Black Forest

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Gridania-transparent.png Black Forest
"The smarter thee gets, the less thee speaks"
Gender Female
Race Roegadyn
Clan Hellsguard
Citizenship Gridanian
Age Appears 40
Nicknames Black Witch, Witch of the Shroud
Occupation Hearthwitch, Diviner
Guardian Deity Oschon, the Wanderer
Marital Status Single
About The Player


Black Forest, by some from the Shroud referred to as The Black Witch, or The Witch of the Shroud is a Hellsguard Roegadyn originating from the Black Shroud where she often resides. While her looks may be intimidating, she has a very calm and serene nature, not one to show extreme emotions; always keeping to herself. Collected and poised, she also speaks in a Shakespearean/posh style, which often causes confusion with some visitors. She is a very bright person and a well-mannered lady, kind to all unless given reason not to. One of her most common habits is smoking, as she can be often found smoking her pipe with all sorts of fragrant herbal mixes and spices.

An hereditary hearth-witch and an accomplished aether user. She often spends time in her household, making offerings to the hearth spirits as well as tending to the house chores, keeping up with her family tradition that has been passed on from generation to generation; her household being a sacred thing to her.

While good at heart and very helpful to those seeking her help, she is often misunderstood by her figure of speech as well as her intimidating looks. Thus, the fairy tale of The Black Witch was born, picturing the woman as something to be feared and avoided, supposedly preying on lost adventurers to offer them as tribute to the elements, as they do not heed or respect them. It doesn't particularly bother her and thus she leads a very solitary life in recluse.


Genteel with a soft soul, Black Forest is an elegant and reserved woman, mostly keeping to herself as she lives her life in solitude away from society and major agglomerations.

Despite her looks and size, she is a very kind and considerate person, putting the needs of others before her own. An affectionate individual with a lot of heart to give even if the world isn't ready for it. In her eyes, everyone can better themselves and everyone is capable of good, thus, she would not abandon anyone should they lose their way. Even though she may be so sweet, she keeps to herself, years of solitude making her a lonely character; however, she does miss interactions with people and would at times venture out to seek conversation, which she lately found by making her very first friends. Reclusive but social when with friends, she still enjoys spending time with her loved ones above all else and will sacrifice her personal time for them completely if needed.

While she does not keep anything particularly secret, she does come off as mysterious and easily stands out in a crowd despite wanting to blend in. She only opens up to her closest friends and even they do not know the entirety of it. It is an obstacle for her to overcome, however, she does not seem to want to change it any time soon; content with them knowing the amount they do.

A very down to earth manner of thinking, not bothering with absurd ideas or concepts, preferring to stick to tested and proven methods. No-nonsense and pragmatic, she dislikes beating around the bush and will always press for a swift resolution to any matter. Logical and clear with her words, she will make sure to get the job done. She is no creative thinker and sees things as they are, which often is a hindrance. She can be often found lost in her own little world, mumbling under her nose as she would contemplate different things or meanings to words. Not particularly an over-thinker but she does put a lot of thought into her actions and words before doing anything.



Like every Roegadyn, Black Forest stands at an impressive and intimidating height, adding more to her scary posture despite her serene disposition.

Tall and muscular, and a Hellsguard, her skin tone leans more towards an ashy brown rather than a rich deep chocolate brown. As most her kind, she also tends to her hair with utmost care and precision, pinning it up in thick black waves, often nestled under a big wide witch hat; under from which her piercing amber eyes observe the world around her. Additionally, she sports a very small beauty mark at her jawline. Jewelry-wise she often wears a set of small hoop earrings and at times a thick golden choker.

Black Forest has no particular clothing preference, but it is clear she wears more robe-like garments when indoors, and trousers when residing outside. Her robes tend to hit the floor and are heavy, belts full of trinkets, small pots and herbs, including her beloved wooden pipe. Often, accompanying the robes, is a big tall hat over her hat, giving her a more witch-like appearance. When venturing out, however, she switches to trousers as she is fully about comfort over looks. Her multiple belts with the entire apothecary cabinet remain at her side, with her pipe included as it is her most valued possession. Her colours of preference tend to be earthy, shades going from black, to brown and beige, including some dark reds and dark purples. Her clothing often tends to smell from her smoking, luckily, it is not an offsetting scent and usually quite pleasant as she smokes natural herbs and spices. She isn't one for dresses or overly feminine look, as she is more practical, and it wouldn't be age appropriate.



While not secret, but she doesn't advertise herself openly, she is a hereditary hearth-witch, also known as a cottage or kitchen witch. She enjoys making her home and surroundings a sacred space. She often likes to incorporate witchcraft into her cooking and put her energy and focus into the foods and the meals she creates. She cares deeply about the ingredients, and often grows her own herbs and vegetables.

Magic is worked specifically through "kitchen craft" such as herbal mixtures, brewing, baking, and cooking, allowing her to honour many aspects of the natural world: including herbs, crystals, fey, and the elements. Some of her skills include tarot reading, using salt and incense as well as sweet grass to interpret dreams and using prayer for others. She can also do palm reading as well as reading from tea leaves and other divination. For select few who ventured deep enough into the Shroud in search of her skills, she would gladly offer her divination skills to them and share with them her words of wisdom.

Black Forest works with spirits of the hearth. These spirits often include the household guardians, kitchen guardians, ancestors, and hearth gods and goddesses. Included are the spirits of fire, water and wind as they are found inside the house and also assist her with daily tasks. Her powers are boundless as long as she makes sure to give the proper offerings to the spirits in exchange for her powers. These offerings are only necessary when she utilizes her powers. On days where she does not make use of any magic, she is relieved of such tasks. The offerings mostly consist of rare herbs, fauna, as well as crystal and other minerals and ores. Offerings are given in the mornings, dependent on which spirits she had used the skills of. For fire, she usually offers them to the fireplace. Earth and wind, in the gardens and outdoors in general, while water tends to be near lakes or wells. Said spirits may be picky on what it is they desire and more than one she had her offerings rejected. She is most meticulous about the offerings and often can be out for entire mornings on her searches.







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"...Wasn't she the cause for burning down that house in the Shroud?"
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