Sashana Star

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Sashana Star

"Your rules are arbitrary, therefore--I win!"
   Martial Prowess
   Magic Affinity

To judge a book by its cover, the outgoing and lively character that is 'Star' is nothing more than a loud, attention-seeking Miqo'te as crass as she is peppy. Why walk when you can skip? Why stand when you can dance? A mischief-maker and fun-loving young woman who insists that the world is her friend--They just don't know it yet.

Yet the mask that spews out tall-tales and rattles the cages of anyone's quiet, mundane life is a fragile thing barely covering the broken strings of a woman who went through too much, too fast. Those whom come to know her are often exposed to the volatile nature of the woman's fractured psyche but few really know how to handle the sudden, unexpected spurts of emotional instability.


Appearance & Personality

Glass-lips.png Appearance & Personality

Nature & Demeanor

Nature & Demeanor

Demeanor: ~Bon Vivant~ Live for today, because tomorrow may never happen. Star lives and breathes in the 'Now' of life choosing to spend little time in self-reflection, regretting the past or even planning for the future. Life is a party meant to be enjoyed and there is no sense in being down in the dumps when you could be dancing! Light-hearted and carefree she often comes off as a 'ditz' or free spirit that cannot be tied down.

"HELLO!" with an enthusiastic wave to a startled stranger not accustom to being accosted by an energetic Miqo'te girl. She's supremely friendly with no qualms at all going right up to a stranger and introducing herself. In Star's own words she is... "I am the Star that fell from the skies to grace the lands of Eorzea! I am the greatest fighter Ul'dah has ever known and the prettiest girl you have ever seen! I am as swift as lightning and as graceful as a coeurl no one can surpass the awesome that is me!"

Most find Star either amusing or obnoxious yet she thrives in any reaction as long as she gets one. As long as people seem to genuinely like her she is a variable people-pleaser doing whatever it takes to make others happy. This attitude makes it very easy for her to be taken advantage of but most treat her like a 'special child' humoring her but giving her very little credit as being anything other than an adorable nut. All this is by design as a defense mechanism never allowing people to get close enough to hurt the fragile psyche of this damaged woman.

Nature: ~Praise-Seeker~ Deep down Star craves the approval of others and will at times come right out and say it. "Do you like me?" a weighted question that offers only the smallest crack to the fragile ego of an otherwise seemingly outrageous and outgoing young woman. Her self-esteem is built up on a house of cards that can easily be knocked over with the right kind of words. Her demeanor recovers quickly however for as long as her mask remains intact.

~Secret-Nature: Manipulator~ There is a very little-seen side of Star that she often does not show to others but people fascinate her. It is questionable whether she lives her life with her heart on her sleeve or instead is the most cunning narcissist capable of convincing the world, and herself, that she is capable of real passion. The creation of her outward persona of Star was part of this need to create an illusion of little suspicion. How much is real and how much is fiction depends entirely on the circumstances. While Star can be manipulative and cunning her motives are generally not for ill-gains but rather in support of her endeavors to be liked.

Concept: People handle loss and trauma in very different ways and Sashana has chosen to cope with the terrible, dark truths of her history by tucking them away behind a mask that is far easier to get along with on the surface. The double-edged sword of the persona Star however is that her deepest desire to be included and accepted is impossible while she lives a life not true to herself.

Habits: With more triggers than a radio control tower Star is a maze of volatile states of being. She often responds to emotional issues with vocal outbursts that can range from threats of violence to running away to hide. Her anger is always always rooted in sorrow and when she is sad she tends to try and find a small place to hide. Those who come to know her may learn of her hiding spots.

Due to a fear of being trapped Star very rarely sleeps indoors unless she is with someone. If left alone she'll usually end up sleeping outside even if it's only to go to the roof.

Notable Features

Notable Features

Common Appearance: A tall and curvaceous woman that balances well between a gentle softness over a toned physique it is obvious she is physically active but her muscles are not overdeveloped attributing to the fact that she favors speed over strength. Her natural hair color is a pale blue yet she styles it with pink highlights to make herself appear more youthful and innocent. Her beautiful round face smiles often with a bounce in her step as though she is incapable of standing still for long periods of time. She has no scars, no visible blemishes and no markings except for the natural pale birthmarks striped across her cheeks. For someone who boasts at being an excellent fighter she has no real outward signs aside from her toned physique that she's ever suffered. Her skin tone is a bit tanned as though for a Keeper, she spent way too much time in the sun.

Scars & Markings: An unfinished tattoo on her left arm and along her side she usually covers up or wears makeup to hide. She also has a few bite-mark scars on her collar. The woman is hairless from the neck down, unable to grow hair as though someone had altered her to prevent it. Hidden piercings, one blue and one green

Voice: A youthful, high-pitched and bubbling voice that often speaks in slurred slang. She can speak in a more formal manner but it requires effort.

Clothing: She enjoys showing off her body prone to wearing belly shirts and tight pants. To find her in a skirt is rare and usually only reserved for dates. She can clean up very well when she wants to. She wears a perfume of lavender and sandalwood bought for her by her brother. He claims it smells like their mother.




  • Games
  • Being liked
  • Pretty Things (Baubles, trinkets, jewelry, clothing)
  • Making People Happy
  • Making People React (If they cannot be happy let them be angry!)
  • Adventuring
  • Dating
  • Dancing
  • Being touched (Both good and bad touch)


  • Being called mean names
  • Rejection
  • Judgmental people
  • Towers / Dark Caves
  • Small Spaces
  • Elezen (Primarily Wildwood)
  • Roegadyn Males


  • Color: Blue or Pink
  • Drink: Mint Lassi
  • Place: The Windmills in La Noscea
  • Hand to Hand combat
  • Practice fighting
  • Games (Chase, Tag, Hide and Seek, Other types)


  • Wildwood Males: It has been Star's experience that most Wildwood are self-important bigots that have only done her and others like her great harm. She tends to tease them relentlessly with very few exceptions to the rule. A few Duskwights have befriended her but they are usually an exception not being seen by Star as one of 'those' people. She will never come right out and say it but due to Dolet, her foster father, Wildwood Males make her anxious and she doesn't care to be alone with them. If they are also a Scholar she will likely avoid them altogether.
  • Roegadyn Males: Her dislike of Roegadyns stems from a fear associating them with a very traumatic experience in the recent past. She can be neutral with them but she'll likely never be interested in more than that.
  • Aetherial Healers / Scholars: Those who use the aether to heal or are more the scholar type make her anxious when she observes it. In the middle of combat she's thinking of other things but in a more clinical setting it unsettles her.
  • Garleans: Considers them to be misguided, bull-headed and the pawns of a greater wickedness. Former Garleans don't phase her.
  • Ascians / Paragons: Star has a very keen, distinct fear of the Ascians. She believes they are the true evil behind everything.
  • Lalafel Star adores most Lalafel both for the fact that she finds them absolutely adorable but also because she sympathizes with the fact that they are rarely taken seriously and are often underestimated.
  • Lovers Star has no true prejudice against any particular race when it comes to attraction as long as the personalities match but once she takes someone as a lover they will always hold some small weight with the Keeper.


Glass-sword.png Abilities


  1. Observant - A keen sense of hearing and a livelihood that depends on it Star is usually very perceptive of her surroundings even when she pretends not to be.
  2. Swift - While not all of Star's boasts are completely true she is faster than your average Miqo'te. All those years running from authorities has its advantages!
  3. Intuitive - Border-lining clairvoyance at times with the uncanny way Star can often deduce outcomes based on what she has observed. She can be very tactical when she puts her mind to it.
  4. Creative - Star has a very active imagination and mixed with a bon viant personality she often tries to be the life of the party and make others laugh. She enjoys entertaining others.
  5. Acting - Star is very accomplished at pretending to be something she is not right down to the point that she can even carefully fake 'flaws' in her demeanor to illicit a reaction. This can be a double-edged sword however as sometimes Star lives a lie so long she forgets it is one.
  6. Resilient - You can knock her down but she'll only get back up. Emotionally and physically Star has a way of dealing with things.
  7. High Pain Tolerance - Due to her past Star has a disturbing tolerance for pain. It is not that she is incapable of feeling it more that she has the capacity to compartmentalize her physical state and work through situations others may find crippling.
  8. Helpful - Star's desire to be liked makes her very eager to help others. If you ask her for help she's likely to do everything she can to assist.


  1. Impulsive - Star has a tendency to make quick decisions based on current circumstances regardless of what the long-term may be.
  2. Emotional - From an emotional standpoint Star wears her heart on her sleeve and can be prone to emotional breaks and can be manipulated if people know her weakness
  3. Boastful - While she doesn't always really believe everything she boasts she is prone to make over-the-top statements about her abilities and those of others. It is a mix between pumping up her own self esteem as well as embracing a mantra that most people react to (for good or bad).
  4. Lightweight - Star is not very big physically and no matter how hard she trains she will never be as strong as someone larger than herself. She must rely on cunning, speed and endurance to overcome stronger fighters.
  5. Claustrophobia - Star does not do well in small, enclosed, confined spaces particularly when coupled with cold temperatures. This manifests the strongest inside small caves or underground. The touch of someone she trusts can help to quell it.
  6. Low Self Esteem - Star does not really believe half of what she says. She has a very low opinion of herself which leads to her desperation to be liked. Most of her personality traits stem from this earnest need to be loved.


With her youth spent on the streets and later in life returning to those roots, Star lacks formal training as a fighter but makes up for it with creative cunning and a play into her strengths. She's quick and smart often trying to use her opponents strengths against them. While boxing is her initial stance she is quite adept at grappling often using such techniques to take down her opponent. She knows a lot about pressure points and how to inflict pain though most of her fighting techniques are about disabling her opponent rather than killing them.

People & Places

Glass-people.png People & Places
Romantic Attraction Attraction Platonic Love Family Business Deceased Positive Negative Neutral Unsure

Relations (NPC)

Relations (NPC)
Mika'ial Lynxion ( ) - The Evil Brother
Mika'ial Lynxion : Niko'lai's twin brother who faced a far worse fate that Star and Niko. Raised like the others at the wicked hand of Honoroit Dolet before being passed off to the Garlean Empire as a weapon for their army he did not suffer the fortune of his twin and remained under the corrupt control. He is obsessed with capturing Niko'lai and returning him back to 'Father'.
Honoroit Dolet ( ) - Foster Father
Honoroit Dolet : An Elezen Scholar who defected from Gridania over 30 years ago when his research was shunned has found santuary across the Jade Sea. He lives in a Garlean occupied territory and shares the bounty of his research with the Garleans in return for test subjects and the freedom to do as he pleases. His favorite test subjects are young Miqo'te believing that the creatures, like beastkin, are lesser beings and if the forfeit of their lives and well being saves countless others it is an acceptable price to be paid.

Relations (PC)

Relations (PC)
Emreg Belthen ( 💔 ) - Master Hat
Emreg Belthen: Best friends with Ignee for over a year Star was considered the 'crazy woman' that sometimes adorned Ignee's arm but through a complication of drama Star began to get to know Emreg through mild flirtations. The two became increasingly closer and it became very apparent to Star that in spite how the world viewed Emreg as a womanizing asshole she found his blunt candor refreshing and he was always reliable to get her back when she needed a real friend. That friendship blossomed and for once in her life Star found someone who didn't try and change her. Still the haunting memories of Ronin continue to impact her fears that her trust in him will inevitably be betrayed. These fears were eventually realized when Emreg betrayed Star's trust and told her it was her own fault--he'd warned her that he wasn't a very good guy so she only had herself to blame when her heart was smashed into pieces.
Deli De'sara ( ) - The Frienemy
Deli De'sara: Once a secret lover of Ronin's before a hostile Star threatened to bash her head in she did her very best to protect this innocent woman from the wicked and manipulating ways of men. She dated Emreg for a long time though likewise Deli's taste in men had a tendency to run in line with those undeserving of the woman's giving and monogamous nature. Often underestimated Star sees a lot of herself in the other woman and would do anything to protect a girl she desperately wants to be her sister yet life choices and personal selfishness often puts them at odds.
Niko'lai Lynxion ( ) - Big Brother
Niko'lai Lynxion: In one of her random chance encounters she approached Niko at the market. She teased him, knocking his hat off and flirting and the Miqo'te took mercy on her. He took her on a tour of all of Eorzea and opened Star's eyes to a lot of things. They even dipped a toe into Garlean territory giving her the biggest fright of her life! Through repeated travels the two companions became very close and in sharing their dark past discovered a wonderful truth--that they were actually siblings. A bittersweet reunion the two have continued to form a very close bond.
Yune Tabrisviel ( ) - Big Sister
Yune Tabrisviel: It's hard to believe this shy, quiet and demure woman could be the older sister to someone like Star but the sheltered scholar grew up adopted by a pair of loving Lalafell parents enjoying a life of relative luxury until she came of age and set off on a quest to find herself and discovered a nutty family she never knew.
Zanin Briggs ( ) - Brother from Another Mother
Zanin Briggs: Niko'lai considered Zanin a brother and for that reason Star latched on to the mild-mannered Hyur as a surrogate father-figure. He's one of the few people who she will trust and listen to no matter what and much of the goodness fostered in the Keeper is because of his influence.
N'Khai Nunh ( ) - A Friend like Nunh Other
N'Khai Nunh: When others of the Company began to throw around slurs and insults about Nunh stereotypes Star stepped in to defend Khai. Do not judge a book by its cover! Though they have never talked about their individual checkered pasts the two shared an understanding that sometimes you just want to make light of life. Darkness and suffering happens every day so why not be a little silly. The ongoing conflicts between Ronin and Khai have always strained their friendship even to the point that Khai once attempted to murder her mate. Over time Star has come to realize just how precious Khai really is and of all her friends he is the one who remains loyal no matter what. She doesn't always trust him, she believes he'll put the tribe and his personal interests first but that bit of selfishness she can understand. One thing is for certain, if Khai ever needed her she would be there for him.
Raelyse Dan'thion ( ) - Once Loved - Twice Betrayed
Raelyse Dan'thion: A lover of Ronin's when Star met the woman she did her best not to be jealous or violent towards the mild-mannered woman. To Star's surprise she showed a compassion and understanding toward the Keeper no other of Ronin's 'other women' had. She grew to love and trust Raelyse until the woman became pregnant by Ronin and the duo then began to lie and hide their romantic interests from Star. Their relationship was growing behind her back as they spun a web of lies and deceit until one evening Star overheard their private confession. To learn that the two people she trusted most in her life were lying to her was devastating and drove Star to the brink. Over time she began to trust Raelyse again only to learn that after her return she and Ronin had begun their affair again. Raelyse confessed the truth to Star and shortly after Ronin threw Raelyse off a cliff. Star cannot fully let go of her love for the first woman to show her unconditional compassion but twice betrayed her faith in love is shattered.
Gen Quickpaw ( ) - The Ear That Listens
Gen Quickpaw: Met randomly in the snowy slopes of Coerthas the courageous though whiny man has always generous with his willingness to listen. He and his mate Tikka remain good friends with an open offer to take Star in whenever she needs a break from Ronin.
Ignee Flametongue ( ) - The Romantic
Ignee Flametongue: If flattery had calories Ignee would turn Star into a very fat cat. Fate would cross their paths and from the first moment they met Ignee was smitten with Star's happy-go-lucky attitude and seems bound and determined to change her negative view of love. She has her doubts he'll stick around and warns him often how terrible she is and yet he continues to do his best to make the woman feel appreciated. While the romantic feelings are in their infancy he's never given Star a reason to doubt him.

Old Contacts

Old Contacts
Ronin'ra Jinehga ( 💔 ) - First Love
Ronin'ra Jinehga: Never has there been a tale of love so twisted as the tale of Ronin and Star. They met while both working for the Kindred and though they were in other relationships at the time a secret affair blossomed as violent as it was romantic. The duo went through a lot together and Ronin was one of the best and worst influences on the woman's life. For a long time she was unable or unwilling to separate herself from him. At times he can be a sweetheart and at other times he is violent, possessive and abusive but equally so Star's fear of abandonment has caused her to become temperamental and territorial of her mate.
Aelfred Siegmundson ( ) - The Broken-Hearted North Man
Aelfred Siegmundson: From a chance encounter in the Quicksand to a drunken brawl in the desert the two struck an instant bond over a carefree, selfish attitude toward life and a similarity when it came to broken hearts. A notorious player and lover of Miqo'te, Star finds herself becoming swift friends and part of a larger group of women that seem to flock to the knowledgeable petting-fingers of this Highlander. In spite her attraction to him however the similarities in personalities between Aelfred and Ronin'ra have made her cautious to put anything more on the line than just her unconditional friendship. However after confessing the true nature of her childhood trauma the man's reaction was deeply scaring and the subsequent conflict between the two ended in a fight nearly to the death and they became bitter enemies.
Adokenai Kodomo ( ) - The Orphan
Adokenai Kodomo - Star's very first day in Ul'dah she was stood up for a date. Distraught she ran all over searching for him when she came upon Ado in the Quicksand. She explained her plight to the young boy who proceeded to try and help. He played the perfect little matchmaker hooking her up with Rhashi Zahra. She mistook Adokenai at first for a very quiet, odd Lalafell and thought he was a genius. Still convinced the young man is vastly undervalued and is very intelligent she has started to make secret plans involving Ado in her antics.
Rhashi Zahra ( ) - First Kiss
Rhashi Zahra - Upon her first day in Ul'dah she was stood up by a date. Ado took sympathy and hooked her up with a nice man that sparked an on again, off again relationship with Rhashi Zahra. A kind man with good intentions but his inability to ever appreciate Star's ability to defend herself always considering her someone who needs to be protected caused numerous fights and culminated into the eventual final breakup after dodging duels with Star tried to take her place in a match against a strong Roegadyn woman. The slight at her fighting prowess and public humiliation was too much for her tender ego.
Zaiaku Kurai ( ) - The Misunderstood Mage
Zaiaku Kurai - After being told that he attacked Adokenai Kodomo, Star nearly started a tavern brawl with Zaiaku. She had to be hoisted and carried out of the tavern by her brother Niko. Later she ran into Zaiaku hiding out in Gridania and after talking to him became convinced the man was only mean because he was sad and lonely. She stalked him for weeks until finally she broke through his cold exterior and the two began a secret affair. She made promises to Zai that she couldn't keep and though she never loved the man she did try for a time to make him happy. Eventually however as others began to wear down on Star's personality she recognized that -she- was the monster and not wanting to hurt Zai any further in the long run pushed him away for good. After her break-up with L'aenoh it was Zai who found her in the wilderness and brought her back. His sentiment however that she'd betrayed him by leaving planted a seed of fear at being made into a captive of his affections. She broke up with him a second time, this time for good. Later Zai began to work his magic invading her thoughts and dreams trying to convince her to come back to him. With the aid of L'ysion she managed to subvert such images and the memories of Zaiaku were all but removed but at a cost. In the past he stalked her to the detriment of her emotional state but have since grown very distant.
L'aenoh Tia ( 💔 ) - First Crush
L'aenoh Tia: He was introduced by her brother Niko when the man stated that he wasn't Star's type she became determined to convince him otherwise. L'aenoh's brooding nature and darkness attracted Star to him as she found a recognition of his self-loathing within herself. She confessed her past to him and his sympathy endeared him to her. L'aenoh became her first real crush that she believed for awhile was actual and true love. She went so far as to compromise her belief that she didn't want to settle down into a monogamous relationship. L'aenoh told her several times that if only she were that sort, the monogamous sort, that maybe they'd have a chance. In spite being fearful of throwing all her eggs in one basket and risk losing herself and her heart she gave it all up for him. Yet in the end her happiness barely lasted a week when L'aenoh broke up with her without warning on the idea that he had a very dangerous journey to make. Star had known men were out to get him, yet she was not deterred and even offered to go with him and remain at his side. He was afraid he would lose all his memories and she wouldn't like the new him but she was undeterred still. How she poised the question however was... if you like me, I'll go with you. L'aenoh's denial of allowing her to go with him made Star believe she never truly cared to begin with. (Short Story: A Shattered Heart). Star fled the city and began to train non-stop in Coerthas until eventually Zai came after her, the only man who noticed she was missing. She was finally convinced to return home and L'aenoh tried to patch things up to become 'just friends' but she pined for him anyway. Their friendship was a rocky one but as things began to take a turn for the worst between the haunted dreams being left by Zai, the altercation with La'neta and the increased alienation from everyone she knew it was during a date that L'aenoh crossed her path and in a bout of anger insinuated Star was a slut and a traitor. The following day when she confronted him (with a punch to the face) he insulted and embarrassed her causing a scene in front of the Quicksand. In front of her date he called her a slut that would sleep with any man that asked for it and implied that she couldn't be trusted. When her date decided it was best they didn't continue their outing... perhaps believing L'aenoh's words... Star fled the city in an outrage, seething and plotting her revenge on L'aenoh. Salem eventually calmed her down enough to promise not to try and kill the man but she was done pining over him. Finally L'aenoh tracked her down and managed to calm Star's rage and talk through things. Star gave him three tasks to complete in order to win her friendship back but she was done loving him. L'aenoh's last bit of advice as a friend was to tell Star that she did deserve to be loved... that she should try again with someone else, someone who would appreciate her better and love her the way she deserved to be loved.
Salem Nunh ( ) - The Kind Nunh
Salem Nunh: Aided Star when she was new to Ul'dah and new to her training. She picked a fight with a large tortoise and ended up badly injured. The man patched her up and she rewarded him with affection and a friendship both fleeting yet pure. She later mistakenly trusted Salem with a secret that he ended up not holding on to but rather confronted the man about it. Star learned that while Salem is a sweet man he was also perhaps a little too innocent for the 'real world'
Syleion Zereius ( 💔 ) - The Ex
Syleion Zereius: He was the reason Star ever joined the Kindred. A sweet yet shy man who was kind to Star and struck up a strong relationship between the two that had its ups and downs. The fall was primarily Star's fault as her constant push and pull of emotional drama was often escalated by the Seeker male and they argued almost as often as they made up. In the end however Star found fault in the man's posessive nature when he started to show hostility towards her male friends even when they had done nothing wrong. It was an attitude that eventually led her to leave him altogether.



Common Rumors

  • "Don't stand her up for a date, she'll have half of Ul'dah track you down."
  • "I heard she sleeps on the streets."
  • "Star? Yeah she's a bit odd. An excitable ball of constant energy."
  • "She loves her brother Niko, she really looks up to him."
  • "She claims to be the adopted little sister of Zanin Briggs
  • "I heard she used to work for Gus Pumpkinweed as a Model."
  • "I really don't know what she's got against these Turtles she's always claiming to punch."

Rare Rumors

  • "I heard her name isn't even Star"
  • "I heard she once ripped a man's eyes out for hurting a little girl"
  • "I hear she has a daughter, poor kid"
  • "There's talk that there's a man north of Mor Dhona who would pay good money for her capture"

PC Rumors

  • "Most people might look at Star and see an empty-headed girl without a care in the world...but I am not most people. There's always something going on in that head of hers. I trust her though. She may not know it yet, but she is a good and strong person, one that I am glad to call friend." -Niko'lai Lynxion
  • "Star? I've met her once.. She kicked sand at me! For absolutely no reason at all! I think.. she does not like me.." I'annabell Tohka
  • "I wouldn't trust one word that she speaks. She fills one with false hope and promises. Untrue and selfish she is. She would not be alive if it wasn't for me. I was the only one who searched for her and saved her from herself." - Zaiaku Kurai
  • "Wench tried to sell me for a sandwich, just ONE! I am worth at least.. five. Then again the lady she did try to sell me to was kinda cute.." - Gen Quickpaw
  • "Stronges' fuckin' girly I know. Wouldn't 'ave any'ne else b'my side durin' a figh' or n'my 'eart. Love 'er more'n anythin'." - Ronin'ra Jinehga
  • "Proper outstandin' lass is Star, most fuckin' genuine and friendly person you're goin' to meet, with a nice arse added into the bargin. Just proper misunderstood and if you want to damn well write her off, then you can go fuck yourself. Love the lass somethin' fierce." - Emreg Belthen


Glass-hourglass.png History
OOC: If you take knowledge of Star's past from this without her telling you IC I will blacklist you. She gets very frantic and runs away when anyone comes anywhere close to homing in on her history. Unless you tie her up and make her talk, or she really trusts you, you're likely to never really know.

Childhood: No one knows if Star was abandoned by her biological parents on purpose or if it was an unfortunate displacement from her home being destroyed. She was found alone on an island in the Sea of Ash and transported to shore. The sailors knew very little for how to take care of a young Miqo'te child and she was quickly unloaded at the nearest Port. She was too young to really remember the details of her early days but the vague memory of the coast and the kind sailors still resonates in her today.

Before the Calamity: Bounced around, unwanted, from one place to the next as a young child she eventually came into the care of Honoroit Dolet, an Elezen scholar formerly of Ala'Mhigo that eventually came into Garlean control. He considered himself a very educated and enlightened man with a profound thirst for knowledge living in a large tower where he could observe the stars and scientifically predict the future. His love for science bordered on obscene obsession and the man grew cruel and wicked over time. There were some rumors that he may even be Ascian though no one ever knew for certain. He took in unwanted Miqo'te children for his experiments, Star among them. Much of Star's adolescence was spent being tortured only to have the scholar heal her back to perfect health again. This has led Star to have an incredible tolerance to pain and a complete disregard for fear of death.

After the Calamity: Her foster-father, Honoroit Dolet worked for the Garlean Empire and when Bahamut brought down their flagship they were forced to retreat and regroup. A lot of blame was shifted toward her Foster-Father and in the chaos of rebuilding the man became even more cruel. He stopped healing some of her adopted brothers and sisters and their bodies were often left to rot in the halls. The man had truly gone mad. Star tried to convince some of the others to escape but many were too far gone, too broken to have a hope left for them in this world. Star did the unthinkable, she made her escape from that Tower of Horror and stowed away on an Air Ship bound for Gyn Abania where she wandered south along the Velodyna River until she came upon a small town. She ran into a group of refugees making their way south to Thanalan. It was a long trip but eventually she did make it to Ul'dah with plenty of time on the way to decide once and for all that she would never be a victim again. She would grow to be strong enough that she could protect herself or find others to do it for her.

Realm Reborn She came to live off the streets of Ul'dah returning to her roots as a street-wise young woman. She would perform for strangers in exchange for gil as well as watch and learn the Puglist fighting technique of Ul'dah. A dirty street-fighter she would use cunning and deception to defeat larger opponents. Her love of humor and attention eventually led her to the Comedy night of the Kindred Free Company and the attention of a young man named Syleion soon had her smitten. She signed on with them however as fate would have it she found it difficult to maintain long-standing friendships. Unable to hand the teasing of her colleagues she was prone to verbal outbursts and periods of unpopularity.

Her relationship with Syleion bloomed yet the demons of her past would rear up and create a rift between the two that she never recovered from. After leaving for an extended period of time Star came to know Ronin. At first they were merely friends but a secret affair sparked an adventure leaving the two bonded. While not always the healthiest of relationships the trials that the duo faced together cemented an unbreakable bond of mutual abuse.

When Ronin'ra's estranged brother came calling a series of murders were soon put to blame on the Jinehga name and a period of subterfuge and confusion as Orien'to implemented the use of glamours to hide his true identity it destroyed the relations between Star and the Luminary of Kindred, Nailah, forever. Leaving for greener pastures the two have been in and out of trouble ever since.

Heavensward After her mate Ronin'ra and her only real friend Raelyse betrayed her trust she was devastated. Her botched attempt at suicide created a new, distant resolve in the heart-broken woman but to make matters more difficult she was pregnant. She holds on to fragile strings of hope while deep down the lies and layers of a fractured mask are starting to frey what little spark of goodness is left in her.

Stories The following are specific stories written from Star's past. You can find more stories and short notes about her past and present in her blog Stories. Significant events may be added below as both literary prose inspired from her backstory as well as in character interactions.

The Guiding Star The Scholar's Tower Escape from Ilsabard Bittersweet Serendipity A Shattered Heart From the River grows the Stone Alone

Ode of the Lady Pirates

OOC Information

Glass-heartlock.png OOC Information

Hard Limits

Hard Limits
I am a very laid-back and easy going player. Who I am is very different from who my character is. I am always willing to listen to ideas and conceive new plots. I won't judge you even if your thing isn't my cup of tea. Respect me and I'll respect you. That said there are some things that are hard limits and I will not budge on.
  • Other-world canon / inter-dimensional travel
  • Absurd / Cartoon-like (e.g. Falling off a cliff and creating a giant crater but you're okay! It's ACME)
  • Blatant disregard for FFXIV's lore
  • Changing my character to fit your plot
  • Nullification / Maiming to the point of disability. (I don't mind my character getting hurt but do not remove limbs)
  • Death & Rebirth
  • Fantasia (Lore Devs said Fantasia is not a lore item. I have 0 interest in any plot that involves race changing)

Hooks & RP Favorites

Hooks & RP Favorites
It's safe to bet if it's not in my list of hard limits I will at least consider it. I love dark, mature content as much as I love light-hearted humor and fun. If you want to be villainous toward my character feel free as long as you're willing to also accept the consequences. If you want a reason to play with Star here are some ways we could come across one another.
  • Heard about her work as a model / promotional girl and hire her to bark about some event you're having.
  • Meet her on the road travelling anywhere in Eorzea
  • Own a house she breaks into
  • (DARK/PLOT): Know about the bounty on her head and seek to capture / take her in.
  • Are a long lost sibling from the Clan from Gyr Abania

External Links

External Links