T'ahl Tia

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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png T'ahl Tia
Gender Male
Race Miqo'te
Clan Seekers of the Sun
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
Age 22
Marital Status Single
Occupation Accountant, odd jobs
Alignment Chaotic Good

Basic Info

T'ahl is a naturally curious person who delights in learning for learning's sake, often hiding away in libraries to soak up knowledge of all kinds. Being a dreamy sort of person, he dreams of having his own someday, but makes do in the meantime with filling his rented room with as many books as he can. When he ventures outside he tends to get lost or stuck staring at moving water; something about seeing water move is fascinating to the point of being mesmerising to him, although he is not quite certain why. He is often accompanied by a chubby little tapir he calls Cuddlechummy, and insists he should count as her mother since he has been bottle-feeding her and finds the thought of her being without a mother too sad. He likes to sing to her and claims it pleases her, but being a spoiled animal, she probably just enjoys the attention. When not occupied with research, cooing at adorable animals or burying himself in complicated mathematical problems he tends to go for crossdressing, although raising a baby tapir has had him too busy to do it recently. It is not reserved for special occasions; he just think it looks nice and does not much care if anyone sees it or not. When asked about it he will sometimes state it helps him feel somewhat less awkward since people tend to pay more attention to the clothes than his poor social skills, but tries to avoid further questions on the subject unless he is close to the person asking, on account of said poor social skills. Despite being very invested in his looks and stylish clothing, he has a strange fondness for incredibly tacky hats and collects them in secret. When left without something meaningful or interesting to do, he easily grows bored and makes less than stellar decisions about what counts as entertainment.


Adorable animals
Collecting hats
Dressing up/fashion
Reading and research
Water, especially the sea


Animals being harmed
Being referred to as male when dressed up
Getting lost
Insults directed towards his sister
Negative remarks on his appearance
People going back on their word
Tacky outfits, unless hilariously tacky hats are included
Wilfully cruel and rude people


Crossdressing, convincing in drag
Dancing (Taught by Avali Nahsra)
Playing music, mainly flute
Reading terrible romance novels
Solving math problems
Sorting things alphabetically
Staring at moving water
Watching duels, illegal or not
Wildlife studies (hugging animals)


Bad sense of direction
Deeply unfortunate taste in hats
Difficulty gauging what is appropriate to say out loud
Easily distracted
Flawed decision-making when afflicted with boredom
Inability to properly read body language
Insecure around strangers
Naive, especially about the intentions of others
Poor balance
Vain, though the vanity is rooted in insecurity

Appearance and Personality


Short and slim and with a round, androgynous face, T'ahl has no trouble passing for a woman when he dresses up for it. He is slightly self-concious about his tail, which might be the cause of his poor balance, and dislikes having its lack of length pointed out. He gets freckles from being out in the sun, and his somewhat unruly hair is kept short when he is not crossdressing. He will swear to any and all gods that pink is his natural colour. He delights in dressing up in any gender's clothing, and keeps a large wardrobe mainly focused on bright, happy colours.


Generally seen as rather sweet and well-meaning if a bit awkward, T'ahl is very insecure in social situations, not completely understanding the concept of personal space and seemingly lacking that innate thing most people have to help them gauge what is appropriate to say out loud and not. While he genuinely enjoys the company of people and is physically affectionate with his friends, having a habit of leaning his forehead against them or nuzzling noses, he often finds it difficult to connect with new people due to his inability to properly read body language and tendency to say the wrong thing at the wrong time. His frequent failures at social interactions has made him somewhat shy and hesitant to initiate contact, but he keeps trying. And trying. And trying. Try hard, fail hard.


(One day when the stars align.)



Not all rumours are necessarily true. Please feel free to add your own rumours under PC!

◢ Common Rumours (Easily overheard)
"The lass with the pink pigtails? No, that's just T'ahl." - Weaver
"He keeps getting lost, so we send Annouille Andouillant out to get him. Usually finds him staring at some body of water." - Arcanist
"I hear he dresses up as a woman, but I've never seen it. Or did I just not recognise him...?" - Bar patron
◢ Moderate Rumours (Moderately difficult to overhear)
"I saw him sit on a cliff and stare at the water for hours, but he didn't have any fishing equipment with him. Bit of a strange lad." - Fisherman
"Oh, he comes here a lot. Says he likes our dancing, asks for advice on how to move more gracefully. He seems earnest, but it's a little odd." - Ul'dahn dancing girl
"His sister works with the chocobos, so he comes here to visit. They like him well enough, but he tends to overfeed them." - Stablehand
◢ Rare Rumours (Very difficult or rarely overheard)
"I heard their mother came here with them after some business with a Nunh. Did they get kicked out of the tribe? ...I wouldn't ask around more though. That woman's a right nice lady." - Maelstrom
"He likes historical fiction, so why does he want to fight about it!?" - Despairing arcanist
◢ PC Rumours (Add some and sign your character's name!)
"...You should not encourage him to talk about math. He never stops. Gis knows." Gislala Gisla
"You know, T'ahl is the only person I know who makes both a pretty girl, and a handsome young man. I don't know if I should be more disturbed or impressed..." Aerostein Epitaph
"That miqo'te is a walking headache. Though, he is well meaning enough I suppose." Crisiet Liautroix
Romantic Interest     Platonic Love      Good Standing     Neutral Standing     Poor Standing
Annouille Andouillant - Annie for short, they met through the Arcanist's guild when Annie was sent out to fetch him when he was assumed lost. His very tall stature makes him excellent to hide behind when in awkward social situations, and his aptitude for puns and wordplay never fails to delight. After being hired by his sister, he sees him more often.
Avali Nahsra - Ava is his cuddlebuddy. He admires her strength, emotional as well as physical, and appreciates that she accepts his personality for what it is, strange quirks and all. This makes her more comfortable to be around than other people, and T'ahl feels more secure in himself in her company.
Crisiet Liautroix - After having been introduced to him as an Ishgardian as a joke he denied having any truth to it, T'ahl has taken to asking him deeply inappropriate things about Ishgardian customs. Since he has yet to toss him off a cliff, T'ahl feels like things are going well. He keeps having staring contests with Cuddlechummy, though. He denies it, but it is clear to anyone that has seen it that the tapir now considers him her staring rival.
Cuddlechummy - Cuddlechummy is a person, despite being a tiny tapir, and nothing can convince T'ahl otherwise. He considers her family, and as his precious princess he spoils her to no end. She has an uncannily sentient way of staring at people like she is judging them and all that they have done, but since she is a tapir and therefore unable to speak it is hard to say if she is actually judging everyone or if that is just her face. Seeing as she looks perfectly content when given enough attention, though, she probably knows what you did.
Eloise Sharp - After seeing her somehow managing to toss a Roe across a room during a bar fight, T'ahl knew he simply had to speak with her. He holds great admiration for her combat abilities, even after finding out the Roe's drunkenness had helped, and has found he enjoys her company greatly even when no amusing fights are involved.
Gislala Gisla - Annie's sister and T'ahl's employer. He once tried to explain the divine beauty of mathematics to her and ended up being hired as her accountant. To this day, he still is not sure if he went to an actual job interview by accident or if she just grabbed him because he didn't seem busy. Has a tendency to nag at him over his in her mind less tolerable habits, but since she agrees that every day can be bring your baby tapir to work day, he does not mind.
Honoura Hawke - A member of the same book club as T'ahl, which everyone agrees is the most normal way he has ever met anyone. It's fitting, seeing as she is the most normal person he knowns. She seems amused at the rivalry he has with the arcanist that keeps bringing historical fiction.


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