Regal Bride

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Gridania-transparent.png Regal Bride
Regal Bride Icon.png
The Widow of the Woods
Gender Female
Race Roegadyn
Clan Hellsguard
Citizenship Gridanian
Server Balmung
Age 27 Cycles
Height 7'8"
Weight Heavy
Patron Azeyma


Regal lives up to her name in every sense of the word... she's taller than even other male Roegadyn, with a well-muscled body and gorgeous dark skin. She wears her copper hair in locs to keep them neat and long, and her golden eyes easily pierce through people. She's proud of her body and the work she's put into making it what it is, and has no shame about showing off her body in the skimpiest of outfits. When she strips down, it's easier to see the scars on her thighs and stretchmarks on her stomach, but she makes no effort to hide them.

The only thing she hides is her right eye. A scar crosses over it, but it's old, and long healed... what she conceals behind the eyepatch is a strange and terrifying socket of crystal, like a geode settled in her skull.


Early Life

Regal was the second-born child to Illuminated Bride, a Hellsguard mercenary of no small acclaim. As a child she saw little of her mother, instead being taken care of by her father and his husband while her mother worked. The state of things changed when she was only 5... her mother happened to be preparing to leave on a job guarding a caravan when Regal came down with an extreme fever. Unwilling to abandon her daughter when her life was in peril, Illuminated stayed with her for days, carefully tending to her illness and nursing her back to health. When Regal at long last was well enough to sit up and smile, her mother felt safe in departing, hurrying to catch up with the caravan she'd let go ahead.

Illuminated Bride would return a few days later, leading a badly injured black chocobo and cradling an infant au-ra in her arms. It would be her last mission, and the start of a new kind of life for Regal.

Her mother retired from mercenary work, instead raising her new daughter, Defiant, and teaching Regal all she knew about fighting with her fists and curing wounds through conjury. Regal would find herself a natural at both, excelling in unarmed combat and taking in the principles of conjury faster than anyone could teach her. She'd come to be known as a prodigy of sorts, a 'Bride among Brides' who had the potential to lead the entire clan one day should she choose. However, Regal decided to continue to pursue conjury, eventually leaving her home in Abalathia's Spine in order to travel south to Gridania where she might better hone her skills.

The Calamity

Over the course of several moons, Regal became a star student at the Conjurer's Guild as well as a fairly well-regarded adventurer. Though still naive and far from the best, her cheery personality and affable nature made her popular with citizens of Gridania and she came to regard it as her second home. When in time, it would be threatened by the Garlean Empire, she didn't hesitate to come to it's defense, and joined with the Twin Adders in order to fight back. She rose in the ranks from various missions and in time, she volunteered to take to the fields of Cartenau in defense of Eorzea.

She was still there, fighting to heal every person she could, when the moon fell. Regal watched it descend, failed to retreat fast enough or far enough, the world exploding around her....

And then she woke up in an unfamiliar bed, in an unfamiliar home, three years later.

Present Day

Regal lives out of the East Shroud, having a small hut to herself where she spends her days harvesting plants and wood for sale and visiting Buscarron's Druthers for drinks. It's taken years for her to piece together what happened to her after Cartenau, and even now the details are fuzzy... it seems she somehow survived, gravely injured, and wandered off into the shroud. In the panic and crisis after the calamity, one woman without memories went without comment. She went for three long years, never remembering so much as her name, rebuilding a life and even going so far as to start working and finding love and friendships and then simply awoke one morning without any memory of the previous years at all.

Though she's worked out quite a bit of what happened, Regal lives in fear of one day forgetting who she is again and losing everything all over; she avoids getting attached to things and is more than happy to allow the rest of the world to think she's dead. She's gone so far as to call herself Regal Widow rather than identify herself properly, at times, even. All she wants is a quiet life alone and enough money to enjoy drinks every now and again; anything else would be too painful to lose.


Regal's cheerful, friendly and almost always seen smiling. She likes to let the little things go, and often teases people around her in somewhat crude ways. She can be quick to get offended or pissed off, though, and sometimes throws punches when she should try to be diplomatic. She REALLY enjoys seeing interesting things unfold around her, and is often happy to take a step back and watch things happen while she smokes or drinks. In terms of promiscuity, she can be quite open about her desires, and doesn't censor herself much at all, regardless of how others might view her.

She cares very deeply about her own memories, as well as her family... particularly her younger sister, Defiant Bride, who has been looking for since she disappeared five years ago. Mention of either ones is a surefire way to shake her out of her usual grins.


Defiant has connections with some of the less-savory elements of the Black Shroud, though it's mostly by a shared desire not to attract much attention from the Wood Wailers. She also has deep ties with the Sylphs of Little Solace, born of mutual respect, years of trade, and a willingness to dance while drunk that GREATLY endears her to them.

She was formerly a member of the Twin Adders and the Conjurer's Guild, but is officially listed as KIA, and she has no interest in correcting them.


Common Rumors

  • "If you need fresh flowers for your Bonding, we have JUST the woman to get them!" - Sanctum of the Twelve Worker
  • "Regal? Yeah, she comes here time t' time. Don't play cards with her, trust me." - Buscarron
  • "She keeps asking me how boats work. At least once a moon. I tell her to go ask a shipbuilder but she never does..." - Beatin

Uncommon Rumors

  • "Teetering One is so funny!! They always bring us the most interesting things!" - Little Solace Sylph
  • "Rumor goes here!" - Rumormonger

Rare Rumors

  • "...I dunno how she knew... there's... there's no way she saw, but she knew all the less. G-godsdammit... she's dangerous....!" - Gridanian Outlaw
  • "Rumor goes here!" - Rumormonger

Player Rumors

  • "Insert your own rumors here!!" - you, potentially


  • Mother: Illuminated Bride (Former mercenary, de facto town leader)
  • Father: Stalwart Bride (Hunter and trapper)
  • Father: Indigo Moss (Blacksmith)
  • Younger Brother: Silent Moss (Scout, hunter)
  • Younger YOUNGER Brother: Burly Bride (Lumberjack)
  • Younger Sister: Defiant Bride (adventurer)
  • ??????: Alder (unknown whereabouts)


Other Notes

Defiant's missing eye holds an unusual power that allows her to see things, and it's really late so I'llw rite moer late.r