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Ul'dah-transparent.png Arala Makeo
Paladin of the Immortal Flames
"To protect the ones you love, To honor your opponent, To smite your enemies, To aid those who need it most, to be selfless in the presence of your companions...and no matter what happens, never give up. That is what a Paladin is.
OOC Character Information
Main Job(s): Paladin
Main Tradeskill: Unknown
Preferred Role: Tank
Server: Balmung
Alignment: Lawful good
Reputation: Friendly and generous
Occupation: Paladin mother
Education: Unknown
Marital Status: Unknown
Sexuality: Straight
Guardian: Unknown
Free Company
New Conglomerate
Items Carried
Modified shield and sword.
Race: Miqo'te
Clan: Keeper of the Moon
Age: 29
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Eyes: One silver the other Magitek with yellow
Hair: red with ceruleum blue
Complexion: Unknown
Physical Build: thick and muscled
Notable Features: Unknown
   Martial Prowess
   Magic Affinity

Basic Info


Arala Makeo was born not from a tribe and in the city of Ul'dah between her mother and father who had a relationship on their own. When she was a young child, Arala looked up to her father so much that she dreamed to be a Paladin like he was. She trained day and night to begin her rise up and be like her father. Only problem is that Arala has no idea where he had gone to. It is assumed he went missing after she reached the age of sixteen and was never heard from again, until years later when her father would come to aid her friends in rescuing Arala from a rich tycoon.

In time she would find her place within the world, and her most trusted friend Robert Colt , to start a Free Company called The New Conglomerate. Sadly complications arose and the company fell through...but the spirit lives on to this day.


Her father
Keeping the peace


The Void
Those who harm her friends and family


Being a Paladin and aiding others

Appearance & Personality

Arala is adventurous and lighthearted in humor. She enjoys some good jokes from time to time. She is prone to being shy around whomever she likes which she retaliates in anger. Her attitude changes in battle when things get serious. Protective, chivalrous and ever so strong to help those in need, Arala is a friend you do not want to pass up.
One problem she has though is that when she becomes angry, it hinders her performance a bit. So there are some anger problems here and there.

Arala's hair is a light brown color with her tips in a black like fur (But recent events changed that black to blue), presumed to be like her father's hair color. Her right eye is a yellow tint that matches the strange Tattoo on her forehead, but has recently been shown to be false. With the help of her friend, she was able to see through a new eye but through the use of sound.. Her other eye is white, which is her natural eye color.



Her mother was named Maria Makeo. A female Seeker of the Sun Miqo'te with red locks and sapphire blue eyes. Prior to Arala's birth, she worked with a witch named Xyla, promising them great riches and power from her master. Maria wanted out after seeing what this would require to obtain. However, Xyla couldn't allow it. She gave her the option...Either give up her first born or die. Maria agreed with a paper.

Later in Ul'dah, Maria would meet P'rth and a relationship would form.

Early Years

While growing up in Ul'dah was hard for her mother and father, Arala remembers the city fondly has her home. Days spent playing with toys and listening to her father's stories and adventures he went on. Arala had only one friend in Chiyo as she remembered meeting her by chance and possibly fate. She never did care what her status was. At the age of ten, Arala had her eye cursed by a witch who came for the agreement. However, the commotion alarmed the guards and in that haste, P'rth carved out Arala's eye while she was unconscious from the shock. Saving her from the curse but having to give her a false eye for the time.

When she turned Fifteen, Arala trained to use a shortsword first then a shield before using both for practice. Spending most of her teen life in preparation to be like her father. She idolized the man a lot.

As she was approaching the age of an adult, word came about her father's disappearance for some time. The news to Arala was hard but figuring it was for a reason, she decided to keep on with her idea and become a paladin like he was. 

Sultainsworn Paladin

With her future still being planned and whether to be a Free Paladin or not later, Arala started her journey as a Sultainsworn Paladin. Yet most of her early jobs were to stand and act like a guard for most establishments. without much real action, it dawned on Arala that the tasks she took from the adventurer's guild were far more involved. It would take her a while to decide to become a free paladin in the end

Free Paladin

After aiding her new friends, Colt and Nira, Arala took a slow process to become a Free Paladin and go on new adventures with her pals. Many include saving one another and making new friends along the way.

Some of her explots include:

making a new companion in the process.

Aiding Colt in various strides.

Protecting the Quicksand despite suppose to be on break.

Being generous to those around her and sharing drinks whenever possible.

A Spear that Struck the Shield

During her first day as a Sultainsworn, Arala was approached by Robert Colt whom at the time was still in and out of Ul'dah. Over the one meal, Arala felt she had accomplished a good deed yet the idea of being a Free Paladin rang in her mind since the meeting. Sure enough after some more encounters with Colt, Arala would soon abandon the Sultainsworn armor and become a Free Paladin.
Later in time, Arala invited Robert to relax at Costa Del Sol to get their mind off of the misfortune that happened. They enjoyed a nice meal and took the time to have fun. When night came, a rainstorm came down on them and the two were forced under an overhang. With the wind blowing a bit, the two sat close as they watched the rain. It was the first sign of a light bond forming between them.
Arala by this point swore her shield to Colt after he had been protecting everyone to make sure he was protected instead.
Since working at the Quicksand, Arala felt content with Colt's place in Ul'dah but more than likely he will have to be called into action once more. Whether it will be good or bad depends on the future before them....

Yet time would tell as their relationship soon started to end for some odd reason.

About this time, Arala's odd aunt would come back and seek to kill her and anyone in her way with the gem that was in her head. After many battles and near death situations, Arala's aunt was soon slain but not without some price.

Word of her mother's death in prison soon came through and with her last words, she would force Arala to marry one of eight candidates given to her. Forced into this with the idea of the company home to be shut down and disbanded, she found a loophole. She had an infinite amount of time to choose and it didn't say she should marry the eight only. Using a friend as a possible ninth to confuse them, the company along with Colt would find a way to end this last attempt to ruin Arala's life.

In the end, the group managed to finally end what grudge her Mother's side of the family held on her. As if a curse was lifted. From there the realization that her father had been alive through these years was a boost to her overall morale.

The Weight of Heavy Burdens

Arala received an unmarked letter which led her to the location of Castrum Centri in Mor Dhona which talked about her missing father. Upon reading the entrance she was approached by a tall Hyur male in dark brown armor from head to toe. Wielding a large battle axe. His demand was to extract Arala's false eye made years ago. Yet after denying him, she got her answer about her father's fate. Apparently her father was a Spy for the man and because he had a relationship and a child, the Hyur slew her father. After showing the shield to her as proof, Arala engaged in a short fight which ended in her being tossed around with ease.

In order to escape, she handed over a small white stone instead of her eye and made a dash back to Ul'dah. After explaining the situation to her companion, they insisted that the two did what they could to avoid their eyes. Yet the words left on Arala were that the Spies could of been easily integrated within their community. Heightening Arala's senses and making those she met harder to trust.

after much time of research, she slowly started to regain her trust in Colt but there was the matter of her eye. Work went under way to create a new eye for her to see out of but it still had it's problems. The technology they used was not as advanced as what the Garlean Empire used but they had to make due. In that time, Nira had a theory about the old eye she had. That it could contain information on it. Work started to make a scope to see into it.

Arala found the shocking truth about the eye. It had plans to make a very volatile bomb and locations around Ul'dah. Knowing this, Arala attempted to break the eye but with no luck she turned to Colt to help break it for her. But what she did not know all this time was that using her father's Linkpearl this whole time was the reason for the Hyur man (Now revealed named Koma) to even know about Arala's fake eye. All the conversations she had over the linkpearl and in person were revealed to the enemy all this time. Feeling unsafe and angered, she shattered her only link with her friends and ran off to confront Koma to finish the fight before he could get the plans.

After a long and stressful fight, Koma was struck down at the hands of Colt but with his last breath he attempted to use his makeshift Cerulium Bomb to kill them with him. Arala used her father's old shield as she helped Colt get behind her. The odd mist on the shield that emanated as she held it blocked the most dangerous part of the bomb but the explosion still pushed them back some ways.

In the end, Koma was defeated and the plans were lost forever to blow up Ul'dah. Arala quickly reunited with her father through his shield and swears to carry his burdens along with her own. Feeling like more of a protecter than ever, Arala returned to Ul'dah for a good rest...but the explosion left Arala's hair looking a bit blue from the Cerulium explosion. Hopefully it's not permanent. 

The Varthamith Arc

A recent event occurred in Ul'dah involving a Ninja slaying innocent rich men one by one in the dark. To clear the name of a then turned friend ninja, Arala and the group trapped the Ninja to get information off of him. However, he decided to take his life and mention the name 'Lord Varthamtih' and how he knew Ninifae in some way. Soon enough, more of these people following the man Varthamith appeared here and there. Their plan was to eliminate all weaklings and let the strong live.

Arala chased after a man named Gomez. During her fight, Robert Colt appeared and ended up getting the two captured where they both saw Vathamith in the face. Arala and Robert soon found a way out of their bindings but in their escape, Arala stood behind to give Robert time to flee. In the process she was captured and with a binding spell on her supposed crystal, was forced to work with Varthamith. There, she met the others. Roari, a Miqo'te with a fiery passion for mechanical works. Kindra, an Au Ra hailing from Ishgard with a lance that morphs into a bow at will. And Xyla, an Elezen female who made their weapons with the help of alchemy and sprites. From that capture, The New Conglomerate members found a plan to get her back in time.

After the rescue, her mood and emotion overall was drastically shifting. Almost like another person. Leih'a however learned more about her family and yet the soul crystal she carried all this time was a fake. Upon breaking it, Arala reverted to her real self but all this time...she was not an official Paladin. Her crystal supposedly lost to them all.

Arala decided to follow Xyla's trail into the desert. Upon approaching her, she was caught by chain bindings in the sand. Xyla told her of the past. The truth behind her mother's intentions, the eye and how Arala was brought into the world as her mother's replacement in their group. When the company noticed Arala missing, Chiyo was first to find her only to be attacked by a large golem that took the effort of the Company to take down.

--- With recent information relaying as to the whereabouts of Varthamtih, Arala spread word through her friends to follow up north and find more clues in Ishgard...but it may not be as easy as they think. After a long time traveling, she arrived back home to relax. Peace was upon her for the time...

Then, the wine barrel she bought one day was tainted with a poison. The intent was to kill those whom she bought it for. Thankfully it was treated fast.

Since then, word spread that the Xyla copy who indeed tainted the wine took up space at the NC and wishes to help in their endeavor. Arala made a trip to talk to Xyla in which she finds out more truth concerning Varthamith and the rest. She gives Arala a warning before she left...

"Last I heard, Varthamith is waiting for could be a trap. Stay vigilant."

Assault on Varthamith's Tower.

Recent events arrived and a flyer claiming that she was a criminal and a spy surfaced. Handouts were given to the three main cities and forced her into hiding. Yet they looked fake despite the reward. Was it a trap for the person bringing her there or a trap for Arala?

Arriving up north with a few other adventurers, They search out the location of Xyla with the aid of her doll copy that went rogue. On the bridge, Xyla extracted the Augmentations and used one to enhance the doll further and turn it into a water construct! With enough force and backup, the Elemental fell before the group and the Water Augmentation was returned to Quint. However, there was three more to obtain.

In time the Augmentations would be retrieved one at a time and preparation would begin to assault the tower soon enough.

Severing the Chains of Fate

Moving to Corethas, Arala was prepared to strike at a long looking threat to her and those around her. Quint prepared the ritual to open the way but an ambush attack hindered them before long. After recovering they would finally enter the tower.

Their first stop was the Ever-Expanding Library and finding the Curator to fight...However after engaging the giant metal being, Arala was flung into the air into an unknown part of the library. There she fought her way through an onslaught of Xyla dolls to find her companions...yet that is when she noticed something was off. Xyla was not trying to snag her while she was alone...was it because they were in their domain? No. She was just waiting and testing them. By the time she came back, they had already defeated the colossus and was informed of their next target. Doll #000.

The doll in question was nicknamed 'the butcher' since it was bringing bodies for Xyla to experiment on. In the fight, Arala noticed the doll refused to injure her unlike the rest...but eventually during their struggle, the doll succumbed to its wounds....

And then Xyla showed up.

Enraged by the death of her doll, she began firing off spell after spell in retaliation. This was bad enough as they were forced to flee.

Arala now was one step away from fighting Varthamith...and yet she wonders why they need her still?

"...A torch to light the way."

Show text

Arala left the group for a time to think on her actions...but during her Time, she realized that fighting as she was is not good. She had to learn more about the Mark on her head. It gave her strength before but it could of been a she began training once more for their final battle.

Fighting Varthamith on the tower's peak showed that there was more to the whole thing. He was weaker than most enemies they fought...but it wasn't until Xyla appeared and killed Varthamith for them. during the confusion, Arala was take away and was chained up as she waited. It would be a trap for her companions and Xyla knew this well.

Upon arriving, her friends and companions fought the onslaught of remaining dolls and Xyla herself. The fight was a struggle but as it seemed like she would die, Xyla used all the Aether in her augmentation to alter and give herself unto the Void, transforming her into a beast near indestructible and absorbing Quint. Though they tried, it was useless to fight. Kukuna and Cobalon's combined effort to call meteor did damage Xyla but it was still not enough. In retaliation, she in turn called upon which Arala finally understood what was going on. She bravely stepped forth and using all her stored energy, she broke the meteor spell and her defense, allowing her companions to finish the deed. One by one they cut and smash into Xyla while Quint from within held her down.

After Arala gave the last blow, Xyla was reduced to her real and true image of an aging woman of an Elezen. In her last breaths, she showed regret in her actions yet felt happy in a way. Quint on the other hand...she was left to grieve as the group left the battleground.

Arala, now lifted from this pain, can finally return to being a mother and protector of Ul'dah.






Strengths and Weaknesses



Some of these rumors are untrue or are greatly exaggerated. Please feel free to add your own rumors under PC!

◢ Common Rumors (Easily overheard)
◢ Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear)
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"Isn't she cute!?!" Aya Foxheart
"In all my years I've only met one other person with the passion and dedication, trust, honor, and kindness of Arala... Be it trenches, imperialistic armies, or just a rough night, there's no other person I can count on to always be there." -Robert Colt
"Teh mos' noblest, lovin' Paldian ya ever meet! ...*burps*" -Chiyo Hoshi
"From the extent I've talked with her, Arala strikes me as a positive force in Ul'dah. I hope she finds a solution to what troubles her." -Warren Castille
"I can't believe she is a mother! So much has happened to her, but she always seems to find a way. Now she hasn't just survived, but given life to another... Twelve bless her." -Aya Foxheart


Family     Romantic Interest     Neutral Standing     Good Standing     Poor Standing

Tali Hanzo- A Doman ninja who was related to her father through a student and mentor relationship. Since their encounter, Tali seeks to beat Arala in a fair spar.
Chiyo Hoshi- Her best friend since childhood that she met one day when out and about. She cared not for her wealth or status and wanted T'hoshi as a friend. The two have since formed an inseparable bond of frendship.
Varthamith Von Netowa- An Elezen lich who was nothing more than a pawn to Xyla Prime.
Xyla Prime- She never wants to talk about this person ever...


All credit goes to Bancroft Gairn for the templete!

Arala fighting against Xyla's Voidsent form for the last time on top of the fortress 'Quintessenza'