P'rita Kali

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Garlemald Flag.jpg Tali Hanzo
"Information for Information. I think that is a fair trade."
The Green Eyes of Envy
Gender Female
Race Miqo'te
Clan Unknown
Citizenship Doma
Age 37
Sexuality Heterosexual
Marital Status in love
Profession Ninja of her old clan. Current leader of the Shadowblades.
Patron Deity Nophica
Server Balmung

"I...am Tali Hanzo. The one and only member of the Shadowblade Ninja Clan. Mother of Fei, Lei, Mei. Wife of Runeh'sae Vesilko. And I will someday reclaim what was lost."


P'rita is notable for having piercing green eyes. The only thing that show up in the dark before her target is subdued or anyone can see her body.


Pre-A Realm Reborn

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Post A Realm Reborn

After traveling for a while, P'rita would find her way to Limsa. A new city with a language she couldn't speak yet nor knew nothing about. She would find nothing of interest until she went to Ul'dah and noticed Arala Makeo. Seeing her spar and fight with such kindness in her heart reminded P'rita of her old master. Not aware that it was her master's daughter she was looking at the whole time. The two would fight on and off until it stopped and she found an alliance with those in Eorzea. Yet even now there is much to see and do for her...And her search for the Samurai in Red would begin anew.

sadly with more information and resurfacing from old memories, she was the one who took her father's life. Facing this reality, she tried to better herself now more than usual. Though the company she joined and her new love she found. Hopefully she can find some peace again.


Initial meetings come off the wrong way. She is seen to be very rude and mean she only does so for many reasons. Always professional about her work and detest fools. Under that is her more calming and guiding nature to give advice or help those she grew fond of. Do not let her easy to prone anger judge who she is. The necklace she wears hides a mark among others that are on her body.

Affiliations and Known Associates

P'rth Makeo : formerly known as Aria Kali, P'rita learned under him since he took her in as a Ninja. Though she thought he had died, P'rita would find P'rth in Eorzea as well. After a long and drawn out fight, P'rita managed to cut off one of his arms and one of his legs to prove dominance...but she didn't kill him. There is some strange tension between the two however...

Arala Makeo : The daughter of her old master and currently the new obstacle to overcome in terms of strength. Beaten to near death in their first match after enraging Arala, P'rita trains now and then to one day finally beat Arala in a fair fight.

Runeh'sae Vesilko : At first...he was annoying to her. Their relationship was at first a meeting that slowly became true love. Constantly during the trials, P'rita always assumed she was old and not worthy of his affection. Since then they have been having a relationship of a far more solid foundation. Maybe someday, P'rita will shed her false name for others.


  • Her job
  • People who make her chuckle
  • Wordplay
  • Compliments
  • Rice


  • Senseless fighting
  • Harmful acts
  • Eorzean Ninjas
  • Garleans

Areas of Expertise

  • Martial: Skilled in the way of the Ninja from her homeland, P'rth Makeo trained her since he took her in and slowly became the next head of the clan. She is clean and precise with her knives, never missing her mark at all.
  • Crafting: Mild works in steelshaping to make weapons, cooking for large groups and known to have a habit of being neat and orderly.
  • Other: If you need information, she is your woman. The price of getting information is trading information in exchange. No amount of Gil will be of value to P'rita


  • Knife combat
  • Knife Tossing
  • Counters
  • Hiding
  • Evading


  • Physical Blows to her body
  • Her tail
  • Countering Magic

Other Notes

  • Tending to her Bonzai Tree
  • Meditation
  • Making Tea
  • Cooking a meal



Her method of a traditional Ninja rely more on tools. As such she is always prepared with such tools like Flash Bangs, Caltrops, Rope and hooks, spare weapons, knives, poison and more.


The following rumours can be heard about NAME, predominantly in WHERE. (If your character has an opinion about her, feel free to add it here.)

Common rumours

  • "She got me a recipe on Rice Crackers that are to die for!" - Housewife
  • "The girl found my missing keys from some thief." - Bystander
  • "Miss Kali is super cool at juggling!" - Ul'dah child

Uncommon rumours

  • "P'rita? Best not anger her or she will cut your throat from a hundred Yalms..."
  • "The girl with Envy Green Eyes? Boy...that will be the last thing you see if you piss her off."
  • "The woman is fantastic at gathering information...but she is not one to screw around with."

Rare rumours

  • "Her pals are no slouch either. Best not get on their bad side."
  • "P'rita? She is...well...Looks young but is older than she seems."

What PCs are saying

  • "P'rita is my star pupil...and maybe when we get our home back she can lead a whole new generation of Ninjas" - P'rth Makeo
  • "She helped me many times. I owe her a lot." - Arala Makeo
  • "A woman after my own ideals, so feisty, plenty of fun. A riot." - Flynt Reddard



Rune and P'rita
P'rita's Scars
P'rita wearing her traditional dress