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****NOTE: This character is mostly retired from RP. He is presumed dead by assassination, though he is in reality rebuilding House Felstar's resources behind the scenes, along with the Order of the Stormguard. He is now relegated to NPC status.****

Ul'dah-transparent.png Kylin Felstar
House Felstar Heir
Gender Male
Race Hyur
Clan Midlander
Citizenship Ul'dah
Age 32
Namesday 18th sun of the 9th moon
Guardian Nymeia, the Spinner
Orientation Bisexual
Occupation ???


Art of Kylin by QuantumPhantom

The heir to House Felstar and all it contains, Kylin has spent the past several years assisting his father in strengthening the house's myriad of resources along with the strong familial bonds therein. He's also recently trained himself rigorously in magical combat and even physical combat, primarily under the tutelage of Vertigo Felstar..


Full Name: Kylin Felstar

Nicknames: Ky

Pronunciation: Ky-lin Fell-star

Origins: Kylin is a foreign name handpicked by his late mother before her subsequent death resulting from Kylin's birth. The name was never used officially at first. Originally, Kylin was named 'Castiel' by his father. Names that ended in '-iel' and '-us' were commonplace in House Mavanix and the name 'Castiel' followed that tradition. It wasn't until just before the decline and fall of House Mavanix that Castiel officially changed his name to Kylin in memory of his mother's wishes.

In the real world, Kylin is another form of "Kirin" and "Qilin." It is a mythological chimera from East Asian cultures. It's considered one of the "four divine creatures," along with the phoenix, turtle, and dragon.


Stormguard Tattoo on Kylin's back

Height: ~5' 10"

Weight: ~172 lbs

Body: Very well toned, his muscles more defined than ever before. Though still not as bulky as a highlander, Ky puts a tremendous amount of attention into his appearance and his recent physical training is quite evident.

Hair: Pale blond, straight

Eyes: Bright blue

Skin: Olive tan, smooth, no scars

Clothing: Kylin is most often seen in cloth, but it's not entirely uncommon to see him in leather nowadays. He is never seen in heavy armor.

Marks: Kylin has a single tattoo on his right shoulder blade, a mark of the Order of Stormguard.


Kylin grew up as an only child under his father's care, originally named "Castiel." He would later change his name to his mother's preferred name, Kylin, after discovering her diary. His mother died giving birth to him due to extensive mana poisoning that came as a result of her being exposed to toxins so she'd not reveal certain family secrets of House Mavanix. This poisoning extended to Kylin upon birth, forcing him to take daily doses of an ether-like medication for the rest of his life. Kylin grew up under House Mavanix, not realizing until later in his life that he and his father weren't of the Mavanix family at all, but of the Felstar family. He attended private school until his teenage years, when he insisted for a more public life much to his father’s dismay.

His public school life eventually led him to a confrontation with Myra Wes, who saw great talent in the youth and attempted to pry him away from what she perceived an overprotective and dangerous father. Cartius, furious with this, used his power and influence to eventually drive Myra out of Ul'dah before she had a chance to turn his only son against him.

After school, Kylin focused largely on the family business and preparing to take over for his father while still indulging in numerous pleasures presented to him. He went to great lengths to please Cartius, though he felt that he often fell short. One of his assignments was acting as a Premier of the Outer Heaven mercenary organization. Following the organization's battle with the breakaway Mavanix clan, Decretum Umbra, Cartius removed his resources from the organization and allowed it to plunge into disarray. The relationship between Cartius and Kylin began to become strained around this time. Kylin rebelled in various manners as a result. Cartius appeared to be murdered within a couple moons of these events.

After the supposed death of his father, Kylin witnessed the gradual destruction of House Mavanix. Family members perished and house resources were ripped asunder. Eventually, it was revealed that Cartius was in fact alive and responsible for all of the events related to the house's fall (though he set events up to have someone else officially take the fall for the destruction). Cartius revealed himself as a Felstar, not a Mavanix. Overwhelmed at his father still being alive and horrified by the truths revealed about House Mavanix's atrocities against himself and his mother, Kylin sided with his father and joined him in Ishgard with House Felstar, his real family.

Following the tragic events at the 2nd annual Full Cold Moon gala, Cartius quickly ordered all of House Felstar to board their private ship and left Eorzea with a comatose Kylin. Two weeks following Dalamud's impact, Kylin awoke and quickly returned to Eorzea in search of his lover, Gerik Aston. Believing Gerik to be dead, Kylin turned his grief and rage against his father and abandoned House Felstar for almost a full cycle. Elza Ashfen, at the request of Cartius, managed to eventually persuade her brother to return to House Felstar.

Kylin slowly reintegrated himself back into the family after persuading Cartius to return to Ul'dah. Together with his sister and father, he helped to slowly forge a new name for the previously unknown House Felstar in Ul'dah. He also spent the past several cycles in intense training.

Order of the Stormguard

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Outer Heaven

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A Realm Reborn

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Stormguard Reborn

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While giving a speech outside the Felstar Manor regarding the importance of history preservation, Kylin was assassinated by an unknown assailant. His body was moved to the Felstar Catacombs beneath the manor. Later, it would be revealed that the individual killed wasn't Kylin at all, but instead a body double acquired from Doma by Barbas Mavanix. Barbas had orchestrated a swap of the two in order to bring down Cartius from within, only for the doppleganger to betray Barbas. Barbas altered the plan and had the body double assassinated before he could reveal to Cartius that a portion of Mavanixs still lived. Cartius, in his grief, lashed out at all of his former enemies over his son's "demise" and Barbas used the opportunity of Cartius's lowered guard to manipulate Seraphine into infiltrating the Felstar Manor in order to gain dirt on Cartius. The operation was a success, and Cartius was imprisoned for various revealed crimes. Meanwhile, Barbas used the still kidnapped Kylin as leverage with Islude Felstar in order to ensure the transfer of property to House Mavanix once more.

Kylin is still believed to be dead by the public, and remained hidden in Ishgard with his uncle in order to help end the feud between House Mavanix and Felstar once and for all. After re-recruiting Vertigo, Kylin has since left for Thavnair in order to work on rebuilding House Felstar's alchemy operations. He has not been seen since.



Traditional Magic: Kylin's primary specialty is in the magical realm. Hailing from a family well versed in magic for numerous generations, his magical aptitude comes almost naturally.

  • Black magic (thaumaturgy): When it comes to combat, Kylin's primary magical skill utilized is that of the black mage's. He is easily able to use destructive elemental magicks without much effort. Despite his mastering of the art, he ofttimes avoids using it.
  • White magic (conjury): Kylin has only minor skills in the realm of white magic. His practice of this art focuses largely on the non-healing properties associated with conjury and white magic (such as channeling elemental skills). He is not well versed at all in the medical/healing properties of this art.
  • Summoning (arcanist): Kylin's skill at summoning came naturally and grew exponentially compared to his other abilities. Tutored by his Uncle Islude Felstar, this magical skill has easily become his most powerful and refined of them all.

Non-traditional Magic: Armed with knowledge from both the former House Mavanix and newly rising House Felstar, Kylin has maintained a powerful grip on non-traditional magicks that are passed down through his family.

  • Astral Projection: Perhaps his greatest magical skill of all, Kylin has practically mastered the art of astral projection. A skill considered very difficult to master, his ability to do so has earned him great respect by fellow mages. The ability allows one to 'project' an astral copy of themselves a certain distance away from their physical body. The more skilled one is, the further the projection can go. The copy usually appears as a bluish colored spectral copy of the caster capable of passing through walls and other objects, though it is possible to make the projection look identical to the caster with enough concentration. The ability has one drawback, however, in that the caster's physical body is left in a near comatose like state for the duration of the spell and is thus considered extremely vulnerable. However, used properly, the ability can allow one to pass to otherwise inaccessible areas and gain information. It is said Kylin often uses the ability in excavations.
  • Other: With the help of family tomes, Kylin is capable of various non-traditional spells. These include (but are not limited to) scrying (finding someone using the person's possessions), creation of magical seals/bindings, and various other spells.

Swordplay: While his skill in swordplay (daggers and single-handed blades) pales in comparison to his magical skills, Kylin has increasingly gotten better in this area. He primarily uses close combat as a means of maintaining his new physical shape and is not as skilled in actual combat as Elza or Vertigo. However, he's far from the pushover he once was.

Knowledge: Due to his noble upbringing, Kylin is educated in a variety of topics, though he’s especially knowledgeable on artifacts. This is further enhanced by his job as head overseer of Avalon, the excavation team under House Felstar. Working closely with the Avalon Heritage Museum further enhances this knowledge, along with knowledge about historical, government, and cultist related matters. He's also, of course, highly versed in magical related issues.

Weaknesses: Aside from his lack of skill in physical combat, Kylin has one other fatal weakness when it comes to magic. Due to House Mavanix's atrocities against his mother when he was still in her womb, Kylin is permanently afflicted with a form of mana poisoning. He must take medication regularly to keep it at bay. The poisoning is capable of accelerating at an even quicker pace through extensive prolonged use of magic and the hyur has been known to sometimes push himself so much that he's spent several nights at clinics. Kylin despises his condition enough that it pushes him to prove himself even more in the magical arena. The condition essentially involves his own aether attacking his body, and medication helps prevent this from occurring.


  • Exercise, as to keep in shape.
  • Reading. His favorite book, Winds of Ascension, written by Ovram Mendula, is hailed as a literary masterpiece and was even made into a play. The fictional story, based in Eorzea as the setting, follows the adventures of two childhood friends (Luc and Vincent) who end up on different sides in a military conflict. The story's title is representative of an individual's journey to discover one's self through five "winds" that can help on ascending the ladder of self-discovery.
  • Ul'dah. He'll always consider it "home."
  • The finer things in life (luxury items such as expensive wine, large beds, etc).
  • Work. Kylin has lately become a workaholic, devouring most of his time with it.
  • Affection. He takes a lot of pleasure in being both wooed with romantic gestures as well as physical touch, even if small in nature like handshakes.
  • The warmth of the sun on his skin.


  • Competition. While he gets extremely aggressive in anything competitive, it's only because he despises competition and wants to eliminate it from the equation.
  • Confrontation. Kylin prefers to handle issues behind the scenes rather than front and center. While he's been involved in occasional physical fights, he prefers to avoid those as well.
  • Cold/snow/ice.
  • Children.
  • Long speeches.
  • Disappointing a family member.


Kylin is slightly more extroverted than introverted. While he certainly likes his privacy, he has a deep need and desire to be around others. Furthermore, he has a need to be accepted by others as well. He can sometimes be blunt with others, though he tries to only do so when the person is insignificant to him.

He comes off as charming most of the time but is in actuality quite manipulative. He’s constantly determined to prove himself to his loved ones and does whatever necessary, using whomever necessary, to achieve his goals. Some would call him overconfident, sometimes intimidating, and spoiled to an extent. He's also very easy to make jealous or possessive and can be driven to manipulative actions when he feels threatened in any form. He does however show a great deal of passion and aggression when it comes to reaching a goal.

Kylin mostly swings both ways when it comes to romantic related matters, with a much higher tendency to go for males before females. Females generally have to do a bit more than males to catch Kylin's eye. When it comes to females, he prefers strong-willed, independent, and classy women. Due to growing up without a mother most of his life, these women also need to exhibit motherly tendencies toward others to gain any real attraction from Kylin. When it comes to men, he has a somewhat fatal and near instant attraction to the 'white knight' type of guy. Simply being helpful and generous or defending him in some fashion is often enough to get Kylin's attention. He is most attracted to hyurs, followed by miqo'te, and sometimes elezen. He has no attraction to lalafells or roegadyn, regardless of gender.



  • Father: Cartius Felstar
  • Mother: Sophia Nox Mavanix (deceased), Nefron Mirgolia Felstar (Ex-Stepmother)
  • Other: Islude Felstar (Uncle)

Felstar Staff

  • Bodyguard/informant: Vertigo is the primary bodyguard and informant for House Felstar and is most often seen in the company of Cartius himself. The miqo'te is never seen in public without a golden mask, allowing her to remain a mystery to potential enemies and thus enabling her to go undercover with ease on various missions by simply removing the mask and dressing differently. Originally brought into the family by chance, Vertigo ended up saving Kylin when he was a child and thus gained the trust and gratitude of Cartius. She has worked for the family since, feeling that it gives her purpose in her life. She often views herself as Kylin's unofficial mother, and the feeling is usually shared with both Kylin and Cartius.
  • Butler: Reeve Belacro originally served the Mavanix family for two generations. After the house of Mavanix fell, he joined House Felstar at Kylin's request. As the mansion's head butler, he has access to a plethora of family secrets. His loyalty has never been questioned though. He wouldn't hesitate to bend the truth for the sake of protecting the family, despite his strong moral values. The older hyur is known to be a powerful asset to House Felstar.


  • Elros Ama'yeth: Elros joined Stormguard via S'ereno Tia. While Elros made somewhat subtle flirtations toward Kylin initially, nothing came of it for a couple of full moons. Eventually, the two began dating and then transitioned into a more serious relationship. They are currently no longer together, having been separated as a result of Kylin's previous kidnapping by the Cabal, followed immediately by Elros' own kidnapping by another foe. They have not been reunited.



Old Connections

Other Notes

The Rumor Mill

  • Common Rumors (Easily overheard):
    • "People used to see male and female prostitutes alike enter the old manor. Nowadays, one doesn't see much of that. The young heir must be really busy with work or he's really tamed himself lately."
    • "He looks different than he used to. Didn't he have a tattoo on his face at one time? And his hair is so much different. He's certainly buffed up too...ooh, I'm having naughty thoughts now."
    • "His jealousy has no bounds. If he feels a friendship is threatened, he'll go right into competitive mode. And a Felstar in competitive mode is never a good thing."
  • Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear):
    • "Did you see him during that last public excavation?! What was that cool spell he used? It looked like a ghost came out of his body!"
    • "People whisper that his dad was actually responsible for all the atrocities against House Mavanix years ago and merely set up someone else to take the fall. Do you think Kylin was in on the whole thing as well?"
    • "That family has so much drama all the time. It's amazing how loyal they remain to one another despite everything! I'm kinda jealous of such a bond."
  • Rare Rumors (Very difficult to overhear):
    • "He supposedly has to take some kind of ether-like medication daily for the rest of his life. They try to hide it up but the alchemists whisper aplenty. Wonder what's wrong with him..."
    • "I hear that tattoo on his back is a remnant of his involvement with some mysterious cult!"
  • PC Rumors (Player created rumors--feel free to add your own!):
    • "I loved him, but I think.. I think he's gone now." -Gerik Aston
    • "I heard he posed for a swimsuit calendar. Page 21! Check it out!" -Faith Winter

Miscellaneous Info