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Gridania-transparent.png Bex'li Nelhah
[[Image:Bexie by blackash @tumblr|300px]]
Commander Bex'li Nelhah.
Gender Male
Race Miqo'te
Clan Keeper of the Moon
Citizenship Gridania
Age 20
Deity Menphina
Orientation Bisexual, male preference
Marital Status Single
Occupation Battle Medic, Frontline soldier, Alchemist
Nameday 25th Sun of the 4st Astral Moon (July 25th)
Bex'li Nelhah, is a young Shroud-born frontline defender and combat medic. He is quick-witted, friendly, compassionate, though at times tempermental and reckless. He currently resides in the Laveder beds at his mothers pub but can often been found in Ul'dah and the Goblet visiting friends. While on duty, he is usually found as combat medic or frontline infantry, specialising in combat against Garlean technology, espionage, and battlefield trauma healing. (on July 25th 2016)
Free Company: Drunken Moogle <DM-RP> on Balmung The Drunken Moogle.

Info box art by Blackash

Your Character's Inventory

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- Sketchpad and pencil, lube, knife or dagger, potions, food, a hat.


Height: 5 fulms 8 ilms

Weight: 155 ponz

Hair: Curly, thick and RED.

Eyes: One green, one blue

Bex'li is a typical ginger. Pale skin, loads of freckles, blushes easily, sunburns even more easily.
Bex's body type is short, but muscular. He's heavier than he looks and compact.
His faceclaim is model Oliver Dale.


At first glance, Bex'li is generally a happy-go-lucky sort. He seems to be smiling most of the time, reaching out to those who are quiet, in pain, or who need a friend. He seems trustworthy and calming. Exactly what you'd want in a healer.
After one gets to know Bex'li, one would discover that he is stubborn, bold, incredibly intelligent though sometimes immature. He is brave and selfless to a fault. He hates feeling helpless or being idle when people are in need.


Poor swimmer


Deep water
His loved ones coming to harm
Having to eat salad


Signed language
The Echo


Adores engineering and mechanics
Hates reading
Cannot cook to save his soul



Drinking beer
Art (drawing and painting in particular)


Blonde Hyuran Men
Heavy Armour
Model building


Deep water
Leafy greens (spinach, cabbage, lettuce).
Boastful Seeker Men
Disrespect towards Women
Too much sunshine


Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Food: Meat
Favorite Drink: Beer
Favorite Scent: His partners smelling of him.
Favorite Place: The Black Shroud
Bexie Bexie Bexie Bexie


Currently, Bex'li's focus has been in frontline combat as well as long range marksmanship. As such, he is often found carrying a sword and shield, or a gun.


Bex'li's strongest talent is in conjury. That being said, he has also studied arcane magic as well as with astrologians.


Bex'li is incredibly good at alchemy, having been trained by his mother who is a master alchemist from a very young age. He assists her in her business ventures by making a great deal of wares for her to sell.

Birth and childhood (0-10)

Bex by Elezenchaser @tumblr

(art by Elezenchaser )
Bex'li grew up in the East Shroud with his mother and her retainer, a Roegadyn called Euan. He spent much of his time playing in the forest, learning alchemy and struggling with his studies somewhat because of dyslexia. His natural talent for healing, however, shone through his learning disability and he was able to begin his studies at a fairly young age. In the end, he was nearly eight before he learned how to read. At ten years old, his mother adopted a young Hyuran boy, Aviaran, who would live with them as Bex'li's brother.

Teen Years

Bex'li spent almost all his time with Aviaran, exploring the East Shroud and following around their mother into other parts of the Shroud and to Gridania to sell alchemical potions and wares. Bex'li and Aviaran were eleven at the time of the Calamity. Though none of them were injured, the Nelhah house was destroyed in the ensuing fires that took place. After which, Bex'li's mother decided to move to Ul'dah. At twelve, his mother heard of a noble household willing to train youngsters in etiquette to enable them to work as butlers, retainers or staff in the houses of nobles. Figuring this would be a good way for her two sons to learn some manners, Bexa sent Bex'li and Aviaran for training. After some scandal involving a gentleman only known as "Hayden", Bex'li and Aviaran were pulled from the apprenticeship and they all returned to the Shroud, this time, to the Lavender Beds where both Bex'li and Aviaran were invited to continue studying with a private conjury tutor.


Bex and Ala

Following Bex'li' completing his final trial as a healer and doing his specialty rounds in various fields, including obstetrics and midwifery, battle trauma surgery and sexual health, Bex'li decided to broaden his horizons and moved to Ul'dah part-time, to study weaving. It was at the weavers guild that he met Alaraien Eldryn, a noble Hyuran whom he would ultimately date rather seriously for two years. It was also around this time that he was recruited by the Scions as hired hand to help with odd jobs.


Following the end of their relationship, Bex'li took up training with a free-paladin, and took a side job as a bartender, and moved back to the Lavender Beds. He spent the next year and a half, working up the ranks in the Scions til he was finally named a Commander in the ground infantry, being sent to fight on the frontline in Garlean held territories. During his work as a bartender for the Drunken Moogle (a tavern his mother co-owns with fellow Keeper of the Moon and adopted auntie, Meela Jakkya), he met Azrian Thorne, an Ishgardian Hyur whom he dated for over a year.
After a nearly fatal injury on the front line, Bex'li has been focusing his studies and training on espionage, reconnaissance and spy theory as well as becoming rather proficient with guns.

Bexie Please feel free to add your own rumors under PC! Some of these rumors may be untrue or greatly exaggerated.

Common Rumors (Easily overheard)

"Oh yeah, Bex'li. Doctor Bex! He runs a free clinic. Nice guy. Good at what he does. Discrete." ~Ul'dan Sex Industry Worker
"I’ve known Bex'li for years. He’s lovely. Such a cute little thing. Those curls and freckles. Irresistible. He used to live down the road. Don’t see him as often now. Shame." ~Hayden
"Bex'li has an uncanny ability to sense injury, sometimes even before it happens. We’re not sure how he’s able to do that but he does. He doesn’t have to ask ‘Where does it hurt?’. He instinctively knows. I know that he’s been employed by the Scions of the Seventh Dawn. I know they have…abilities and I imagine that he does, as well. In any case, he completed his training with us very quickly. He is still practically a child." ~Conjury Instructor

Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard)

"Oh yes. He worked for me a few years back. The guests at my parties often have very singular tastes and one of them took a shine to little Bex'li. Paid me tens of thousands of gil just to sit in the same room as him and talk to him about toys and models and other rubbish. Never touched the kid. But Bex’s mother caught wind of this arrangement. I told her he was just a retainer but she threatened me with legal action and gods know that woman is shrewd. Anyway, he cost me a lot of gil when he quit working for me." ~Noble Elezen Woman living in Ul'dah

PC Rumors (Rumors from the characters of other players)

"I went into the library to do some research. Caught Bex'li looking very dodgey in there. I don't want to say anything negative about my co workers but I think he ducks in there for a wank all the time." ~Auvraux Luicier
"Insert rumor here." ~Name
"Insert rumor here." ~Name

Bexie || Bexie || [[]]

💑 In a Relationship Romantic Interest Sexual Desire Platonic Love Family Good Standing Neutral Poor Standing Deceased

Meela Jakkya: Although not actually part of his family, he sees Meela as an auntie or older sister and cares for her deeply. She is business partners with his mother and he works for her in the Drunken Moogle as a Bartender. They are often seen making comfortable teasing jibes at each other behind the bar on Sunday afternoons.

Ojene Suinuet: Another member of his extended family, Ojene has been a guiding motherly figure in his life. They are similar in personality and are comfortable enough with each other to speak freely in front of each other.

Bexa Nelhah: Bex'li's mother is an ambitious saleswoman whom Bex'li adores and somewhat idolizes.

Cillien Eurelt: A regular of the Drunken Moogle whom Bex'li is very fond of. He finds his presence calming and likes that he is easy to talk to.

Leif Steele: A Hyuran man he met in the Quicksands once, with whom he developed an almost instant friendship with.

Vex Redain: A regular of the Drunken Moogle whom Bex'li enjoys drinking with and socialising with.

Aghul: A feral Au Ra raised by Coeurl whom Bex'li is fond of. He has tried to teach Aghul basic sign language and is often seen providing the Au Ra with fish and milk when he comes into the Drunken Moogle.

((I'll add more when I'm done being lazy.))


Started training with conjurors at eight years old.
Bexa, his mother, adopts Hyuran boy, Aviaran when they are both ten.
Calamity at eleven.
Sent to Ul'dah to train in a noble household at twelve.
Met Alaraien Eldryn at fifteen.
Recruitment for the Scions as an "intern" at fifteen.
Met Azrian Thorne at eighteen.

What I am looking for/interested in:

  • I am always looking for new roleplaying friends. For just a one-off scene, or to plot with, even to come up with pre-established friendships.

What I will NOT RP:

  • While I do ERP, if just ERP is your main expectation out of the interaction, you might be disappointed. Not hugely interested in Roleplaying long drawn out fight scenes. I'd actually rather just know what the outcome of the fight is and Roleplay that. I find combat roleplaying pretty boring. In all things, if you think it might be "iffy" just ask. I'm a big fan on OOC discussion if it comes to long-lasting effects on one's characters. I will definitely consult you OOCly if I intend to do something that might affect your character seriously.


About the Player:

Experienced UK-based RPer who has RPed in many different genres across many different platforms.


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