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Of the Silver Spring

I know not why the Elementals have chosen me to receive their blessing... but I wish to believe they have a plan for me.



Vital Information

PRONUNCIATION... ˈpɛˌ.koʊ.i.ˈmiˌ.nɑ (PEH-koh-ee-MEE-nah).

NICKNAMES... Peko-I, Peko, Elspet, Elly, Ellsy.

RACE & CLAN... Hyur Midlander; Padjal.

GENDER... Female.

AGE... 14, appears 14.

NAMEDAY... 20th Sun, 2nd Astral Moon, 1562 S.A.E.

ORIENTATION... Heteroromantic Demisexual.

MARITAL STATUS... Unmarried.

Other Statistics

NATIONALITY... Eorzean/Gridanian.

CITIZENSHIP... Gridanian.

FAMILY... House Mena.

RESIDENCE... Old Gridania.

OCCUPATION... Conjurer, Seer/Hearer.

PATRON DEITY... Nophica, The Matron.

HEIGHT & WEIGHT... 4 fulms, 8 ilms. 95 ponze.

ALIGNMENT... Neutral Good.

General Information
Born Elspet Mena to the prodigious and ancient House Mena of the Twelveswood, Peko-I led a relatively unexciting life until but recently. Urged by her parents, Breena and Seisyll Mena, to follow in the footsteps of her ancestors as a servant of the Elementals, Elspet began her education in the art of Conjury at a young age. She was far from the most astute of the Conjurers of Stillglade Fane: though she showed zeal and enthusiasm when it came to learning of nature, the Elementals, and the practice and technique of Conjury, Elspet had somewhat of an aversion to tradition. She felt that the study of (and adherence to) the history of Conjury and its traditional applications was blasé, and yearned for a way to expand her use of the art and innovate new ways in which it could be used, both defensively and offensively (so long as it was used to protect and serve the Elementals). This often got her into trouble, and many a time has she been scolded by her mentor and Guildmaster of the Conjurers' Guild, E-Sumi-Yan for venturing into places forbidden and sticking her nose where it should not be. Thus Peko-I earned a reputation as a "troubled" student amongst some of the elder Conjurers and fellow students alike; though E-Sumi-Yan could sense the young girl's potential, and (actively) strove to reserve such judgment of her, regardless of the amount of mischief and unrest she caused.

Enter the day that changed young Elspet's life forever.

On the day of her fourteenth nameday, Elspet skipped out on her day's lesson to venture into the Black Shroud. She had read in tomes found (without permission) in the Conjurers' Guild's archives of a place known as the Lost City of Amdapor, the birthplace of Conjury and the forbidden art of white magic, and set out in search of artifacts from the ancient civilization. While walking along the river, she spied something sparkling within its depths, and, anchoring herself with a hanging tree branch, lowered herself to reach for it... when the branch snapped, sending her plummeting into the rapids just below. She was quickly washed downstream, screaming for help and gasping for air whenever the rushing waters didn't overwhelm her and force her under, the commotion catching the attention of several wayward wanderers and fishermen, some of whom chased her downstream, and others who ran to alert the Wood Wailers at their nearest encampment. Some of the men tried to grab a hold of her arms or clothing and pull her to safety, but the current was simply too strong, and she continued to slip free of their grasp. All they could do was watch as she continued to struggle against the waters, until, to their horror and that of the Wood Wailers that had just arrived on scene, she reached a waterfall, and was washed two dozen fulms down into the lake below, where she vanished.

She was presumed deceased, and the Wood Wailers promptly began the search for her body. After three bells, word of the incident had reached Gridania, and Elspet's parents, already apprised of the fact that their daughter had not arrived at the Conjurers' Guild that morning, were frantic, and set out to join the search party themselves, praying to the Elementals and the Matron Herself that their daughter was still alive. Six bells after the incident had occurred, the search party found the limp, freezing body of a girl no more than thirteen or fourteen summers old lying on the far bank of the lake, opposite the waterfall from which she fell. As the one of the Wood Wailers approached and touched her cold arm, Elspet's parents already inconsolable... the girl heaved a cough, and spat up a copious amount of water. Slowly she began to rise, shaking and unsteady, pushing herself up with both arms onto her knees, head slumped down toward the lake so that none could yet see her face. All stood stunned as she did so: for they believed they had just witnessed the dead rising. Finally she brought herself to her feet, turned around, and raised her head... and that's when they saw them.

The girl was indeed Elspet, but upon her head she bore a brand new, ivory-white pair of straight, pointed horns, and seemed to radiate an otherworldly energy. All before her, except her parents, fell to their knees, for they then realized they were in the presence of one not only saved, but blessed by the Elementals: they stood before a Padjal. Though the Mena line had been known to produce Padjal in the past (the name being of Padjali origins), none even suspected that Elspet, with her unruly nature, would have been a candidate for such a blessing in the eyes of the Elementals. Yet her she stood, not only with the characteristic horns upon her head, but alive and well due purely to the will and interference of the Elementals themselves. She had been chosen not only to continue living, but to move forward as a guardian of the Twelveswood, a Hearer, a voice of the Elementals among man.

Those at the Conjurers' Guild were in disbelief. Of all the students, all the children of other known Padjal-producing houses, the "troubled" Elspet Mena had been chosen to receive of the blessing. Most puzzling of all, she had yet to produce even one prophecy, or describe any vision at all for that matter. Typically, children were only determined to be Padjal after numerous miraculous prophecies. After being escorted back to Gridania (capturing the attention and awe of all who passed, eliciting gasps and whispers and open-mouthed gazes) and allowed a full day to regain her strength, she was taken to the Guild by her parents and presented not only to E-Sumi-Yan, but to the other Seers as well, including the Seedseers and Elder Seedseer, the Senna siblings, as well. It was there that she revealed what she had seen and heard after being swept down the waterfall: she was approached by numerous beings of light, all of different colors and all strongly radiating an overwhelming amount of unique elemental energy. They spoke to her in a language she had never heard before, yet she understood their words with utmost clarity; they had taken notice of her willfulness, her passion for Conjury, her unrelenting nature, and her yet untapped potential. They told her it was not yet time for her spark to fade from the world, that they had already manipulated fate to ensure she would live on, and that from this day forward, as payment for their interference, she would serve as their conduit; their instrument to carry out the will of the forest, and to preserve the fragile balance betwixt man and nature that had been so gravely threatened in recent times. They declared that she would now be called Peko-I-Mena, a name translating roughly to "sparkle", in reference not only to what triggered the divine beings into action and propelled her to her destiny, but to her passion for nature and its arts and the unique light they believed she would cast upon the world in service of the Elementals. As a parting message, the bade her awaken anew, and follow in their guidance and that of the Padjal before her, that her destiny and true purpose would be revealed in time. That is when she opened her eyes.

It was determined by Kan-E-Senna, the Elder Seedseer herself, that the beings in the vision had been essences of the Elementals, and that she had but the morning prior felt a strange surge of elemental energy and heard whispers from the forest of the arrival of a new Seer. The girl's own aether was also undeniably entwined to that of the forest. Despite the unusual circumstances surrounding the awakening of this Padjal, her legitimacy could not be denied. She was to live out the remaining years of her childhood at Stillglade Fane, a perpetual student of the exclusive and forbidden art of Succor: white magic. This was much to the excitement of both her parents, who were overjoyed to hear that they had reared such a blessed individual, and to the newly-named Peko-I herself, as she was not only being granted the opportunity to expand her skills as a Conjurer, but to tap into the art of Succor that she had only (secretly) read about.

Peko-I continued her lessons in Conjury with the other students during the day, drawing constant criticism and ire from those who believed themselves more suited to the Elementals' gift than her. They dared not outwardly harass her, however, lest the Elementals themselves strike back at them for causing harm unto one of their chosen. Instead, the resorted to isolating her, only talking to or being near her when it was absolutely necessary, never seeming happy in her presence, and whispering and snickering to one another while sneering at her. She knew what they thought and how they felt; if she didn't have her lessons in Succor with E-Sumi-Yan at night to look forward to, she felt as though she would drop out of the guild altogether. (Though the Elementals would never permit that, and she knew this.)

After the passing of several moons it became easier for her to ignore the treatment of her fellow students of Conjury, and it started to become ever more obvious that Peko-I was, indeed, a gifted and powerful practitioner of the art. She even had her first prophetic vision whilst meditating: on a fortress above a land consumed by war and flame, a great battle betwixt a tyrant ruler, eyes and soul alike as cold as ice and wielding a blade of blood, and a warrior whose face had been obscured by a bright light. After a fierce struggle, the tyrant fell. From his corpse bloomed a bed of red, white, and pink flowers, and the raging battle below dissolved into a chorus of song and rejoicing. Little did she know that she had foretold the fall of Zenos yae Galvus at the hand of the Warrior of Light, and the subsequent liberation of his subjugated territories. When it came to her skills in Succor, however, progress at a slightly slower rate; she has an exceptional understanding of the art and has even taken more to learning of the history and traditions of both Conjury and Succor, yet tends to struggle with properly harnessing and controlling the aether required to perform Succor's powerful spells. Many of her magicks tend to either fall flat, just short of manifesting properly to its intended effect, or erupt into an explosive, uncontrollably powerful burst of energy, making even healing spells cause harm at times (typically in the form of the target acquiring moderate to severe aethersickness). She struggles to find a balance, and has since been taken under the wing of Seedseer Raya-O-Senna herself in an effort to better control the immense power she possesses. Just as always, the potential to be a frighteningly powerful Padjal is there: it simply has yet to be realized. If current progress is any indication, it could take a while for that to come to fruition, but Peko-I-Mena continues to tackle every obstacle with enthusiasm, and still retains (somewhat to the dismay of her elders, E-Sumi-Yan in particular) her desire to expand the uses of Conjury (and now white magic, where it is able to be applied) and the ways in can be used to help the people of the Twelveswood and the Elementals alike. She strives to continue growing as a Padjal and dreams of becoming as strong and wise as the White Mages of legend, that she may carry out her duty to the forest as fully as possible.

The work of the Padjal is grounded in a thousand years of tradition... I think it's time we freshen things up a bit!
An icey blue. Light periwinkle with hints of white. Pale, as a frosted or frozen peach. Petite and diminutive. Higher in pitch and of moderate volume. Not as delicate as a young girl's, but not as mature as an adult's.
An air of dignity and poise, she stands up straight with her head held high. She moves almost ethereally. Right-handed. No visible scarring. A band of dark freckles across her face. Tends to wear pale colors, whites and pale blues, occasionally mixes in other pastel colors. Wears various materials but is partial to the leathers and furs of Gridania's leatherworkers, as they pride themselves in using every part of every beast slain, and every beast is considered a gift of the woods. Occasionally she wears jewelry made from their bones as well.
Hair & Eyes
Peko-I's hair is of medium-long length, and almost always tied up in a ponytail, with a single braid wrapped about her crown. Its color could be described as a very light periwinkle, or a powdery blue, accented with highlights of pure white. Her eyes are an almost otherworldly light blue, the color of some of the frozen ponds or ice caved in Coerthas.
Physique & Markings
Perpetually appearing as a girl of fourteen summers as a result of the Elementals' touch, Peko-I is rather diminutive, even for her apparent age. She is petite in build, and as she doesn't regularly practice hand-to-hand combat or perform physical labor, her muscles are not well-defined. Her skin is a very pale frosty peach color with no markings save for the dark freckles that form a messy, scattered line across the middle of her face. Though not necessarily an element of physique or actual markings, Peko-I also has a pair of ivory-white horns upon her head: a key feature of those of Padjali blood.
Hygiene & Attire
Peko-I is extremely fastidious, and always keeps herself clean and well-groomed. She is very particular about her cleanliness, and usually always smells of the flowers and herbs from which she concocts scented oils. Peko-I typically wears white and lighter, brighter colors, such as pastels. Her favored materials are leather and fur, as it is plentiful in Gridania due to the presence of the Leatherworkers' Guild. Being a servant of the Elementals, and therefore the Twelveswood itself, Peko-I feels it important to recognize the gifts and resources provided by the forest, and therefore wears the hides and pelts of the very beasts the Elementals have provided Gridania with for food so as to make use of all that those gifts have to provide. Typically she wears a long, hooded white robe woven of plant fibers, and adorned with leather straps and satchels (one of which is designed to carry a bouquet of wildflowers, and usually always does), charms carved of bone and metal, and a few colorful accents. She usually wears white leather sandals that strap up to mid-calf and are adorned with beads and feathers. She almost always wears either fingerless leather gloves or leather ringbands on her hands. Her jewelry is always crafted of either the ores minerals found in the Twelveswood, the bones and teeth of its beasts, or woven plants.
Psychological Profile
Peko-I is generally always optimistic and very determined and goal-oriented. She tries to always keep her head held high, even in the face of criticism and ridicule from the other students of Stillglade Fane. This isn't always so easy, however, and though she tries not to show it, Peko-I does have some issues with trusting others. It's the other Padjal, the Seedseers in particular, who she trusts implicitly and idolizes: she doesn't even trust her own family as she used to due to how some members began to treat her differently following her becoming a Padjal (her parents' sudden overzealousness being one example). She is generally persistent despite what challenges may come her way, but she does occasionally suffer from feelings of defeat and disappointment at her lack of progress when she doesn't catch onto something fast enough: especially when it seems to disappoint her mentors and role models. At times she also questions why the Elementals chose her, what exactly they see in her, and if she is able to bear the burden that accompanies being a Padjal, the voice of the Elementals and a protector of the Twelveswood. Sometimes the pressure becomes too great and causes severe anxiety, and she needs some time to herself, to ground herself, to surround herself with nature and the grace of the Elementals and meditate to seek their wisdom.

As a side note, Peko-I-Mena's MBTI personality type would be INFP-T.
Peko-I's voice could be described as being somewhere between that of a child and that of an adult; it is higher in pitch but not squeaking, and is of moderate volume, not small nor booming. Despite having a lighter voice, she is easily able to command attention, and can easily convey an air of authority. She typically speaks very clearly and precisely, except for when flustered. She also has a rather pleasant singing voice, though she never sings in front of others.
Philosophy & Mannerisms
Peko-I lives by the creed of the Padjal, to protect the Twelveswood and carry out the will of the Elementals to the best of her ability. She strives to do right by the names of Padjali past, but also still retains her desire to innovate and expand the arts of Conjury and Succor to other beneficial uses, all in the name of spreading the majesty of the Elementals. She still lives by the idea that traditions can afford to be interpreted just a little loosely, and that there's always room to improve and invent something new: even in arts as ancient as that of white magic. In terms of mannerisms, Peko-I is somewhat reserved, but when among friends and those she knows well and trusts, she can be outgoing and somewhat boisterous, sporting a colorful and often spunky personality. She is generally polite and respectful, always speaking formally when in the public eye, but lets loose in more informal and personal settings.
● Spring time
● Catsfoot chew (or anything minty really)
● Flowers
● Colorful leaves
● The night sky, a warm spring or summer night
● Cats
● Most of the other Padjal (Especially Kan-E, she's really pretty and strong!)
● ...A-Ruhn-Senna...
● Learning and trying new spells and skills
● Meditation
● Listening/speaking to the Elementals
● Using her abilities to help others
● Arrogance
● Extreme heat or cold
● When people are upset with her
● Disappointing those she looks up to
● When the Elementals are upset/disturbed
● War and fighting
● Puddings
● Yarzons
● Diremites
● Vilekin in general
● Falling short of her own expectations
● Failing at or taking too long to achieve her goals
● Being belittled or underestimated
● Innovative and inventive
● Exceptional Conjury skills
● Persistence (That counts as a skill, right?)
● Exceptional navigational/tracking skills
● Able to vividly receive visions while meditating
● Ability to "see" the Elementals in nature
● Can negotiate her way out of a steel gaol
● Champion of making up convincing excuses
● Expert at improvisation
● Decent at cooking
● Very knowledgeable when it comes to crystals, minerals, and herbs, and all of their uses
● Consequently surprisingly high apothecary/alchemical skills

Combat, Abilities & Weaponry

Basic Statistics
Above Average:
Aetheric Abilities
Weapon Training
Mastery: Staff
Expert: Wand and Small Shield
Average: Bare Hands
Novice: Bow and Arrows
Combat Relevant Skills
Above Average:
Non-Combat Abilities
Ability: Description
Combat Abilities
Ability: Description
OOC Note
Though she'll be a White Mage in-game and posses White Mage skills as a result, I want it to be clear that Peko-I-Mena is not a White Mage (yet, at least). ICly she can use both Conjury and some Succor/white magic, but does not have the distinction of White Mage. She is as any other Padjal.

Disclaimer: .
Sixth Astral Era
This is typically pre-calamity information, or information from before the turn of the era (Domans & others not in Eorzea proper).

Seventh Umbral Era
This is typically post calamity information, or information since the turn of the era (Domans & others not in Eorzea proper).

In Recent Times
Moving Forward

Relationship Status Legend


Breena Mena
Seisyll Mena



Former Acquaintances

NPC Rumors

Some of these rumors are untrue, speculation, or are greatly exaggerated. That's what rumors are, after all!

◢ Common Rumors - Easily overheard. Use these freely!
"Word on th' street is that new Padjal lass 'as a thing fer one o' the Seedseers. I saw it too: 'er face gets redder 'n a Rolanberry at th' mere whisper of A-Ruhn's name!" — A Covetous Conjurer.
"Rumor." — Rumor Monger.
◢ Uncommon Rumors - A little more difficult to hear. Use sparingly or ask first!
"Rumor" — Rumormonger.
"Rumor" — Rumormonger.
◢ Rare Rumors - Very rarely overheard. Please ask before using!
"Rumor" — Rumormonger.
"Rumor" — Rumormonger.
PC Rumors

Feel free to add your own rumors to this section. I reserve the right to delete any that I feel are inappropriate, however, I'm generally a pretty good sport about these kinds of things and find them fun, so that's only if something highly inappropriate is added, like something in my "will not RP" list for this character.

◢ Player Character Rumors - Some of these are more rare than others!
"Rumor" — Rumormonger.
"Rumor" — Rumormonger.

RP Info

Location & Probability
If you're looking for Peko-I, you should probably try these places. Probability is either very low, low, medium, high, or very high.
Stillglade Fane: Very high probability.
Mih Khetto's Amphitheatre: Very high probability.
Ebony and Rosewood Stalls: Very high probability.
Order of the Twin Adder Headquarters: High probability.
Carline Canopy: Medium probability.
Bentbranch Meadows: High probability.
The Hawthorne Hut: Medium probability.
Fallgourd Float: Medium probability.
Quarrymill: Low probability.
Camp Tranquil: High probability.
Botanists' Guild/Greatloam Growery: Medium probability.
Leatherworkers' Guild Medium probability.
Carpenters' Guild: Very low probability.
Quiver's Hold: Low probability.
Wailing Barracks: Very low probability.
Peko-I's various affiliations with various organizations. Some of these, however, may not public, and would have to be asked after! It should be self-evident which ones are openly known, and which aren't; however, I will still denote the status of each.
Gridania and the Twelveswood: Peko-I's hometown is Gridania, and she's never left the Twelveswood in her life. This likely will not change for some time: she is a Padjal, a sworn protector of the Twelveswood and agent of the Elementals, and must remain here to do the work that the Elementals have trusted her to do. This association is publicly known.
The Conjurers' Guild: Peko-I began learning the arts of Conjury from a very young age. She still takes lessons in Conjury, and now learns of the art of Succor from the guild's leader, E-Sumi-Yan. This association is publicly known.
The Seedseers: It was Elder Seedseer Kan-E-Senna that first sensed that a new Padjal would be chosen the day of Peko-I's "transformation", and she who made the determination that she was genuinely blessed. She is also the object of Peko-I's idolization, and the kind of woman she strives to be like. Peko-I was recently taken under the wing of Raya-O-Senna herself in hopes that, with her as her personal tutor, she will gain a new perspective and her skills with white magic will improve faster. Peko-I has always had a fascination with A-Ruhn-Senna, the youngest of the Seedseers, and his astounding ability to hear and commune with the Elementals... despite his communication skills with man being somewhat lacking. She managed to catch him at Mih Khetto's Amphitheatre on one of the rare events that he hadn't secluded himself, and listened to him ramble on for bells about the Elementals, what they say, how they feel, how they think... and she's been smitten with him ever since. This association is not publicly known.
Order of the Twin Adder: As her mission is to protect Gridania and the Twelveswood, it's no surprise that Peko-I would be associate with the Grand Company sharing that selfsame purpose. Though not a direct recruit of the Twin Adder, she helps in other ways, such as paying visits to the company's infirmary to assist in healing efforts, or running errands such as supply delivery and placing orders with the local merchants. It often surprises people to see a Padjal about doing such menial tasks, but Peko-I insists on contributing where and however she can. This association is publicly known.
IC Inventory
The following are items that can be found on Peko-I's person at all times. These are noted for pickpockets, and those watching her closely. This information is meant to be a prompt for insight and is not to be meta-gamed, though feel free to use this information if it comes up logically in RP (pickpocketing, a search, etc) with use of a simple /tell.

Glio coinpurse.png Rainbow Brightlily Corsage Icon.png Adamantite Culinary Knife Icon.png Catsfoot Chew Icon.png Mega-Ether Icon.png Infusion of Mind Icon.png

Coinpurse: A simple coin purse made of soft leather, containing a few thousand gil.
Wildflowers: Wildflowers contained in a hard, triangular, open leather satchel attached to a leather strap.
Pocket Knife: An artisan knife with a blade that flips up from the handle. The handle is carved of the leg bone of an antelope, and the blade is of pure silver, blessed with water touched by the Elementals so that it never tarnishes, and engraved with intricate winding vines and flowers. It was a gift from A-Ruhn-Senna for listening to his ramblings about what he hears from the Elementals, and as such, it is one of Peko-I's most prized possessions.
Catsfoot Chew: A soft, sticky chew made from the herb Catsfoot, a type of mint, and imported from the Sea of Clouds. Though it's somewhat pricey, Peko-I saves up the gil she gets from performing services for the people of the Black Shroud and Gridania, and the small sum she gets from performing work for the Conjurers' guild, to replenish her stock when she runs low.
Mega-Ether: Several vials of Mega-Ether, to sustain her mana sources and energy when casting many spells in rapid succesion.
Infusion of Mind: Several infusions of Mind; Conjury and Succor draw heavily from an individual's mental strength and their ability to focus. These infusions allow her spells to pack a bigger punch when it is needed.
RP Limits
I like to consider myself a flexible player who is willing to commit to a number of different types of scenes and role-play scenarios, but even I have my limits. The "I will play" list includes content that I am always open to. The "ask about" list is stuff I will consider based on circumstances and what exactly you have in mind. The "I won't play" list consists of all content that is a hard "no", and I will not play these scenarios under any circumstances.
I will play some gore/violence, suggestive themes (alcohol, smoking, and risque/sexual content that doesn't directly involve her), and pretty much anything not on the hard "no" list.
Ask about excessive gore/violence, permanent scarring/maiming, permanent PC death of your/someone else's character (if someone really wants me to kill off their character for whatever reason... whatever floats their boat), and (non-explicit) romance.
I won't play explicit sexual content (she's 14...) or permanent PC death of my character.
RP Hooks
Some hooks to use if you wanna engage in some quick, walk-up RP! The general rule of thumb is that if I have the RP tag on, I'm open to RP. This will typically always be only if I'm somewhere in the Twelveswood, as this is currently the only place where my character can go ICly. (As I said, this may change, since she WAS designed after A-Towa-Cant's philosophy of spreading the benefits of white magic to the rest of Eorzea and beyond. She is not yet a White Mage, so this will only happen if I decide to take that route with her.) Due to lore adherence, I will only RP in this region, unless you want to RP through tells/party chat as if we're still in the Twelveswood. To plot out longer and more in-depth RP, please don't hesitate to shoot me a /tell! I can also be reached on Discord, and will provide my Discord ID through /tell if asked!
■ Your character, for whatever reason, is seeking healing, whether from injury or illness, for them or for a friend/family member, and just happens to come across a Padjal wandering about Gridania/The Black Shroud.
■ Your character is interested in some Conjury lessons; surely a Padjal would be a more than suitable mentor?
■ Your character wishes to verify or otherwise discuss a rumor they heard about Peko-I (see "Rumors") tab.
■ Your character is curious about Peko-I's prophecies (either fulfilled or unfulfilled ones), and wants to know more about them.
■ Your character just needs someone to talk to, whether for comfort, loneliness, venting, or just because! Padjal are supposed to be wise and full of insight, right?

OOC Notes
Player Information
Player Note
This wiki is always changing and evolving as Peko-I's story changes and evolves. Since she is also a fairly new character of mine, it is quite possible that I will be making frequent edits to this page. I am also by no means a lore expert, so as I research more and start to notice mistakes, I will adjust accordingly (see the below section for lore adherence edits). Over all, I'm open to RP with anyone and most any type of character, and to RP most content except those listed in my "will not play" list. I am (obviously) not super strict when it comes to lore, so as long as your character makes reasonable sense with the lore and is written well, a little lore-bending is totally fine by me. Just to reiterate, common and uncommon rumors may be used freely for walk-up RP, but rare rumors require a bit of prior discussion. I also reserve the right to remove any player-created rumors that I deem too inappropriate. RP hooks are meant to be easy-use starters for walk-up RP, but if you want something more in-depth or want a hook to lead into something more in-depth, don't hesitate to ask!

I also feel it pertinent to add that I am currently leveling this character, and won't really be RPing on her until she's fully leveled. It's just easier that way. If you still want to talk about stuff or RP beforehand though, again, don't hesitate to ask!
Character Lore Adherence
"But Padjal are rare and not an actual in-game race and YOUR CHARACTER CAN'T BE ONE, YOU'RE BREAKING MY IMMERSION!!!1!11!" No wonder there are so few Padjal RPers out there. (Really. I've looked into other Padjal RPers and only found two. You assholes wanted them to stay rare, and you accomplished that by being, well, assholes.) If you feel this way, then don't RP with me. Simple. If my character being a Padjal who never/rarely leaves the Twelveswood IC and is not nearly as powerful as she should be is game-breaking to you, you are under no obligation to engage. In fact, if you're the lore-policing type ("can't play X or Y job because the lore doesn't allow it", nitpicking small bends of the lore, "Warrior of Light characters are too Mary Sue so you shouldn't play them", etc), kindly do not interact at all. I don't want to RP with you. My philosophy is as long as your character isn't absolutely ridiculous and you write them well, a little lore bending is perfectly fine. In short: let people have their damn fun and RP what they want. They're not actually hurting anyone, and if the only issue you have is "my immersion", then simply don't interact!

Do bear in mind that I like to be flexible in my RP, and depending on the types of characters I'm playing with and the situation, I may adjust some things slightly to fit the RP setting. Think of it as different "instances" of RP. I'm not sure this will happen to the degree that it would with my WoL (such as adjusting her relationships and histories with certain NPCs slightly to suit a more OC-centric RP), but it is something I will do, and this can sometimes either bend further away from the actual lore, or bend more toward it. Any universal changes I make, whether as I understand something better or as the lore further develops, will be noted below.
■ No changes as of yet.
Character Concept
Character Tidbits
Links Out
Some external links that relate to the character in some way or another.
■ RP Tumblr: The Peculiar Padjal
Tropes & Explanations
Some fun TV Tropes that describe aspects of my character! Some of these are just funny and not 100% accurate all the time, but still have something to do with the character. I shall explain!
Determinator: Peko-I has a fierce determination to master the art of Succor and continue to grow into a Padjal whose magical prowess and wisdom could rival that of even the Elder Seedseer herself. All in the name of being the best servant of the Elementals she can be, of course.
Meaningful Name: I originally decided on Peko-I's name after looking at a list of Ainu words I found while browsing the internet. The word I took from was "pekor", which means "sparkling". I didn't even really think of tying this to her back story until I had already written up to the part where her vision of the Elementals is described, and had to come up with a reason for her to be named this way. Then I remembered: the name is strangely appropriate after all, considering what sparked the event that resulted in her becoming a Padjal in the first place!
Nice Hat: Doesn't have that much to do with the hat... mainly just Peko-I's unique horns that are characteristic of the Padjal. Those kind of stand out like a nice hat, right?
Shy Blue-Haired Girl: For one thing, Peko-I's hair is very light blue. For another, she can be somewhat shy and reserved. This is mainly due to her being scorned by most of her fellow students at Stillglade Fane. This trope most definitely does not apply when she's around those she's comfortable with or in a situation where she feels particularly confident, however.
Crush Blush: Though she desperately doesn't want anyone to know, it's pretty obvious that Peko-I has a crush on A-Ruhn-Senna based on the fact that she faces this trope as soon as his name is mentioned. Luckily for her, he's the oblivious type.
Nature Hero: Though not necessarily isolated from society or lacking in social skills, Peko-I, like other Padjal, has an exceptional ability to commune with nature and the Elementals, and her primary calling is to protect the Twelveswood. Even so, Padjal can at times be somewhat disconnected from the aspects of the world that don't involve those things.


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