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The Order of the Stormguard is a community whose concept has existed since version 1.0 in 2010. We are both a linkshell and free company, though free company membership is completely optional and considered a strictly OOC channel. The linkshell is strictly IC.

Stormguard has naturally been a secret society since its inception. While their name and existence are known, much about them remains shrouded in mystery. Many a scholar have tried to unravel their secrets with minimal success.

The primary focus of the Order revolves around expansion and preservation of its artifacts. The Order strives to collect the numerous relics that were lost to it in its previous downfalls. These relics will range from simple historical pieces (journals of members, artwork, etc) to more powerful artifacts with certain attributes or abilities. The reclaiming of these may potentially put the Order in conflict and/or allegiance with other groups out there and create some possibly interesting cross-linkshell RP story arcs and individual interactions. The linkshell focuses mostly on inter-relations between members and their individual storylines, with the overarching story simply existing in the background as support.

Characters from all walks of life are recruited into the group. Scholarly characters are needed to rebuild or translate the Order's lost texts, or study artifacts. Merchants are needed to build funds for the group's sustainment and expansion. Mercenaries are needed to protect the Order from external threats and/or bring in another source of income. Thieves, pirates, and the more shadowy characters are needed to covertly acquire intel and/or artifacts that belong to the Order. Almost any character concept can work with this group.

Stormguard has a massive library of lore that is constantly being added to (about 900 years worth of lore and history!). We have numerous events ranging from initiation ceremonies in which new members are branded with the Stormguard tattoo and sworn to oath, to trials testing a member's worth, to excavations meant to add more puzzle pieces to the group's history.

1. On Respect.
•This is the most important rule of them all. All members are expected to show respect (OOCly) to not only fellow members, but also to non-members. All members represent the shell on some level and they are expected to behave in a way that best reflects us all. We do not tolerate discrimination of any form related to race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or any personal beliefs. Harassment of another player, member or otherwise, is also not tolerated.

2. On OOC.
•Stormguard is a heavy RP shell. It focuses heavily on immersion. As such, it is expected that OOC (out of character) chat be kept to an absolute minimum over linkshell chat and during any public RP. In theory, the linkshell chat is approximately 90% IC, with OOC communication taking place in other chat venues. That said, we recognize that players can't be IC all the time. Dungeons and other game content (which we strive to do regularly IC) require some degree of OOC communication after all. In these instances, OOC will be reserved to party chat or tells and IC will remain in say and linkshell chat modes, unless noted otherwise.

3. On Rating.
•The shell is rated M for mature. That said, we do NOT condone scenes that are overly sexual in nature (in linkshell or public chat). That type of RP should always be kept private. However, there is bound to be some sexual innuendo and/or mature themes over the linkshell chat every now and then.

4. On Role-Play.
•Once again, Stormguard is a heavy RP shell. We have relatively high standards. While we welcome beginners, we still hold even them to some degree of high expectation. Typos and errors here and there are fine. Slaughtering the English language is not. Pushing the lore envelope is also fine, to an extent. We, however, will not accept players who claim their character to be royalty, an alien from outer space, a deity, and so forth. We also expect our members to be proactive in their RP. The leadership cannot be expected to plan all linkshell events, plots, and/or gatherings. Part of being a member is about being able to contribute to the group.

5. On Gameplay.
•You must abide by Square Enix's Terms of Service.

Stormguard has a brief OOC vetting process that takes place via a Discord chat room. When interested in joining, you'll simply click the link to join the room (link pending). Once leadership is available, they will ask a series of questions about your character and/or RP style to ensure you are a good fit for the group. If accepted, you will be granted access to the rest of the Discord channels and move on to your IC recruitment. It is advised to link your character profile, should you have one, in the chat once you join to make the process quicker and smoother.

IC recruitment into the group can happen a myriad of ways. Most commonly, a member of the Guard will ICly recruit you for whatever reason. However, there are other ways to join as well. Perhaps your character manipulates their way in somehow. Perhaps they steal a linkpearl. The possibilities are endless, though all of this should be planned out to some extent with the leadership.

Coming soon!

Coming soon!

Kylin Felstar, The Maven.
Kylin is the Maven of Stormguard, the highest rank and one that he created himself years ago in order to consolidate power. He has been missing for years, though has recently resurfaced to guide the new leaders and members of the Guard so that the legacy of its memories can continue on.
Malik Ishvari, Beastmaster/Highguard.
Malik avatar.png
Malik is a new highguard for the Stormguard, recruited by Kylin very recently. This eco-terorrist/nature lover is devoted to the Guard due to its core principles that resonate with him.

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