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AlaMhigo.png Romilda Rayne
Romilda - The Lochs 01.png
Romilda of the Striking Fist
Gender Female
Race Hyur
Clan Highlander
Citizenship Ala Mhigo
Place of Birth Ala Gannha
Guardian Rhalgr, the Destroyer
Nameday 21st Sun of the 4th Umbral Moon
(Age: 25)
Occupation Adventurer
Pronunciation "ro-MIL-da RAYN"

Headstrong but not too bright, this spirited young woman fights valiantly against the Garlean Empire.

Romilda Rayne, sometimes called Romilda of the Striking Fist is an adventurer from Ala Mhigo who fled Garlean occupation with her father and older brother when she was a child. Pugnacious and ill-tempered as a youth, Romilda channeled the frustrations of her refugee life in Little Ala Mhigo into street fighting. After the Calamity, her father fell victim to the Amalj'aa. She stopped her tempered sire, but could not save him from execution at the hands of the Immortal Flames.

Afterwards, she left Southern Thanalan for Ul'dah to become a miner, then later joined the Pugilists' Guild and became a prize fighter and bodyguard at the Platinum Mirage. From there, she became an adventurer to see the world at large. Years later, as a seasoned adventurer, Romilda joined the Immortal Flames and took part in Operation Archon. She is currently involved with the Ala Mhigan Resistance, having aided them in reclaiming her homeland.


Romilda is Ala Mhigan.

Short for a Highlander at just under five and a half fulms, Romilda Rayne makes up for her relative lack of size through strength. Boasting a muscular form, her toned arms, legs, and abdomen make the results of her training apparent at a glance. A head of short, blonde hair covers her head, usually unkempt and rarely brushed. Her dark-skin is bronzed further by the sun, giving her a golden-brown hue.

Romilda's face is somewhat boyish, even handsome with a slightly squared jawline, thick brown lips, and a small nose. Her sharp, golden eyes give her a fierce, bestial look that is often broken up by her cheerful grin and laid-back demeanor. A large, black facial tattoo marks the left side of her face, likely something the received shortly before she began her adventuring career. The only makeup on her face is a bit of eye black meant to cut the harsh glare of the sun.

Calloused and scraped from fighting, Romilda's hands and knuckles are tough. She cuts her fingernails short and never decorates them. Her left shoulder bears three scars, which are usually visible due to the sleeveless shirts she tends to wear. Various other cuts, scrapes, bumps, and bruises periodically appear on her body, but fade fast enough. Only the scars on her shoulder seem permanent, reaching around to her back to the center of her spine.


Casual Wear:
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Adventuring Gear:
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Temple Attire and Sphairai:
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Pacifist's Attire and Sudarshana Chakras:
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Basic Info
Date of Birth: 21st Sun of the Fourth Umbral Moon, Year 1552, Sixth Astral Era
Height: Short (5'6")
Weight: Muscular (161 Ponze)
Complexion: Golden-brown
Hair: Short, Blonde
Eyes: Gold
Particular Traits: Black facial tattoo. Various small scars and bruises along arms, legs, and torso.
Voice: Contralto with an Ala Mhigan (Yorkshire) accent.
Clothing Style: Prefers sleeveless shirts and loose-fitting pants.
Laterality: Ambidextrous


Training and sparring.
Exploring Eorzea.
Fighting monsters.
Meeting and befriending other people.
Savory, bitter, or spicy foods.
Thunderstorms in Gyr Abania.
Riding her chocobo, Comet.
Coeurl kittens.
People who give up without trying.
Feeling abandoned by other people.
Dry or sour foods.
Biting insects.
Killing people.
Food: Aldgoat Steak
Drink: Herbal Tea
Colours: Yellow and Purple
Place: Rhalgr's Reach
Festival: Moonfire Faire
Alignment: Neutral Good (Chaotic-Leaning)
Vices: Drinking and gambling.
Religion: Primarily Rhalgr, the Destroyer.
Goal: To master the skills of a monk and help reclaim Ala Mhigo.


Sometimes overbearing.
Farsighted; more pronounced in her left eye.
Unskilled at using aether, entirely inept at using magic.
Being tempered.
Prodigious strength, stamina, and agility.
Capable of breaking stone without need of a pugilist's arm.
Accustomed to fighting larger opponents.
Makes decent leather armor and weaponry.
Naturally attuned to her chakra.
Can whistle without moving her lips.
Action Girl
Bare-Fisted Monk
Boisterous Bruiser
Book Dumb
Charles Atlas Superpower
Honor Before Reason
Improvised Training
Muscles are Meaningful
Pint-Sized Powerhouse
Unskilled, but Strong
Romilda has no formal education but is a fast learner. She analyses situations quickly and reacts in whatever manner she feels is best. A visual learner, Romilda can perform most physical techniques on a basic level if she's seen them done at least three times.
While Romilda can read most words, she does not know how to write. She's capable of addition and subtraction with little difficulty, but finds it difficult to multiply or divide integers greater than twelve. Romilda doesn't understand decimals at all.
Romilda tends to abbreviate her words, such as shortening "adventurer" to "'venturer" or not pronouncing the "-g" in words ending in "-ing." Sometimes she mispronounces words and, if called out on this, will insist that she said it the way the other person says it. For example, she says "curtana" instead of "katana," but if told how to pronounce it her attempt to mimic it will be largely unchanged. She tends to talk in an uncouth manner that can come off as rude or lowbrow.
Final Fantasy Characters: Bartz Klauser (FFV), Macias Rene Figaro (FFVI), Zell Dincht (FFVIII), Rikku (FFX), Snow Villiers (FFXIII)
Other Game Characters: Aika (Skies of Arcadia), Beat (The World Ends With You)
Anime Characters: Sanosuke Sagara (Rurouni Kenshin), Kagura (Azumanga Daioh)

Abilities and Skills

Physical Strength
Physical Stamina
Fast Learner
Quick Thinker
Naturally Attuned to Chakra
Fist Weapons

Family and Relationships


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Friends and Acquaintances

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The Ala Mhigan Resistance

The Fist of Rhalgr

Little Ala Mhigo

The Adventurers' Guild

The Immortal Flames

Pugilists' Guild

Miners' Guild


Note: This section is editable by anyone. Just keep in mind that the rumors here may be both true or false.

Romilda's brother may have been one of the Warriors of Light.

It seems that Romilda is only attracted to women, and has been since her youth.


The Fall of Ala Mhigo

Romilda Rayne was born the second child to a monk of the Fist of Rhalgr in 1552 of the Sixth Astral Era. Her mother, Hilda Rayne, was a commoner from a mining family in Ala Gannha who fell in love with the monk Robert Rayne. They kept their love a secret, but eventually had their first child, Richard, in 1547 of the Sixth Astral Era. Their secret was outed, but the tempestuous rise of King Theodoric I saw Hilda granted protection within the Temple of the Fist with some influence from Robert's father, an elder monk named Radulf Rayne.

Hilda decided to remain and train with the Fist of Rhalgr to help them fight, even earning her own set of Temple Attire in the process. She showed great promise as a monk, having built strong muscles from years of mining in the quarries near her village. However, in 1552, the King of Ruin laid waste to the Temple of the Fist, burning the temple and using the Corpse Brigade to entrap the monks within its halls. Radulf gave his life for his family and saw Robert, Richard, and a pregnant Hilda to safety to the north, to her former hometown of Ala Gannha, at the cost of his own life.

Romilda was born not long after the Temple of the Fist burned. Her parents joined the Ala Mhigan Resistance under a local rebel named Curtis Hext and took part in the defense of innocent civilians against the tyranny of Theodoric. In 1557, they joined the enraged citizenry in their assault against their king, only for Ala Mhigo to fall to the XIVth Legion led by Gaius van Baelsar. Robert and Hilda did their utmost to resist the occupation, but ultimately resolved to leave for the sake of their children. As they crossed the border, Hilda was struck by an imperial sniper and Robert was forced to take his children and flee Gyr Abania in. Romilda was too young to remember much of her homeland.

His fists stained red with the blood of any opposition he met on the way, Robert sought succor in the Black Shroud only to be denied. Instead, he took his children to the deserts of Thanalan, but found the disdain of Ul'dahns and their cowardice in the face of Garlemald distasteful. When he was offered the promise of a better way to shelter his children, he chose to journey to the southeastern deserts. There, he found a home in the refugee camp known today as Little Ala Mhigo, and stood among its most stalwart defenders while working among the Ala Mhigan Resistance.

A Father's Love

Romilda grew up in Little Ala Mhigo, and it is in Little Ala Mhigo that her earliest memories lie. The weight of their tradegy saw Robert grow distant and sullen, seldom interacting with his children save to pass down the martial arts of his fallen brotherhood and the teachings of the Fist of Rhalgr. Richard supported Romilda in his stead, the boy growing up to care for her, teaching her how to speak, helping her learn to read as best he could, and receiving help from neighbors and friends. He also took it upon himself to train her when their father was unavailable, enjoying frequent sparring sessions. Romilda tagged along with Richard often as a child, but struggled to make friends on her own.

Richard left home in 1565 in search of profit as an adventurer alongside his friends. The thirteen-year-old Romilda missed her brother terribly, despite receiving trinkets, letters, and rough sketches from his travels abroad. She marveled at his tales, but loneliness and poverty embittered the young woman. She often took out her aggression on others, frequently starting fights in a misguided attempt to attract some form of attention from her father, who remained engrossed in his ongoing work with the Resistance and protecting Little Ala Mhigo save for training his daughter in the martial arts.

In 1570, Romilda and a group of similarly-troubled Ala Mhigan youths waylaid an Ul'dahn merchant traveling through the area and wound up at the mercy of the Corpse Brigade. The kingsguard-turned-bandits, led by a lancer named Garibald Carver, dragged the youths and merchant away to the Sepulchre with intent to ransom them. When Robert learned of this, he rallied the aid of Gundobald and Hremfing to rescue his daughter and her peers from their captors. Robert of the Bloody Fist infiltrated the Sepulchre and successfully saved the children, but lost an arm to Garibald during their confrontation before defeating the lancer.

The experience helped change Romilda's outlook on life. While difficult, she chose to reign in her anger and tried to take on a more positive outlook. Robert, too, opened up and gave Romilda insight into her family history and the legacy of her ancestors. Inspired by her father's valor, her brother's letters, and the sacrifices made by her mother and grandfather, she instead aspired to become a woman worthy of her family name. Making a deal with the Ul'dahn merchant after apologizing to him, she began to work at mining ores locally for pay to be paid a decent sum of his earnings when he traveled back to sell them in Ul'dah.

The Death of Robert Rayne

For her eighteenth nameday, Romilda received her mother's Temple Attire, refitted for her proportions. The next two years saw Romilda grow somewhat closer to her father, who taught her of their homeland, and told the girl of the time he spent with her mother. He also demonstrated techniques exclusive to the Fist of Rhalgr that his basic martial arts training had not covered: those requiring the opening of chakras. Despite her best efforts, she never quite managed to open her chakras at such a young age. Instead, he focused on theory and drilling Romilda to better protect herself in the future.

In the year 1572 of the Sixth Astral Era, Richard's letters began to slow in frequency until they stopped altogether. For moons on end, Romilda wondered what had become of her brother, and asked her merchant friend for any information on his whereabouts. The lesser moon Dalamud descended from the heavens in an aetherial, blood red aura until the day of the Calamity arrived, and Bahamut was unleashed from his five-thousand year imprisonment to wreak unspeakable destruction upon the realm.

After weathering the devastation wrought by Bahamut, Robert found himself preoccupied with the increasing activity of the Amalj'aa tribe of beastmen. Having moved into Zanr'ak, their presence threatened a coming conflict. Indeed, later on in that same year, the lizardmen attacked Little Ala Mhigo directly, taking advantage of their weakness to gain worthy sacrifices to the Lord of the Inferno. Robert of the Bloody Fist fought against them, but faltered for his disability. Taken before the Circle of the Tempered, he was to be bathed in the essence of the primal Ifrit and became His thrall. The Immortal Flames came to Little Ala Mhigo shortly after the incident. Despite being urged to remain in the hamlet, Romilda ventured into Zanr'ak to rescue her father.

As she arrived, she attempted to undo his bonds and escape before the Amalj'aa noticed her presence. Suddenly, the Lord of the Inferno's aether washed over them both in a torrent of blue and, while Romilda stood unchanged, Robert transformed into a fanatical servant of Ifrit before her very eyes. The Immortal Flames arrived, assailing the primal and occupying the Amalj'aa's attentions. Eager to spill his daughter's blood for his new god, they clashed in a brutal battle, prolonged by Romilda's continuous attempts to reason with her enthralled sire. All proved in vain, and Robert gained the upper hand and went for the felling blow. In response to her desire to survive and the aether of the land, Romilda's first chakra opened and she broke Robert's arm with a powerful kick. The Bloody Fist fell, leaving his devastated daughter to watch as he was taken by the Immortal Flames and swiftly put to death. Robert's funeral was a small, unceremonious affair; he was buried with his wedding band and in his temple attire. Romilda took possession of the weathered Sphairai he wielded as a disciple of the Fist.

Wandering the Realm

After her father's death, Romilda had little left for her in Little Ala Mhigo, but nowhere to go. A messenger came from the Immortal Flames, bearing a letter writ by Richard's hand and addressed to his sister. This man claimed not to know Richard, but presumed him dead on the battlefields and lost—his letter a final memento. As she held the parchment, she felt an intense bout of what she thought to be aether sickness. Knocked unconscious, she dreamed of Richard as he fought on the fields of Carteneau, then vanished in a pillar of light before Bahamut's flames could take him. After she coalesced, she described the dream only to find that the locals around Little Ala Mhigo had forgotten him entirely, even Gundobald who had known him growing up. Convinced that he had survived and that her dream was, indeed, real, Romilda finally decided to leave her hometown with all her worldly possessions, and find out what became of her brother.

Romilda didn't leave intending to become an adventurer, instead she joined her merchant employer to officially enlist with the Miners' Guild in Ul'dah in hopes of making better coin to support herself on her own while she searched for Richard. During those days, she lived in a tent at Fesca's Wash and often went without food for lack of money. Ul'dah, she quickly learned, was a place in which wealth decided everything. One day, she happened upon group of Amalj'aa attacking a Mirage Trust merchant caravan. Romilda defeated the lizardmen single-handedly with her bare fists. After this, she passed out and experienced another strange dream involving a giant, talking crystal. Upon waking upon the sands, she discovered a purple crystal of incredible luster, and felt compelled to keep it on her person.

This act of heroism led the merchants to introduce her to the Pugilists' Guild and Hamon Holyfist. Under the guildmaster's expert tutelage the girl practiced her footwork and improved on her defense, and found gainful employment as a bouncer at the Platinum Mirage casino. No longer needing to toil in the mythril pits for her money, she instead became a bodyguard and participated in prize fights on the bloodsands to earn additional money—her martial arts winning several victories. This was, however, far from the life she envisioned when she left home, and the nature of the fights forced her to throw a match on more than one occasion, much to her chagrin. Once she had saved up enough gil to sustain herself, she broke ties with the Mirage and enlisted in the Adventurers' Guild.

Her queries into Richard's whereabouts bore no fruit, even as she traveled to the locations depicted in his letters and sketches. From the deserts of Thanalan to the shores of La Noscea, and even under the canopies of the Black Shroud she journeyed seeking him. Along the way, she brought her skills to bear aiding the locals and gaining notoriety as a young, upcoming adventurer. Following in the footsteps of the legendary Ivon Coeurlfist, she honed her skills by fighting coeurls in outer La Noscea; in the Sagolii Desert, she helped put the Amalj'aa to rout; and she made merry in Buscarron's Druthers, and ended bar fights. Romilda wandered the lands adventuring, unlocking her second chakra as she fought, and earned herself an invitation to join the Immortal Flames.

Romilda refused the Flames' invitation at first, having no desire to join the army of Ul'dah when her loyalties remained with Ala Mhigo. This changed in the fifth year of the Seventh Umbral Era, where she arrived at the Hall of Flames to dedicate herself to service that she might face off against the XIVth Imperial Legion. She elected to join the Free Brigade, despite being scouted by the Ala Mhigan Brigade. During Operation Archon, Romilda was eager to face off with the imperials in battle, but found that warfare was a different beast to her previous adventures. Even as the Praetorium was obliterated, she fought alongside the brave men and women of the Flames in Castrum Meridianum who died in defense of the realm. With the fall of the Black Wolf, and the unlocking of her third chakra, she felt emboldened to resume her search for her brother.

Blood of Our Fallen Brothers

Romilda made little headway immediately after the fall of the XIVth Legion. That she joined the Flames proved detrimental to her relationship with her own people as she felt pressure to choose a side after the refugee riots in Ul'dah became violent. As an adventurer, she chose to put her energy into other tasks such as befriending the Brotherhood of Ash or taking part in skirmishes in Carteneau. However, following the Bloody Banquet and the arrest of Raubahn Aldynn, Romilda left the Immortal Flames in protest of the Flame General's incarceration.

Freed of her responsibilities for a time, Romilda met with Widargelt Beake, once a comrade of her brother, in hopes that he would possess any information on his whereabouts. While he didn't know what became of Richard, she advanced her skill as a monk through training with him and his students, unlocking her fourth chakra while sparring with the Watcher near Lake Silvertear. When General Aldynn was returned to his station, it was determined after a review that she would be reinstated to the Free Brigade (though she would have to begin anew as a Flame Private). She put her skills to use in the Grand Melee, though she was defeated handily by the Warrior of Light not long into the battle.

The rise of the Masks brought Romilda back home to Little Ala Mhigo, where she attended a speech delivered by the enigmatic Griffin. After the speech, she was approached by a member of the Ala Mhigan Resistance come from beyond the wall to speak with Gundobald. He delivered to her a letter, to her shock, penned by Richard. Within, he revealed that he was alive and well, and apologized for not contacting her sooner. His path led him home to Gyr Abania, and having heard of his sister's adventures, he invited Romilda to join him against Garlemald. Once the Griffin's false-flag operation forced the Alliance to focus liberating Ala Mhigo, she gladly volunteered to help.

Reunited with Richard at last, he explained the extent of his journeys during the Sixth Astral Era, and how Louisoix Leveilleur saved him and the other adventurers who would be known as Warriors of Light, transporting them five years into the future. Romilda informed him of her own struggles and the exact nature of their father's death. When Romilda spoke of the vision that began her journey, he realized that she, like him, possessed the Echo, and encouraged her to seek out the Scions of the Seventh Dawn after liberating Ala Mhigo.

The two fought valiantly against the XIIth Imperial Legion during its assault on Rhalgr's Reach, after which Romilda received permission from Swift Ryder to fight fully under the Ala Mhigan Resistance. To celebrate, Richard commissioned a set of Pacifist's Attire to aid her in battle. Romilda took part in the battle for Castellum Velodyna and the taking of Ala Ghiri. Richard, however, was sent to join Conrad Kemp during the battle at Specula Imperatoris. When the imperials fired upon the tower, he was killed almost immediately, and Romilda was left in a state of mourning in the time leading up to the final battle. As Rhalgr's Beacon came to an end, Romilda took up the Sudarshana Chakras her brother once wielded and fought to take back the city of Ala Mhigo.

Following the Alliance victory and the opening of her fifth chakra in battle against a magitek avenger, Romilda spent her time escorting people from Thanalan to Gyr Abania, protecting them from the dangerous monsters along the roads. She helped the Velodyna Gatekeepers for a time as well before conflict opened up at the Ghimlyt Dark and she rejoined the fight, during which she unlocked her sixth chakra while facing down a Schola magitek hexadrone, though the battle left her injured and forced her to retreat from the frontlines.

Other Information

Name Etymology

Romilda: "Famous battle" from hrom meaning "fame", and hild meaning "battle".

Rayne: From ragn meaning "advice" or "counsel".


Romilda of the Striking Fist



Little Highlander

Rayne the Pain

Current Residence

Room #6, Plot 11, 10th Ward, The Goblet

Attuned Aetherytes

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