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 Oren-Tatyana Vorgan
Oren Taty 2015.jpg
" Oren-Tatyana A. Vorgan"
The Dawn Destroyer (time leap version)
Gender Female
Race Miqo'te
Clan Seeker of the Sun
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa (time leap version), Gridania (true version)
Religion Oschon, the Wanderer(time leap version), Llymlaen, the Navigator (true version)
Age 5, (18 during time-jump arc, 13 when using alchemy potions to skip school)
Nameday 1st Sun of the 3rd Astral Moon, 1578
Height/Weight 5 fulms 2 ilms, 115 ponz
Occupation Freelance, Airship fighter Pilot
Server Balmung

Oren-Tatyana A. Vorgan is a Seeker of the Sun Miqo'te specializing in brute force and cunning. She spends alot of her time trying to build her strength up so that her weapons are light as a feather. (This profile will be a work in progress. This character is both NPC (baby version) and actually created character (time leap version. THIS PAGE WAS LAST UPDATED ON 3/22/2015))

Additional Info

Theme Song: "Sail" - Awolnation


Oren has a very outgoing personality, some may even think she has a god complex when she gets riled up. She is more often than not quiet until provoked, for instance, she won't sit back and watch harm come to someone who can't defend themselves physically or mentally. She enjoys getting into trouble and has been on more than one occasion arrested for minor altercations.
Oren is a very curious child, at 6 months she is often attempting to crawl her way into some sort of trouble. Her parents and those who watch over her often have their hands full when she is fully awake. Making her laugh as a child comes easy to a select few, and those who have cared for the child say they feel as if she can get a certain sense about people. Those who peak Oren's interest usually get stared at for awhile as if she is trying to figure them out right before attempting to approach them to have a poke or tug at them. This may even apply to creatures. Oren is usually caught by her caretakers before she gets a chance to do whatever she planned.
Oren's curiousity hasn't changed a bit, in fact she may be more prone to getting in trouble now. Oren's bane is sweets, often ruining her bedtime by having a sugary treat. She loves playing in the yard of the safe house, but is mostly only allowed across the yard threshold if one of the adults is also present in the yard. On extremely rare occasion, Oren sneaks out with her "Ghost Friend" Novivi, having little adventures around Lavender Beds, and returning before it's discovered that she'd snuck out.
Oren as a adult has alot of her mothers qualities... in multiplied quantity. Unlike her mother, she tends to say what is on her mind rather than think about the situation first. Oren is often caught smiling since she always tries to find the very best in life. Do not take this for her being a push over. Oren is also quick to anger and completely without the restraints her mother often uses to resist getting into a fight. Drinking is not one of her strong suits, so she avoids it unless challenged. It is not because she can't hold her drink, she can drink like a fish, it is purely because the liquor takes up room that delicious BBQ could be. BBQ and BBQing are one of her top favorite past times, especially if she gets to eat it. Still a curious one as she was when she was young, she still often finds time to sneak through abandon homes, claiming several as her "Hide Out". Oren has strong powers within her inherited from her mother but she also has strong affiliation with black magic from her father. She constantly avoids practicing the both on purpose since those particular powers have caused alot of pain within the Vorgan family. Her strong suits are wielding a Axe and firing a bow.

General Information

Chibi Animation of time leap version of Oren Vorgan without Protection seal on her face.
Chibi Animation of true version of Oren Vorgan without Protection seal on her face.
Showing differences in Time-Leap Past Version (Doesn't exist anymore) and Current Future Version.

Aliases/Nicknames: Taty, Ren, Reni, Orange (Pronounced as "Oran-gee" because of Oren-T(atyana), her little brother has trouble saying her name), Nova (After using her fathers aging potion created with a sorcerers stone, Oren came up with a alias so people wouldn't known who she really was.) Dawn Destroyer: Most just call her Taty or Ren, but those who are close enough to have fought at her side have labeled her the Dawn Destroyer. In her time, there was a incident or rather a "mishap" she was involved in that caused the block-out of the sun over certain parts of Eorzea for an entire week, thus for that time, ending dawning. Luckily this was a good thing because without interfering, the sun would have been obliterated causing global disaster.
Current Residence: Vorgan Manor, Lower La Noscea, Mist Ward 5 NorthWest Sub, Plot 35
Marital Status: Single
Sexuality: No classification
Religion: Follower of Oschon the Wanderer and Llymlaen the Navigator
(Oren as a Child, playing in her parents office at Safe House Alpha (Asai Safe House) in Lavender Beds
(Future Adult Oren Vorgan, short hair, prepared for battle)

Adult Appearance

Height: 5 fulms, 2 ilms - Oren is just below average in height but she doesn't seem to notice even if some of her weapons stand to be nearly taller than her.
Weight: 115 ponz - Oren is athletic and toned.
Body: Oren is in excellent shape, working out every morning except weekends. She prides herself on her muscle tone yet remains curvacious in all the right places. She often wears a Sarashi, having inherited her mothers breast size.
Complexion: Light to medium complexion depending on what climate she has been in but she is mostly a very very light caramel.
Face: Oren looks almost like her mother in that she was born with the white tribal markings that Xiaoli obtained when Dr. Bajira placed the protection ward within her. Her eyes are a ice blue shade. She has heart shaped lips which are usually in a smirk.
Hair: She has blue-black hair with pearlescent white highlights throughout. She usually keeps her hair cut to a medium length but every so often when she declares war she will cut it very short so that it stays out of her way.
Fashion: Oren fancies herself as rather trendy but most of the time she is usually too busy to "dress up". She is often found wearing her armor, or at least most of it. Oren favors warm breezy weather and her wardrobe reflects that.

Baby/Child Appearance (3 years old)

Height: 29 ilms - Oren is smaller in height than the average 3 year old of either of her parents race.
Weight: 28.3 ponz
Body: As a 5 year old child, Oren is small in stature, like her mother was but she is still fed well enough to have soft round cheeks. She is neither chubby nor lanky.
Complexion: Very light caramel.
Face: Oren looks almost like her mother in that she was born with the white tribal markings that Xiaoli obtained when Dr. Bajira placed the protection ward within her. Big and bright ice blue eyes, like her father, Ujio. Long lovely eyelashes. She has pinchable round cheeks which often make her mouth appear to be slightly pouty. Last but not least, a cute button nose and little soft miqo'te ears which depending on her mood are upright and listening when she is alert and curious, or matted down against her head in instances like when she is sleepy or sad.
Hair: Oren was born with a full head of silky soft blue-black hair she inherited from her father and only a few patchs of pearl white which she inherited from her mother. At 6 months, her hair is just a little bit longer with big curls which are often flop down into her face. Oren's mother custom made a baby-safe barrette matching her own and Oren is often seen with it at the top of her head, holding her bangs pulled back out of her face in the same fashion as her mother. At the age of 3, she has a full head of blue-black hair with more defined streaks of pearlescent white, like her mother.
Fashion: Orens parents provide her with all the clothing she needs for any weather condition. Some of her clothing comes from what her mother can make but since Xiaoli is still learning how to tailor, alot of her clothing comes from purchasing baby clothing from around the different city-states so Oren has a nice variety of things to wear no matter which city-state her parents are currently working in. Most times, she is dressed in light colors like baby pink, lilac, powder blue, light peach or leafy green.

Adult Appearance

Height: 5fulms, 2 ilms
Weight: 115 ponz
Body: Oren is quite fit, she is a little taller than her mother and therefore has a bit more muscle mass. She isn't ripped but it's apparent she works hard to remain strong. Oren often trains with other warriors she looks up to, taking their regiments very serious.
Complexion: Very very light caramel, a few shades lighter than her mother.
Face:Oren was born with the protection mark casted by Soleil Bajira which was casted on Xiaoli while she was pregnant with Oren. She also still has the 2 tribal marks under her eyes just like her mother. Oren often uses make up to cover the protection markings, especially while she is incognito as "Nova". She has bright crystal blue eyes, piercing just like her father Ujio.
Voice: Depending on her mood, Oren can present herself like a lady by being soft spoken or she can present herself as a scoundrel and pull out every dirty word known to man.
Demeanor: Getting bored easy seems to run in her family genes and when she does get bored, get ready for trouble. She looks forward to doing things she isn't supposed to, rarely regretting it and sometimes being even more proud if she happens to get caught. In Oren's time, she often hangs with friends, enjoying drinks and good sparring bouts. Ironically, Oren has a soft side but she rarely shows it because she feels the need to present herself as strong and dominant.
Quirks: She loves sweets, particularly rolanberry shortcake. No matter how broke she is, she'll find a way to scrap up the cash to get a mini strawberry shortcake after a hard mission. Oren is also highly unlikely to take a mission if it lands on a Tuesday. It would have to be monumentally important. She focus trains on Tuesdays. Oren also has a habit of growling akin to a bear. It began when she was very small and the habit has stuck.
Intelligence: Despite her demeanor, Oren is actually very smart. She was sent to Academy schooling and graduated 2 years ahead of time with help from Ujio Vorgan whom tutored her every single day.. except weekends.


Oren specializes in close ranged combat, particularly dual-wielding but she is more than often seen carrying a axe like her role model. She favors using dual daggers but won't shy away from also using mallets, broad swords and other weapons of carnage. She is quick on her feet and very nimble.


Adult Tendencies


Camping out
Piggy back rides
Piloting her airship back in her timeline


Shady Merchants
Being Cold
Overpriced items
Getting up early on the weekends
Being called Orange by her bestfriend or her brother.


Playing the harp (by herself)


Favourite Food/Drink: BBQed or Grilled meat, Buffalo burgers with extra button mushrooms, Rolanberry Shortcake & Spicy Mahi Mahi, (older) Rum and Pineapple-Orange schnapps
Favourite Creatures: Woodalchi (a shapeshifting chocobo/bear cub) Deucalian (wold cub) & Jules (family pets) Vega & Alforge (family chocobos), Also carbuncles and moogles as per her teddybear collection.
Least Favourite Food: Squash
Least Favourite Creature: Morbols and Nix

Baby/Child Tendencies


Playing with the collection of toy minions her parents have gotten her
Playing with the family pets.
Getting her hair or tail brushed.
Sleeping on her daddies chest.
Sitting on her moms lap while XIaoli studies, sings or while getting fed.


Sudden unexpected loud noises
Bath time without her favorite toys
Getting put in her crib for nap time.
Getting awakened after nap time.
Eating anything green.


Favourite Food/Drink: Puree Chicken and Gravy baby food, Strawberry shortcake, milk or apple juice.
Favourite Creatures: Woodalchi, Deucalian & Jules (family pets)
Least Favourite Food: Squash
Least Favourite Creature: Diremites


Moderate Rumours (Moderately difficult to overhear)
"She's not from around here.. look at those weapons she has. Never seen anything forged like it in all my time..looks like somethin' my younger brother would think up"- Limsan Blacksmith
"Something is not quite right with that girl.. did you see the murderous look in her eyes? Just cause the sign says buy one get one free doesn't mean I can make one appear out of thin air when we run out.." - Cake merchant in Uldah
"When she drinks, who knows where the booze goes." - Barkeep @ Coffers Bar

Rare Rumours (Very difficult or rarely overheard)
"Her hair is that shade of pink because a magic fairy came down and whilst pouring permanent magic marker into a pen, it spilled on Oren" - Random unidentified moron (this rumor and all rumors about her hair and tail vanished with the changing of the time-line)
"She must be a trustfund baby, theres no way she just has that much money without either inheriting it or her having sticky fingers " - Seeker of the Sun School mate

Player Character Rumours (Feel free to add rumors here)
" " - Gossiper


Public Knowledge/Documented Family

Father: Ujio Vorgan- (Status: Fine) - Undisclosed
Mother: Xiaoli Vorgan - (Status: Fine) - Undisclosed
Brother: Dracarys Vorgan -(Status: Unknown) - ((From future timeline))
Paternal Uncle: Reiji Vorgan -(Status: Unknown) - Undisclosed
Grandmother (maternal): W'odra Asai - (Status: Missing) -Undocumented
Grandfather (maternal): Xi'viandrus Asai- (Statis: Deceased) - Undisclosed
Aunts and Uncles (maternal) - Unknown Statuses -

Companions & Associates

Player Character Standings

Please note: The below list constantly changes. Some people may not be added yet, as my character does not know them well enough to fill out information on their relationship. Pictures will be added when I get a chance to grab a screenshot. Actual time companions and associations list can not be filled in at this time. She did afterall, just arrive from another time-line. A list of her timeline companions and associates is a work in progress. People from the real timeline will be added as bonds and etc are created. This section was LAST UPDATED on 7/22/2014
Romantic Interest     Sexual Desire     Special Feelings      Platonic     Good Standing     Neutral Standing     Poor Standing § Situation Changed

Ujio Vorgan

Ujio Vorgan - A male midlander hyur and Oren's father. Oren gets excited anytime she sees her father and more often than not will cry herself to sleep when her parents have to go away for a mission. Though one of her parents is usually with her at all times, in these days sometimes it can't be avoided. Ujio loves his daughter with all his heart and it breaks his own every time he has to leave her for work. When he isn't working, Ujio spends much quality time with his daughter by reading to her both fairy tales and educational books. Nothing soothes baby Oren more than sleeping on her father's chest, listening to sound of his heartbeat.

Xiaoli Vorgan
Xiaoli Vorgan - A female seeker of the Sun Miqo'te, and Oren's mother. Oren may quite possibly be near spoiled by Xiaoli due to the fact that Xiaoli and Ujio knew the possibilty of them having children would be slim to zero. Oren is a miracle to both her parents but even more so to Xiaoli as the child represents what their love created against all odds. Oren may get a little jealous if she sees Xiaoli (Or Ujio for that matter) giving attention to other children which will cause her to cling to her mothers clothing, usually only pryed off by tempting with a sweet smelling snack. Oren loves her mothers cooking, even if it is organic puree baby food. Xiaoli prepares almost all of Oren's meals, making sure to use the freshest of ingredients so that not only does it taste delicious enough to make the child eat, but also gives her all the vitamins and nutrients she needs to grow up strong.

W'odra Asai, Oren's grandmother when she was young.
Xi'viandrus Asai, Oren's grandfather when he was young.
Kurt Steel
Kurt Steel - A male midlander hyur that Taty met while running away from Soleil in Ul'dah. He returned her safely to her home with the help of Tallera Weaver. Kurt often dons a set of pink armor to which Taty has dubbed him her "Pink Knight". He is also the source of her "school girl crush."
Getting bailed out in Limsa Lominsa (before 2nd time leap)
§ Orpheus Arkouda - A male Seeker of the Sun Miqo'te specializing mercenary skills. When Oren first arrived in 1578 to much her surprise, she didn't exactly land within a city-limit as projected. Since her "experiment" to save her family was not exactly sanctioned, she came with only equipment and very little money. Lucky for her, she was given a special link pearl and she remembered who she was told she could trust in the "past". Orpheus wasted no time arriving to assist. The two appear to have a undeniable bond that seemed to have always been there. He is the second person to have bailed her out of temporary confinement. The first time she flirted her way out. -ONLY PRIOR to 2nd TIME LEAP, as of second time-leap, Orpheus has made no attempts at watching over Oren, most likely because Xiaoli had heard disturbing rumors about the man, which were easy to believe since their relationship had been changed at the core after the 2nd time leap. As a toddler, Oren has no knowledge of Orpheus's existence anymore.
Akuma Asami
♥● Akuma Asami - A male highlander Hyur. Oren met Akuma after accompanying Orpheus to a meeting with XI:7 members. After being bitten by the boredom bug at the meeting, Oren followed Racilian Lyenum outdoors. Unfortunately, she was on her way somewhere else so their chat ended quickly. Oren was left with the option of waltzing back into a meeting where she wasn't invited. Tempting as the snack stand was, she instead roamed Aleport and happened to bump into Akuma. The two hit it off fairly quickly and Oren thinks of Akuma like a uncle she never had. Though her plans for a big drinking fest with all the people she had become fond of had been ruined, Akuma still managed to salvage the night and turn it into a drinking party for two just the same. Akuma was the first person to give Oren war stories and good old fashioned drunken laughter in 1578. -Association with Time Leap Adult version thus far. As a toddler, Oren refers to Akuma as uncle, which he proudly accepts.
Racilian Lyenum
Racilian Lyenum - A female keeper of the Moon Miqo'te. Oren met Raci at a XI:7 meeting to which Orpheus was invited. Oren tagged along hoping to spar with Orpheus and have drinks later but the meeting seemed to drag on a bit longer than her tastes would like. As soon as Raci began leaving, Oren made a bee-line for the exit as well and decided to get to know the quiet woman. The two chatted for awhile and Raci turned out to be the first female friend Oren has made in 1578. Oren looks forward to running into her again and dragging her along for the drinks she still plans on getting as well as introducing Raci to a delicious snack other than prunes. -ONLY PRIOR TO 2nd time leap-. As a toddler, Oren has only seen Racilian once through the window of the safe house as her mother and Raci were discussing business matters.
Tanarak Dulinar
Tanarak Dulinar - A male Duskwight Elezen. Oren met Tanarak when he and her father along with her uncle Akuma were discussing business in the yard. Curious about the stranger, as he is the first Elezen she had ever seen, she ran out into the yard to have a peek at him from behind her father's leg, which she often clung to for riding on his foot. Oren often refers to him as "Mister" and has taken a shine to him after being offered sweet honey candy on occasion, as well as sneaking her cookies along with Akuma, despite her mother telling her its bedtime. (which her father promptly checked before letting her consume).
Novivi Vivi
[{Novivi Vivi]] - A young female Dunesfolk Lalafell. Oren met Novivi, whom she affectionately calls "Novi Ghost", in Lavender Beds. The two became thick as thieves when Oren snuck some of Xiaoli's homecooking to the little girl. The two girls are often playing around Lavender Beds, getting into trouble here and there, most commonly, sneaking into other peoples homes to play around and be nosey. Novivi keeps herself pretty well hidden from the other adults at the safe house but recently had a run in with Akuma and Tanarak, causing her to bite Akuma and run off into the neighborhood.