Seth Honeybrew

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Gridania-transparent.png Seth Honeybrew
Gender Male
Race Hyur
Clan Midlander
Citizenship Gridania
Age 26
Namesday ?
Patron Deity N/A
Orientation Mixed
Marital Status Single
Occupation Harbinger of Destruction



Full Name: Seth Honeybrew

Nicknames: None that anyone repeats in front of him

Pronunciation: --

Origins: Honeybrew is the family name adopted after the Honeybrew Meadery grew to prominence, in order for its members to be recognized wherever they go. Prior to that, the family surname was Brewster.


Height: 3'2" (Originally ~5'9")

Weight: ~90 ponz

Body: Lithely athletic build of one who engages in regular physical activities in addition to the mountainous amounts of study.

Hair: Medium length, golden blond

Eyes: Very light blue

Skin: Pale

Clothing: He tends toward the robes expected of the magical sorts, filled with a multitude of inner pockets to store a wide variety of items. However, beneath those robes is also a garb more suited to agile movements, allowing him to shuck off the robes when they would otherwise hinder him.

Marks: None, or none visible.


Seth is the youngest child of the owners and operators of the Honeybrew Meadery, located in the Black Shroud and only a few miles from Gridania. Though considered to be expensive by many, those that sample it claim that it is well worth the price.

From a very young age, Seth demonstrated a surprisingly innate skill at manipulating aether, leading his parents to hire a tutor to train him not to set fire to the family's livelihood. Not that he ever did... much more than once... on purpose. He would soon outpace his tutor and begin pursuits into gleaning knowledge for himself, which often enough would require him to leave home to do so.

Realizing that he was dead set on doing it anyway, his father tasked him with accompanying the caravan that would carry the Honeybrew Mead to the far reaches of the continent and oversee their trade. Not only did this allow him to go where he needed to for the knowledge he wished to pursue, but it gave him experience and a steady flow of income to actually purchase the tomes.

Some time after this became his trade, a certain event will have occurred, one that to this day has not been spoken of by him, the only survivor. It is clear that the caravan was attacked, perhaps by bandits, but the exact series of events are a mystery. Ever since that day, however, a darkness has taken over him. His pursuit of knowledge became warped toward the pursuit of power, toward the arcane knowledge of destruction. He has even reinforced his arcane craft with the pursuit of physical strength, leaning toward hand-to-hand combat.

Recent Events

In a recent turn, Seth has been transformed into a Lalafell, at least physically. The cause has thus far remained unclear, yet he continues to pursue a means to turn himself back. Unfortunately, he has been unsuccessful, with some theorizing that perhaps he does not want to change back. A fantasia potion, for instance, is widely believed to require the desire to change; failing to undergo a transformation after imbibing this potion could very well be because of that.

His relationship with Clalaris Sil'Laris continues to this day. Her father is the number one suspect in regards to his transformation, having once threatened to slip some fantasia into his drink, but the Lalafell remains at large. He also remains an active and high-ranking member of Mysterium, a free company based in Limsa Lominsa.


Areas of Expertise

  • Martial: Conjury (strong), Thaumaturgy (very strong), Arcana (strong), hand-to-hand combat (moderate)
  • Crafting: Alchemy (weak), Botany (weak)
  • Other: General/Local Knowledge (strong), Literacy (strong)


  • Knowledgeable: He is knowledgeable about a wide variety of subjects, though this knowledge is book taught in most instances rather than experienced personally.
  • Well Traveled: Due to the high popularity of Honeybrew Mead, he has traveled with the caravans to a large number of places, even some that are normally barred to general admittance. This gives him a broad range knowledge about many areas, and has allowed him to make his presence known in many different places, which could have a bearing on rumors about him being rather widespread.
  • Innate Talent: He has been able to manipulate the Aether from a young age, with no prior training, which lent itself very well toward actual training. It continues to serve him in allowing him to master Aetherial arts in a fraction of the time it takes most others. This can often be a source of annoyance for those who lack any pure talent and must pursue it through hard work.
  • Power Driven: He is obsessive in his pursuit of power, which can be a strength. This ensures that he will not stop when a path to greater power still lies in front of him, lending him the perseverance of the fanatical.
  • Cruel: While few would consider this a strength, when his cruelty rears its head, it allows him to take necessary actions that others would hesitate at performing.


  • Power Driven: His obsessive pursuit of knowledge is also a weakness. It makes it difficult for him to see other paths, often driving him down the rough paths, ones often paved by corpses, when others existed. It can also give him tunnel vision, blinding him to the results of his actions unless put right in front of him.
  • Cruel: His cruelty is also, unsurprisingly, a weakness. It can not only ostracize him from company he would prefer to keep, but can also burn bridges before he even makes them, gaining a reputation for being a loose cannon of sorts. His actions are also frequently questionable, though intended to be noble at the start.
  • Kindness: His kindness is unrestrained, which can be to his detriment. He is often suckered by those who feign being weak or poor, such as street urchins, caving to nearly every sob story that is given to him. Even if he is aware that they are faking it, he gives up the money or items out anyway, believing that in their own way, they need it. Of course, this only applies to children, adults with war injuries or other handicaps, and the occasional woman.


  • Cute things
  • Petting Lalafells/Miqo'te
  • Animals
  • Pursuing Knowledge
  • Testing/Make Use of Knowledge


  • Powerlessness
  • Those who abuse their power
  • Certain evil acts
  • Questions or criticisms about his pursuit of power


For all his pursuits toward power, he is easy to get along with, perhaps due to his merchant background. He is capable of surprising acts of kindness, known to donate coin to orphanages and many other charities, and often going out of his way to help those in need. He even has a soft spot for strays, known to keep treats in one of his inner pockets just in case he runs into one. It pains him more to hurt an animal than it does any of the more intelligent races.

Yet he is also capable of extreme acts of cruelty. He is particularly cruel toward those that attempt to use their power against the weak, which even he acknowledges is hypocritical at times. Those who attack him without provocation, if they are not killed outright, will likely suffer for their transgressions. He also has no mercy for certain kinds of evil acts, which can drive him to acts that are even beyond his normal cruelty.

He seems to consider power more important than anything else. However, his idea of power is fluid. It is not merely the strength of his elemental spells or of his own body, but a broad and general knowledge of all things, both useful in combat and without.

He is frequently seen attempting to pet those Lalafell or Miqo'te individuals that must speak to him concerning some matter, an act that frequently awards him anything from harsh glares to attempted violence. Since his Lalalification, he has since lost the ability to do this.



  • Father: Adam, great-grandson of the original founder of the Honeybrew Meadery. He is known to be fair employer, open and accepting of all the races, and not content to leave the work to his employees. He was rather put out by his son's innate aptitude for magic, mainly due to the damage done by the boy's initial experimentation prior to hiring the tutor, but is now mostly content and happy with his son's chosen path in life.
  • Mother: Evelyn, a native of Gridania. She is the supervisor of the honey farm, keeping watch over all that transpires there. As a mother, she left much to be desired, with no skills at housekeeping such as cooking and cleaning, and no real talent at motherhood. Seth does not particularly view her as his mother except in the obvious blood relation, and she has made no attempt to correct her son.
  • Siblings: Kaine, Seth's brother and the eldest, is the heir to the throne, so to speak. He has always worked side-by-side with his father, absorbing all that the older man had to teach him, confident that he will one day inherit everything. In recent years, he has begun taking on many of the duties of running the Meadery, allowing his aging father to slowly wean himself off of work and toward retirement.
Abelina, the second eldest and Seth's only sister, is eternally at odds with Kaine, constantly undermining him and attempting to sully the ridiculous pride he has as the heir. Their endless rivalry typically spurs them to greater heights, though their parents have had to repeatedly chastise them over the years when it goes too far. Seth is half-convinced that they will end up killing one another eventually.
Overall, they both treat Seth fairly, as he is the baby after all. Of course, his decision to have little to do with the Meadery other than to organize its deliveries does much to aid their opinion of him, as he is no threat to their meager rule.
  • Other:



Other Notes

The Rumor Mill

  • Known Haunts:
    • Honeybrew Meadery – Located a few miles from Gridania, within the Black Shroud, it is a rather large operation with a large distillery, several family homes, and a wide area devoted to beehives. It is his home, and the home of his family, which he returns to every few months to keep them apprised of his life and safety, preferring personal visits to indirect communications.
    • Sanctums - He has a number of sanctums, which he sometimes refers to as safehouses, located in or near the three city-states. The first is located, of course, at Honeybrew Meadery. The second is located closer to the Royal Quarter than any other district of Ul'dah. The third is located in Aleport, a short ferry ride away from Limsa Lominsa. Each is a relatively small subterranean room with no windows and a single entrance. The entrance has no discernible lock or opening mechanism and the door is solid metal, possibly mythril, resisting both physical and magical attempts to open it. Seth, however, has been seen merely waving his hand in front of it to unlock it. ((If you have an idea as to how and feel the need to break in, feel free to hit me up)). However, even if one were to be able to get inside, the only wealth they contain consists entirely of books -- countless dusty tomes piled high to the ceiling. Of course, there are robes and other clothing, a considerable amount of coin, and other treasures as well.
  • Common Rumors (Easily overheard):
    • “Oh, him. He joined our guild for a few days, rifled around in the library, and then left again. We haven't seen him since.”
    • “Did you know he spent a few days in jail for setting fire to a pickpocket? He got out on a bribe, I hear.”
    • “He's your typical spoiled rich boy. His parents got him all kinds of special tutors and now he lords it over anyone who's had to actually work to learn the arts.”
  • Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear):
    • “Did you hear about those highwaymen that had been making a ruckus on the south road? That Seth took them down on his own... tortured the lot of them, I hear. The guards gave him the reward but asked him to never help them again.”
    • “He's not really a mage, you know. I've seen him slip off that robe of his... wears some kind of skin-tight suit, the kind thieves wear. It's all a sham, I bet.”
  • Rare Rumors (Very difficult to overhear):
    • “Remember that bandit group, Talon-something, that raised all sorts of fuss back in the day? Never mention them in front of him. I don't know what they did to him, but if looks could kill...”
    • “Oh, yeah, I remember them. They were wiped out, weren't they? I hear they even asked the Syndicate for protection in the end, but it didn't help. Doesn't pay to be a bad guy, eh?”
    • "He was involved. I heard it from a friend, but don't go repeating it. I don't want to die. I'm serious. Just keep it to yourself... I shouldn't have even mentioned it."
  • PC Rumors (Player created rumors--feel free to add your own!):
    • "Underneath his 'Big Bad Thaumaturge' act, Seth's really just a sweetheart!" -- L'yhta Mahre
    • "His sense of humor leaves something to be desired, but don't let that fool you. His ability more than excuses it." -- Sazhi'to Bajhiri

Miscellaneous Info

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