Qara Hotgo

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Qara Hotgo

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CURRENT ALIAS... Qaratai Hotgo

RACE & CLAN... Au Ra, Xaela

NAMEDAY... 4th Astral Moon

GENDER... Female

AGE... 23

ORIENTATION... Heterosexual

MARITAL STATUS... In a Relationship


ETHNICITY... Azim Plains Xaela, Hotgo tribe

NATIONALITY... Refugee, Limsan

RESIDENCE... The Mists

OCCUPATION... Privateer (Officially), real occupation is secret

PATRON DEITY... Nhaama the Dusk Mother

HEIGHT... 5'3"

WEIGHT... 120 ponz

Basic Info



Qara sketch by Puppy President.png

(Both sketches are by Puppy President. The left is Qara Hotgo and the right is Chakha Hotgo.)


Dotharl (in general)
Most Politics


Alignment: Chaotic Good
Vices, Flaws and Imperfections: Hates being in leadership positions, PTSD, shyness, obsession with "under-dog" groups, conflicting ideals, overly-sensitive, classism.
Favorite Foods: Any Othard foods.
Favorite Drinks: Milk and drinks with milk mixed in them.
Favorite Color: Blue

Chakha sketch by Puppy President.png

Appearance & Personality

Qaraportrait.png Qara and Zanzan.png

(Art was a gift commission from a friend. Don't know the artist myself, but I believe one of their names they go by is kylexi8835)

Black hair with blue highlights made from dye, deep red eyes with glowing blue limbal rings, mildly tanned skin and typical assortments of dark-blue Xaela scale patches. At five fulms and three ilms tall, she seems small compared to the towering races and male members of her own race but she is as formidable as someone her size can be. Her build is athletic and she trains much more fiercely than her calm demeanor might suggest. With Xaela strength on her side, she is not afraid to don heavy armor, wield two-handed swords and fight most enemies toe to toe.

But battle is far from the core of Qara. Unlike many Xaela, she doesn't try to instigate fights. She is often calm, even friendly, when faced with someone who has no hostile intentions. Qara prefers to face enemies with stoicism and without displays that may betray how she moves or what her intentions are. Her inner turmoil is often buried and her emotions are often subtle or controlled. Qara only displays emotions or moods boldly when among close friends, family or when drunk... And those emotions are often followed by the painting of her face in traditional Hotgo fashion.

Qara is an introvert but driven by concern and focus on other people. She can seem shy but when her passion is focused she can become zealous and out-going. She may seem jarring, preachy or self-righteous to some who only get to see what she is like when passionate, but her best intentions are focused on being open-minded when she is calm.

Eorzea is still relatively new to her and so is the common tongue, but she now considers the place her home.



Qaratai of the Hotgo tribe was born and raised on Azim Steppes in Othard. She was the daughter of a warrior father and a horse-trainer mother. Her family was sizable. When she grew old enough to take on a role in the tribe, she chose to be one of the tribe's messengers and that job is what saved her from the attack of the Dotharl tribe. Most of her family were not so fortunate. The Hotgo tribe was massacred. Qara fled to Kugane and eventually Eorzea by the time she reached adulthood.


Qara is still a young adult, but most of her adult life has been in Eorzea. She worked as a courier for a few years before she moved on to greater things with the help of Zanzan Yanzan and Maric Thornharte. They taught her magic, sailing, language, politics and culture of Eorzea. Maric helped her to become a knight. But few know what kind of Knight she is and she prefers it that way.


Qara works as a privateer bound by Letter of Marque to the Maelstrom. But she spends most of her time on reserve for them which gives her plenty of time to attend to her own agenda. A true agenda she shares with few people. On the outside, Qara appears to be an average Au Ra girl who has some artistic talent. Those who have become acquainted with her know she works as a part-time privateer. Those who know her well find out what she really is.



Different colors of face paint have different meanings for Qara. Once someone gets to know her, they'll begin to see the colors almost like another form of body-language. Qara's family's paint color definitions may be different from other family units that lived in the Hotgo tribe.

Qara's spirit color. She wears it when she feels her best, and most confident.
Her rage color. She wears it when preparing to fight, or when she gets angry.
Her love color. Be it platonic or romantic, she'll wear red when her passion grows strong.
Her joy color. Not to be confused with blue, green is applied when she feels innocent happiness.
Her sadness color. She doesn't like to show her sadness despite what she was taught, but she'll often wear it to help show sympathy for the suffering of another.
This color is righteous fury. Her warpaint when on the job.
Her diplomatic color. She wears this to make amends, or show that she will remain peaceful.
Her humility color. She wears it to show when she is embarrassed, or bashful.
Her fear color. She only really wears it as a display of caution to others. Not all instances of fear will have her painting her face orange.
Hope and Will. In remembrance of Ucugen Hotgo who tragically died soon after meeting Qara. Silver was Ucugen's spirit color.

Because paint colors change shades due to drying and whether, she does not use different shades of the same colors to represent variations of her general emotions. Instead, she usually marks the strongest emotions she is feeling in a general sense. However, different color combinations can give greater detail to her emotional state, but it is less common for her to use more than one color at a time.

Combination examples
Blue and Purple
Confidence and Fury. The Warriors of Qara's family would wear this combination of colors when in a battle they prepared for. Qara wears the combination in battle often.
Red and Pink
Love and Humility. Often worn in rare instances of public displays of great affection; such as a marriage ceremony.
Red and Purple
..."Greatmother use to say; the best part of a couple's fight is making up..."

The marks of paint Qara makes are simple smudges or lines. Only in ceremonies or special occasions does she make coherent symbols on her face using the paints.

The paints do not replace facial expressions or body language for her. They are used for emotional honesty and clarity as taught by her culture.


A violet-bladed short-sword made by the Kagon tribe. Either kept on Horsebird or Qara's belt.

A Mythrite Zweihander rewarded to Qara after she delivered a message from Whitebrim Fort to Dragonhead during the Dravanian siege of The Steps of Faith.

A bracelet made of polished bone segmented into four parts. At its center rests a purple, lightning-attuned crystal within a simple gold frame. It is said that the materials of bone and gold made excellent catalysts to help channel one's aether. A starlight gift from Zanzan to Qara to aid her in her magical training. Worn to this day.

A silver chain that is made with an eastern design. The main pendant itself has a gold sun-like frame with blue hues that weaved along its edges like ribbons. Within the frame was an obsidian black backdrop with fragments of Moonstones shaped into small circles as stars. The indentations inside gives the illusion of the stars and the sky moving as one would see it. There is a second hidden feature. Held up to a full moon, the pendant will expose a hidden message for any who can see.

"For Qara Hotgo and Zanzan Yanzan. May their love be as endless as the night sky itself." Crafted by Arala Makeo.

A ring crafted in the Xaela style with Xaela runes that read "Forever loyal Ajaa". It's part of a matching pair. Chakha Hotgo has the other ring that reads "Forever loyal Doyi".



Some of these rumors are untrue or are greatly exaggerated. Please feel free to add your own rumors under PC!

◢ Common Rumors (Easily overheard)
"I hear she is married to a Lalafell! Odd couple."
"She paints graffiti all over the Mists!"
"They say the ghost of her sister haunts her every move!"
◢ Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear)
"She's a Captain of 'er own ship, she is! Little catamaran sloop called Stormbreaker."
"They say her sister's done some bad things. Things they execute you for unless you got the skills to be more valuable to Limsa alive..."
"She's an odd one... She works for poor people. Don't know why. They can't pay much."
◢ Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard)
"Qaratai Hotgo? She's known as the Painted Liberator. Acts like she's on some crusade to purge social corruption from the land."
"Oh her?! Yes, I know her! Her Lalafell fiance once brought her by the orphanage dressed in a rather revealing Starlight outfit... They gave gifts to the children."
◢ PC Rumors (Rumors from the character's of other players)
Zanzan Yanzan: "Qara... She lost everything dear to her. Yet, here she stands. A passionate and undying fire. She is quite beautiful, yes? What captured my heart, however, was her own. There is not another person I love more than her. What a star she is..."


Romantic Interest     Platonic Love      Good Standing     Poor Standing
Zanzan Yanzan "In a time when Qara was afraid of her own people, this Lalafell gave his all to help her rebuild her life and her confidence. He makes an odd mate for a Xaela, but she didn't let that stop her from returning his feelings. Many disapprove, so sometimes Qara doesn't make her bond with Mister Zanzan obvious. But she will not be swayed from her choice. The Hotgo tribe is shattered and most of her family is gone. Should she really reject one of the greatest men in her life because he's short?" -Mysterious Old Woman
Chakha Hotgo "Sigh... Troubled girl. She will challenge her sister's convictions over and over again. She will be the shadow that threatens to lash out the moment Qaratai makes a mistake. Her target is never her beloved sister but she can still hurt Qaratai by reverting to the monster her sister fears. What she doesn't understand yet is that Qaratai fears that monster because monsters are eventually hated and slain. Monsters are only ever known for causing misery. That is not what Qaratai wants for Chakha." -Mysterious Old Woman
Khaidu Hotgo "I tried to be his friend and it felt like I failed. So I tried to be his comrade and I thought I failed that too. But now he acts like he respects me... He confuses me. Even when I get mad at him, I want to do honor to him. Because... He lost everything I lost. And because he is a knight like me." -Qara Hotgo
Maric Thornharte "My father taught me how to fight but Maric taught me how to be a knight. He's the voice of reason when I am stuck in passion, the push I need when my confidence is low, the uh... Encouragement I need when I fight for a cause... Maric is my mentor. I owe him a lot." -Qara Hotgo
Liadan Summerfield "Sometimes you meet someone and you don't know what to expect from them. I am from Othard. Only thing I know about the Black Shroud is that crazy things live there. I only heard of Gridanians from other Eorzeans. Never got to know any until Liadan. Sometimes she gets angry but I understand why. I get angry too. The world is cruel. Sometimes you need anger to fight that cruelty." -Qara Hotgo
Khunbish Adarkim(Avagnar) "I've known him for a while but sometimes I feel like I don't really know him. His tribe was destroyed like mine. The cruelty of our people has made us both suffer. But I can't see where his path is. He and I are different but maybe I can help him." -Qara Hotgo
Tyo Panipahr "She did something I can't forget. But I did forgive her. Because she is my friend... She also taught me to always be ready to defend against sleep spells." -Qara Hotgo
Nihka Mioni "Still don't know her very well. Mysterious girl who can heal like a Shaman and always there when people need help... I wonder if a spirit guides her." -Qara Hotgo

Qara and Chakha.png


Kiht and Qara by Session Zero.png

(Qara Hotgo and Kiht Jakkya by Session Zero!)

Additional Info and Fun Stuff


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