catharsis of physical exertion
  • Thieves
  • Overly sweet foods
  • People who lack empathy for others
Core Motivator To further purposes or causes she feels are good and just
Fears Losing everything again
Greatest Accomplishment Still being alive, after all this time, without having to compromise her strong sense of morals
Greatest Regret All the years of lost time
Profession Lancer/Rogue/Archer
Soulstone None
Combat Style Variable, changing based on tactical situations and assessments.
Non-Combat Tactician
  • Tactical planning
  • Wilderness survival
  • First-aid
  • Basic medicinal alchemy
  • Decades of fighting experience
Primary Weapon Spear
Secondary Weapon Daggers or Longbow
Armor Variable, depending on tactical evaluation and necessity. Favors scale, leather, or chainmail.
Username Diskwrite
Time Zone United States, CST
Server Balmung
Tumblr [http://diskwrite-ffxiv.tumblr.com/]
Additional Characters Bloewilf Swerdhwyzwyn Jophoix Suinuet
Linkshells N/A
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"Some people are like a wildfire. They burn fast, they burn hard... and then they burn out. Be careful with her. One of these days... that fire's bound to run out of kindling."

[Last Update: 8/12/16]

The Basics


Unusually tall for an Elezen at 7’0”, Ojene makes no attempt to hide her stature unless she feels a pressing need to blend in. As a consequence, she cuts a striking figure in most any crowd through physical presence alone- the unmistakeable tone of her skin nonwithstanding.

There is no confusing Ojene for anything but a Duskwight. Her weathered skin is a deep, blueish gray. And her ice blue eyes fix on their subjects with a breathtaking intensity that reveals the intelligence and cunning within. While her face is free of any scars, her body is a different story. A glimpse at her torso, her legs, or even her arms, reveals a pale network of old marks. Most faded, by now, to near-invisibility. But no matter how far she distances herself from the past, they remain. Relics of the woman she once was. Or perhaps, despite what she says, the woman she still is.

Gone are the long mornings and evenings poured into training. With no pressing need to defend herself, an hour or two a day suffices. Even so, her body is strikingly muscular. Broad shoulders and thick arms like hers are not easily hidden, no matter what shirt she chooses to wear. Yet age has begun to whittle down the chiseled slope of her physique. Softening her at the edges, despite her best efforts to keep it at bay.

Even at a glance, she has clearly long since left youth behind. Wrinkles blossom in the corners of her eyes and the slope of her forehead, a small but steadily growing tribute to years of tension and worry. Offset, perhaps, by the fainter but still present laugh lines forming around her mouth. Gray turns her thick black hair at the temples, displayed in-full by her tight but practical hairstyles. Most times, she ties just enough back to keep out of her eyes, leaving the rest hanging down to her shoulders.

She is no conventional beauty, nor could she ever have been. Between her sharp cheekbones, protruding nose, flat chest, and legs a mite too long for her body, she lacks the graceful femininity her Wildwood cousins might prefer. And unless she has occasion to, she doesn’t clothe herself in a visually striking manner, veering instead for sharp, well-tailored practicality.

But no matter how plainly she dresses, she is, without a doubt, memorable. And probably always will be.


Ojene has been likened to many natural disasters in her time. Wildfires. Whirlwinds. Hurricanes. Not because they thought she was a wreck. But because of the effect she leaves behind. She is a storm of intensity. In her younger days, she charged from one good purpose to the next with all the care of a raging auroch. And if you dared cross her- which wasn’t a difficult feat- you faced her fire and venom full force. With her calculating mind and her way of seeing right to the core of a person, she knew how to dissemble someone with words alone. And she used it, to great effect, to get what she wanted. She brought to bear the sort of energy that either swept you up or bowled you over. Capable of changing the tone of a room simply by stepping in.

But now, in her early fifties, the mellowing force of age (combined with Sylbfohc’s influence) have dulled her sharp edges. There was a day, once, when she greeted every stranger with standoffishness and scrutiny. Those times are long gone. Despite her still-present swath of insecurities, she’s come to a degree of comfort with herself in her middle-age. And from this positive, growing base, she approaches the world with far more caring warmth than she ever would have let herself show when she was young.

Ojene always cared. Sometimes too much.

After a lifetime of self-sacrifice, she’s ready to start putting her own life first. Or at least- she tries to. But her deep wells of sensitivity and her razor-sharp mind join together to fuel an indomitable force when aimed toward a purpose that moves her. Unstoppable- even by herself. Despite all better judgment, the plights of strangers move her, again and again. And even now, despite the old extensive injuries that prevent her from returning to her life as a career fighter, she longs to pick up a weapon with a just cause at her back.

But she knows, from experience, just how much the all-consuming pursuit of righteousness costs.

If it were just herself at stake, she wouldn’t care. She never did, when it came down to it. Time and time again, she gambled her life on a calculated risk, because she judged the reward to be worth the danger.

But it’s not just her life at stake anymore. She realizes this now, how the lives of the people she cares about are wound irrevocably with hers. And as for calculated risks- with her disabilities, how could she hurt her loved ones, again, by putting herself in danger?

So she tries. She tries hard to keep her distance from dangerous causes so her emotions don’t latch on. There have to be ways she can stay relevant and help others without putting herself in danger… right?



Unlike the vast majority of her Duskwight kin, Ojene decided the only way to make a better life for herself was to leave isolation behind. But everywhere she went, she faced discrimination and strife. At 27, she left the Shroud behind altogether and tried to build a new life in the furthest place in Eorzea she could go- La Noscea. After a couple years of struggle, it began to work. On the western edge of Vylbrand, in the small town of Aleport, she finally found success. Family. Love.

And she gave it all up. She joined the people of Ala Mhigo in their fight for freedom, and she became embroiled in a decades-long struggle against the Garleans that nearly cost her everything.

But now that's at an end. In 1575, the Garlean assassins gave up the chase. And since, Ojene has tried to rebuild her life. Picking up all the pieces of what could have been to try and make a better future.


(1525-1552) Growing up in the Shroud

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(1552-1557) A new life in La Noscea

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(1557-1564) Ala Mhigo and its aftershocks

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(1565-1575) Ojene on the run

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(1575-present) Rebuilding her life

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Want to tie your character to Ojene's backstory? Check out her history and let me know if something appeals to you! Otherwise, here's some basic places/times/organizations to give you an idea of where she's been in life- and when. Just shoot me a message if you're interested!


  • Lancer's Guild (1548-1552) - A young upstart Duskwight trying to make a name for herself.
  • Mercenary Groups (1552-1557) - Worked various (above board) jobs with mercenary groups in La Noscea. Collaboration with the Yellowjackets- especially those in Aleport.
  • Ala Mhigan Resistance (1557-1558), (1562-1564) - Fighting alongside the resistance in and around Ala Mhigo.
  • Secret Anti-Garlean Mission (1558-1561) - Might be known by Garlean soldiers, particularly higher ranking officials who are privy to classified information.
  • Weapons Instructor (1575-1577) - Teaching younger would-be warriors and adventurers how to (hopefully) not die.
  • Strategic Advisor (present) - Working with the Maelstrom on tactical matters

Major Events

  • The Fall of Ala Mhigo (1557) - Helped fell the Mad King in some small ways, and witnessed the ensuing chaos.
  • The Battle of Carteneau (1572) - Fought alongside the Order of the Twin Adders.


(Gaps between dates are times where Ojene didn't stay in one place for long.)

  • North Shroud (1525-1537)
  • East Shroud (1537-1545)
  • Gridania (1548-1552)
  • Limsa Lominsa (1552-1554)
  • Aleport (1554-1557), (1567-1570)
  • North Shroud (1570-1572)
  • Limsa Lominsa (1575-present)


  • Ojene does not follow any one of the Twelve in particular, but she takes more notice of Azeyma and Nymeia, and their respective celebrations.


  • Ojene works with the Maelstrom on strategic and technological matters, and she feels very positively towards the new direction Limsa Lominsa and La Noscea as a whole is moving in. The other city-states, however, do not rank high in her esteem.


If you'd like your character to be added to this list and we've RPed a lot, let me know!


By Blood

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By Relationship

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Common Rumors

  • "She's so obviously connected ta the Ala Mhigans an' the Garleans or somethin', but try ta get her ta say somethin' about it. Like fishin' in an empty sea."
  • "She tried to give me advice and tell me what to do, and I didn't even ask for it! That Duskwight is always up in other people's business."
  • "Swear I saw her slip that beggar woman some coin, but when I asked her, she denied it. The woman did, too."

Uncommon Rumors

  • "Ojene Suinuet- isn't she supposed to be dead? I heard she was dead. Ah bugg'rit, who knows."
  • "Wasn't she some sort of wanted criminal or somethin'? On the run for years, hidin' from the law and the people she double-crossed."
  • "Yeah, she's got the money to spare but she's no easy mark. 'Sides, last thief that went after her, he got strung up by the Maelstrom, he did. Best keep away from 'er."

Rare Rumors

  • "Gone for ten years she was, and the day she showed back up was the day Ostulm died. There’s gotta be something to that. Can’t mention it ‘round his son though- she’s always had that poor man wrapped ‘round her finger." - An Aleport resident
  • "Bet you a hundred gil she’s a Garlean spy now. They try to kill her for years, and then they just stop? Doesn’t add up."
  • "They called her 'the Raven of Ala Mhigo,' back in the day. Weren't meant as a compliment, but she took it." - An Ala Mhigan rebel

PC Added Rumors

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