Defiant Bride

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Defiant Bride
I-it's a p-pleasure to make y-your acquaintance, t-truly!



BIRTH NAME Defiant Bride

CURRENT ALIAS... Def | Bride | 'Amber'


RACE & CLAN... Au-ra, Raen

GENDER... Female

AGE & NAMEDAY... 23 | Born the 16th Sun of the 2nd Astral Moon

ORIENTATION... Polyamorous and Bisexual

MARITAL STATUS... In an open relationship


NATIONALITY... Abalathian (by location of birth)


FAMILY... Mother, Father, Papa, Older Sister, two Older Brothers, Estranged Sibling (no biological relatives)

RESIDENCE... Aethertide Ventures, Mists – Ward 12, Plot 45.

OCCUPATION... Goldsmith, Knight, Private Assistant & More

PATRON DEITY... Menphina

HEIGHT & WEIGHT... 4 fulms, 8 ilms, 146 pounze.

ALIGNMENT... Neutral/Lawful Good



Most hearing the name of 'Defiant Bride' immediately summon to mind a proud Hellsguard... tall and broad-shouldered, a stubborn and rebellious daughter of the mountains of Abalathia. Few expect a raen, much less one so tiny and shy. With a warm smile and perpetual stutter, Defiant Bride has gone from an outsider new to Eorzea to a well-liked and well-connected member of the community in only a few short moons... and with hands in all sorts of markets and jobs across the city-states, she shows no sign of shying back.


Not even reaching five fulms tall, Defiant Bride is short even for the noticeably height-challenged women of the auri tribes. Despite being an active young woman who takes to the fields of combat fairly regularly, she doesn't bear much in the way of muscle, instead having grown noticeably soft and chubby over the moons out of her previous intensive training schedule. She's curvy all around, with an impressive breast, soft hips, and a noticeable belly, her tail also a bit on the thick side. She bears several visible scars of her time in Eorzea, but none are more prominent or obvious than her single horn, bearing only her left-handed appendage and sporting nothing but a smooth stump of bone on the other side of her face.

Defiant is unusual among Raen for her dark brown skin, contrasting with the white scales that cover her body. These too are more heavy than many others of her race, bearing scales all the way around her neck from her jawline to her collarbone, with others covering her inner and outer thighs or gathering at her spine before her tail emerges. Though not noticeable, she is heterochromic, with her left eye bearing a green hue and her right a more aqua color. Her hair is naturally a soft, unusual shade of pastel blue, but she's taken to dyeing it blonde with highlights of pink... or lavender, with only hints of blonde. Regardless of color she almost always wears it straightened and pulled back, curly when it's down but found most often in sleek twintails. She takes a small amount of pride in the softness of her hair, skin, and scales, though her hands are well-callused with years of hard work.

She scars heavily and visibly, with shiny pink keloid scars decorating her chest, thighs and stomach. The most prominent among this is visibly twisted and poorly-healed, a heavy rip that bisects her stomach and has fresh white scales growing over the very ends... anyone with a modicum of knowledge can tell whatever wound caused it wasn't properly cared for. Her single horn also bears hints of damage, small hairline cracks covering it's surface and several scales missing where it was heavily injured.

She's quite the open book when it comes to her reactions and emotional state, and blushes easily... it's simple to tell how she's feeling just by glancing at her, her feelings writ over her face and in the motions of her tail. Many find her habits adorable, and call the woman irresistibly teasable, much to her chagrin. Rumors that she peeps loudly when agitated remain mere rumors, so far as anyone knows.

Distinguishing physical characteristics:
Mismatched eyes, bright and often smiling.
A single horn, curved by her cheek and bearing signs of past damage.
An incredibly tiny build, noticeably plump all around.
A warm, welcoming smile, sincere as anyone can be.
Cheeks that are quick to redden, be it out of embarrassment, shyness, or some combination of both.
A thick tail that, while not prehensile, tends to reveal her mood in it's flicks and swishes.


Sweet and painfully innocent, Defiant is nothing but earnest and welcoming to new acquaintances and a fiercely loyal friend to those who accept her affection. Despite her name, she's quiet obedient and agreeable, and tends to aim to act as mediator and greeter in social circumstances. She's quick to follow orders and considers herself far more a follower than any kind of leader, more than happy to take support roles and handle paperwork and details for other, more active people. She's both forgiving and quite polite, and those who get on her bad side require a GREAT deal of work to do so... most slights are forgiven without even being asked, even if there's no sign of contrition.

Though warm and eager to make friends, she can be remarkably shy when she feels she's in over her head... her interest in keeping people happy means that she tends to worry a lot about what others think, and she can repress her own feelings and opinions if she feels they might upset whatever balance she's managed to carve out. She gets embarrassed extremely easily and tends to stutter more and avert her eyes when lewd or romantic topics come up, growing bright red at the drop of the hat. This same habit makes her transparent as hell, as it's hard to get away with lies when you're burning bright as a cherry and tripping over every other word.

For all her appearances, Defiant suffers from intense anxiety and recurring bouts of severe depression. Her habit of bottling things up to not bother others leads her to lash out in less noticeable ways, and she's prone to overwork, not taking care of health, and engaging in risky behavior as forms of subtle self-harm. While she's promised to live on for the sake of others, she sees her continued living as a painful burden that she wishes to shed in some noble act... the strength of this desire waxes and wanes but has only grown completely silent once. She can work herself into painful panic attacks when she finds herself at a loss, as facing her own innumerable flaws devours her with anxiety. She's unwilling to discuss either of these problems with anyone in her life, believing that some things are unconscionable to burden another with.


HARD WORK: Few women can say they take as much pleasure in a job well done as Defiant... throwing herself into one of her many jobs fills her with a sense of contentment that's hard to beat.
KNIGHTS: Raised on old Ishgardian books about the noble exploits of the Holy See's Heavensward, Def still idolizes knights of all kind and seeks to hold herself to the same code they do... even if she admits there's no such thing as a noble white knight, not outside storybooks.
FUZZ: A tiny baby Spriggan barely a few moons old who's only just begun to speak. Def took him in after finding him on a mining trip and he's been her adorable soulkin pet son ever since!
THING: Description.
THING: Description.


RUDENESS: While she has a high tolerance for even the rudest of individuals, those who are incapable of meeting her even in the most token attempts at politeness (or worse; mock her attempts to be kind,) get no more hints of warmth from HER.
LARGE BUGS: Particularly sandworms, diremites, and yarzons. Absolutely disgusting, she'd rather fight a chimera than have to deal with one.
COLD: Abalathia's Spine had frozen, dire winters, but at least she lived with a family of living furnaces... on her own, she grows sluggish and numb a few minutes in the snow, and is extremely prone to hypothermia.
FLYING: A deep fear of falling combined with airsickness means even a brief airship jaunt leaves her pale and shaking. More extended ones can have her vomiting for hours even after she touches down.
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READING: While she favors romance novels, Defiant is a voracious reader of all sorts of books. She favors them to learn new things, and owns an extensive personal library.
EVENTS: For as shy as she can be, Defiant's desire to meet new people tends to push her out into the world where she can be met attending all kinds of shows and special social events around Eorzea.
THING: Description.
THING: Description.
THING: Description.


HARDY: Beyond any natural talent or particular skill, Defiant ENDURES. She can walk for malms in plate armor, remain conscious after life-threatening blows, stay standing after massive bloodloss or intense aetheric depletion. She survives, even if she might not always want to.
EMPATHETIC: There are countless experiences and lives Def can never know nor understand, but it doesn't stop her from trying. She always goes out of her way to see things from other people's point of view, and she's painfully empathetic.
MERCIFUL: After a very, very long time and a lot of pain, Def believes that everyone deserves the chance for mercy. Her sense of justice is informed by this desire, and anyone seeking a second chance will find an extended hand and a kind smile waiting for them.
INDUSTRIOUS: While she doesn't have many natural talents, no one ever told Def that. She's willing to put in hours of hard work and practice to learn and hone her skills, and never skimps on effort.
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DOCILE: Any questioning of her choices or opinions are sure to stop her in her tracks, and she's hesitant to volunteer her thoughts on things if they might be challenged. She's the type to follow orders from superiors, even if it leads her to regret not objecting later on.
REPRESSED: Her desires, her fears, her anger and sadness... just... just bottle that shit up and never tell anyone. No one has to know!
NAIVE: For all she keeps seeing the worst the six races have to offer, Defiant never seems to catch on enough to prepare her for the next time. She's still remarkably easy to manipulate and exploit.
INHIBITED In truth, Defiant's own fears and beliefs about herself hold her back. Her blade is slower when she's afraid of hurting someone, and her potential for magic is stifled by her belief that she's incompetent in wielding it.
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PROTECTING OTHERS: More than anything else, Defiant fights to protect those who matter to her, regardless of how capable they are on their own. Anything to help her loved ones live safely...!
LOVE: Though something of a romantic, Defiant truly and earnestly wants to feel loved. It seems to elude her time and time again yet still she seeks people who will hold her tight when she's afraid, no matter how many times it goes badly for her.
VALIDATION: Maybe somewhere, somehow, there's a reason for her to be alive? Maybe one day she'll find it.
THE GREATER GOOD: She joined the Immortal Flames because she wanted to fight for something, and signed up with Aethertide in hopes of making a difference. She's only one small, pathetic woman, but she'll do whatever she can to help others.
THING: Description.


FLAME OFFICER'S BLADE: A heavy, unusually-shaped longsword and Defiant's main arm. Earned through moons of hard work and effort put in with the flames, she wields it with an ease that belays it's true weight.
HIGH MYTHRITE SHIELD: A gorgeous work of art in shield form, Defiant's mythrite shield was originally crafted by Rawkin Forgeheart and served well until it was shattered in combat with Garlean forces. This new piece is magnitudes finer, heavier in exchange for being harder to pierce.
PEISTBANE: A gift by a dear, dear friend and her employer, the eccentric gillionaire, Sigurd Sundsteigen, this cereulean-powered gunblade is sleek and modern and folds up small enough that it can be concealed in Def's clothing. While new to shooting, she treasures the gift and the affection behind it and keeps it on her where normal blades might draw unwanted attention.
GOLDSMITHING SUPPLIES: Ever the hard worker, Def keeps several types of jewelry-making supplies on her, from a miniature tool kit to a variety of samples of chains and beads, to scraps of ore and jewels. The latter serve as gifts and payment when she finds herself in debt to others; the former tend to go right into her pet Spriggan's waiting mouth.
SILVER NECKLACE: A very simple silver necklace, not the finest quality but very well cared for. A valentione's day gift from her dearest friend Khyran Oisin... no matter how many fancy and intricate pieces she makes, it remains her favorite.
AMBER RING: A finely made ring with a golden band and a near-flawless cabochon of amber as the focal piece. While she started wearing it on a whim, circumstances have drawn her to the stone and she wears it as a reminder of her desire to serve as a guardian to others. She keeps it on her at all times, even when wearing gloves.
NOTEBOOK: A pocket-sized notebook with plenty of pages bound in soft aldgoat leather, with a tiny loop to hold a pen. A key point in her work as a personal assistant to Sigurd Sundsteigen, this notebook holds detailed reports of meetings of a clandestine group, long lists of tasks to be accomplished, a variety of receipts of sale for all sorts of goods... and a whole lot of grumbling and complaining about her employer, usually written down when she's told "Take a note, my most defiant bride!" before he begins to ramble.
LINKPEARL STRAND: A string of linkpearls with individual clasps designed to nestle them neatly against an auri horn. They range from casual social groups to formal military and secret society pearls. Her own has a personal line that's easy for any standard model to tune to, if messages need be sent.

The following information is not publicly available knowledge. Please refrain from metagaming.






Background Narrative

A caravan in flames, exotic goods scattered through burning woods. Two bodies, tattered, bleeding, in pieces on the ground, one before the other as if trying to protect them. A chocobo, injured and crying, hunched in the underbrush. An infant, sick, a few hours from death, dark skin contrasted by soft, milky scales.

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IC Narrative

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Family Involved Romantic Platonic Physical Friend Acquaintance $ Business Deceased Positive Negative Neutral Unsure
Illuminated Bride, Mother. () - Mama
Character's Thoughts: "There's no one stronger in the world; no one!"
Defiant's adoptive mother, who found her that fateful day in the woods and took her home to nurse her back to health. A loud, bold former-mercenary, Illuminated has loved Defiant like she was her own flesh and blood, and defied her family's matron more than once in order to raise her. It was Illuminated Bride who named Defiant, after several moons where she was unsure if the child would survive; it refers to her defiance of death, and holds a wish that she continue to live no matter the odds.
Stalwart Bride, Father. () - Dad.
Character's Thoughts: "Without Da, I wouldn't be the woman I am today."
One of Defiant's Adoptive fathers, husband to Illuminated and Silent. A former mercenary who took up hunting and trapping when he got married for the second time. Warm and passionate, he's never been shy about boasting about his littlest girl.
Indigo Moss, Father. () - Papa.
Character's Thoughts: "You should SEE what I can make now, papa...!"
A former mercenary who settled down to dedicate his life to blacksmithing. Stalwart Bride's husband, and Illuminated Bride's best friend. A quiet, stoic man who prefers to let his actions speak instead of his words.
Regal Bride, Older Sister. ( ) - Sis.
Character's Thoughts: "I lost you once... I won't ever let you go again."
Defiant's older sister has always been close with her, serving as her best friend and confidant until the fateful day the woman left the Spine to study Conjury in Gridania. Her letters reached home as Dalamud began to grow in the sky, and a scant week before it fell, she expressed her interest in fighting back for Eorzea. There was never another letter, and til a fateful reunion in the Golden Bazaar, Defiant Bride only sought to confirm her sister's death at Cartenaeu.
Burly Bride, Older Brother. () - Burl.
Character's Thoughts: "When we meet again, I promise you'll be proud."
The third child in the Bride Clan, born not long after Regal. Awkward and a bit aggressive in his youth, he's since matured and made up with Defiant for his teenage years, growing into a fine young husband and lumberjack in Abalathia's Spine.
Silent Canyon, Older Brother. () - Silent.
Character's Thoughts: "I'm not weak anymore, you should see me. I've thrived in Eorzea."
Description of their relationship.
Alder ?????, Estranged Brother. ( ) - Alder.
Character's Thoughts: "'re still alive, aren't you? Do you hate me?"
Description of their relationship.
Khyran Oisin, Beloved, Best Friend. ( ) - Khy.
Character's Thoughts: "I love you, but you know that. I'll always be here for you."
The founder of the free company Aethertide Ventures, Defiant first met the skeletal, quiet man while seeking a a stable job outside the Flames. Though prepared to enter as a soldier, as she'd trained her entire life to be... a chance conversation with him lead her to pick Outreach, a diplomatic branch instead, changing the course of her destiny. Their friendship has blossomed ever since, and she counts Khyran as her closest friend and ally in Eorzea, trusting him above any others and vowing to protect him from the very, VERY many things that would bring him harm. She happens to consider his gaunt, skeletal appearance to be quite handsome and charming and holds quite a bit of romantic affection for the man; they were together for a short time but since have parted. Though hurt at the time, Def holds no ill-will for him, and has accepted that their relationship is simply something different.
Aghurlal Qar-akimusun, Datemate. ( ) - Mister Aghurlal.
Character's Thoughts: "I don't know if I deserve this, but... for now... perhaps we can be happy."
A Xaelan fisherman and fairly recent immigrant from Othard who Defiant struck up a conversation with while seeking to buy dinner. A one time purchase became a quiet friendship, with Aghurlal showing Defiant how to swim and speak Doman... and eventually blossomed into a quiet romance. While both are more than a little nervous and unsure, they both come from polyamorous family situations and have been growing closer bit by bit. Defiant's other romantic traumas have hindered their relationship, but she still cares for him.
Sigurd Sundsteigen, Employer. ( ) - Mister Sigurd.
Character's Thoughts: "The most infuriating, annoying, stupid man I've ever been proud to work with and befriend."
The man once mentioned off-hand by Khy as a close friend was most certainly not who Defiant thought he'd be, as their very first interaction involved the man loudly asking an entire company who'd gone for the cripple. An extremely rocky start was marked by offense after offense, Def driven to blushing and tears before the highlander's lack of tact and manners... that ended up softening after he offered genuine and heart-felt advice about polyamory. Since then she's taken up a job as his personal assistant and gone to him for help when horribly distressed, and they've built up a quiet, odd companionship. He remains one of the very few people in the world who she feels free to insult aloud.
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Some of these rumors are untrue, speculation, or are greatly exaggerated.

◢ Common Rumors - Easily overheard. Use these freely!
"Defiant Bride? Yeah, I know her... she's always running around doing something or other. She's hard to miss, what with that skin and that hair and that horn...!"
"If you're looking to commission a goldsmith for something unusual, she's one of the best for your money... if you can stand the stutter."
"She used to work guard duty a lot... if you ever went to the Golden Bazaar, y'probably met her. She's not around nearly as much but she still takes patrols in the city, I think?"
"All I know is, she ain't no Hellsguard. Gal with a name like that, y'get EXPECTATIONS...!"
"If you need a hand with something, she's always the first to volunteer, no matter what... don't think she knows people are taking advantage of that, yet."
◢ Uncommon Rumors - A little more difficult to hear. Use sparingly or ask first!
"She didn' used to have one horn... used t'see her workin' patrols in Drybone all th' time and she was whole n' hale back then. She just vanished one day, n' when I saw her again a few weeks later, it was gone."
"That girl looks innocent, but I've seen the people she talks to, what they do... that shy stuttery thing can't be for real."


Feel free to add your own rumors to this section.

◢ Player Character Rumors - Some of these are more rare than others!
"Hey, did you hear about Defiant Bride?" -- YOUR NAME HERE.



Player Note
Please call me J, or Def! I'm in my mid-twenties and I'm non-binary. I go by They/Them, and I'm unemployed due to chronic physical and mental illness... which means I tend to be around at all hours of the day. Please don't hesitate to send a message or ask to my Main Blog or over Discord. My ID is: Lil Bug J (they/them)#5634
Personal RP Limits
I'm fine with all kinds of darker themes and more mature topics, up to and including drug use, murder, torture, sex, mental illness, and the effects of all of these... IF discussed ahead of time.
I will not engage in darker topics without some kind of communication on both sides about what is in mind.
Defiant's story involves elements of explicit abuse and severe depression which sometimes manifests in ways that can affect her personal relationships. Please don't hesitate to talk to me if you're unsure where she stands or how she feels, but be aware that sometimes she might not actually be as interested as you assumed.
I do my best to communicate with my partners and keep up, but I tend to get VERY busy and easily distracted, so if I've been ignoring you please don't hesitate to poke me! I'm always eager to talk about rp or just life, and I'd rather be friends with my RP partners than anything else!
Due to above mentioned physical and mental illness, I sometimes drop out of rp entirely, or blur my mood with Defiant... if at any moment you're uncomfortable with how an rp is playing out, please let me know. Similarly, if I end up dropping out of rp when we've been plotting, please try and reach out and I'll do whatever I can to not keep you in limbo.


Potential Plot Hooks
While the below is by no means comprehensive, it's a kind of spring board for walk-up RP.
"Sorry, can you help me find something around here?" Defiant is quite well connected no matter where she is, and always eager to help people get where they're going.
"I heard you're a goldsmith, miss." Be it ordinary jewelry, fanciful magic pieces, or esoteric religious tokens, Defiant's eager to take commissions of all kinds.
Character Lore Adherence
Information in this Wiki is Lore Compliant to the best of my knowledge. Assumptions and small tweaks at play in this character and backstory are listed below.
✷ The Roegadyn Old Tongue Isn't Dead: While certainly not anyone's first language, and nearly unspoken in most of Eorzea, the old tongue of the Roegadyn remains a language spoken here and there, and while it lacks an alphabet, it's words can be transcribed with Eorzean letters to provide a form of code.
✷ Au-ra are Rare, but have always been around: Regardless of how clumsy their implementation, several post-50 class quests show Auri characters holding skilled jobs in Eorzea... while there's been a recent influx of the tribes lately, it isn't odd to have a Raen pair travelling in Abalathia's Spine with their infant daughter.
✷ Not all Auri horns regrow at the same rate: While most will slowly grow back after injury, the rate and likeliness of a healthy regrow are determined by a variety of factors. The type of injury, how it's cared for initially, repeated trauma and even genetics can all change whether or not a horn injury heals properly. Defiant's missing horn will never regrow.
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