Rinh Amariyo

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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Rinh Amariyo
Gender Female
Race Miqo'te
Clan Keepers of the Moon
Citizenship Limsan
Age 23
Marital Status Twitterpated
Occupation Do-gooder

Rinh Amariyo \'RIN 'ä-MÄR-ē-Ō\, Keeper of the Moon Miquo'te. Youngest daughter of Senah'a Amariyo and Pheli Amariyo. Also youngest of a set of triplets. Citizen of Limsa Lominsa and lower-ranking member of the Malestrom Grand Company. Previously a member of Kindred Free company, currently a member of The Reclaimers Free Company. Nerd, bleeding heart, and all-around nice girl.

Appearance & Personality

"Someone has to be a light in the world. Otherwise it's all darkness, and even the shadows die."

Short (4'7"), thin (80 pounds soaking wet), and fairly plain, Rinh's appearance blends easily into a crowd. While she does cherish her face paint, and her scars aren't exactly hidden under make-up, her features just aren't really remarkable. Her dress is also simple and unobtrusive, though typically she's covered in something purple, her favorite color. The hue might contrast with her dark blue fur and well-kept hair, but she's never been one to care.
Rinh's upbringing was as the youngest of eight, and on top of that, the youngest of triplets. Her bookish nature was her rebellion against her mother, who wanted a very stereotypical life for her. Rinh instead devoted herself to becoming as smart and knowledgeable as she could, only paying her mother's wishes lip service until she struck out on her own.
Now out in the world on her own, Rinh has taken her desire to do good to others, mixed with her talents with magic and a little bit of sword-swinging, and is almost impossible to hold down. Her positive personality has a way of not grating on people, since she does know when to tone it down and be serious. She has, however, no problem using peoples' assumption that her bubbly personality means she's a fool to her advantage. She is far from being so, instead being blindingly intelligent and perceptive.
Rinh is outgoing and emotive for a Keeper, a trait she was often chastised for as a child. She is also particularly innocent, and while not actually sheltered, she can seem to be naive in some circumstances. She is bold in action, but can be fairly timid around strangers, or at least those whom she has never encountered before at all.

Basic Info

Short, wiry, and witty, Rinh fancies herself to be an adventurer, if only to get out of inheriting the family fishing business. Rinh is the youngest of eight, and of two of those eight by four minutes.

Boats, sailing, anything to do with them.
Learning anything she can get her hands on.
Astronomy, especially if she can get time at the telescope in Coerthas, but stargazing is just fine.
Dresses. Not skirts, dresses.
Overtly seducing Rinh is the easiest way to get under her skin.
Denying her something is the best way to make sure she tries even harder to get it.
She hates malicious people, especially malice upon those unable to prevent it.
Rinh has an extremely low tolerance for spicy food, which provides amusing responses.
Despite growing up on it, Rinh is tired of Limsan dishes.
Rinh can be brutally honest, and usually is, but she does try to temper her honesty with compassion.
When she wants to, Rinh can remember details prefectly, nearly eidetic in her recall. That doesn't mean she tries all too often though.
Tenacity and kindness




Senah'a Amariyo(49, deceased): - Rinh's father. A solitary Keeper, his monogamous habits made him shunned by his family early on in life. Even in Lominsa, where he lived and was an independent fisherman, he had a hard time finding himself a permanent mate until he ran into Rinh's mother while on a rare trip to Gridania. Rinh maintained a close relationship with her father, visiting him when she is in the city, but did so only if she knew her mother wouldn't be involved in the meeting. After his death while out to sea in a shipwreck, Rinh has inherited his personal boat, leaving everything else to her family, feeling no need for it.
Pheli Amariyo(49): - Rinh's mother. Despite tolerating Senah'a's monogamy, she maintains a mostly traditional view of how a Keeper should be. That said, her tolerance for it was her ticket out, her tribe wanting little to do with a female who seemed to only wanted one mate. She has amicable relationships with all her daughters except Rinh, whom she accosts every opportunity about procreating. Rinh, however, has learned that her mother's ploy was nothing but a charade, and that she has no problems sleeping around, a fact only more discernible after her father's death.
Pheli'a:(29) - Rinh's brother, the oldest child of the family. Pheli'a shares his father's love for fishing, but does not share his tendency towards monogamy. Rinh has a distant relationship with her brother, though mostly from cultural and geographical reasons rather than any actual emnity. He has inherited his father's fishing business, but thus far remains nowhere to be found.
Thya(28), Yhah(26), Yabi(26), Rubh(25), Lhei(24): - Rinh's five older sister sisters, in order of decreasing age, all of whom tended not to associate with the three youngest very much, and continue not to, to date. All five are mothers. None of them remain in touch with Rinh, though when they do meet up, the conversations are little different than between Rinh and her mother, if only less hostile.
Rhela(23), Rhaq(23): - The two youngest sisters that Rinh is triplets with. Of the two, only Rhela ever showed Rinh much favor. Rinh still writes Rhela, though their communications are infrequent, at best. Rhaq has struck out on her own, already a mother of two, all but severing ties with the family.


Rinh violently opposes the Garlean empire on an ethical basis, though she judges its individuals as individuals. This mindset applies towards other mostly-hostile groups as well, including beastmen. She will often butt heads with those who seek to enforce law for the sake of law, especially if it is unjust law, in her view.

Player Character Standing

Agápe     Éros     Phillia     It's... complicated     Good Standing     Neutral Standing     Poor Standing
Mauh'a Relehna - Rinh's self-appointed mentor, Mauh'a is the lead healer of the Kindred, Rinh's first Free Company. The Keeper made an instant and caring impression on Rinh, and in exchange for helping her learn the art of conjury, she's agreed to teach him what she knows of swordplay. The two of them have had a lot of awkward pauses and silences, but Rinh has come to see Mauh'a as a big brother more than anything else.
Z'sisha Tyata - Sisha and Rinh became fast friends after running into each other in Coerthas, where Rinh happened to be walking between camps after a slot on the telescope. They bonded over Sisha's spontaneous adoration of a karakul, and since then, Rinh has felt the urge to give the Seeker nothing but kindness.
Sashana Star - Rinh and Star became fast friends after a chat on the roof of the chocobo stable, and though Rinh does show deep concern for her, she doesn't have the same level of attachment to her that she shares with Sisha.
Bexy Amalaryssia - Rinh considers Bexy a trusted friend, but not quite a confidante. She's answered some difficult questions for Rinh, and though Rinh may have moments where she sees Bexy as a kind of mother figure, it's not lasting.
Ronin'ra Jinehga - While initially Rinh trusted Ronin thanks to a blackout-drunk night that didn't turn into a nightmare for her, she has learned that Ronin is not simply misunderstood - he is the kind of malicious Rinh cannot and will not tolerate.
Wolfskull Nortyrdaeg - Wolf's initial approach to Rinh was an offer for armed escort. When that didn't work out, she brought Rinh to the restaurant at the airship landing, where she got to see Rinh's first reaction to spicy food, as well as her first encounter with brain freeze, both of which were highly amusing. Despite Rinh having nothing more than a friendly interest in her, the Roegadyn nonetheless remains a good friend, and is now learning to read under Rinh's tutelage. Slowly.
Tallera Weaver - About the closest thing Rinh has to a sister, even if she is a Hyur, Tallera seems to be consistently surprised by Rinh's capacity for compassion and her willingness to help with just about anything. The feeling is mutual between the two of them, even though Rinh is usually the one helping Tallera out.
Melisie Derinlore - Meli is a good friend to Rinh, another girl she can talk about "girl stuff" with, a much-needed actual friend, where there are no strings attached. Rinh suspects Meli would take a chance on her if she could, but she knows Rinh isn't interested. The height difference between the two of them can get comical.
Tobias Innis - Tobias' gentle nature and brilliant mind first caught Rinh's attention, and Rinh quickly fell for him, hard. Unfortunately, Tobias is more inclined to men, and though Rinh took that revelation hard at first, she's bounced back, still admiring his mind and gentleness.
T'ahl Tia - And just when Rinh thought she'd never meet a nerd as big as she is, along came T'ahl to change that. Originnaly met in Forgotten Springs while playing with his all but omnipresent tapir, the two started talking about books, then math, then astronomy... And now that they've finally admitted to each other that they're in love, well, Disney has made a few songs about it. (Yeeup.)

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