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Gridania-transparent.png Rixy Sylwest
Birth Name Rixia
Pronounced Rihks-ee-ya
Nickname(s)/Alias Rixy
Born Unknown
Nameday Undefined
Race Sylph
Clan Greenleaf
Citizenship Gridania
Guardian Ramuh
Height 6 fulms 1 ilm (glamoured)
Weight 127 ponze (glamoured)
Physique Lean (glamoured)
Hair Green with purple accents
Eyes Green
Skin Bronze
Hobbies Mischief, anthropology(ish)
Fears Touched Ones, going home
IC Profession Chef
IC Soulstone None
Physical Advantages Magically adept
Physical limitations Remarkably fragile
Non-combat Cooking, illusions
Primary Weapon Electricity
Armor Pastel maid uniform
Username Andromeda
Time Zone Eastern
Server Balmung
Tumblr notasylph
Adittional Characters Andromeda Dulaque
Illua Corcavo
Free Companies Fantasia Players
Linkshells Fantasia Players
Beastmen of Eorzea

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Rixy typically takes the form of a relatively short and apparently young female Elezen with short-cropped green and purple hair and a pale green flower painted or glamoured onto her right cheek. She has been known to glamour herself as other races and more rarely as males, but she typically retains the hair color and flower marking.



  • Dancing is less of a hobby and more an essential part of communication for Rixy. She also enjoys watching others dance, claiming it gives her insight into their intentions.
  • Cooking has become almost an obsession of hers. She believes that the best way to understand a culture is through its food, because food is a life pleasure all walking ones share but place their own values into. In her efforts to emulate humans, cooking is an important skill.
  • Trickery of course is her hobby of choice. Illusions, malicious adherence to agreements, and many other stereotypical fae qualities are an important part of what helps Rixy unwind.


  • Cabaret nights at the Elysium give a unique oppertunity to watch others dance and learn about their values and customs.


  • Touched Ones are somewhat scary in her estimation. She dislikes those who would use her deity as a club to harm people in the name of Sylphkind. She also dislikes the Little Solace sylphs for their unwillingness to protect Ramuh from these interlopers.
  • Voidsent are just plain terrifying.
  • Vegetarians might eat her mistaking her for a head of lettuce. While this is most likely a joke, she has said it on multiple occasions.


  • Color:  Pale green
  • Food:  Caelumtree fruit
  • Drinks:  Pineapple juice
  • Scent: Petrichor
  • Place: The Sylphlands
  • Festival: All Saint's Wake



  • Naivety - Rixy knows almost nothing about the world of Walking Ones and is highly prone to misunderstanding things based on that.
  • Obviousness - There are likely very few people ignorant of the fact that Rixia is a sylph. Still, she will deny it fervently.
  • Lack of Bodily Understanding - She's barely got walking down, she can't possibly work up the command of body required for physical combat.
  • Quick to Act - She almost never considers consequences of her actions.
  • Easily Panicked - It is remarkably easy for her to overreact to a situation, and take things to dramatic conclusions. Most often this means overworking herself in the kitchen to feed people who may not be hungry... or even at the estate at all.


  • Ahriman - While some fear of voidsent might be rational, Rixy is specifically concerned Ahriman will eat her. This fear was given to her by a walking one ten years ago who warned her about not trusting creatures with big teeth.
  • Returning Home - Rixy's convinced any attempt to venture into the Sylphlands again will be met with hostility. Even Little Solace, she feels, would reject her. This fear of rejection has turned into a fear of going home.


  • Cooking - Rixy is actually a rather remarkable cook, for all her oddities. She's mastered a great many recipes from different cultures across the world and is constantly honing this art.
  • Illusion Magic - The strongest talent Rixy has is illusion magic, as it was for a long time essential for her to maintain her form. She's gotten better than the standard Sylph at this school of magic.

Abilities and Skills


Rixia is proficient in no weapons.


Sylvan Magic - Rixy is gifted in a combination of Lightning-aspected magic, basic healing arts and advanced illusion magics common among Sylphs.


Cooking - Rixy is, as said before, singularly dedicated to cooking and has become gifted at this particular pursuit.

Family and Relationships





  • The Keeper's Kiss is Rixy's company, and is her place of employment.


Note: This section is editable by anyone. Just keep in mind that the rumors here may be both true or false.

General Rumors

First-Hand Accounts

PC Rumors


Name and Lifestyle

Nicknames, Aliases and Titles

Current Residence

Rixy lives at the Wanderer's Elysium.


Sylph Life

Leaving the Twelveswood

The Calamity

The Keeper's Kiss

Plot Hooks

General Hooks

  • Rixia is, quite obviously, a sylph in disguise.

Current Projects

  • She is responsible for much of the menu at the Elysium.


OOC Notes

I am game for pretty much anything in terms of RP. I don't use Skype too often, but I am willing to upon request. I write paragraph responses, though due to the nature of in-game RP these often lean on the short side in the interest of time. Feel free to ask me for pick-up scenes or the like any time. The template used here is of my own design, borrowing elements from several other formats and adding a few of my own.