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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Rhotdornn Hyrtfyrsyn
The Son of Autumn
"Ever tried outrunning lightning?"
OOC Character Information
Main Job(s): DRK/PLD/SAM
Main Tradeskill: BSM/ARM/CRP/CUL
Preferred Role: Tank/DPS
Server: Balmung
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral/Good
Reputation: Wanted Sky Pirate Captain, heir of Hyrthyml, ambassador
Occupation: Company Captain
Education: Homeschooled, learned
Marital Status: Single
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Guardian: Althyk, the Keeper
Free Company
The Mithrin Sails <<YARR!>>
Items Carried
Greatsword, daggers, firearm, magitek gadgets, silver bolts, Hyrthyml battle horn
Race: Roegadyn
Clan: Sea Wolf
Age: Young Adult/Adult (Mid 20's-30's)
Height: 7'9" Fulm, 7.9 Ilm
Weight: 1025 Ponze
Eyes: Red
Hair: Red with tangerine highlights
Complexion: Albino
Physical Build: Stocky, muscular, strongman
Notable Features: Various scars, tattoos over his right arm, well doffed with body hair
   Martial Prowess
   Magic Affinity

Rhotdornn Etarellion II Hyrtfyrsyn

Rhotdornn's banner.


Basic Info

Rhotdornn 'Lion' Hyrtfyrsyn marches through the lands of Eorzea as a full-blooded Sea Wolf Roegadyn. Once with a sizeable ship at his disposal, The Axis, and with a unshakable deck crew to boot, did the Northerner scour the Seas of Eorzea, both by water and by cloud, until the setting of the Astral age with the coming of the Calamity. Firstborn to the fabled Hyrtfyrdyn clan, Rhotdornn laid every right to inherit his father's legacy--the title of the Sundering Seashark, the majestic vessel of his senior, as well as the ownership over the West, a remote island, playing part of the greater archipelago that comprised Aerslaent, where he had been both born and raised. His youth was counted in days of harrying the coasts of the surrounding archipelagos--yet his greatest feats were achieved right on the shores of The Old World of Sharlayan. No love was lost between the pirate captain and the Forum, as his constant meddling, raiding and pillaging of their trade routes grew greater and greater in intensity. At length, Sharlayan became his sought-after booty--he'd revere the knowledge within its secluded borders, yet he'd turn sail and anchor around cruising the collection of islands, not intent on granting the booksmart folk enough time for reprieve and wound-licking. Be that as it may've, an end had to come with the approach of Dalamud's crash. His ship had been airbound in a fatal proximity to Cartenau when the fabled clash of the Eorzean Alliance and the Imperial would-be conquest had been met with dance of steel and cinder. Once the coils of Dalamud, the lesser Moon, gave way and the dire-wyrm Bahamut soared the skies anew did the ship suffer a fatal blast of raw aether, immediately thereafter spiraling into sea-level and thus scattering its crewhands across Eorzea, as one after the other awoke ashore in different parts--and different predicaments all the same. Estel, as was one of his more common nicknames, found himself at the mercy of the Moraby wharf with no memory or gil to his name, where he was lifted up by a patrol and taken to brief rest to regain his spirits, only to be met with an offer once in appropriate health--find fame and fortune within the folds of the Free Companies of Eorzea.

Appearance & Personality

Moons of dedication towards nurturing a fit physique had eventually blossomed into a robust body, decked with a sizeable carpet of hair upon porcelain-pale albino flesh, and heavens-scraping heights--as was more or less expected of a healthy and hale Roegadyn male. From tip to toe do the colors of flaming red, autumn orange and pearlescent white play in combination, most notably expressed by the tint of his longer, wavy hair, with a bold, crimson shade at its base flowing into profound tangerine hues at the tips of its strands. A smudge of war paint is expressed below his left eye in the shape of a twin-sickle, and both of his irises bear a vibrant, deep scarlet-ruby texture. The lines of his shapely, dense brows share the same shade of color with his hair, and upon the flesh of his face lie three scars--twin-fang scars etched into the lower left side of his jaw and spanning across his left cheek, and a cross-scar imprinted over the socket of his right eye, intruding his eyebrow. His broad sternum bears very defined collarbones and gargantuan shoulders to boot. Upon his pectorals a scar lingers, much reminiscent of the shape of a bird with spread wings, encroaching both breasts in terms of width, and from the wounded tissue, upon the carpet of vermilion chest hair grows a lighter, tangerine texture of hair. His belly is tightened by a layer of muscle with little presence of fat, especially in the region of his abdomen, and his hips are wide, yet well-sculpted, joining into thick, lengthy legs fit for a proper juggernaut. His arms are broad, spanning long, with a good measure of girth to his biceps, ending in sizable palms. Most commonly wears a wine-red swallow-longcoat, ebony pants, fingerless gloves and leather-layered, heavy boots as well as various trinkets serving as accessories, with a bonetooth necklace, a sterling set of dogtags and a crystalline, encased ruby slung around his burly neck.

Having had life breathed into him on the 14th Sun of the Fifth Umbral Moon truly makes Rhotdornn a Son of Autumn, as his native title suggests. Stubborn to the core, protective and calm, the Roegadyn at seldom expresses certain fatherly traits, once his walls have been chipped down. Most often serious, collected and invested into his thoughts, the male Wolf leaves much to be desired at first meeting, yet he shows an ability to carry on and maintain conversation unexpectedly momentarily afterwards. Once more comfort has been extracted from the lumbering behemoth, a far more pleasant soul is to be discovered underneath the would-be grouchy attitude and general act of disdain for conversation. Depending on the levels of trust 'twixt his company and himself, the Roegadyn can be a stern rock, an idle conversationalist or a grinning giant with a heart of gold. Fond of a good joke, folk with a sense of humor and with a tale or two to tell of their deeds and misdeeds will often earn the spark of his interest.


Always in favor on leveled ground.
When the gauntlet is thrown down and diplomacy falls on deaf ears, Rhotdornn is not one to cower before employing toppling force. Prior to his awakening, the Roegadyn was an exemplary duelist, most proficient in the art of trading blows with dual-handed broadswords--as well as a dexterous shot with longbow and quiver alike. Be that as it may, as his amnesia robbed him of his muscle memory, he has turned to yet more mobile disciplines of combat--namely, fist-to-fist arts of brawling, and anything in general that required him to spend most of his time warily on his feet, or propelled and lunging through the air, which is why the sacred arts of a Monk took to him nigh-instantly, and the gear of the Machinist was quick to follow. Anything boasting no shortage of acrobatics and resulting in no less than a gallon of sweat allows him to swiftly adapt to that fighting style, and his weapons of choice remain, depending on the predicament, either his trusty longbow or double-barreled magitek firearm, edited and fashioned after his own design. Prior to that, his soul-bound blade, Dunachar (In translation, 'Avenger of the West') served as his primary companion on brave sailing voyages.
Never a stranger to them, always feels right at home with the clouds.


It is with great difficulty that one can discern just what the Sea Wolf is at first glance, given his tendency to hide his visage, or if already at a lack of a mask, his prone tendencies of wearing various attire--though they all share a familiarity in appearance with a pirate style of uniform.




Narrow-minded groups


Alignment: Chaotic Neutral/Good
Vice(s): Pride, Wrath
Virtue(s): Patience, Temperance
Favorite Food: Grilled lobster
Favorite Drink: Bacchus Red
Favorite Color: Red, Black

Hobbies & Talents

Martial practice
Engineering projects/tech tinkering (assisting his twin more-so rather)

Rhotdornn and the Echo

Rhotdornn's utilization of the Echo.

Much and more is there to be said about the Echo--the most prominent theory of it varying from one wielder to another. So far, all that is known to his closest-knit kin is that Rhotdornn is indeed more than merely rumored of possessing the Echo--but to that extent that its neutral atonement is brought into question as it, pre-Calamity, began to lean further and further towards the element of Wind, especially in the presence of gales, windstorms and most notably out of all, Sea of Clouds' Umbral Winds weather. Yet, winds are but heralds of greater change--and as such, an intercession was soon implored by the twin threads of fate, and a particular Raven set out to right the wrongs within Dornn's aetherial settings--toiling dusk and dawn throughout in an effort to, at long last, revert the Calamitous dents, and realign the Lion of Aerslaent--and later of, Ishgard--back into the aetherial trail of the Fire element. [This part, as well as its remainder, must be found out ICly.]

Hyrthyml Isil -- The cradle of Sea Wolves

The Westernmost island of Aerslaent, Hyrthyml Isil.

Many and more wonders revolve around the enchanted island of Hyrthyml. Once, even if only briefly, an open port of trade centuries ago, this far-flung rock has long since closed its borders to outsiders, remaining somewhere on the outskirts of Aerslaent, and bordering with Sharlayan waters. Quizzically, its presence eludes even the savviest of navigators, and the hardiest of captains--as if wiped off all maps itself, the island has become, ever shrouded in mystery as of not-so-recent. Guarded by four elemental Wards feeding upon surrounding aether, as well as a few natural repellents to sea and sky vessel, the isle has stood its ground against the tooth of time.

Titles such as the Island of Seasons Unending, the Island of Song come with merit--all four seasons are simultaneously present upon its shores, in different regions, while a flock of syrens keeps vigil of its shores. Four Courts govern the politics, with one at the head of them all, and two Councils of Equinoxes. The Courts count that of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, with the Court of Autumn presiding over all official matters.

Various sub-clans and tribes of Sea Wolves--and even an exceptional few Hellsguard--roam the untamed yet gorgeous scenery of the island--from the verdant greenery of Brynholl where horses stampede with nary a care in the world, through the mysterious ruins of Gwaith-I-Nanduirion's Ford, to the desolate wastes of Isilask Lago, keeping watch over the southern waters, there is no shortage of enthralling beauty, captivating mystery and yet, impeding danger upon this traditional, Sea Wolf soil. Furs, mantles, cloaks, axes, daggers, longships, battle horns follow the viking denizens of the isle, where some turn to piracy within its honorable fleets, others devote themselves to studying the lay of the land's magic, and the rest content themselves with a life of trading betwixt villages, fishing, cultivating wine, and thus onward.


[I] Sternoss/Bannadir(in the Eorzean tongue), his faithful chocobo. Sadly, Rhotdornn retired him a year or so ago due to the mounting perils possibly proving a tad too fatal for the stalwart feather-kin, if only so in his master’s opinion.

[II] Galladross, Rhotdornn’s main and mount of eld–an absolutely massive, incredibly tenacious and ferocious Gryphon–and likewise, the Roegadyn’s best friend and main travel companion. The two share a more friendly, deep bond than mere master-pet usually do–if there is anyone the skeptic grouch of a Sea Wolf trusts, it’d be none other than his steadfast mount–often referred to as ‘soulmount’ due to their connection and incredibly profound history.

[III] Rannaskar, the Gryphon hatchling–not to be confused with Galladross, the full-grown, main companion of the Roegadyn. Rannaskar is quite a temperamental little devil, most oft seeing flitting and pecking around the Rainlander’s shoulder. He’s got an ego, and is not afraid to show it–yet he is, to his master, of no lesser importance than any of the companions, despite being more of a pet, due to his youthful stage in life. Has a secret nest next to Dornn’s own bed in his apartment.

[IV] Ferryar, the lesser red panda. Likewise more of a pet, but no less than the other adventuring crowd. The sweet panda is the main playmate of Rannaskar–and contrary to the hatchling’s bold behavior, the critter himself offers more of a tender, playful, affectionate demeanor. He enjoys cuddles, pets and most importantly–treats. Has a puffed sleeping pillow next to the hatchling’s nest, by the Roegadyn’s bedside. Is the twin of another red panda in the careless belonging of Rhotdornn’s own twin.


Rhotdornn's machinist setup.
  • Sailing enthusiast.
  • Decently holds his liquor.
  • Addicted to milk in closed sessions of sipping it; takes him a great deal of willpower to resist it after a few canisters.
  • Owner of a personal workshop in the Goblet.
  • Adores and fascinates over Gryphons.
  • Secretly has a Gryphon hatchling in his office's back partition, with its own tiny sleeping nest of cloth by his bedside.
  • At times, a minuscule red panda cub may be seen following him about, though he inherently fails to mention it even if confronted about it.
  • The two pets have developed a strong, brotherly and most unlikely bond under his fatherly care.
  • Not too particular to rainy weather.
  • Distrustful of witches.
  • Holds a grudge against the Shroud's Elementals.
  • Maintains a strong affection and equal respect for the Vanu and the Sylph tribes.



Father: Hyrtfyr Syhrahtynsyn
Mother: Zirnthubyr Usynundwyn
Sister(s): Rallyrwyda Hyrtfyrwyn, Zirnwyda Hyrtfyrwyn, Furious Gryphon
Brother(s): Rhotdhem Etchellion Hyrtfyrsyn, Bitter Bear, Zwelfaren Hyrtfyrsyn


Adellene Hocoleux
Werfollow Lumiere
Rivienne Marcellus
Nalukai Swarfjaryn
Avena Yara
Sylvan Rain


Grymansa Wintrammsyn

Rumor Mill

Some of these rumors are untrue or are greatly exaggerated. Please feel free to add your own rumors under PC!

◢ Common Rumors (Easily overheard)
  • Heard he was tossed into us sharks 'fore he could prove t' swim.
  • O lookie, 'tis the snappin' turtle 'gain...
  • Aye, aye, there he comes, there he goes. Must fink 'imself higher than the lot o' us, hmph.
◢ Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear)
  • Wonder what sort of weapon those things at his sides are...?
  • Catch 'im oft down at the wharf in the midst o' night. E'er starin' haplessly at the Moon. Won'er what has 'im so invested.
  • Won'er what's so bloody interestitn' in that book he 'as with him every day to be readin' it so much...
◢ Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard)
  • He's seemin' like quite a chick repellent. Or may'e he just likes sleepin' 'round lotsa'. Never saw 'im with the same lass twice.
  • Thought I heard a ghastly choir the other day, amidst the leaves... Went to investigate, yet saw none more than that Roegadyn on a solitary rock, staring off further and yonder.
  • Always found at the oddest places in the oddest of times. And just a few days after, folk always seem to discover a locus of aether on that very same spot. Wonder what gives.
◢ PC Rumors (Rumors from the character's of other players)

[Feel free to add and edit your own input in this section if your character has anything of note to say about Dornn!]

Relationships [Advanced]

Romantic Interest Platonic Love Close Friend Good Standing Neutral Standing Poor Standing

Tranquil Moon
└► Rhotdornn's former lover. He still thinks fondly of her, and keeps her as a pleasant memory of his childhood.

Rivienne d'Marcellus
└► Rhotdornn saved her life once, and from then on, the two have fostered a firm bond of friendship.

└► His former Free Company mate. Despite their odd dynamic, he still kept her in fonder thoughts.

Averia Aisly :
└► Likewise a former Free Company mate. He kept her in less... Amiable memories.

Zwelfaren Hyrtfyrsyn :
└► "Much and more to say and dangerously claim here. Chance has it he may be my blood. Dug him out of a ditch but recently. All that remains is to play out the relationship and see for myself."

Werfollow Xavalien de Luminaire :
└► "..."


[Reserved for in-character interactions]




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