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Raam'a Katijh
The Disillusioned Flirt

Name » Raam'a Katijh
Alias » Ra
Age » 20
Gender » Male
Race » Miqo'te
Clan » Keeper
Orientation » Bisexual
Marital » Single
Deity » N/A
Birthplace » Black Shroud
Occupation » Debt Collector
Alignment » Neutral Evil

“My body comes and kneels down to me. I wish it would leave me alone.”


A Shroud cat who wears his age on his sleeve, Raam'a Katijh is a tough-talking man with more personality than good sense. With the city lights in his eyes, he has a fascination for the gaudy and the expensive, priding himself on his clothes and his looks. Like a pruning bird, he takes great pains for the sake of his appearance, leaving little time to polish his insouciant, sometimes-abrasive attitude. He says what he thinks and means what he says, all in the tone of someone who believes the world owes him something--an apology, a reparation, something.

Hailing from deep within the South Shroud, Ra was born to a young and unprepared mother, for whom his face is a constant source of pain. A dirty reminder of his sire, who had been executed for a crime unforgivable. Being raised amongst the family whom his own father had so deeply wronged, Ra's childhood was not a pleasant one. Upon his sixteenth birthday, he spent the next four years wandering the Shroud as other male Keepers do, taking solace in the far-off families who knew nothing of him and his parentage. Yet such a lifestyle would not satisfy his appetites for long, and thus he made his way to the city: first Gridania, then Limsa and Ul'dah.

Eorzea is his playground, and with his occupation as a loan shark for hire, he wants for nothing. A self-taught gunslinger and alley fighter, what he lacks in height (restricted as he is by the miqo'te stature) he makes up for in sheer tenacity and animal aggression. Predictably, however, all the posturing and playing serves as a front for something pained and tender.

Appearance: Standing at five fulms, ten ilms and weighing in at around one-hundred sixty ponzes, Ra is all toned, lean muscle—slender with an undeniable punch. Dark, handsome features—a chiseled jaw and nose—are framed by tousled pale hair often cropped short that matches a short, docked tail that clocks in at close to three ilms. However, Ra's appearance is a source of great contention for him; compliments of it will often sour his mood beyond repair, leaving him broody and malcontent for the next several hours. Questions about it will oft be inelegantly deflected.

Voice: The Driver (NSFW): Soft-spoken but with an undeniable and dark edge.

Clothing: Ra is all about that devil-may-care style, looking like he just rolled out of bed and owning it. Loose, baggy clothing, jackets, short shirts, and tank tops are staples of his attire, along with boots of varying length. His hair is—by design—unkempt and messy, which pulls together his roguish look. At a glance, it's hard to believe he spent most of his time as a tribal Keeper living off the forest in the Black Shroud.

“Last year I abstained, this year I devour.”


  • Women
  • Smoking
  • Sleazy pubs
  • Cloudy days
  • Expensive clothes


  • Gridania
  • Woodwailers
  • By-the-book types
  • Reading
  • Compliments


  • Attachment
  • Dying alone
  • The Elementals


  • Favorite Food: Adamantoise stew
  • Favorite Drink: O'Ghomorran mead
  • Favorite Color: Yellow

“Then he goes for the soul, rummaging in their flesh for it, despotic with self-pity.”

Color Key
In A Relationship: Ra is romantically involved with this character.
Romantic Love: Ra is in love with this character.
Sexual Attraction Ra is physically attracted to this character.

Platonic Love: Ra considers this person family.
Friend: Ra considers this person his friend.
Friendly Acquaintance: Ra considers this person mostly friendly or an ally.

Good Standing: Ra doesn't know much about this character, but he likes them for the most part.
Ambivalent: Ra's feelings towards this character are conflicted.
Bad Standing: Ra doesn't know much about this character, but they leave a bad taste in his mouth.

Dislike: Ra doesn't care for this character, though he will interact if needed.
Hate: Ra despises this character and wants nothing to do with them.
Fear: Ra is terrified of this character.
Rivalry: Ra considers this character a rival and will, either directly or indirectly, seek to compete with them.

Family Member: This character is related by blood to Ra.
Business: This character is either Ra's employer, employee, or coworker.
Deceased: This character has passed away.
? Unstable Relationship: It's complicated.


Raam Katijh ( ) » Mother
Raam was young when she became pregnant with Ra and cast under the same misfortune as him upon his birth. Though she tried to do her best by him, when it comes to children, one's best is not always enough.
Khada'to Nhija ( ♥ ✖ ) » Father
Ra knows the truth of what he had done: how he took the place of his younger brother and was executed in his stead for Khada'li's crimes against the Katijh clan. It doesn't stop Ra from hating him, though; after all, everything is his fault, right?
Ura Ganajai ( ) » Former Lover
The mother of Ra's only son, Ura is someone he has never quite been able to get out of his mind. She is a matron, both older and wiser than Ra, and while she will always have a place in his heart, he could never bring himself to join her tribe as one of her lovers.
Children ( ) » Ra's 4 Kids
Daughters Lhara (2), Ashei (1), and Ravhi (1), and son Ura'a (infant). They're all handfuls and have a knack for climbing into his bag without him noticing, which usually leads to them winding up miles away from home and with angry mothers on Ra's tail.


Roluh'a Nelhah ( ) » Cousin
Harai Jhune ( ) » Aunt
Ra's aunt on his father's side, whom Ra butts heads with over just about everything (a natural side effect of two similar personalities close in age to one another). She drives him up the wall, though he still loves her. Probably.
Amaya Naeuri ( ) » Lady Friend
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“Eventually the birds must land.”