Rosamund Cartwright

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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Rosamund Cartwright
Gender Female
Race Hyur
Clan Midlander
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
Age 20
Height Average
Build Athletic
Profession Member of the Ivory Tower
Pronunciation ROZ-a-mund CART-rite
Server Balmung
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Basic Info

Rosamund Cartwight is a young Hyur female of medium height. According to her, she has luxurious auburn hair (her mother calls it brown). Rosamund has a youthful face that many might consider pretty. With her characteristic humility, Roz describes herself as having “luminous emerald eyes, pure milk skin, and adorable apple cheeks” though she dislikes her large nose and weak chin. As an adventurer her build is toned and athletic while maintaining (especially in the face) something of the softness of her affluent start in life. She has particularly toned arms from her training as an archer. Rosamund is fastidious about healing the injuries she acquires while adventuring. Though her hands are no longer soft, her skin is free of scars and blemishes with one exception. She has a flat, pink scar on the right side of her abdomen about 6 ilms in length. She frequently frets over how it ruins the look of her midriff.

Family and Home

Rosamund's parents are Alistair and Coraline Cartwright. Alistair Cartwright is a respected businessman who opperates a cart and carriage repair shop (out of Limsa) and a burgeoning ship-mending business (out of Morbay). To the Limsan elite the Cartwright's are often seen at best as nouveau riche and at worst obsequious social climbers. As a show of their affluence, Rosamunds parents purchases a large home near Limsa Lominsa. Even Keel Estate juts out into the sea on a slender spit of land. Its three story tall, pristine white-stone walls rise above the beach and scrubland surrounding it.
Alistair2.jpg Coraline2.jpg




The Ivory Tower/ Mysterium: Member of the Free Company
The Maelstrom: Second Storm Lieutenant
Cartwright Mending and Repair: Her family’s living for generations. A business of moderate size out of Limsa Lomensa that repairs carriages and carts.
Cartwright Drydocks: Her father’s new business, out of Morbay. A business that repairs small to medium sized ships. It serves as a way for her family to break into the upper levels of Lominsan society.
Cartwright & Co. Shipping: Her father’s prospective business venture. A business that will manage a small fleet a of cargo ships. Perhaps too ambitions of a move at this point, but one that could secure the Cartwrights as an important family.

Areas of Expertise

Playing the harp




Lack of patience:
Vanity/ Selfishness:
Sheltered Upbringing:

Other Notes


Player Character Rumours

  • "She's one of my best friends and a lot smarter than people think! And! Don't get in her way or she might shoot you in the knee!" -- L'yhta Mahre
  • "A good person, but not the best judge of character. She once mistook me for a bandit and shot me in the knee with an arrow. I have never let her forget it either." -- Seth Honeybrew
  • "She's alright. Not a very good bed partner. And she's into sailors but she's dating an Ishgardian! Maybe since she's tired of salt?" -- Karaki Crystalis

OOC Inspirations

Cordelia (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), Leslie Knope (Parks and Recreation), Cheryl Tunt (Archer: for several great quotes!)